LG S126ZC.UL7, S246ZC, S126ZH, S246ZC.NK7, S126ZH.NL7 Owner's manual

LG S126ZC.UL7, S246ZC, S126ZH, S246ZC.NK7, S126ZH.NL7 Owner's manual
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Room Air Conditioner
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air conditioner.
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P/No.: MFL30265809
Room Air Conditioner Owner’s Manual
A. Safety Precautions 3
B. Electrical Safety 6
Temporary Use ofan Adapter .................... 6
Temporary Use ofan Extension Cord ......... 6
Symbols used in this Manual ...................... 6
C. Product Introduction ............... eee... .... 7
Indoor Units ........-.e-===w==.exeeneenemaene nece. 7
Operation Indication Lamps ........-......-...- 7
Outdoor UNit ..........-eie=eenenaeeneaeea enana. 7
D. Operating Instructions 8
How to ins ert the Batteries ....................... 8
Wireless Remote Controller
Maintenance 8
Operating Method ое. 8
Wireless Remote Controller 9
Operation Mode ..…...….........….....….....…..….…. 9
Operation Procedure ..................._.....—.... 9
Cooling Operation 10
Healthy Dehumidificafion
Operation Mode 11
Heating Operation ...............-......_e.=..eem.... 12
Timer Control Setting .............--.............. 12
Jet Cool Operation ==... .... 13
Energy Saving Cooling Mode(Opfional) ....13
Vertical Horizontal Airfow Direction
Control(Optional) ....................-—...— emm... 14
Forced operafion .................w. mee... ... 14
Auto Restart Function .........===-.. ===... 15
E. Maintenance and Service ................... 16
Indoor Unit 16
Outdoor Unit 17
Operation Tips! 17
Troubleshooting Tips!
Save time and money! 18
Call the service immediately in the
following situations ‚esse nenne 18
Write the model and serial numbers here:
Model #
Serial #
You can find them on a label on the side of each unit.
Dealer's Name
Date Purchased
EH Staple your receipt to this page in the event you need
it to prove date of purchase or for warranty issues.
Inside you will find many helpful hints on how to use
and maintain your air conditioner properly. Just a little
preventive care on your part can save you a great deal
of time and money over the life of your air conditioner.
You'll find many answers to common problems in the
chart of troubleshooting tips. If you review our chart of
Troubleshooting Tips first, you may not need to call
for service at all.
Contact the authorized service technician for
repair or maintenance of this unit.
* Contact the installer for installation of this unit.
* The air conditioner is not intended for use by
young children or invalids without supervision.
* Young children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the air conditioner.
* When the power cord is to be replaced,
replacement work shall be performed by
authorized personnel only using only genuine
replacement parts.
2 Room Air Conditioner
Safety Precautions
J Safety Precautions
To prevent injury to the user or other people and property damage, the following instructions must be followed.
Hl Incorrect operation due to ignoring instruction will cause harm or damage. The seriousness is classified by
the following indications.
AWARN | NG This symbol indicates the possibility of death or serious injury.
| A CAUTION This symbol indicates the possibility of injury or damage.
EH Meanings of symbols used in this manual are as shown below.
Be sure not to do.
_— ©
Be sure to follow the instruction.
Always use a power plug and socket with
a ground terminal.
* There is a risk of electric shock.
For electrical work, contact the dealer, seller,
a qualified electrician, or an Authorized
Service Center. Do not disassemble or repair
the product by yourself.
* There is risk of fire or electric shock.
Use the correctly rated breaker or fuse.
* There is risk of fire or electric shock.
Do not install the product on a defective
installation stand. Be sure that the
installation area does not deteriorate with
* |t may cause product to fall.
In outdoor unit the step-up capacitor
supplies high voltage electricity to the
electrical components. Be sure to
discharge the capacitor completely
before conducting the repair work.
* Án charged capacitor can cause electrical
( Y
Do not use a defective or underrated
circuit breaker. Use the correctly rated
breaker and fuse.
* There is risk of fire or electric shock .
Always ground the product as per the
wiring diagram. Do not connect the
ground wire to gas or water pipes
lightening rod or telephone ground wire.
* There is risk of fire or electric shock.
Do not modify or extend the power cable.
If the power cable or cord has scrathes or
skin peeled off or deteriorated then it
must be replaced.
* There is risk of fire or electric shock.
Never install the outdoor unit ona
moving base or a place from where it
can fall down.
* The falling outdoor unit can cause damage or
injury or even death of a person.
When installing the unit, use the
installation kit provided with the product.
* Otherwise the unit may fall and cause severe
Do not use a multi consent. Always use
this appliance on a dedicated cicuit and
* Otherwise it can cause electric shock or fire.
Install the panel and the cover of control
box securely.
* There is risk of fire or electric shock due to
dust , water etc.
For installation, removal or reinstall ,
always contact the dealer or an
Authorized Service Center.
* There is risk of fire, electric shock, explosion,
or injury.
When the product is soaked (flooded or
submerged) in water , contact an
Authorized Service Center for repair
before using it again.
* There is risk of fire or eletric shock.
Be sure to use only those parts which
are listed in the svc parts list. Never
attempt to modify the equipment.
* The use of inappropriate parts can cause an
electrical shock, excessive heat generation or
Owner's Manual 3
Safety Precautions
Indoor/outdoor wiring connections must
be secured tightly and the cable should
be routed properly so that there is no
force pulling the cable from the
connection terminals.
* Improper or loose connections can cause
heat generation or fire.
Be sure to check the refrigerant to the
used. Please read the label on the product.
* Incorrect refrigerant used can prevent the
normal operation of the unit.
Do not place a heater or other heating
appliances near the power cable.
* There is risk of fire and electric shock.
Do not use the product in a tightly closed
space for a long time. Perform ventilation
* Oxygen deficiency could occur and hence
harm your health.
Ventilate the product room from time to
time when operating it together with a
stove, or heating element etc.
* Oxygen deficiency can occur and hence harm
your health.
Take care to ensure that nobody
especially kids could step on or fall onto
the outdoor unit.
* This could result in personal injury and
product damage.
Do not plug or unplug the power supply plug to turn the unit
* There is risk of fire or electric shock.
Safely dispose off the packing materials.
Like screws, nails, batteries, broken
things etc after installation or svc and
then tear away and thraw away the plastic
packaging bags.
* Children may play with them and cause
Don't use a power cord, a plug or a loose
socket which is damaged.
* Otherwise it may cause a fire or electrical
Do not allow water to run into electric
parts. Install the unit away from water
* There is risk of fire, failure of the product, or
electric shock.
Do not open the front grille of the product
during operation. (Do not touch the
electrostatic filter, if the unit is so equipped.)
* There is risk of physical injury, electric shock,
or product failure.
Turn the main power off and unplug the
unit when cleaning or repairing the
* There is risk of electric shock.
Take care to ensure that power cable
could not be pulled out or damaged
during operation.
* There is risk of fire or electric shock.
Make sure to check that the power cable
plug is not dirty, loose or broken and
then only insert the plug completely.
* Dirty, loose or broken power plug can
cause electric shock or fire.
Do not touch , operate, or repair the
product with wet hands. Hold the plug by
hand when taking out
* There is risk of electric shock or fire.
Do not store or use or even allow
flammable gas or combustibles near the
* There is risk of fire.
If strange sounds, smell or smoke comes
from product.Immediately turn the breaker
off or disconnect the power supply cable.
* There is risk of electric shock or fire.
When the product is not to be used for a
long time, disconnect the power supply
plug or turn off the breaker.
* There is risk of product damage or failure, or
unintended operation.
Do not place ANYTHING on the power
* There is risk of fire or electric shock.
When flammable gas leaks, turn off the gas and open a window
for ventilation before turn the product on.
* Do not use the telephone or turn switches on or off. There is risk of
explosion or fire.
Two or more people must lift and
transport the product.
* Avoid personal injury.
Keep level even when installing the
* To avoid vibration or noise.
Do not install the product where it will be
exposed to sea wind (salt spray) directly.
It may cause corrosion on the product.
Do not install the product where the noise
or hot air from the outdoor unit could
damage or disturb the neighborhoods.
It may cause a problem for your neighbors
and hence dispute.
Install the drain hose to ensure that the
condensed water is drained away properly.
* A bad connection may cause water leakage.
Always check for gas (refrigerant)
leakage after installation or repair of
* Low refrigerant levels may cause failure of
4 Room Air Conditioner
Safety Precautions
Do not use the product for special purposes,
such as preserving foods, works of art, etc. It
is a consumer air conditioner, not a precision
refrigeration system.
* There is risk of damage or loss of property.
Do not touch the metal parts of the
product when removing the air filter.
* There is risk of personal injury.
Do not insert hands or other objects
through the air inlet or outlet while the
product is operating.
* There are sharp and moving parts that could
cause personal injury.
Do not tilt the unit when removing or
uninstalling it.
* The condensed water inside can spill .
Dismantling the unit, treatment of the
refrigerant oil and eventual parts should
be done in accordance with local and
national standards.
If the liquid from the batteries gets onto
your skin or clothes, wash it well with
clean water, Do not use the remote if the
batteries have leaked.
* The chemicals in batteries could cause burns
or other health hazards.
Do not drink the water drained from the product.
® is not sanitary and could cause serious health issues.
Do not block the inlet or outlet of air flow.
* It may cause product failure.
Do not step on or put anyting on the
product. (outdoor units)
* There is risk of personal injury and failure of
Be cautious when unpacking and
installing the product.
* Sharp edges could cause injury.
Do not mix air or gas other than the
specified refrigerant used in the system .
* |f air enters the refrigerant system, an
excessively high pressure results, causing
equipment damage or injury.
Replace the all batteries in the remote
control with new ones of the same type.
Do not mix old and new batteries or
different types of batteries.
* There is risk of fire or product failure.
Do not let the air conditioner run for a
long time when the humidity is very high
and a door or a window is left open.
* Moisture may condense and wet or damage
Use a soft cloth to clean. Do not use
harsh detergents, solvents or splashing
water etc .
* There is risk of fire, electric shock, or damage
to the plastic parts of the product.
Always insert the filter securely after
cleaning. Clean the filter every two weeks
or more often if necessary.
* A dirty filter reduces the efficiency.
= =
If the refrigerant gas leaks during the
repair, do not touch the leakaing
refrigerant gas.
* The refrigernat gas can cause frostbite (cold
If the refrigerant gas leaks during the
installation, ventilate the area immediately.
* Otherwise it can be harmfull for your health.
Do not recharge or disassemble the
batteries. Do not dispose off batteries in
a fire.
* They may burn or explode.
Do not expose your skin or kids or
plants to the cool or hot air draft.
* This could harm to your health.
Use a firm stool or ladder when cleaning, maintaining or
repairing the product at an height.
* Be careful and avoid personal injury.
Owner's Manual 5
Electrical Safety
* This appliance must be properly grounded.
To minimize the risk of electric shock, you must alway plug into a grounded oulet.
* Do not cut or remove the grounding prong from the power plug.
* Attaching the adapter ground terminal to the wall receptacie cover screw does not ground the appliance
unless the cover screw is metal and not insulated, and the wall receptacle is grounded through the
house wiring.
* If you have any doubt whether the air conditioner is properly grounded, have the wall receptacle and
circuit checked by a qualified electrician.
Temporary Use of an Adapter
We strongly discourage the use of an adapter due to potential safety hazards. For temporary connections,
use only a genuine adapter, available from most local hardware stores. Ensure that the large slot in the
adapter is aligned with the large slot in the receptacle for a proper polarity connection.
To disconnect the power cord from the adapter, use one hand on each to avoid damaging the ground
terminal. Avoid frequently unplugging the power cord as this can lead to eventual ground terminal damage.
* Never use the appliance with a broken adapter.
Temporary Use of an Extension Cord
We strongly discourage the use of an extension cord due to potential safety hazards. For temporary
situations, use only CSA certified and UL listed 3-wire grounded extension cords, rated 15 A, 125 V.
This appliance should be installed in accordance with national wiring regulations. This guide acts as a
guide to help to explain product features.
Symbols used in this Manual
A This symbol alerts you to the risk of electric shock.
This symbol alerts you to hazards that may cause harm to the
A air conditioner.
Won This symbol indicates special notes.
6 Room Air Conditioner
Product Introduction
Here is a brief introduction of the indoor and outdoor units. Please see the information specific to your
indoor unit type.
Indoor Units
Standard Split Type Air inlet г
Display panel LED indicators =
| | Grille tab
Front grille
Air filter
(Vertical blades)
| Flap
Air outlet (Horizontal blade)
Operation Indication Lamps
On/Off : Lights up during the system operation, error code and auto restart setting.
Sleep mode — : Lights up during sleep mode auto operation.(non-Inverter Model)
Defrost mode : Lights up during defrost mode or *hot start operation (Heat pump model only)
Outdoor unit —: Lights up during outdoor unit operation. (Cooling model only)
Outdoor Unit
Air intake vents
Refrigerant pipes
Air outlet vents
Base plate Drain hose
Owner's Manual 7
Operating Instructions
a Operating Instructions
How to insert the Batteries
1. Remove the battery cover by pulling it according to the arrow
2. Insert new batteries making sure that the (+) and (-) of battery are
installed correctly.
3. Reattach the cover by sliding it back into position.
1. Always use/replace both batteries of same type.
2. If the system is not to be used for a long time, remove the
batteries to save their working life.
3. If the display screen of remote controller starts, fading replace
both of the batteries.
Wireless Remote Controller Maintenance
1. Choose a suitable place where its safe & easy
to reach.
2. Fix the holder to wall etc with the supplied
screws firmly.
3. Slide the remote controller inside the holder.
1. Remote controller should never be exposed to
direct sunlight.
2. Signal transmitter & receiver should always be
clean for proper communication. Use a soft
cloth to clean them.
3. In case some other appliances also get
operated with remote control, change their
position or consult your serviceman.
Operating Method
1. The signal receiver is inside the unit.
2. Aim the remote controller towards the unit to operate it.
There should not be any blockage in between.
8 Room Air Conditioner
Operating Instructions
Remote Control Operation
The remote control transmits the signals to the system.
Displays the operation conditions.
Used to stop or start louver movement and
set the desired up/down airflow direction.
Used to select the operation mode.
Used to set the time of stopping operation.
way SRO Xt
= =
ооо о ©
© © (A) GO Operation starts when this button is
& O pressed, and stops when the button is
© \V) O pressed again.
Used to start or stop the speed cooling.
(Speed cooling operates super high fan
speed in cooling mode.)
(1) Operation Mode
| Cooling Operation | > | Cooling Operation | SR
| | Healthy Dehumidifacation Operation | 0
| Healthy Dehumidifacation Operation | 0 1
(Cooling Model) | Heating Operation | po
(Heat pump Model)
(2) Operation PROCEDURE
1st Start/Stop Button
TA 8.
2nd Operation Mode Selection Button @
3rd Room Temperature Setting Button
4+h | Indoor Fan Speed Selection Button
Owner's Manual 9
Operating Instructions
Cooling Operation
Press the Start/Stop Button.
o he
Select Cooling Operation.
Press the Operation Mode Selection Button.
Each time the button is pressed, the operation mode is shifted in the arrow direction.
= zul | (7 |» or’ Rp 39
. wa (Lic ALI
|| a
0 (CI Cooling Healthy
; Dehumidifi cation (Heat a o mode only)
~ TEMP. |
TA ma. PT
: Healthy
Cooling Dehumidification J
, 9 17 N
3 Set the temperature lower than the room temperature.
* The temperature can be set within a range of 18°C ~ 30°C
by 1°C .
sk TEMP.
zul | 1
f в
Set the fan speed.
* Select the fan speed in four steps-low, medium, high or CHAOS.
* Each time the button is pressed, the fan speed mode is shifted.
* The display shows high fan speed.
Natural wind by the CHAOS logic
LI For more fresh feeling than other fan speed, press the Indoor Fan Speed Selector and set to
CHAOS mode. In this mode, the wind blows like natural breeze by automatically changing fan
speed according to the CHAOS logic.
10 Room Air Conditioner
Operating Instructions
Healthy Dehumidification Operation Mode
This mode dehumidifies without overcooling.
1 ng
1 Press the Start/Stop Button. =
D =
: f в
2 Select Healthy Dehumidification Operation.
: Press the operation Mode Selection Button.
; Each time the button is pressed, the operation mode is
o shifted in the arrow direction.
o sk 0
ó | x TEMP TEMP. 7)
; ly » | iE
a Cooling Healthy Heating
ben. Dehumidification (Heat pump model only)
I se
0 3 0
: я ТЕМР. |
Г (Lic
0 Cooling Healthy
] _ Dehumidification |)
4 5 \
Ss 3 You can select the fan speed in four steps-low,
medium, high, or CHAOS. Each time the button is
pressed, the fan speed mode is shifted.
Na J
f ; ess ; >
During Healthy Dehumidification Operation:
1 If you select the dehumidification mode on the operation selection button, the airconditioner starts to
run the dehumidification function, automatically setting the room temp. and airflow volume to the best
condition for dehumidification based on the sensed current room temp.
In this case, however, the setting temp. is not displayed in the remote control and you are not able to
control the room temp. either.
LJ During the healthy dehumidification function, the airflow volume is automatically set according to the
optimization algorithm responding to the current room temp. status and makes the room condition
« healthy and comfortable even in the high humidity season.
Owner's Manual 11
Operating Instructions
Le Heating Operation(Heat pump model only)
1 Press the Start/Stop button. D
The unit will respond with
a beep.
To select Heating Operation, press the Operation Mode
2 Selection button.
Each time the button is pressed, the operation mode is
shifted in the direction of the arrow.
Jui с
sk (xt
| sie TEMP. 0 Зе
ап >| пои AA
Cooling Health Heating
Dehumidification + (Heat pump model only)
O OOOO DODOD O ев в в кв =,
Set the temperature higher than the room temperature.
3 The temperature can be set within a range of 16°C~30°C in
1°C increments.
To raise the temperature
To lower the temperature
4 Set the fan speed again with the door of the © |
remote control still closed. You can select
the fan speed in four steps—low, medium,
high, or CHAOS. Each time the button is
pressed, the fan speed mode is shifted.
Na J
Timer control Setting
— (Press the OFF Time Button. = |
* y TEMP. ES
( a с
* 0% Y 1. Press the OFF Time Button.
O O Aeon 2. Check the OFF Time LED of the room air conditioner.
3. The Timer is programmed by 1 hour each
3 8 © N J
pressing the OFF Time button from 1 hour to 7 hours.
12 Room Air Conditioner
Operating Instructions
E Jet Cool Operation
1 Press the Start/Stop button.
The unit will respond with a beep. D
> a Z
! a
: Г
' wn
Ne J L
f N
2 Press the Jet Cool button to operate the
TENE 8 speed cooling mode and the unit will én
ill Po, operate in super high fan speed on cooling
' mode for 30 minutes.
: Kl
"y NN J
o ‘о
; ef N
! o ' To cancel the Jet Cool mode, press the Jet Cool button
в 0 3 again or the fan speed button or the room temperature
N 0 setting button and the unit will operate in high fan speed on
*ROXE & 5 A
/ ©
or or or TS
” N
В During the JET COOL function at any moment, the A/C starts to blow the cool air at
extremely high speed for 30 minutes setting the room temp. automatically to 18°C. It is
especially used to cool the room temp. in the shortest time in a hot summer.
In heat pump mode the JET COOL function is not available.
1 /n order to return to the normal cooling mode from the JET COOL mode, you just press
either the operation mode selection button, airflow volume selection or temp. setting button
or the JET COOL button again.
Owner's Manual 13
Operating Instructions
Vertical Airflow Direction Control
The up/down airflow (Vertical Airflow) can be NOTICE
adjusted by using the remote control.
If you press the CHAOS swing button, the
horizontal airflow direction is changed
automatically based on the CHAOS algorithm
to distribute the air in the room evenly and at
the same time to make the human body feel
most comfortable, as if enjoying a natural
$A 1 Always use the remote control to adjust the
up/down airflow direction. Manually moving
NL the vertical airflow direction louver by hand,
- x ÿ could damage the air conditioner.
O When the unit is shut off, the up/down airflow
direction louver will close the air outlet vent of
(1) Press the Start/Stop button to start the unit. the system.
Press Chaos Swing button and the louvers will
swing up and down. Press the Chaos Swing
button again to set the vertical louver at the
desired airflow direction.
Horizontal Airflow Direction Control
* Adjust the horizontal airflow direction by manually moving the horizontal airflow direction louver
by hand.
7 Caution x
* Ensure that the unit is turned off before
adjusting the horizontal airflow direction
control. Carefully open vertical louver to allow
access to the horizontal airflow direction.
Adjust the left/right airflow direction by hand.
14 Room Air Conditioner
Operating Instructions
Forced Operation
Operation procedures when the remote na
control can't be used. Pa
The operation will be started if the power С)
button is pressed. ï
If you want to stop operation, re-press =
the button.
Open the front NI
panel upward
Cooling Model Heat pump Model
Room Temp. > 24°C 21°C < Room Temp. < 24°C Room Temp. < 21°C
Operating mode Cooling Cooling Healthy Dehumidification Heating
Indoor FAN Speed High High High High
Setting Temperature 22°C 22°C 23°C 24°C
Test operation
During the TEST OPERATION, the unit operates in cooling mode at high speed fan, regardless of
room temperature and resets in 18 minutes.
During test operation, if remote controller signal is received, the unit operates as remote controller sets.
If you want to use this operation, open the front panel upward and Press the power button let it be
pressed for about 3 seconds.
If you want to stop the operation, re-press the button.
Ш Auto restart
In case the power comes on again after a power failure, Auto Restarting Operation is the function to
operate procedures automatically to the previous operating conditions.
So there is no need of activating this function by pressing any key or button.
In the initial mode, the fan operates at a low speed and the compressor starts 2.5~3 minutes later.
As the compressor starts, the fan speed also resumes its previous setting mode.
Helpful information
Fan speed and cooling capacity.
The cooling capacity indicated in the specification is the
value when the fan speed is set to high, and the capacity will
be lower at low or medium fan speed.
High fan speed is recommended when you wish to cool the
room quickly.
Owner's Manual 15
Maintenance and Service
Ш Maintenance and Service
Before performing any maintenance, turn off the main power to the system, disconnect the circuit breaker and
unplug the power cord.
Indoor Unit
Clean the unit with a soft dry cloth. Do not use bleach or abrasives.
Never use any of these
» Water hotter than 40°C. It may cause deformation and discoloration.
* Volatile substances. They may damage the surface of the air conditioner.
Air Filters
The air filters behind the front panel / grill should be checked and
cleaned once in every 2 weeks or more often if necessary. To
remove the filters see the self explanatory diagrams for each
model type. Clean the filters with a vacuum cleaner or warm
soapy water. If dirt is not easily removed, wash with a solution of
detergent in luke warm water. Dry well in shade after washing and
reinstall the filters back in place.
Removal of Filters
Open the front panel as shown.
Then pull the filter tab slightly forward to remove the air filter.
16 Room Air Conditioner
Maintenance and Service
Outdoor Unit
The heat exchanger coils and panel vents of the outdoor unit should be checked regularly.
If clogged with dirt or soot, the heat exchanger
and panel vents may be professionally steam cleaned.
Dirty or clogged coils will reduce the operating efficiency of the system and cause higher operating costs.
Operation Tips!
Do not overcool the room.
This is not good for the health and Do not let direct sunshine enter
the room when the air conditioner
wastes electricity.
Make sure that the
doors and windows
are shut thight.
Avoid opening doors and
windows as much as
possible to keep the cool
air in the room.
is in operation.
Clean the air filter
Blockages in the air filter
reduce the airflow and
lower cooling and
dehumidifying effects.
Clean at least once every
two weeks.
Keep blinds or curtains
= =
Keep the room temperature
Adjust the vertical and horizontal
airflow direction to ensure a
uniform temperature in the room.
Ventilate the room
Since windows are kept
closed, it is a good idea
to open them and
ventilate the room now
and ten.
Use high fan speed
for effective and fast
The unit gives its rated
cooling capacity when the
fan speed is high.
Owner's Manual 17
Maintenance and Service
Troubleshooting Tips! Save time and mont
The air conditioner may be operating abnormally when:
Possible Causes What To Do
EH The air conditioner is * Make sure the air conditioner plug is
unplugged. pushed completely into the outlet.
EH The fuse is blown/circuit * Check the house fuse/circuit breaker box
breaker is tripped. and replace the fuse or reset the breaker.
a EM Power failure. * |f power failure occurs, turn the mode
conditioner control to OFF.
does not start When power is restored, wait 3 minutes to
restart the air conditioner to prevent
tripping of the compressor overload.
EH High voltage. * If the voltage is unusually very high or low
the circuit Breaker will trip.
» Make sure there are no curtains, blinds, or
— Abe Ts nee e furniture blocking the front of the air
Go ds AF * Clean the filter at least every 2 weeks.
1 See the Maintenance and Service section.
Air N EH The room may have been hot. + When the air conditioner is first turned on,
conditioner you need to allow time for the room to cool
does not cool down.
as It should EM Cold air is escaping. » Check for open furnace floor registers and
cold air returns.
M There might be any heating + Check and remove such source or turn it
source in the room. off while using the air conditioner.
Call the service immediately in the following sit
1. Anything abnormal such as burning smell, loud noise etc. happen. Stop the unit and
turn the breaker off. Never try to repair by yourself or restart the system in such cases.
2. Main power cord is too hot or damaged.
3. Error code is generated by self diagnosis.
4. Water leaks from indoor unit even if the humidity is low.
5. Any switch, breaker (safety, earth) or fuse fails to work properly
User must carry routine checkup & cleaning to avoid unit’s poor performance.
In case of special situation, the job must be carried out by service person only.
18 Room Air Conditioner
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