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Important Information.... 2-3
Assembly Parts................4
How to Assemble..........4-5
How to Use...................5-6
Routine Maintenance....6-7
Brushroll & Belt................7
Periodic Maintenance......7
How to Clear
Thermal Cut Off...............9
For any advice
on your cleaner and to
order dustbags, filters
and accessories,
please telephone
Customer Care
08706 055055
Please Retain
We suggest you record the model, type and serial numbers
below. They are located on the silver rating plate on your
cleaner. For prompt and complete service information, always
refer to these numbers when inquiring about service.
Model & Type___________________________
Serial No. ______________________
It is also important to keep your receipt as proof of date of
When using an electrical appliance, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following:
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury:
• Do not use outdoors or on wet surfaces.
• Do not leave vacuum cleaner when plugged in. Turn off
the switch and unplug the electrical cord when not in use
and before servicing.
• Do not allow to be used as a toy. Close attention is
necessary when used by or near children.
• Use only as described in this manual. Use only manufacturer’s
recommended attachments.
• Do not use with damaged cord or plug. If vacuum cleaner
is not working as it should, has been dropped, damaged,
left outdoors, or dropped into water, return it to a service
center before using.
• Do not pull or carry by cord, use cord as a handle, close
door on cord, or pull cord around sharp edges or corners.
Do not run vacuum cleaner over cord. Keep cord away from
heated surfaces.
• Do not use extension cords or outlets with inadequate
current carrying capacity.
• Turn off all controls before unplugging.
• Do not unplug by pulling on cord. To unplug, grasp the plug,
not the cord.
• Do not handle plug or vacuum cleaner with wet hands.
• Do not put any object into openings. Do not use with any
opening blocked; keep free of dust, lint, hair, and anything
that may reduce air flow.
• This vacuum cleaner creates suction and contains a
revolving brushroll. Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers, and
all parts of body away from openings and moving parts.
• Do not place cleaner on furniture or stairs as the brushroll
may cause damage. Place cleaner on floor with the handle
in storage position while using attachments.
• Do not pick up anything that is burning or smoking, such
as cigarettes, matches, or hot ashes.
• Do not use without dust bag in place.
• Belt pulleys can become hot during normal use. To prevent
burns, avoid touching the belt pulley when servicing the
drive belt.
• Use extra care when cleaning on stairs.
• Do not use to pick up flammable or combustible liquids such
as gasoline, or use in areas where they may be present.
• Store your cleaner indoors in a cool, dry area.
• Keep your work area well lighted.
• Unplug electrical appliances before vacuuming them.
First check the voltage shown on the data plate (see rear view)
to make sure that the cleaner is of the correct voltage for your
electricity supply. If it is not, do not use the cleaner but refer back
to your dealer.
Permanently connected to the cleaner is a mains supply (2-core)
cable fitted with a non-rewirable plug incorporating a 13A fuse.
In the event the fuse requires replacement, the fuse cover should be
removed using a small screwdriver. The old fuse MUST be replaced
by a 13A ASTA approved BS1362 fuse or a BSI approved fuse. The
cover must be replaced before the plug is used again. In the event
of loss of the fuse cover, replacements can be obtained from your
Electrolux Retailers and must be of the same colour as indicated by
the coloured insert on the base of the plug.
If difficulty is experienced in obtaining a replacement, contact Electrolux
on 08706 055055.
The wires in the mains cable of this appliance are coloured in
accordance with the following code: Blue: Neutral. Brown: Live.
As the colours of the wires in the mains cable of this appliance may
not correspond with the coloured markings identifying the terminals
in your plug, proceed as follows:
The wire that is coloured blue must be connected to the terminal
that is marked with the letter N or coloured black.
The wire that is coloured brown must be connected to the terminal
that is marked with the letter L or coloured red.
If using a three-pin plug, do not make any connection to the terminal
marked with the letter E or by the earth symbol, or coloured green
or green-and-yellow. This cleaner is double insulated and no earth
connection is necessary.
It is in your interest to ensure that the plug is correctly attached
to the mains cable. In case of doubt, have it done by a qualified
electrician, as Electrolux cannot regard the repair of faults on the
plug connection as a service that can be given free of charge under
the terms of the guarantee.
Under no circumstances should the plug be used without a
correct fuse cover fitted.
If the plug that is fitted to your appliance is not suitable for your socket
outlet, it must be cut off and the appropriate plug fitted.
13 Amp Fuse
Fuse Cover
Remove the fuse from the cut off plug.
The cut off plug should then be disposed of to prevent the hazard of
shocks in case it should be plugged into a 13 amp socket in another
part of your home.
Cord Clamp
BEFORE YOU START (continued)
The brush in the cleaning head rotates at high speed and can
cause damage to the mains supply cable if the cleaner passes
over it during cleaning operations.
Care should be taken to ensure this does not happen. If the cleaning
head has accidentally passed over the mains supply cable the
following action should be taken:
1. Switch off and remove the plug from the socket outlet.
2. Examine the mains supply cable for damage (only after removing
the plug from the socket outlet).
3. If the supply cord is damaged, it MUST be replaced by the
manufacturer, its Service Agent or similarly qualified persons in
order to avoid a hazard.
4. NEVER use the machine with a damaged mains supply cable.
Proprietary carpet conditioning and air freshening materials
After using proprietary carpet conditioning powders, it is recommended
that the dustbag or filters be changed. Some of these preparations
contain substances that, if left in the vacuum cleaner for extended
periods, could damage the plastic mouldings that form the structure
of the cleaner.
to section headed “Blockages.” If these operations are not
successful, contact us on 08706 055055.
• Never pick up hot cinders or lighted cigarette ends.
• Make certain that your cleaner does not come into contact
with water or any other liquid. It is not designed as a wet
pick-up cleaner, and must never be used on damp carpets
or wet floors.
New filters, dustbags, brushrollers and drive belts may be obtained
from Authorised Electrolux Dealers and electrical retailers. If
difficulty is experienced in obtaining spares please call us on
08706 055055.
Many air fresheners, household deodorants, sprays and polishes
contain a highly flammable gas propellant. Because of this, it
is particularly important that these products are used strictly in
accordance with the relevant manufacturer’s instructions.
This guarantee is in addition to your statutory and other
legal rights.
It is essential that none of the above products are sprayed directly
into the vacuum cleaner or any of its filters, hose assembly, dustbag
chamber or dust cup.
Electrolux products are carefully designed, manufactured,
tested and inspected and, in consequence, we undertake to
replace or repair any part found to be defective in material
or workmanship, within one year of delivery to the original
purchaser, free of charge. You may be required to take the
product to your nearest service provider if the product requires
attention during the first year.
Should you require service on your Electrolux cleaner, please
telephone Electrolux on 08706 055055. Before requesting service,
please check whether your problem is covered under the Service
Checklist (see below).
This product is for household use only.
There are certain conditions which may invalidate this
New filter pads, dustbags, brushrollers and drive belts can be
obtained from Electrolux Retailers. If difficulty is experienced in
obtaining spares, please contact Electrolux on 08706 055055.
a. It is dependent upon the appliance being correctly installed
and used in accordance with the Company’s instructions
under normal domestic conditions within the United Kingdom
or the Republic of Ireland.
b. Service at all times must be carried out by an Electrolux
Service Representative or authorised agent.
• If your cleaner will not operate, check the plug connection, plug
fuse and mains fuse.
• Never allow the dustbag to become so full that it impedes the
air-flow, thus reducing the cleaning efficiency of the machine.
The character of household dust and its effect on the air-flow
through the machine may vary considerably. Fluffy dust allows air
to pass through readily whereas fine powdery dust or proprietary
cleaning powders, pack tightly in the dustbag, offering greater
resistance to air-flow and will reduce cleaning efficiency if the
bag becomes overloaded. Always ensure that you have a spare
genuine Electrolux dustbag.
• Always store your cleaner and spare dustbags/filters in a dry
• Renew the filter pads three or four times a year. This is essential
to ensure continued high filtration of dust particles.
• Sucking up such items as stockings, clippings of cloth, sizeable
pieces of paper, wrappings from cigarette packets or sweets etc.,
may block the hose. Electrolux regrets that the clearing of
blocked hoses cannot be regarded as service that can be
given free of charge, under the guarantee. Should a blockage
occur, first disconnect the cleaner from the electricity supply, refer
c. The guarantee may be invalidated by unauthorised repair or
modification of the appliance.
d. You may be charged by Electrolux if you call for an engineer to
resolve a problem that we believe is covered in the instruction
booklet. (example: blocked/dirty filters)
The Company does not accept liability for defects arising from
neglect, misuse or accident. This guarantee excludes such normal
wearing parts as drive belts, brushes, filters and dustbags as the
life of these depends upon the amount and nature of use.
Proof of the date of purchase will be required before service under
guarantee is provided. Please call 08706 055055 for assistance.
For future reference we suggest you record the following
details here, and keep the receipt with this handbook as proof
of purchase.
Purchased from ____________________________________
Date purchased _________________ Model no ___________
Assembly Parts
Crevice Nozzle or
Nested Extension Tubes (on some models).
Dusting Brush.
Vacuum Cleaner Body.
Electrical Cord.
Screws located in the accessory package.
How To Assemble
CAUTION: Assemble the cleaner before using.
CAUTION: Moving parts, make sure ON/OFF switch is in
the OFF position before plugging in.
1 Grasp dustbag cover
handle and pull away
from vacuum body to
remove door.
4 Place the tabs on the
bottom of the dustbag
cover into slots at the
bottom of the bag
compartment and rotate
door up and push against
the vacuum body until it
snaps shut.
5 Place the hose on the back
of the vacuum, wrapping
it up and over the hose
hook as shown.
2 Slide the handle into the
grooves at the top of the
vacuum body as shown.
3 Place the two screws
(supplied) into the holes
at the top of the dustbag
compartment and tighten
with a screwdriver.
6 Firmly push the end of
the hose into the hose
retainer on the back of the
How To Assemble (continued)
7 Pull the electrical cord up
to the cord retainer and
firmly push down into
retainer. This will keep the
cord out of the way the
next time you vacuum.
8 Wind the cord around the
two cord hooks on the
back of the vacuum.
9 Secure plug to the cord to
prevent unwinding.
How To Use
WARNING:Avoid injury. Keep loose clothing, hair,
fingers, and all other parts of body
away from any moving part (such as the
revolving brush). Turn off the switch and
unplug the cleaner before changing the
floor type selector.
ON/OFF Switch.
International symbol I
means On, International
symbol O means Off.
Handle Release. Step
on handle release to pull
handle back to a comfortable
operating position. To lower
handle completely to the floor,
depress handle release a
second time.
10 Store the crevice tube or
extension tubes (on some
models) on the side of
the vacuum in front of the
Helpful Information:
Before cleaning under low
furniture, check area first for
objects that might harm the
cleaner or block the vacuum
Floor Type Selector. An adjustment that raises or lowers
the cleaner base to match the type of floor surface. With the
cleaner cord unplugged, set the adjustment to lowest setting for
maximum carpet cleaning. If the cleaner is difficult to push,
move adjustment to next highest setting until cleaner is
comfortable to push. The brushroll must reach the carpet for
effective cleaning. For ease in moving the adjustment knob,
place handle in operating position and tilt cleaner back to
remove weight from front wheels.
11 Store the dusting brush.
Helpful Information:
Listen to your cleaner. If you notice a change in the
sound of the motor or a change in performance, it could
simply indicate a common usage or maintenance issue,
such as: a need to raise or lower the carpet height
adjustment; possible blockage in hose or brushroll area;
or a broken or loose brushroll belt. These are all easy to
fix and the instructions are included in this handbook.
Becoming familiar with the information in this guide will
help you to get the best possible performance from your
new cleaner for many years to come.
How To Use (continued)
Routine Maintenance
NOTE:While using accessories, do not place cleaner
on furniture or steps as the brushroll may
cause damage. Place cleaner on floor with the
handle in storage position.
1. To use accessories remove hose from hose retainer on
back of cleaner by lifting up and twisting.
2. Place desired accessory onto end of hose or
crevice nozzle.
CAUTION:Turn off the switch and unplug the electrical
cord before routine maintenance. Never operate
the vacuum cleaner without the dustbag or filter
assembly in place.
NOTE: When vacuuming using carpet fresheners or
cleaners, powder, plaster dust, or similar fine
substances, the dustbag and filters will require
more frequent maintenance.
Removing the Dustbag ES82:
(Alternate bag is E82)
Remove dustbag cover.
Grasp dustbag and pull from
Dusting/Upholstery Brush is for furniture, blinds,
books, lamp shades, shelves, curtains, draperies, cushions
and fabrics.
Check the filters each time the dustbag is changed.
Clean or replace as needed.
Crevice Nozzle cleans corners, stairs, skirting boards, and
between cushions.
Nested extension tubes to add reach (on some models).
• Grasp both tubes near ridges.
• Pull apart.
• Turn ridge end to center.
• Push tubes together.
Shake filter to remove excess dust. If necessary, the
filters may be cleaned by vacuuming with another
The instructions in this booklet serve as a guide to routine
maintenance. To avoid unnecessary service calls, check the
dustbag, filters, belt, and brushroll often.
Micro filter ref: EF2
HEPA filter ref: EF82
Routine Maintenance (continued)
Installing New Dustbag Ref: ES82
(Alternate bag is E82)
2. Remove the two screws from the top of the hood.
Fold dustbag cardboard flap
at top back.
Make sure dirt inlet goes
completely into dustbag and
bag is pushed completely
back into place. Tuck excess
bag into cleaner.
3. Lift hood to remove.
Replace dustbag cover on unit.
CAUTION: Dustbag cover
cannot be closed unless
the dustbag is installed
Periodic Maintenance
Lift left end of brushroll.
Remove and discard belt.
Place new belt around motor shaft.
Place new belt around brushroll pulley.
CAUTION: Turn off the switch and unplug the electrical
cord before periodic maintenance. Never
operate the vacuum cleaner without the
dustbag or filter assembly in place.
The brushroll turns as it sweeps and combs the carpet pile.
Remove hair and threads from the brushroll so it continues
brushing the carpet. To maintain the most efficient cleaning,
the bristles must touch the carpet.
Brushroll Belt (Ref: ZE090)
The brushroll belt turns the brushroll to agitate, sweep, and comb the
carpet pile. Check the belt regularly to be sure it is in good condition.
Replace the belt if it stretches, cracks or loses tension. Cut away
any hair or threads wound around the brushroll or the belt pulley
because the buildup could cause the belt to rotate unevenly.
How To Replace Brushroll Belt
1. Lower handle to floor to change belt.
8. Align left end cap with base. Push end cap securely into
9. Pull right side of brushroll to stretch belt. Secure right end
cap into base.
10.Rotate brushroll by hand two full rotations to properly
position belt.
11.Place hood back on cleaner. Replace and tighten two
12. Return vacuum to upright position.
To Clear Blockages in Hose
caution: Turn off the switch and unplug the electrical
cord before clearing hose.
3. Remove the hood from the cleaner and check for a blockage
in the brushroll area. Make sure the hose inlet is clear. If no
blockage is found, continue to step 4.
After the blockage is found and cleared, replace the hood
on the cleaner.
4. Twist the hose from the coupling elbow on the back of
cleaner. Check for blockages at cleaner opening and in
hose. If a blockage is found, clear the blockage.
The two screws attaching the clear hose adapter can be
removed for better access to a blockage.
5. Screw the hose back onto the back of the cleaner and
replace the other end of the hose into the hose retainer on
the hood of vacuum.
1. Firmly pull the end of the hose from the hose retainer on
the back of the vacuum.
2. Check for blockages in the hose and hose retainer. Flexing
the hose may help loosen any blockage. If no blockage is
found, continue to step 4.
If blockage is found, clear the blockage and replace the
hose in the hose retainer. If the blockage is in the hose
retainer and cannot be cleared, continue to step 3.
CAUTION: Turn off the switch and unplug the electrical cord before servicing.
✓ Electric Plug
Motor will not start.
Motor suddenly stops.
Thermal Cut Off
Push plug securely into outlet.
Try another outlet.
Check circuit breaker.
See below.
✓ Filters
Does not clean the carpet
or floor.
✓ Dustbag
✓ Hose
✓ Belt
✓ Brushroll
✓ Hose Adapter
No suction at the end of hose.
✓ Filters
✓ Hose ✓ Dustbag
Clean or replace the filters. Hint: If picking up fine
dust, the filters may not look dirty but a fine substance
tends to reduce suction when it blocks the air flow through the filter(s). Page 6.
Replace the dustbag with a new dustbag. Page 6.
Be sure the dustbag is properly seated into the cleaner
body. Page 6.
Be sure hose adapter is secure on back of cleaner. Page 8.
Remove any blockages from the hose that restrict the air flow. Page 8.
Check to see that the end of the hose is firmly pressed into the hose retainer in the back of the vacuum.
Check base hose and long hose. Page 8.
Replace a broken, cut, loose or out of shape belt.
Clean hair and thread from bristles and end cap area.
Replace brushroll if bristles are worn.
✓ Brushroll
Noise from the brushroll
✓ Belt
✓ Floor Type Selector
Cleaner is hard to push.
✓ Belt
✓ Floor Type Selector
Cleaner height knob hard to turn.
Remove hood and clean debris or items from the
brushroll area.
Replace a broken, cut, loose or out of shape belt. Page 7.
Be sure hose adapter is secure. Page 8.
Clean or replace the filters. Hint: If picking up fine
dust, the filters may not look dirty, but a fine substance
tends to reduce suction when it blocks the air flow through the filters.
Remove any clogs from the hose that restrict the
air flow. Check base hose and long hose. Page 8.
Change dustbag.
Put handle in operating position. Tilt the cleaner back to raise the front wheels off floor. Then turn the
knob to a higher setting.
Replace a broken, cut, loose or out of shape belt.
Page 7.
Hint: Put handle in operating position. Tilt the
cleaner back to raise the front wheels off floor.
Then turn the knob.
Missing parts
Call 08706 055055. Know the model and serial numbers when you call.
Call 08706 055055. Know the model and serial numbers when you call.
Thermal Cut Off
This vacuum cleaner has a special thermostat that protects the cleaner in case of motor overheating. If the cleaner suddenly
shuts off, push the on/off switch off (0) and unplug the cleaner. Check the cleaner for a possible source of overheating such as
a full dustbag, a blocked hose or clogged filter. If these conditions are found, fix them and wait at least 30 minutes before attempting to use the cleaner. After the 30 minute period, plug the cleaner back in and push the on/off switch on (l). If the cleaner
still does not run, please call Electrolux Customer Care on 08706 055055.
The symbol
on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product may not be treated as household waste. Instead
it shall be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. By ensuring
this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human
health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of this product. For more detailed information about
recycling of this product, please contact your local city office, your household waste disposal service or the shop where you
purchased the product.
08706 055055
Thank you for purchasing an
Electrolux cleaner.
Don’t Forget to Use
Genuine Electrolux
Bags and Belts
NOTE: Damages caused by the use of non-genuine
Electrolux bags are not covered by the
Electrolux Limited Warranty.
Features of the Electrolux vacuum cleaner and accessories supplied with it are protected in Great Britain and abroad by Patents or
Registered Designs.
This appliance conforms with the requirements of the amended E.E.C. directive No. 89/336/EEC relating to electromagnetic compatibility
Electrolux may introduce modifications to their products from time to time, and consequently the details given in this booklet are subject
to alteration without notice.
Part No. 73515_Rev 1 (06/06)
Printed in China
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