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Digital color Dome Camera
User's guide
Printed In Korea
CCTV COLOR DOME CAMERA SCC-C5202 is the monitoring camera
incorporated with the recent CCD that provides the best monitoring
function in connection with the CCTV system equipment.
Number of CCD pixels
Part Names and Function
Fixed focus lens
Dome cover
PCB board
• SCC-C5202 : 270,000 pixels
Power supply
• SCC-C5202 : DC12V
Main body
Video cable
Automatic function and special function
• ELC(Electronic shutter iris)
Power cable
■ Fixed focus lens
• Fixed focus lens installed on the camera.
Please take cautions that any dust or foreign matter
gathers on the front glass surface of the lens.
■ Main body
• A body that supports the camera.
■ PCB board
• This part is quite important since it performs the camera
function. Please handle with care.
■ Power cable
• The terminal that is connected to the power (adaptor)
cable. Connect to DC 12V.
■ Video signal output cable
• The cable that sends the video signal.
■ Dome cover
• The transparent plastic cover that protects the camera.
Be careful not to make a scratch on it.
4. Attach the camera on the target location with the screw
driver using the provided tab screw.
Check what is inside the package
• Check to see if the following parts are included in the
purchased package.
Wall or ceiling
Main body
Tab screw
Screw Driver
User's guide
tab screw
5. Set the proper image by moving the camera body (PCB
board) inside the dome camera upward or downward and
set the focus by turning the lens to the left or right direction.
Wall or ceiling
Notes on installation and usage
1. Users should not disassemble the camera from the front
Adjust the
image upward
or downward
2. Always handle the camera with care. Please do not apply
a shock or vibration as much as possible and take
cautions not to cause damage or make a scratch on the
camera due to careless storage.
3. Please do not install the camera with the rainy place or
highly humid areas. And do not operate the camera in the
wet place.
4. Do not clean the camera body with the strong abrasives
or soaps. When the camera becomes dirty, clean it with
the dry rugs. Especially, make sure to use the dedicated
rugs for lens to clean the dome cover.
Adjust focus by
turning left or right
6. Assemble the dome cover by turning it clockwise.
Please make sure that any foreign matter gathers on the lens
cover when assembling or disassembling the dome cover.
5. Please select the camera in the cool area that is not
exposed to the direct sunlight. If you do, it can cause bad
effects on the product.
Cable connection
1. Hold the camera body with one hand and turn the dome
cover counterclockwise with other hand in order to
disassemble it.
2.Connect the BNC cable to the video cable connector
attached on the dome camera, and connect the remained
BNC cable to the video input terminal of the monitor.
3.Connect the power adaptor at this time. Connect the DC 12V
power cable of the connector to the power cable connection
that is attached on the dome camera.
Broadcast System
Imaging Device
Effective Pixels
510(H) X 492(V)
H :330 TV Lines V :350 TV Lines
Signal Output
VBS 1.0Vp-p(75Ω composite)
S/N Ratio
Minimum Object
Gamma Correction
Auto Exposure
48 dB
2lux(F2.0, 50 IRE)
Focal Length (f) : 3.8mm
Relative Aperture (F) : 2.0
Electronic Shutter lris
Signal Output : BNC
BNC Cable
Power Cable (
I/O Connectors
Power Input : DC Jack
Operating Temperature
-10 ~ +50 C
Power Source
Power Consumption
DC 12V
Approx. 2W
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