Philips BeNear Additional handset for cordless phone CD4960B/12 Quick start guide

Philips BeNear Additional handset for cordless phone CD4960B/12 Quick start guide | Manualzz
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Quick start guide
Get started
Register the handsets
What is in the box
Power adapter
User manual, quick start guide,
• Use only the supplied batteries and power adapter.
Get started
Connect the charger
Charge your phone
Connect each end of the
power adapter to:
• the DC input jact at the
back of the extra handset
• the power socket on the
Configure your phone
1The batteries are preinstalled in the handset.
Pull the battery tape off
from the battery door
before charging.
2When using your phone
for the first time, you
see a welcome message
(country dependent).
3Please set the country and language if prompted.
4Set the date and time.
• If the time is in 12-hour format, press to select [am]
or [pm].
Charge 8 hours
Place the handset on the charger to charge the handset.
When the handset is placed correctly on the charger, you
hear a docking sound.
»»The handset starts charging.
• Charge the batteries for 8 hours before first use.
Check the battery level
When the handset is off the base station/charger,
the bars indicate the battery level (full to low).
When the handset is on the base station/charger,
the bars flash until charging completes.
The empty battery icon flashes and you hear an
alert tone. The battery is low and needs recharging.
Register the handsets
You can register additional handsets to the base station. The
base station can register up to 5 handsets.
Auto registration
Place the unregistered handset on the base station.
handset detects the base station and registers
»» Registration is completed in less than two minutes. The
base station automatically assigns a handset number to
the handset.
»» The
Manual registration
1Select [Menu] > > [Register], then press [OK] to
2Press and hold on the base station for 5 seconds.
3Enter the system PIN. Press [Clear] to make corrections.
4Press [OK] to confirm the PIN.
»» Registration is completed in less than 2 minutes. The
base automatically assigns a handset number to the
• If the PIN is incorrect or no base is found within a certain
period, your handset displays a notification message.
Repeat the above procedure if registration fails.
• The preset PIN is 0000. No change can be made on it.
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User manual
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