Samsung | SP-46L3HX | Samsung SP-46L3HX Quick start guide

Cautions when using the projection TV
Reflection of external light and illumination
Install the TV so that the light can’t be reflected directly to the screen. If a
strong light such as external light or illumination is directly affected to the
screen, some part of the screen may appear white regardless of power on or
off. This occurs because either external light or illumination is reflected, so this
is not damage.
Screen appears white
• In case of a normal CRT TV, an object is supposed to be displayed on the
screen after it is reflected to the surface of the glass as it is. However, this
kind of projection TV has a dim object in the shape of a white oval
displayed on the screen according to the reflection on the surface of the
screen and the internal reflection.
Operation of cooling fan
A cooling fan will operate to cool the lamp built in the TV set with a feeble
sound for about one minute after power off. If the TV set is re-powered on
having the lamp not enough cooled, it may take awhile to display a normal
picture. This is not damage.
A black dot or a bright dot appears on the screen
One or two pixels may appear bright or dark because of a technical limit
during the manufacturing process of the DMD built in the TV set.
This doesn’t affect the performance of the TV.
Cleaning the screen
Unlike a normal CRT TV set, this TV set uses the screen made of acrylic type
materials. To protect the screen, wipe the screen using a soft, dry cloth.
• Do not use wax, benzene, alcohol, thinner, insecticide, aromatic, lubricant,
cleaner, etc.
Viewing location and a long-time viewing
If you view the TV for a long time, view at a sufficiently good distance.
A normal projection TV has some difference in the extent of a good-viewing
according to the viewing location. The proper distance is five to seven times
the length of the screen. In case of HD broadcasting, view the TV at a
distance of about four times the length of the screen. If you view the TV at a
short distance for a long time, your eyes may be fatigued.
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