Sonicare AirFloss Pro/Ultra - Interdental cleaner HX8471/01 User manual

Sonicare AirFloss Pro/Ultra - Interdental cleaner HX8471/01 User manual
AirFloss Pro
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Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to
Philips! To fully benefit from the support that
Philips offers, register your product at
Use AirFloss with your favorite mouthwash as part
of your oral care routine. In addition to brushing,
AirFloss helps reduce the plaque in between teeth
in order to improve your gum health.
Read this user manual carefully before you use the
appliance and save it for future reference.
- Keep the charger away from water. Do not
place or store it over or near water contained in
a bathtub, washbasin, sink etc. Do not immerse
the charger in water or any other liquid. After
cleaning, make sure the charger is completely
dry before you connect it to the mains.
- The mains cord cannot be replaced. If the
mains cord is damaged, discard the charger.
- Always have the charger replaced with one of
the original type in order to avoid a hazard.
- Use only charger type HX6100 provided with
the AirFloss Pro to recharge the battery.
- If the appliance is damaged in any way
(AirFloss Pro nozzle, handle and/or charger),
stop using it. This appliance contains no
serviceable parts. If the appliance is damaged,
contact the Consumer Care Centre in your
country (see chapter ‘Guarantee and support').
- Do not use the charger outdoors or near heated
- This appliance can be used by children aged
from 8 years and above and persons with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities
or lack of experience and knowledge if they
have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance in a safe way
and understand the hazards involved. Children
shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and
user maintenance shall not be made by
children unless they are older than 8 and
- Consult your dentist before you use this
appliance if you have had recent oral or gum
surgery, suffer from an ongoing dental
condition, had extensive dental work in the
previous 2 months, or have suspected issues
with your dental work (filings, crowns, etc.).
- Consult your dentist if excessive bleeding
occurs after using this appliance or if bleeding
continues to occur after 4 weeks of use.
- If you have medical concerns, consult your
doctor before you use this appliance.
- This Philips appliance complies with the safety
standards for electromagnetic devices. If you
have a pacemaker or other implanted device,
contact your physician or the appliance
manufacturer of the implanted appliance prior
to use.
- Do not use attachments other than the ones
recommended by the manufacturer.
- Do not exert excessive pressure on the nozzle
tip of the nozzle.
- To avoid physical injury, do not fill the reservoir
with hot water. Do not put foreign objects in the
- Only use the AirFloss Pro for its intended
purpose as described in this user manual.
- To avoid physical injury, do not direct the spray
under the tongue or into the ear, nose, eye or
other sensitive area.
- Do not clean the AirFloss Pro nozzle, the
handle, the charger, the water reservoir and its
cover in the dishwasher or a microwave.
- To avoid an ingestion hazard, do not put
isopropyl alcohol or other cleaning fluids in the
- The AirFloss Pro is a personal care appliance
and is not intended for use on multiple patients
in a dental practice or institution.
Electromagnetic fields (EMF)
This Philips appliance complies with all applicable
standards and regulations regarding exposure to
electromagnetic fields.
Your Philips AirFloss Pro and Fill & Charge
station (Fig. 1)
Nozzle tip
AirFloss Pro nozzle
Activation button
Reservoir and reservoir door
Charge & burst mode indicators
Single burst: 1 LED
Double burst: 2 LEDs
Triple burst: 3 LEDs
Power/mode button
Eject button
Removable handle cup
Removable reservoir
11 Reservoir lid
Note: The content of the box may vary based
on the model purchased.
Plug the charger into an electrical outlet.
2 Place the AirFloss handle into the Fill & Charge
station cup, with the AirFloss reservoir cover
facing toward the Fill & Charge station. Make
sure handle is fully inserted into cup such that
holes in handle reservoir door align with ports in
the Fill & Charge station post.
Note 1: The AirFloss will only charge if placed in
the direction indicated above.
Note 2: The Fill & Charge station can charge
other Philips Sonicare devices, including the
following Philips Sonicare Rechargable Power
Toothbrushes: 3-Series, Flexcare, Flexcare+,
Flexcare Platinum, HealthyWhite,
HealthyWhite+, and EasyClean.
Getting started
Before first use, plug in Fill & Charge station and
place handle in handle cup to charge for 24 hours.
Remove the reservoir from the Fill & Charge
station base.
2 Remove the reservoir lid and fill the reservoir.
For optimal results with your AirFloss, we
recommend you use an antimicrobial mouth
rinse (such as Philips Sonicare BreathRx).
Note: Recommended to not use with water.
Note: Fill the reservoir only up to the MAX
3 Place the reservoir lid on the reservoir.
4 Place the reservoir on the base.
Note: The Fill & Charge station reservoir holds
enough liquid for approximately 23 fillings of
your AirFloss Pro or 40 fillings of your original
Note: Do not use with mouthwash containing
isopropyl myristate (e.g. Dental Active) or high
concentrations of essential oils, as it may
damage the product. This includes all
mouthwash sold in glass or ceramic packaging.
Also, do not use with mouthwashes containing
hydrogen peroxide, or rinses sold with opaque
Using your Fill & Charge station
Lock the AirFloss handle and handle cup into
the Fill & Charge station (click). When you hear
a click, the AirFloss is fully engaged and starts
to fill automatically (you may be able to hear
the pump fill and/or see bubbles indicating
Note: The Fill & Charge station fills your AirFloss
handle in 10 seconds.
2 Once filled, press the eject button to release the
AirFloss handle and Fill & Charge station cup (if
the eject button is pressed before the pump
stops, the pump shuts off automatically but
your AirFloss handle reservoir may not be full).
3 Remove the AirFloss handle and begin using
your AirFloss.
4 In order to minimize time for your daily oral care
routine, we suggest you refill your AirFloss
handle immediately after use so that it is ready
immediately for the following day's routine.
Using your AirFloss Pro
Make sure the AirFloss is turned on. If it is off,
press and release the power/mode button to
turn on the product.
- You can change the modes to have the
desired number of bursts each time you
press the activation button. For optimal
results, use the triple burst mode (the default
setting) from both the outside and inside of
your teeth.
- To change modes, press the power/mode
button to cycle through the modes until you
reach your desired mode. The LEDs show
the selected mode:
Single burst: 1 LED
Double burst: 2 LEDs
Triple burst: 3 LEDs
Note: The AirFloss remembers what mode was
selected last and it is ready for the next use. If your
AirFloss becomes fully drained of power, it will go
back to the triple burst default mode once it has
been recharged.
Place the nozzle tip between two teeth at your
gum line. Slightly close your lips over the nozzle
when it is in place, to avoid splashing.
2 Press the activation button to deliver 1-3 bursts
(depending on the selected mode) of air and
micro-droplets of mouthwash between the
3 Slide the nozzle tip along the gum line until you
feel it settle between the next two teeth.
4 Continue until you have sprayed from in front of
and behind all spaces of the teeth, including
behind your back teeth.
5 To turn off AirFloss, press and hold the
power/mode button for one second.
Note: Refill the handle reservoir as needed.
Auto-burst function
Hold the activation button to deliver bursts
continuously, approximately one second between
set of bursts.
Automatic shut-off function
The AirFloss automatically turns off if it has not
been used for one minute.
Charger insertion and removal instructions
Your Fill & Charge station charger can be removed
and used separately as a standalone charger for
your AirFloss and many other Philips Sonicare
toothbrush handles.
To remove the charger
Remove the reservoir from the Fill & Charge
station base.
2 Place the Fill & Charge station base upside
down or on its side.
3 Pull the charger cord from the bottom of the
base and pull the charger out.
To insert the charger
Remove the reservoir from the Fill & Charge
station base.
2 Place the Fill & Charge station base upside
down or on its side.
3 Insert the charger base from the bottom of the
Fill & Charge station, with the charger peg
sticking up. You will hear a click sound once it is
fully engaged.
4 Use the cord wrap around the Fill & Charge
station to your desired length.
Fill & Charge station features
Auto-fill that begins immediately upon handle
Quick-fill that fills your AirFloss handle reservoir
completely in just 10 seconds
Removable reservoir for easy filling and
Reservoir lid to ensure no contamination of
reservoir fluid
Removable handle cup for easy cleaning
Removable travel charger (pre-installed) to
allow for on-the-go use of your AirFloss while
away from home longer than 2 weeks
Cord wrap for customization to your bathroom
storage needs
Fill & Charge station and handle
Empty mouthwash from Fill & Charge station
reservoir and handle reservoir.
2 Fill the station reservoir with warm water.
3 Place handle in handle cup and engage with Fill
& Charge station; letting the station fill the
handle until the motor stops (10 seconds).
4 Eject the AirFloss handle and handle cup from
the Fill & Charge station, but do not remove the
AirFloss handle from handle cup. Re-engage
AirFloss handle and handle cup to run the Fill &
Charge station a second time.
5 Repeat this once more for a total of three fill
6 Eject the handle cup and remove the AirFloss
handle from the handle cup. Press and hold the
activation button to flush the handle until the
handle reservoir is empty.
7 Empty water from the Fill & Charge station
8 Place the AirFloss handle in the handle cup and
engage the handle cup to the Fill & Charge
station, running one more cycle and purging
any remaining fluid in between the reservoir
and the handle in the Fill & Charge station.
9 Eject the AirFloss handle and the handle cup,
remove the AirFloss handle from the handle
cup, open the door of the AirFloss handle to
dump out remaining water, or press the
activation button on the handle to spray any
residual water from the AirFloss nozzle until the
handle reservoir is empty.
10 The handle cup of the Fill & Charge station can
be easily removed in order to clean your Fill &
Charge station:
a Remove the reservoir from the Fill & Charge
station base.
b Eject the AirFloss handle and handle cup
and remove the AirFloss handle from the
handle cup.
c To remove the handle cup: pinch the bottom
of the handle cup (using both hands) from its
base from the front and back. Clean the
handle cup with warm water.
d To insert the handle cup: slide the handle
cup into the base. You will hear a click once
it is engaged.
11 Empty and dry Fill & Charge station reservoir.
12 Fill the Fill & Charge station reservoir with new
mouthrinse, place the handle in the handle cup
and engage with the Fill & Charge station to fill
the handle reservoir.
13 Your AirFloss is now ready to use.
Handle and nozzle
If you want to clean your AirFloss handle between
Fill & Charge station cleanings, for example, if your
AirFloss becomes clogged, fill the handle reservoir
with warm water and press the activation button
until the reservoir is empty.
Note: Do not clean the nozzle, handle, the Fill &
Charge station, handle cup, removable reservoir,
reservoir lid or charger in the dishwasher.
Note: Do not use cleaning agents to clean the
product. The formulation or strength of some
cleaning agents may damage the AirFloss.
Remove the AirFloss nozzle from the handle.
Rinse the nozzle after each use to eliminate the
residue left in it.
2 Open the reservoir and rinse it under a faucet to
eliminate residue.
Tip: You can also use a cotton swab to wipe the
reservoir and remove the remaining residue.
Note: Do not immerse the handle in water.
Note: Failure to remove residue from the nozzle
or reservoir may result in an unhygienic
3 Wipe the entire surface of the handle with a
damp cloth.
If you are not going to use the Fill & Charge station
for an extended period of time, unplug it from the
electrical outlet, clean it and store it in a cool and
dry place away from direct sunlight. You can use
the cord wrap to store the power cord in an
organized manner.
The charger can be removed from the Fill & Charge
station and can be used separately to charge your
AirFloss or other compatible Philips Sonicare
- This symbol means that this product shall not
be disposed of with normal household waste
- This symbol means that this product contains a
built-in rechargeable battery which shall not be
disposed of with normal household waste
(2006/66/EC). We strongly advise you to take
your product to an official collection point or a
Philips service centre to have a professional
remove the rechargeable battery.
- Follow your country’s rules for the separate
collection of electrical and electronic products
and rechargeable batteries. Correct disposal
helps prevent negative consequences for the
environment and human health.
Removing the rechargeable battery
Fill & Charge station
Please note that this process is not
To remove the battery, you need a Philips-Head
screwdriver and scissors. Observe basic safety
precautions when you follow the procedure
outlined below. Be sure to protect your eyes,
hands, fingers, and the surface on which you work.
1 Unplug the device.
2 Remove the AirFloss handle, reservoir, and
charger from the Fill & Charge station.
3 Using a Phillips-head screwdriver, remove the 2
screws shown in the image. Also remove the 2
screws beneath the rubber feet.
4 Remove the screws and plastic bottom of the
Fill & Charge station.
5 Cut the wires to separate the rechargeable
batteries from the appliance.
6 Dispose of the batteries properly.
AirFloss handle
Please note that this process is not
To deplete the battery, repeatedly press the
activation button until the AirFloss no longer
produces any bursts of air.
2 Remove the AirFloss nozzle from the handle.
3 Firmly grab the handle with one hand at the top
and one hand on the bottom.
4 Snap the handle into two parts.
Note: This step requires a good amount of
physical force. The top and bottom half of the
handle should be separated once you snap the
5 Remove the bottom half of the handle.
6 Cut all 6 wires on the internal component with
7 Completely pull apart the internal component
from the top part of the handle.
8 The battery is located inside the top half of the
handle. Remove the battery and dispose of it
properly (not in household waste).
Guarantee and support
If you need information or support, please visit or read the separate
worldwide guarantee leaflet.
Guarantee restrictions
The terms of the international guarantee do not
cover the following:
- AirFloss Pro nozzle
- Damage caused by use of unauthorized
replacement parts.
- Damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect,
alterations or unauthorized repair.
- Normal wear and tear, including chips,
scratches, abrasions, discoloration or fading.
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