HS-K245 Printing Module Manual

HS-K245 Printing Module
(Version :B02 )
Manufactures reserves the rights to apply changes to this
manual without further notice.
Safety Information
For your effective and safe use, please follow the regulations.
Prior to use:
It is recommended that the operators familiarize themselves with the
contents of this manual prior to carrying out any operations or
Please put the manual in a significant place for reference , and seek
for the solutions when required.
Cautions in safety:
If the regulations are not followed and use in an incorrect way, it
might cause damages.
Note: In case of paper stuck, please power off. When the printing head
is cool, remove the stuck paper.
Don’t leave the printer in the humid or dusty places.
Don’t put heave things upon the product and pile them up.
Cautions in use:
Paper roll Adopt the paper roll (with platen) which meets the
requirements. Do not adopt the paper roll, whose end has stuck on the
platen of printer,otherwise,the printer might not detect the roll correctly.
1.1 Brief Introduction
HOP-K245 is a high-performance thermal printing turnkey module
with auto-cutter ,support big paper roll of max. Dia.150mm with paper
core, 80mm without paper core ,paper width is 58mm , Max. printing
width is 48mm . PM58T apply to all kinds of self-service kiosk with
printing function of receipt and ticket , such as telecom kiosk,banking
kiosk , ATM.
1.2 Features
◆ Easy operation and maintenance ;
◆ High speed and low noise printing ;
◆ Long-life printer-head and high reliability
◆ Automatic paper loading
Support GB18030 Chinese font
◆ Paper near end sensor function
◆ Auto-cutter control (full /partial cut)
◆ Real-time monitoring
◆ Support RS232
◆ Support USB2.0 full speed ;
◆ Support multi barcode printing(QR、ITF、CODE128、CODE3);
◆ Support left, right, front and back positioning printing via black
Module Name
Module Name
USB+ RS232
1.4.1 Detailed Specification
1) Printing type :direct thermal line printing.
2) Dot density : 384dots/line(default).
3) Resolution: 203DPI x 203DPI.
4) Paper feeding method :unidirectional friction feeding.
5) Printing width : 8dots /mm ,48mm.
6) Number of columns:
Printer-head type
Chinese Font (24x24)
CAPD245(58mm width)
32 characters/line
16 Chinese characters / line
7) Character spacing(default): 30 dots(3.75mm).
Note: Adjust character spacing through emulation command,
incremental unit is 0.125mm.
8) Printing speed : Max.100mm/s.
Note: Speed depend on data/command transmission speed、 input
voltage and printing density.
9) Paper feeding speed :around 100mm/s.
10) Paper feeding minimum unit : 0.125mm (one step spacing of
feeding motor).
11) Printing columns : Max.32columns(12x24 font), Max.16
columns(24 x 24 Chinese)。
12) Character sets: IBM character sets-II and GB18030 Chinese sets
13) Data buffer: Receive buffer:4K bytes
14) Auto cutter: Full, partial.
Paper near-end detector : detecting range of paper roll
diameter is 16~42mm (calculated on the core center of paper roll).
16) Interface :
Serial: HX Connector,RS-232C compatibility, support RTS/CTS
115200(default),9600/19200/38400/57600 optional
USB2.0 Full Speed
17) Paper:
High quality thermal paper, smooth surface , thickness 65-100 µm.
Recommended paper:(see 1.4.2 paper specification).
Paper roll diameter : outside 150mm ( Max.),inner min. 25.5+/0.5mm(Min.)
Paper width : 57.5+/-0.5m。
Emulation command : compatible with EPSON ESC/POS
1.4.2 Paper Specification Thermal paper specification
◆ Type: High sensitive thermal paper(No paper dust dropped
during paper feeding and printing).
◆ Paper width:57.5+/-0.5mm.
◆ Paper thickness :65µm~100µm.
◆ Paper roll outside diameter :Max. 150 mm.
◆ Paper take-up direction :outside of paper must be printed on.
◆ Pint side:outside of paper.
◆ Paper roll inner diameter:when thickness is 65µm~100µm,min.
inner Dia. Is 25.5+/-0.5mm.
NOTE :If not use qualified paper, it will lead to paper jam.
NOTE :Use the paper roll in which the core and the paper are not
glued together ,otherwise printer will not detect the end of
paper roll correctly and make damage to printer.
◆ Recommended Paper:
TF50KS-E2D(Nippon paper)
TP50KJ-R (Nippon paper)
PD160R-63 (Oji paper)
PD160R-N (Oji paper)
P220VBB-1 (Mitsubishi Paper mills limited)
AP50KS-D (Jujo Thermal)
AP50KS-E (Jujo Thermal)
F5041 (Mitsubishi Hi-Tech paper)
KT55F20 (Papierfabrik August Koehler AG)
P350 (KSP)
◆ Press on back side of paper
If user want to print content on the back side of paper, please
follow as below:
The printing will not interfere the smoothness of paper surface,
the stiffness and curling of paper. As a rule, in printing process, do
not add any material that will damage to the moving of thermal head
and platen.
Printing on the back side paper:In the black mark detecting area ,
the color-usage of printing should be satisfied that the reflecting rate
of the white must be≥75%,or pass the printer vendor’s testing. Black Mark Paper Specification
1. Black Mark Position:In the perspective of facing to the printing
side of paper(front side), the standard position of the Black Mark is
on the right side on the back of the paper. As show below:
2. The reflecting rate of Black Mark area must be ≤10%. The
reflecting rate of the white must be ≥75% (PCS ≥ 0.75). The
reflecting rate means the value measured with a Macbeth density
meter (PCMII) D filter.
NOTES :If you need print the black mark in other areas except
the right side back of the paper , please contact us before your
1.4.3 Auto-cutter
Cutter type :Guillotine
Cut method:Full cut 、partial cut
Speed : Max. 1s /cut
Frequency :Max.30cuts / min.
NOTES :If not using auto-cutter in accordance with specified
frequency, it will shorten the longevity of cutter.
1.4.4 Mechanism reliability
1)Thermal-head Longevity :100 Kilometers,100 Mil. pulses
Printer-head :
Working Temp:-10 ~50℃,Working humidity:35~85%
Storage Temp:-20~60℃,Storage humidity:10~90%
Longevity :50km paper feeding , 500,000 cuts
NOTE :We will not guarantee mechanism’s longevity ,if not use our
recommended thermal paper.
1.4.5 Character Sets
1) Character structure
• FONT A: 12 × 24
• Chinese character:support GB18030 simplified(downward
compatible with GB2312-1980)
2) Character size
Font A(12× 24) 1.5×3.0mm
Chinese Font 3.0×3.0mm
(24× 24)
/Double -width
1.5 Other Specification
1.5.1 Power input
◆ Voltage: DC +1 2 V
◆ Assumption:
average : approx. 3A ; peak : approx. 7 A
◆ Power socket :apply XH 2PIN socket,refer to figure 2-3
PIN assignments :as shown in figure 2-3
1.5.2 Serial Interface
Serial Interface PIN Defined:
PIN Number
1.5.3 Operation panel
Error Power Feed
Indicator Light
There are a two-color(red, Green) indicate LED Light which use for Printer's
Status on Printer Panel.
Error LED:
Flash Red Light: Error alarm reference (table1)
Error LED: OFF, Normal
Error LED: ON, No paper
Indicator light flashing alarm
Cut paper abnormal
Error light flashes 1 times
Paper out
Error Light Flashes 4 times
Printer cover not close
Temperature of Printer
Mechanism is too high
Error Light Flashes 6 times
Error Light Flashes 8 times
1, Feed paper,
When Black Mark disable, press 1 time feed, the paper feed one line. When Black
Mark Enable, press 1 time feed, the paper feed to next Black Mark.
2, Printing self-test page:
In Shutdown status and print paper roll are installed well, press the power button
and feed button at the same time, when a little paper come, release the power
button and feed button at the same time, printer will print a self-test page.
1.5.4 Environment Condition
◆ Temperature :
Operating: -10-50℃ Storage: -20-60℃ ( not include paper)
◆ Humidity :
Operating: 10-85%RH (No condensation)( when 85%RH, temp.
should be≤40℃)
Storage: 30-85 % RH (not include paper)
1.5.5 Installed Size
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