Electrolux IH27 User manual

Electrolux IH27 User manual
 Instant Water Heater, IH 18
trolled IH 21
Hydraulically Contro IH 24
IH 27
Installation and operating instructions [4] Electrolux
Important instructions for the user
Safety instructions
Operating the appliance
Part load switch
Hot water flowrate
Care and maintenance of the appliance
Important instructions for the installer
Appliance constitution
Technical data
Safety switch
Installing the appliance
Dimensioned diagram
Appliance installation
Hood dismantling
Wall mounting
Water connection
Concealed installation
Installation versions
Direct connection fittings
Installation accessories
Cleaning the strainer insert
Electrical connection
Mains connection
Circuit diagram
Priority circuit
Hood assembly
Using the appliance for the first time and checking
Maintenance and faults
Customer service
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Important instructions for the user
Safety instructions
— Installation and start-up should only ever be performed by an approved
installer or authorised installation firm.
— Before using the appliance, please read through these instructions
carefully. The manufacturer cannot accept any liability for damage
resulting from failure to follow these instructions.
— Fittings and connections may get hot. Therefore keep children well
The appliance is only suitable for household use and should only ever be
used for heating and drinking water
Operating the appliance
The Electrolux IH Instant Water Heater heats the water as the latter
continuously flows through it. When the hot water tap is opened, the
appliance switches on. When the hot water valve is closed, the appliance
switches off again.
The outlet temperature depends on the respective amount of water flowing
through the appliance and the temperature of the cold water flowing in.
One or more tapping points can be supplied with hot water.
Part ioad switch
Two power levels can be selected by the part load switch.
Position 1: 2/3 power
Preselect this setting for washing hands and
showering in the summer months.
Position 2: full power
For to do the dishs, take a bath or shower.
If the hot water temperature is too low
the flow volume must be reduced.
If the outlet temperature is too high, cold water should be mixed in.
If the flow pressure is too low, select position 2 for a convenient shower.
Hot water flow rate
To ensure its trouble-free operation, the continuous flow heater requires a
specific minimum flow pressure (see technical data on page 6).
If this pressure is to low, the appliance will not switch on. The inadequate flow
pressure may be due to air bubbles being included in the fittings. They must
therefore be regularly cleaned and decalcified.
The hot water outlet temperature fluctuations depend on the season because
of the different inlet temperatures.
Care and maintenance of the appliance
Clean the plastic housing if necessary with a damp cloth and dilute soap
solution. Never use any abrasive, aggressive, and solvent-containing
The Instant Water Heater generally needs no maintenance. Regular
inspection of the appliance by a trained engineer will ensure its operational
reliability and prolong its service life.
Scale deposits in the outlet of fittings reduce the amount of water flow.
The air bubbles of the fittings or hand shower head must therefore be
cleaned from time to time.
Important instructions for the installer
General |
The Electrolux Instant Water Heater is manufactured and tested in
conformity with the valid VDE specifications and DIN standards. The
appliance complies with the Appliances Safety Act. The indications given on
the rating plate, the technical connection specifications of the electricity
and water companies in the local area concerned, and VDE 0100 and DIN
1988 must be observed when the appliance is being installed. Before all
work on the appliance the mains voltage supply must be interrupted.
The specific resistance of the water at the installation site should not
be less than 1200 Ост.
This appliance complies with the following EC Directives:
the "Low-Voitage Directive” 72/23/EEC of 19.02.1973, including
С € Amendment Directive 93/68/EEC
the "Electromagnetic Compatibility” Directive 88/336/EEC of
03.05.1988, including Amendment Directive 92/31/EEC
Appliance constitution
1 = Back wall
2 = Electrical connection terminal
3 = Power switch
4 = Part load switch
5 = Cold water connection
= Screen insert
= Direct fitting connection - cold
= Direct fitting connection - hot
9 = Hot water connection
10 = Part load selector knob
11 = Temp. limiter
12 = Electrical connection terminal
below (alternative)
13 = Heating block
14 = Safety switch
15 = Quick fastener for appliance
Technical data
Model IH 18 IH 21 IH 24 IH 27
Type Closed
Nominal capacity 0,4
Dimensions mm |
Width 226
Height 469
Вер! 90
Weight kg 3,2
Nominal (bar) (10)
Overpressure Mpa 1
Protection class |
Protection type IP 25 (splash water protected)
Test mark see rating plate
Water connection G1/2A
Electrical connection 3/PE- 380 V
Nominal output KW 9/18 10,5/21 12/24 13,5/27
Part load circuit k W 6/12 7/14 8/16 9/18
Switch- on flow (Bar) (0,4) {0,5) (0,6) (0,8)
pressure”) Mpa 0,04 0,05 0,06 0,08
Half power switch-on l/min 3,1 3,7 4,2 5
, Full power switch-on l/min 4,8 5,6 6,5 7,5
Flowrate at about 5 bar| min 10 10,5 H 11,5
*) In addition to the flow pressures of the continuous flow heater itself, con-
sideration must be given to the pressure losses in the household pipe-
The nominal operating pressure is 1MPa. If this value is exceeded, a
pressure reducing valve should be provided in the household pipework.
A safety valve is not necessary.
The bare wire resistance heating system has a high efficiency. Its low
weight and extremely low water content also make it suitable for hard, line-
containing water qualities.
Safety switch
In the event of a fault, the inbuilt safety switch isolates the appliance from
the mains supply on all contacts.
Before the appliance is switched back on, a trained engineer must
ascertain and eliminate the cause of the fault ( see page 17)
Pressure point for screwdriver
Then carefully press in the
contact rocker with a screwdriver
until it audibly engages.
Important note! The contact-
rocker must not be jammed.
Important! The safety switch should never be adapted or
modified in anyway!
Installing the appliance
The appliance should only be installed or stored in frost-free
Dimensioned diagram
= Quick fastener for appliance mounting
= Wall mounting
= Cable bushing
= Electrical connection terminal
= Cold water connection with screen insert
= Hot water outlet.
Appliance installation
Carefully unpack and take out the enclosed pack.
Prepare the appliance for assembly.
Hood dismantling
Press in the engagement ug at
the bottom of the appliance from
above or from the frontwitha
screwdriver and detach the hood
Mark wall-plug holes by using the
mounting template supplied,
insert wall-plugs, and screw in
fixing rail (1). Take out threaded
pin (2) from the enclosed pack
and screw in. Then prepare water
connections, mount appliance on
threaded pin and retaining rail,
and fix by turning the
quickfastener (3) one quarter
Water connection
The IH must never be connected to a water line with preheated water.
If plastic pipe systems are used as installation material, the pipe I
manufacturer must expressly and unreservedly confirm the applicability and
quality of his pipes for this application (DVGW-tested)
Concealed installation
Insert connector with shutoff spindle
(1) in cold water connection and
eccentric nipple (2) in hot water outlet
using hemp packing. The shutoff
spindle must point downwards and
the screw slot aligned in the flow
direction of the water. The shutoff
unit must not be
used for throttling.
A Before wall junction the two transportation plugs in the water
connection of the appliance are to be removed.
The DE can be operated with all pressure fittings
We recommend the following fittings:
ADEw 70D- Single-lever wall-mounted mixer tap for shower
ADEw 70 WD - Single-lever wall-mounted mixer tap convertible for
ADEu 70 WT - Single-lever mixer tap with outlet unit for wash basin
ADEu 70S- Single-lever mixer tap for sink
ADEu 70 SB - Single-lever mixer tap for sink with extractable
crockery shower head
Installation types :
For fittings directly on the appliance, the bushing openings pre-
embossed in the appliance hood must be cut out for the extension
pipes of the fitting. The supporting sheet (1) enclosed with the
fitting fixes the extension pipes in position and seals the housing
openings. To ensure moisture protection, the supporting sheet must
be fitted. | |
Fitting must be vertically seated and
centrally under the appliance. Seal
appliance connections to the wall,
where necessary, with G 1/2 Ablind
plugs (2) (fitting accessory).
If a cold water supply is made to the
appliance, the shutoff adapter (3) should
be replaced by an adapter with a wood
screw (4) for fixing the fitting in place
The following tapping fittings are suitable:
ADEo 70D - Single-lever mixer tap for mounting over a worktop, with
swivelling outlet and 300 mm extension pipe
ADEo 70 WD - Single-lever mixer tap for mounting over a worktop,
convertible for bath/ shower, with hand shower head, wall
holder, and 300 mm extension pipe —
Additional extension pipes (12 mm, G 1/2):
AZ504 500 mm long
AZ 507 800 mm long
AZ 509 1000 mm long
Installation accessories:
Kit for mou unting under a worktop.
— Mou inting kit for connection to available
comer valves. | -
Cut out marks i in the cover hood on top for-
pipe bushings in the appliance hood.
If necessary, the hood can be additionally
fixed at the top with two screws.
The connection is made by a G 3/8 conical
screwed joint for pipes of 10 mm diameter.
Important ! After completion of the water installation, the
/N appliance should be thoroughly flushed with cold water (open
the hot water valve). The screen insert possibly needs
cleaning afterwards.
A The screen insert must be installed before using the
Cleaning the screen insert
If the water flow rate is reduced by dirt from the cold water line, the screen
insert should be cleaned as follows:
1 — Shut off cold water on shutoff unit (1)
— Loosen cap nut (3) using a spanner
with a width over flats of 24
— Take out and clean screen insert (2)
— Re-assemble in reverse sequence
— Open cold water on shutoff unit (1)
check tightness |
Electrical connection
The electrical connection should only be made after the water connection Is
finished! The appliance is only suitable for a fixed connection to 380 V
three-phase current ( 3 ~ ).
The appliance must be connected to the protective conductor.
Important note: The wiring must be arranged so that the appliance can be
deenergised (disconnected from the electricity supply) before any
intervention involving the fuses being unscrewed, the automatic safety
devices being switched off, or similar measures being taken (isolating gap
width of at least 3 mm).
In case of protective application , residual current - protective circuit’, itis
only allowed to use a pulse current sensitive earth leakage circuit breaker
(ELCB) with this unit.
Mains connection lead
Z == | The connection cable must stick out from the wall
2 over an insulated length of at least 20 mm.
Mains connection on top (standard connection)
Installation sequence
-Cut out cable bushing (1).
—Slide flexible inlet bush (2) over
— ax. 10 connection cable, and insert it
a: 2 through the back wall opening.
EL Ans Loosen mains connection terminal
+: | (3). Suspend fixing strap (4) of inlet
Е —
in back wall lugs and screw
together with mains connection
Circuit diagram
3/PE ~ 380V
A |
T - Part load switch (2/3,3/3) X - Acontact mains terminal.
HB - Heating block (W1,W2,W3) S - 3contact safety switch.
L -3-contact power switch EM - (Solenoid)
D - (Pressure trip) TW - Temp.- limiter
Hood assembly
Suspend the appliance hood in the
upper edge of the back wall, and
swivel it downwards until it engages.
Check that the hood is mounted
If the engagement function is no
longer being ensured, the hood
must be secured with a screw
beside the engagement lug.
Important note! The knob scale
and position of the part load switch
must match.
Using the appliance for the first time and checking
The unit must be installed and started up by an approved installer which
accepts liability for safety and proper function.
Before the appliance is energised (connected to the electricity supply),
it should be thoroughly flushed with cold water and tightness of the screwed
joints checked.
After the continuous flow heater is energised (connected to the
electricity supply), it should be inspected by a trained engineer to
ensure that it is in proper working order.
Important note: After any work carried out on the water supply unit,
the appliance should also be thoroughly flushed with cold water
(vented) before being switched on again. Only then should the
appliance be reconnected to the electricity supply.
After initial startup, the user should be familiarised with the
operation of the appliance.
The assembly and operating instruction are to be considered and be handed
over to the user for the attention and keeping.
Maintenance and faults (important instructions for the trained engineer)
Electrolux Instant Water Heaters generally require no special maintenance.
To maintain full operational reliability, however, the power- and water-
distributing components should be inspected every 2 years. Specifically the
strainer in the cold water inlet, the water switch unit, the heating system,
and the safety switch should be checked.
Fault Cause Remedy
Flow of water through Screen insert is Dismantle and clean the
the appliance is too low | clogged. screen insert after
despite the hot water closing the cold water
valve of the tapping point shutoff.
being fully opened.
ae Scaling of the bubblers | Dismantle and descale
Heating system does
not switch on.
Despite audible
switching of the power
switch, the appliance
delivers no hot water.
in the fittings.
Safety switch has
responded (e.g. through
inadmissible pressure
surges over 25 bar,
through a too quickly
closing WC flusher, or
other pressure shocks in
the water supply
the bubblers in the
Reinsert the safety
switch with reference to
the repair instructions
(see page 7)
Ascertain cause of
pressure surges and
eliminate them, e.g.
through the WC flusher
being correctly set.
For all other faults, we recommend you contact your local Electrolux -
customer service centre for advice.
Customer service
In the event of faults, please first check whether the mains fuse has tripped.
You should then contact your customer service centre for advice.
Electrical appliances should only ever be repaired by a trained
electrician, since the user may be seriously endangered by
improper repairs.
If your appliance requires servicing, you will need to quote these numbers
indicated on the rating plate. — — |]
[J Electrolux
Prod.-No. MTL Serial No..
To save enquiries, copy the data from the rating plate and keep them handy.
For the sake of the environment
Do not simply throw away packaging material and appliances that
have reached the end of their service lives !
Appliance packaging:
The cardboard used in the packaging can be collected as waste
paper. Take the polyethylene (PE) plastic bag and polystyrene foam
parts to your local collection centres for recycling.
Recycling the appliance at the end of its lifetime:
The plastic parts are provided with a distinctive material mark to
enable them, just like other materials, to be recycled when the
appliance reaches the end of its service life.
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