IKEA | LHGA4K | User manual | IKEA LHGA4K 301-560-09 User Manual

Safety information
Safety instructions
Product description
Daily use
Helpful hints and tips
Care and cleaning
What to do if…
Technical data
Environment concerns
Subject to change without notice.
Safety information
Before the installation and use of the appliance, carefully read
the supplied instructions. The manufacturer is not responsible if
an incorrect installation and use causes injuries and damages.
Always keep the instructions with the appliance for future reference.
Children and vulnerable people safety
Warning! Risk of suffocation, injury or permanent disability.
• This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years
and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or
mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if
they are supervised by an adult or a person who is responsible for their safety.
• Do not let children play with the appliance.
• Keep all packaging away from children.
• Keep children and pets away from the appliance when it operates or when it cools down. Accessible parts are hot.
• Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.
General Safety
• The appliance and its accessible parts become hot during
use. Do not touch the heating elements.
• Do not operate the appliance by means of an external timer
or separate remote-control system.
• Unattended cooking on a hob with fat or oil can be dangerous and may result in fire.
• Never try to extinguish a fire with water, but switch off the
appliance and then cover flame e.g. with a lid or a fire blanket.
• Do not store items on the cooking surfaces.
• Do not use a steam cleaner to clean the appliance.
• Metallic objects such as knives, forks, spoons and lids should
not be placed on the hob surface since they can get hot.
Safety instructions
Warning! Only a qualified person must
install this appliance.
• Remove all the packaging.
• Do not install or use a damaged appliance.
• Obey the installation instruction supplied
with the appliance.
• Always be careful when you move the
appliance because it is heavy. Always
wear safety gloves.
• Seal the cut surfaces with a sealant to
prevent moisture to cause swelling.
• Protect the bottom of the appliance from
steam and moisture.
• Do not install the appliance adjacent to a
door or under a window. This prevents
hot cookware to fall from the appliance
when the door or the window is opened.
• Keep the minimum distance from the other appliances and units. Refer to the assembly instructions.
• If the appliance is installed above drawers make sure that the space, between
the bottom of the appliance and the upper drawer, is sufficient for air circulation.
Refer to the assembly instructions.
• The bottom of the appliance can get hot.
We recommend to install a non-combustile separation panel under the appliance
to prevent access to the bottom.
Electrical connection
Warning! Risk of fire and electrical
• All electrical connections must be made
by a qualified electrician.
• The appliance must be earthed.
• Before carrying out any operation make
sure that the appliance is disconnected
from the power supply.
• Use the correct electricity mains cable.
• Do not let the electricity mains cable tangle.
• Make sure the mains cable or plug (if applicable) does not touch the hot appliance or hot cookware, when you connect
the appliance to the near sockets
• Make sure the appliance is installed correctly. Loose and incorrect electricity
mains cable or plug (if applicable) can
make the terminal become too hot.
• Make sure that a shock protection is installed.
• Use the strain relief clamp on cable.
• Make sure not to cause damage to the
mains plug (if applicable) or to the mains
cable. Contact the Service or an electrician to change a damaged mains cable.
• The electrical installation must have an
isolation device which lets you disconnect
the appliance from the mains at all poles.
The isolation device must have a contact
opening width of minimum 3 mm.
• Use only correct isolation devices: line
protecting cut-outs, fuses (screw type
fuses removed from the holder), earth
leakage trips and contactors.
Gas connection
• All gas connections should be made by a
qualified person.
• Make sure that there is air circulation
around the appliance.
• The information about the gas supply is
on the rating plate.
• This appliance is not connected to a device, which evacuates the products of
combustion. Make sure to connect the
appliance according to current installation regulations. Pay attention to requirements regarding adequate ventilation.
Warning! Risk of injury, burns or
electric shock.
• Use this appliance in a household environment.
• Do not change the specification of this
• Do not let the appliance stay unattended
during operation.
• Do not operate the appliance with wet
hands or when it has contact with water.
• Do not put cutlery or saucepan lids on the
cooking zones. They become hot.
• Set the cooking zone to “off” after use.
Warning! Risk of fire or explosion.
• Fats and oil when heated can release
flammable vapours. Keep flames or heated objects away from fats and oils when
you cook with them.
• The vapours that very hot oil releases can
cause spontaneous combustion
• Used oil, that can contain food remnants,
can cause fire at a lower temperature
than oil used for the first time.
• Do not put flammable products or items
that are wet with flammable products in,
near or on the appliance.
Warning! Risk of damage to the
• Do not keep hot cookware on the control
• Do not let cookware to boil dry.
• Do not activate the cooking zones with
empty cookware or without cookware.
• Be careful not to let objects or cookware
fall on the appliance. The surface can be
• Do not put aluminium foil on the appliance.
• Do not let acid liquids, for example vinegar, lemon juice or limescale remover
touch the hob. This can cause matt patches.
• Provide good ventilation in the room
where the appliance is installed.
• Make sure that the ventilation openings
are not blocked.
• Use only stable cookware with the correct
shape and diameter larger than the dimensions of the burners. There is a risk of
overheating and rupture of the glass
plate (if applicable).
• Make sure the flame does not go out
when you quickly turn the knob from the
maximum to the minimum position.
• Make sure pots are centrally positioned
on the rings and do not stick out over
edges of the cooking surface.
• Use only the accessories supplied with
the appliance.
• Do not install a flame diffuser on the
Care and Cleaning
Warning! Risk of damage to the
• Clean regularly the appliance to prevent
the deterioration of the surface material.
• Do not use water spray and steam to
clean the appliance.
• Do not clean the burners in the dishwasher.
• Clean the appliance with a moist soft
cloth. Only use neutral detergents. Do not
use abrasive products, abrasive cleaning
pads, solvents or metal objects.
Warning! Risk of injury or suffocation.
• Contact your municipal authority for information on how to discard the appliance correctly.
• Disconnect the appliance from the mains
• Cut off the mains cable and discard it.
• Flat the external gas pipes.
Product description
9 Ignition button
10 Removable pan supports
Burner control knob
The burner control knobs are situated on
the right side of the hob.
Auxiliary burner
Rapid burner
Semi Rapid burner
Semi Rapid burner
Semi Rapid burner control knob
Semi Rapid burner control knob
Rapid burner control knob
Auxiliary burner control knob
there is no gas supply / off position
there is maximum
gas supply
there is minimum
gas supply
Daily use
Ignition of the burner
Always ignite the burner before positioning pots or pans
To ignite the burner:
1. Push the electric ignition button witch is
, at the
marked by a little spark
same time turn the relevant control
knob anticlockwise to maximum posi.
Keep the knob pushed for about 5 sec;
this will allow thermocouple to heat up,
and the safety device to switch off, otherwise the gas supply would be interrupted.
After the flame is regular, adjust it as
If after a few attempts the burner does
not ignite, check that the crown and its
cap are in correct positions.
Burner cap
Burner crown
Ignition candle
device; in this case approach the burner
with a flame, push the relevant knob down
and turn it counter-clockwise to maximum
gas release position.
Warning! Maintain extreme caution
when using open fire in kitchen
environment. Manufacturer decline any
responsibility in case misuse of the flame.
If the burner accidentally goes out, turn
the control knob to the off position and
wait for at least 1 minute before trying to
light it again.
When switching on the mains, after installation or a power cut, it is quite normal for the spark generator to be activated
Warning! Do not keep control knob
pressed for more than 15 seconds.
If the burner does not light after 15 seconds,
release the control knob, turn it into off position and wait for at least 1 minute before
trying to light the burner again.
Turning the burner off
To put the flame out, turn the knob to the
symbol .
Warning! Always turn the flame down
or switch it off before removing the
pans of the burner.
Important! In the absence of electricity You
can ignite the burner without electrical
Helpful hints and tips
Energy savings
• If possible, always place lids on the pans.
• As soon as liquid starts boiling, turn down
the flame to barley keep the liquid simmering.
Use pots and pans with bottom fitting the
size of burner used.
Front Left
of pots
and pans
pots and
180 mm
260 mm
of pots
and pans
pots and
Front Right
80 mm
180 mm
Back Left
120 mm
220 mm
Back Right
120 mm
220 mm
The bottom of the cookware should be as
thick and flat as possible.
Care and cleaning
Warning! Switch the appliance off and
let it cool down before you clean it.
Warning! For safety reasons, do not
clean the appliance with steam
blasters or high-pressure cleaners.
Warning! Do not use abrasive
cleaners, steel wool pads or acids, they
will damage the appliance.
To remove any food remains wash the
enamelled elements, "caps" and "crowns",
with warm soapy water.
Stainless steel elements wash with water,
and then dry with a soft cloth.
The pan supports are not dishwasher proof;
they must be washed by hand. After cleaning, make sure that the pan supports are
correctly positioned.
This model is equipped with electrical ignition, it is obtained through ceramic "candle"
with electrode.
Keep them well clean to avoid difficult lightning.
Periodically ask your local Service Centre to check the conditions of the gas
supply pipe and the pressure adjuster, if it is
fitted (this service is not free of charge).
After cleaning, be sure to wipe dry with a
soft cloth.
What to do if…
There is no spark when
lighting the gas
Possible cause
There is no electrical supply
Check that the unit is plugged in and the electrical
supply is switched on.
There is no electrical supply
Check the house electric installation fuse.
Burner cap and Crown are
placed uneven
Check the burner cap and
crown have been replaced
correctly, e.g. after cleaning.
The flame is blowing out immediately after lightning
Thermocouple is not heated
After lightning the flame,
keep the knob pushed for
about 5 sec.
The gas ring burns unevenly
Burner crown is blocked with Check the main injector is
food residues
not blocked and the burner
crown is clear of food particles.
If there is a fault, first try to find a solution to
the problem yourself. If you cannot find a
solution to the problem yourself, contact
your dealer or the After Sales Service.
If you operated the appliance wrongly,
or the installation was not carried out
by a registered engineer, the visit from the
customer service technician or dealer may
not take place free of charge, even during
the warranty period.
Technical data
Hob dimensions
580 mm
500 mm
built in height
34 mm
Class Appliance: 3
Appliance Category: II2H3+
Appliance gas supply: Natural gas G20
(2H) 20 mbar
Type of
20 mbar
This appliance is designed for use with natural gas but can be converted for use with
other gas type according to table below.
Burner type
Nominal Flow
Rating Plate
Made In Italy
© Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 1999
G00 00 mbar = 00 g/h
G00 00 mbar = 00 kW
PNC. 000000000 TYPE 00000000-0/00
The graphic above represents the rating
plate of the appliance (without serial number which is generated dynamically during
the production process), which is located at
its underneath surface of the casing.
230 V
~ 50 Hz
Dear Customer, please apply here aside
the sticker you can find in the dedicate
plastic bag inserted inside the hob packaging. This will allow us to assist you better, by
identifying precisely your hob, in case you
will need in future our assistance. Thank you
for your help!
Warning! [GB] Any gas installation
must be carried out by a GAS SAFE
REGISTER installer.
This appliance must be installed, connected
or repaired only by a registered competent
person to the relevant gas standard. Use
only parts provided with the product. Use
only original spare parts.
• Make electrical mains terminal free of
• Loose and inappropriate plug and socket
connections can make the terminal overheat.
• Have the clamping connections correctly
• Use strain relief clamp on cable.
Manufacturer is not responsible for any injury to persons and pets or damage to
property caused by failure to comply following requirements.
Important! You must observe the minimum
distances to other appliances and furniture
cabinets or other units according to
Assembly Instruction.
If there is no oven beneath the hob insert a
dividing panel at a minimum distance of 20
mm from the bottom of the hob.
Caution! To proceed with the
installation refer to the assembly
Warning! Installation process must
follow the laws, ordinances, directives
and standards (electrical safety rules and
regulations, proper recycling in accordance
with the regulations, etc.) in force in the
country of use!
Ensure that the local distribution conditions (nature of the gas and gas pressure) and the adjustment of the appliance
are compatible before proceeding with the
The parameters of adjustment setting
for this appliance are stated on the
rating plate (refer to the Technical data
Warning! The appliance must be
Warning! Risk of injury from electrical
• The electrical mains terminal is live.
Protect the cut surfaces of the worktop
against moisture using a suitable sealant included in the product in fitting bag. The
sealant seals the appliance to the work top
with no gap. Do not use silicon sealant between the appliance and the worktop.
Avoid installing the appliance next to doors
and under windows as hot cookware may
be knocked off the pan support when doors
and windows are opened.
Gas Connection
Warning! Only a qualified person must
install this appliance.
Warning! This appliance is not
connected to a combustion products
evacuation device.
Installation must comply with current local
The connection of the cooktop to the gas
pipe network or gas cylinder must be made
by means of a rigid copper or steel pipe
with fittings complying with local regulations, or by means of a continuous surface
stainless steel hose complying with local
You must obtain and install the plug. The
wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code:
If you see any abnormalities do not repair the pipe, contact local After Sales
Service (refer to the Service chapter).
The connection must be installed correctly,
fixed into hob connection pipe. Otherwise it
will cause leakage of gas
Warning! Once the installation is
complete, check the perfect seal of
every pipe fixing. Use soapy water, never
Electrical connection
Before connecting, check that the nominal
voltage of the appliance stated on the rating plate, corresponds to the available supply voltage. Also, check the power rating of
the appliance and ensure that the wire is
suitably sized to suit the appliance power
rating (refer to the Technical data chapter).
The rating plate is located on the lower casing of the hob.
Electrical Requirements
Permanent electrical installation must comply with the latest I.E.E. Regulations and local Electricity Board regulations. For your
own safety the installation must be done by
a qualified electrician (e.g. your local Electricity Board, or a contractor who is on the
roll of the National Inspection Council for
Electrical Installation Contracting [NICEIC]).
The manufacturer declines any liability if
these safety measures are not observed.
The appliance must be connected to a 230
V 50 Hz AC electrical supply.
Before activating the appliance, make sure
the electrical supply voltage is the same as
that indicated on the rating plate. The rating plate is located on the bottom of the
The appliance is supplied with a 3 core
flexible supply cord requiring a 3 amp plug.
Green and yellow
- Earth
- Neutral
- Live
Connect the green and yellow (earth)
wire to the terminal in the plug which is
marked with the letter 'E' or the earth
, or coloured green and yelsymbol
2. Connect the blue (neutral) wire to the
terminal in the plug which is marked
with the letter 'N' or coloured black.
3. Connect the brown (live) wire to the terminal in the plug which is marked with
the letter 'L' or coloured red.
There must be no cut or stray strands of
wire present. The cord clamp must be correctly attached on the outer sheath.
Warning! Make sure that the cut off
plug is disposed of safely. A cut off
plug put into a 13 amp socket is a safety
hazard. There is a risk of electrical shock.
Important! The replacement of the
electrical cable must be done by a qualified
electrician or competent person, according
to the current regulations.
Replacement of the connection cable.
Warning! The replacement of electric
cable must be carried out exclusively
by the After Sales Service or by personnel
with similar competencies, in accordance
with the current regulations.
If the connection cable must be replaced,
only a type H05V2V2-F T90 cable must be
used. The cable section must be suitable to
the voltage and the working temperature.
The yellow/green earth wire must be approximately 2 cm longer than the brown (or
black) phase wire.
Gas setting conversion
This model is designed for use with
natural gas but can be converted for
use with butane or propane gas providing
the correct injectors. The injectors not supplied with the appliance have to be ordered from After Sales Service (refer to the
Service chapter).
For data concerning injector replacement,
refer to the chapter Technical data
Warning! Conversion or replacement
can only be performed by a registered
To replace injectors:
1. Remove pan support.
2. Remove burner cap and crown.
3. With a socket spanner 7 unscrew and
remove the injectors, replace them with
the ones required for the type of gas in
4. Reassemble the parts, following the
same procedure backwards.
Important! Replace the rating label (placed
near gas supply pipe) with relevant one for
the new type of gas supply before sealing
the appliance. If the appliance is already
sealed please stick it directly on the user
manual booklet after Technical data
chapter close to the rating plate drawing.
You can find this label in package supplied with appliance
If the feeding gas pressure will be different or variable, comparing with the
required, you must install an appropriate
pressure adjuster, which is not supplied with
the product and if needed must be ordered
separately from the local After Sales Service
(refer to the Service chapter). The pressure
adjuster must be fitted on gas supply pipe,
in compliance with the rules of the force.
The rating plate is located on the lower casing of the hob.
Adjusting flame level
When hob has been fully installed, it is necessary to check the minimum flame setting:
1. Turn the gas tap to the maximum position and ignite.
2. Set the gas tap to the minimum flame
position then turn the control knob from
minimum to maximum several times. If
the flame is unstable or extinguished,
follow the procedure further.
3. Re-ignite the burner and set to minimum.
4. Remove the control knob.
5. To adjust, use a thin bladed screwdriver
and turn the adjustment screw until the
flame is steady and does not extinguish, when the knob is turned from
minimum to maximum, and vice versa
(see following picture).
Repeat this procedure for all burners.
Reassemble the knobs.
Warning! If the appliance is connected
to liquid gas (G31 propane or G30
butane), the regulation screw must be
fastened as tightly as possible.
IKEA of Sweden AB
SE-34381 Älmhult
Environment concerns
The symbol on the product or on its
packaging indicates that this product may
not be treated as household waste. Instead
it should be taken to the appropriate
collection point for the recycling of electrical
and electronic equipment. By ensuring this
product is disposed of correctly, you will
help prevent potential negative
consequences for the environment and
human health, which could otherwise be
caused by inappropriate waste handling of
this product. For more detailed information
about recycling of this product, please
contact your local council, your household
waste disposal service or the shop where
you purchased the product.
Packaging materials
are recyThe materials with the symbol
clable. Dispose the packaging in a suitable
collection containers to recycle it.
Before disposal of appliance
Warning! Do these steps to dispose
the appliance:
• Pull the mains plug out of the mains socket.
• Cut off the mains cable and discard it.
How long is the IKEA guarantee valid?
This guarantee is valid for five (5) years
from the original date of purchase of Your
appliance at IKEA, unless the appliance is
named LAGAN in which case two (2) years
of guarantee apply. The original sales receipt is required as proof of purchase. If
service work is carried out under guarantee,
this will not extend the guarantee period for
the appliance,
Which appliances are not covered by the
IKEA five (5) years guarantee?
The range of appliances named LAGAN
and all appliances purchased in IKEA before 1st of August 2007
Who will execute the service?
IKEA service provider will provide the service through its own service operations or
authorized service partner network.
What does this guarantee cover?
The guarantee covers faults of the appliance, which have been caused by faulty
construction or material faults from the date
of purchase from IKEA. This guarantee applies to domestic use only. The exceptions
are specified under the headline “What is
not covered under this guarantee?” Within
the guarantee period, the costs to remedy
the fault e.g. repairs, parts, labour and travel will be covered, provided that the appliance is accessible for repair without special
expenditure. On these conditions the EU
guidelines (Nr. 99/44/EG) and the respective local regulations are applicable. Replaced parts become the property of IKEA.
What will IKEA do to correct the problem?
IKEA appointed service provider will examine the product and decide, at its sole discretion, if it is covered under this guarantee.
If considered covered, IKEA service provider
or its authorized service partner through its
own service operations, will then, at its sole
discretion, either repair the defective product or replace it with the same or a comparable product.
What is not covered under this
• Normal wear and tear.
• Deliberate or negligent damage, damage caused by failure to observe operating instructions, incorrect installation or by
connection to the wrong voltage, damage caused by chemical or electro-chemical reaction, rust, corrosion or water
damage including but not limited to damage caused by excessive lime in the water supply, damage caused by abnormal
environmental conditions.
• Consumable parts including batteries
and lamps.
• Non-functional and decorative parts
which do not affect normal use of the appliance, including any scratches and possible color differences.
• Accidental damage caused by foreign
objects or substances and cleaning or unblocking of filters, drainage systems or
soap drawers.
• Damage to the following parts: ceramic
glass, accessories, crockery and cutlery
baskets, feed and drainage pipes, seals,
lamps and lamp covers, screens, knobs,
casings and parts of casings. Unless such
damages can be proved to have been
caused by production faults.
• Cases where no fault could be found during a technician’s visit.
• Repairs not carried out by our appointed
service providers and/or an authorized
service contractual partner or where nonoriginal parts have been used.
• Repairs caused by installation which is
faulty or not according to specification.
• The use of the appliance in a non-domestic environment i.e. professional use.
• Transportation damages. If a customer
transports the product to their home or
other address, IKEA is not liable for any
damage that may occur during transport.
However, if IKEA delivers the product to
the customer's delivery address, then
damage to the product that occurs during
this delivery will be covered by this guarantee.
• Cost for carrying out the initial installation
of the IKEA appliance. However, if an
IKEA service provider or its authorized
service partner repairs or replaces the
appliance under the terms of this guarantee, the service provider or its authorized
service partner will re-install the repaired
appliance or install the replacement, if
This restriction do not apply to fault-free
work carried out by a qualified specialist
using our original parts in order to adapt
the appliance to the technical safety specifications of another EU country.
How country law applies
The IKEA guarantee gives You specific legal
rights, which covers or exceed local demands. However these conditions do not
limit in any way consumer rights described
in the local legislation
Area of validity
For appliances which are purchased in one
EU country and taken to another EU country, the services will be provided in the
framework of the guarantee conditions normal in the new country. An obligation to
carry out services in the framework of the
guarantee exists only if the appliance complies and is installed in accordance with:
• the technical specifications of the country
in which the guarantee claim is made;
• the Assembly Instructions and User Manual Safety Information;
The dedicated After Sales Service for
IKEA appliances:
Please do not hesitate to contact IKEA After
Sales Service to:
1. make a service request under this guarantee;
2. ask for clarification on installation of the
IKEA appliance in the dedicated IKEA
kitchen furniture. The service won’t provide clarifications related to:
– the overall IKEA kitchen installation;
– connections to electricity (if machine
comes without plug and cable), to
water and to gas since they have to
be executed by an authorized service engineer.
3. ask for clarification on user manual contents and specifications of the IKEA appliance.
To ensure that we provide you with the best
assistance, please read carefully the Assembly Instructions and/or the User Manual
section of this booklet before contacting us.
How to reach us if You need our service
Please refer to the last page of this manual
for the full list of IKEA appointed contacts
and relative national phone numbers.
Important! In order to provide You with a
quicker service, we recommend that You
use the specific phone numbers listed at the
end of this manual. Always refer to the
numbers listed in the booklet of the specific
appliance You need an assistance for.
Before calling us, assure that You have to
hand the IKEA article number (8 digit code)
for the appliance of which you need our
Your proof of purchase and required for the
guarantee to apply. Note that the receipt
reports also the IKEA article name and
number (8 digit code) for each of the
appliances you have purchased.
Do You need extra help?
For any additional questions not related to
After Sales of your appliances, please contact our nearest IKEA store call centre. We
recommend you read the appliance documentation carefully before contacting us.
Phone number
070 246016
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Hafta içi saat 09:00’dan 18:00’a kadar
044 586 2078
Міжміськи дзвінки платні
9 - 21 В робочі дні
United Kingdom
020 3347 0044
National call rate
9 till 21. Weekdays
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