Philips 691123486 User manual

Philips 691123486 User manual
Guide light Bee user manual
Congratulations on your
Thank you for buying the Philips
GuideLight. Please read these
instructions carefully before using
the GuideLight. By following the
instructions you will enjoy the full
benefits of the GuideLight for the
longest possible period. The set
consists of one charger and one
Philips transportable GuideLight.
Check to make sure that the package
contains the following items
- Charger
- Philips GuideLight.
Using the Philips GuideLight for
the first time:
Charge the Philips GuideLight for
at least 24 hours before using it for
the first time.
Connect the charger with the plug
into the wall socket. Then place your
Philips GuideLight on the charger
in the slot dedicated for it. Before
the fi rst use, make sure to leave the
GuideLight on the charger for at
least 24 hours (see diagram 1).
If you want to have the best
performance of your GuideLight,
recharge it at least once every three
Switching the Philips
GuideLight on and off
The Philips GuideLight contains a
movement sensor that allows it to
gradually switch on automatically
when it detects movements and
to switch off automatically after 15
seconds. Because the movement
sensor is integrated in the charger,
the functionality of the sensor can
only work when the GuideLight is
placed on the charger
(see diagram 2 & diagram 3).
The “on/off” button at the back
of the GuideLight allows you to
switch the light on and off when
the GuideLight is not placed on the
charger (see diagram 4).
After usage, when you put your
GuideLight back on the charger, it
switches off automatically. During
20 seconds, the movement sensor
is deactivated in order to avoid
unintentional switch. After that
time, your GuideLight switches on
automatically again when it feels
movements (see diagram 5).
Cleaning and maintenance
Remove the charger from the
wall socket. The charger and the
GuideLight can be cleaned with a
dry or damp cloth. Do not
use cleaning agents!
Safety instructions
- Keep the charger away from liquids
and damp.
- It is a product for indoor use only.
- For safety reasons and under the
terms of the warranty, charger and
Philips GuideLight must not be
- Do not allow children to play with
the charger.
- Do not use the Philips GuideLight
if it is damaged.
- Install it far away from a heat
Model: GL-PH
Input: 230VAC 50/60Hz 1.0W
Output: 4.8V
6 F, Auxiliary Building of Shekou Technology Building,
Nanhai Rd, Shekou,Nanshan District, Shenzhen City
Guangdong Province, 518067 PRC (China)
Last update: 12/07/10
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