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quick start guide
Major features
Twin Cooling System
• The refrigerator and the freezer have two evaporators. Given this independent system,
the freezer and the refrigerator are cooled individually and are, therefore, more efficient.
Food odor from the refrigerator does not affect food in the freezer due to separate air flow
Multi-Flow System
• Cool air circulates through multiple vents on every shelf level. This provides even
distribution of cooling inside cabinets to keep your food fresh longer.
Xtra Space™
• Vertical room next to the ice maker in the freezer provides space for pizza etc.
Door Alarm
• Beeper reminds you that the door is open.
• Reusable deodorizer keeps the refrigerator air fresh and odor free.
CoolSelect Zone™ Drawer
• User can select Quick Cool, Thaw and Select buttons to quickly chill, thaw and cool
items. Select Soft Freeze, Cool or Chill to control the temperature of drawer.
Beverage Station™
• The Beverage Station™ is convenient and reduces energy consumption, because you do
not need to open the refrigerator door to access stored beverages and snacks.
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Safety warning signs
efore operating the appliance, please read and retain this manual thoroughly for your reference.
ecause these following operating instructions cover various models, the characteristics of your refrigerator may differ slightly from those
described in this manual.
• The appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or metal capabilities, or lack of
experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person
resonsible for their safety.
• Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
What the icons and signs in this user manual mean :
Indicates that a danger of death or serious injury exists.
Indicates that a risk of personal injury or material damage exists.
Represents something you must NOT do.
Represents something you must NOT disassemble.
Represents something you must NOT touch.
Represents something you must follow.
Indicates that you must disconnect the power plug from the socket.
Represents that a ground is needed to prevent electric shock.
It is recommended that this should be handled by a service center.
Do not plug several appliances into the same multiple power board. The refrigerator should always be plugged into
its own individual electrical which has a voltage rating that matched the rating plate.
his could cause overheating and the risk of fire.
Never unplug your refrigerator by pulling on the power cord. Always grip plug firmly and pull straight out from the
outlet. Make sure that the power plug is not squashed or damaged by the back of the refrigerator.
• A damaged power plug may cause overheating and fire.
Do not use aerosols near the refrigerator.
• There is a risk of explosion or fire.
Do not bend the power cord excessively or place heavy articles on it.
• This constitutes a fire hazard. If the power cord is damaged, have it replaced immediately by the manufacturer or its service
Do not insert the power plug with wet hands.
• You may receive an electric shock.
Do not put a container filled with water on the refrigerator.
• If spilled, there is a risk of fire or electric shock.
Do not install the refrigerator in a damp place or a place
where it may come in contact with water.
• Deteriorated insulation of the electrical parts may cause electric shock or fire.
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Safety warning signs
Do not disassemble or repair the refrigerator by yourself.
ou run the risk of causing a fire, malfunctions and/or personal injury.
Pull the power plug out of the socket before changing the refrigerator’s interior light.
therwise, there is a risk of electric shock.
If you wish to dispose of the refrigerator, throw it away by first removing the doors and seals.
o so in a way that it is not possible for a child to remain trapped inside.
eave the shelves in place so that children may not easily climb inside.
nsure that none of the pipes on the back of the appliance are damaged prior to disposal.
yclopentane used as a insulation blowing gas. The gases in insulation material require special disposal procedure. Please
contact your local authorities in regard to the environmentally safe disposal of this product. Ensure that none of the pipes
on the back of the appliances are damaged prior to disposal.The pipes shall be broke in the openspace.
The refrigerator must be grounded.
• You must ground the refrigerator to prevent any power leakages or electric shocks caused by current leakage from the refrigerator.
Never use gas pipes, telephone lines or other potential lightning rods as ground.
• Improper use of the ground plug can result in a risk of electric shock.
• When moving the refrigerator, be careful not to roll over or damage the power cord.
• Unplug the refrigerator before cleaning and making repairs.
• Allow the appliance to stand for 2hours after installation.
• Keep ventilation opening in the appliance enclosure or mounting structure clear of obstruction.
• Do not use mechanical devices or any other means to accelerate the defrosting process, other than those recommended by the manufacturer.
• Do not damage the refrigerant circuit.
• Do not place or use electrical appliance inside the refrigerator/freezer, unless they are of a type recommended by the manufacturer.
• Do not re-freeze frozen foods that have thawed completely.
• Use only the ice maker provided with the refrigerator.
• The water supply to this refrigerator must only be installed/connected by a suitably.
Do not overfill the refrigerator with food.
• When you open the door, an item may fall out and cause personal injury or material damage.
Do not put bottles or glass containers in the freezer.
hen the contents freeze, the glass may break and cause personal injury.
If the wall socket is loose, do not insert the power plug.
• There is a risk of electric shock or fire.
Do not disconnect the power cord by pulling on it.
• Damage to the cord may cause a short-circuit, fire and/or electric shock.
• If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, a certified service agent or qualified service
Do not store articles on the top of the appliance.
• When you open or close the door, the articles may fall and cause personal injury and/or material damage.
Do not store pharmaceutical products, scientific materials and temperature-sensitive products in the
roducts that require strict temperature controls must not be stored in the refrigerator.
Do not let children hang on the door because a serious injury may occur. If you sense pharmaceutical smells or
smoke, pull out the power plug immediately and contact your SAMSUNG Electronics service center.
Do not touch the inside walls of the freezer or products stored in the freezer with wet hands.
• IIt may cause frostbite.
Do not insert your hands into the bottom area under the appliance.
ny sharp edges may cause personal injury.
Never put fingers or other objects into the dispenser hole and ice chute. It may cause personal injury or material
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Safety warning signs
Do not use a wet or damp cloth when cleaning the plug. Remove any foreign matter or dust from the power plug
therwise there is a risk of causing a fire.
• If the refrigerator is disconnected from the power supply, you should wait for at least five minutes before plugging it back in.
If the refrigerator is not to be used for a long period of time, pull out the power plug.
eterioration in the insulation may cause fire.
• Do not directly spray water inside or outside the refrigerator.
- There is a risk of fire or electric shock.
• Do not store volatile or flammable substances in the refrigerator.
- The storage of benzene, thinner, alcohol, ether, LP gas and other such products may cause explosions.
o not store volatile or flammable substances in the refrigerator.
- The storage of benzene, thinner, alcohol, ether, LP gas and other such products may cause explosions.
o not place this refrigerator in direct sunlight or expose to the heat from stoves, room heaters or other appliance.
he appliance must be positioned so that the plug is accessible after installation.
• If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, a certified service agent or a qualified service
• This product is intended only for the storage of food in a domestic environment.
• Please observe maximum storage times and expiry dates of frozen goods.
• Do not place carbonated or fizzy drinks in the freezer compartment.
• Do not store food which goes bad easily at low temperature, such as bananas, melons.
o not spray inflammable gas near the refrigerator.
• In case the model has Cool Select Zone, do not insert a shell to this rail, or the shelf can collide with beverage station cover
and the beverage station cover can be broken.
our appliance is frost free, which means there is no need to manually defrost your appliance, as this will be carried out
he appliance might not operate consistently (possibility of defrosting of contents or temperature becoming too warm in
the frozen food compartment) when sited for an extended period of time below the cold end of the range of temperature
for which the refrigerating appliance is designed.
emperature rising during the defrost ca comply ISO requirement. But if you want to prevent an undue rise in the
temperature of the frozen food while defrosting the appliance, please wrap the frozen in several layers of newspaper.
ny increase in temperature of frozen food during defrosting can shorten its storage life
• In the event of a power failure
- Call the local office of your Electricity Company and ask how long it is going to last.
- Most power failures that are corrected in an hour or two will not affect your refrigerator temperatures. However, you should
minimize the number of door openings while the power is off.
- But Should the power failure last more than 24hours, remove all frozen food.
o get Best performance of product,
- Do not place foods too closely in front of the vents at the rear of the appliance as it can obstruct free air circulation in the
freezer compartment.
- Wrap the food up properly or place it in airtight containers before put it into the fridge freezer.
- Do not put any newly introduced food for freezing near to already frozen food.
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Model specification & Comparison chart
Dispenser with
Coolselected Zone and
Net Dimension(W×D×H)
Rated Frequency and Frequency
Motor Rated Consumption Power
Electric Heater Rated Consumption
Kind of Refrigerator
Indirect Cooling Method Refrigerator
Refrigerant Input Amount
Product Weight
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Control Panel
power freeze
Speeds up the freezing process in the freezer.
cooling off
Cooling off stops cooling in both the freezer and refrigerator compartments
but does not shut off electrical power to the refrigerator. To use this feature,
press Freeze and Power Freeze buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds until
the "Ding- Dong" sounds. To cancel this mode, press the same buttons
again for 3 seconds.
To set the freezer temperature, press the button repeatedly to change the
set temperature in sequence between -14℃ and -25℃.
Ice type button
Use this button to choose Cubed or Crushed Ice or Ice off.
Power cool
Speeds up the cooling process in the refrigerator
To set the fridge temperature, press the button repeatedly to change the set
temperature in sequence between 7℃ and 1℃.
When this button is pressed for 3 sec., All control buttons are locked and
can not be modified. The Water and Ice dispensers are locked and can not
be used. To cancel this function, press Child Lock button for 3 sec. again.
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Digital panel
Freezer indicates the current freezer temperature.
Fridge indicates the current refrigerator temperature.
Quick Cool,Thaw, and Select show the status of the CoolSelect Zone™ Drawer
Power Freeze
• This light goes on when you press the Power Freeze button. Press this button to quickly return the freezer to
its set temperature.
• Power Freeze works for about two and a half hours continuously, then it automatically returns to the original
temperature setting. This function can be used for speeding up the freezing process for a short period. And
if you need to freeze large amount of food stuff, set the temperature of freezer compartment as the coldest
temperature at least 24 hours before putting the food stuff.
• Press the button again to cancel the Power Freeze mode.
Power Cool
• This light goes on when you press the Power Cool button. Press this button to quickly return the refrigerator to
its set temperature.
• Press this button again to cancel the Power Cool mode.
Cubed Ice, Crushed Ice and Ice Off
• Press the Ice Type button in sequence to choose Cubed Ice, Crushed Ice or
Ice Off to stop making ice.
• Lit icon indicates the ice type currently chosen.
Filter Indicator
• Change filter every 6 months. If indicator is orange, or purple on some models the filter has 1 month left. If
indicator is red, quick replacement is strongly recommended.
• When the water filter is replaced, reset the indicator by pressing the Ice Type button and the Child Lock
buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.
• To turn this indicator off, press the Ice Type and Child Lock buttons simultaneously and hold for 5 seconds.
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Names and basic functions
Name of each component
1. Ice chute
7. Tempered Spill Proof Glass Shelf
2. Door Bin
8. Egg Container
3. Xtra Space™ (On Some Models)
9. Chilled Bin or Coolselect Zone™ Drawer (on some models)
4. Tempered Glass Shelf
10. Fruit & Vegetable Drawer (Upper and Lower)
5. Drawer
11. Dairy Compartment
13. Beverage Station™ (On Some Models)
6. Wine Shelf (On Some Models) 12 14. Gallon Door Bins
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The refrigerator does not work
at all or it does not
chill sufficiently
• Check that the power plug is properly connected.
• Is the temperature control on the display panel set to the correct temperature? Try setting it
to a lower temperature.
• Is the refrigerator in direct sunlight or located near a heat source?
•Is the back of the refrigerator too close to the wall?
The food in the refrigerator is
• Is the temperature control on the display panel set to the correct temperature? Try setting it
to a warmer temperature.
• Is the temperature in the room too low?
• Did you store food with a high water content in the coldest part of the refrigerator?
You hear unusual noise or
• Check that the floor is leveled and stable.
• Is the back of the refrigerator too close to the wall?
• Was anything dropped behind or under the refrigerator?
• A “ticking” sound may be heard from inside the refrigerator, this is normal. This occurs
because various accessories are contracted or expanded.
The front corners and sides of
the cabinet are hot;
condensation occurs.
• Anti-condensators are installed in the front corners of the refrigerator to prevent
• Condensation can occur when you leave the door open for a long time.
Ice is not dispensed
• Did you stop the ice making function?
• Is there any ice in the ice storage unit?
• Is the water line connected and the shut-off valve open?
• Is the freezer temperature too warm? (Set the temperature lower)
• Did you wait for 12 hours after installation of the water supply line before making ice?
You can hear water bubbling in
the refrigerator
• The bubbling comes from the refrigerant circulating in the refrigerator and is normal.
There is a bad smell in the
• Wrap strong smelling food so that it is airtight. Throw away any rotten food.
Frost forms on the walls of the
• Is the air vent blocked?
• Allow sufficient space between the foods stored for efficient air circulation.
• Is the door closed properly?
No water is supplied
• Is the water line connected and the shut-off valve open?
• Is the water supply line crushed?
• Is the water tank frozen because the refrigerator temperature is too low? Select a warmer
setting on the display panel.
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