Electrolux ZB257X, ZB257X SUPER COMBI User manual

Electrolux ZB257X, ZB257X SUPER COMBI User manual
O Electrolux
M o de tz B z s tI z B 2 5 7 x
for use
. Telescopictube
2 . F l o o ru n i t
3. Releasebutton for hand unit
4. Handunit
5. Start/Stop button
6. Chargingindicator
7. Release button for dust container
8. Frlter
9. Dust container
10. Nozzle
11. Plug
12. Rechargingholder
13. Screw for rechargingholder
14. Screw for telescopic tube
15. Charger
1 6 . C h a r g i n gp l u g
17. Nozzleattachment
D. Operationlamp (brush)
E. Reset button (brush)
@ lnstructions for use
Fit the telescopichandleto the vacuum cleanerand fix it on
tightlyusing the enclosedscrew. Removethe piece of plastic
from the start button: this serves onlv to secure the start button
during transport.
Selecta wall positionfor the rechargingholder in the vicinityof a
wall socket. Check that the vacuum cleaner is away from the
floor and that it can be lifted out of the rechargingholder
without difficulty.Hold the rechargingholder againstthe wall and
mark where the fasteningscrews are to go, see Fig. 1.
When fitting using plastic plugs, drill the holes using a 7 mm bit,
push the plastic plugs into the wall and insertthe screws until
they only project by about 15 mm.
Wind any surpluscable round the back of the rechargingholder,
see Fig. 2. The cable should pass out between the two grooves
on the bottom of the rechargingholder.Hang the recharging
holder on the screws and tighten.The rechargingholdershould
not be fitted outdoors or anywhere damp.
When connecting the electricity supply, check first that your
householdsupply current is the same as the currentspecifiedon
the rechargingunit's plate.Connectthe round plug to the
bottom of the rechargingholderand plug the rechargingunit
into the socket.
- The vacuum cleaner should be switched off before it is
- Use only the originalrechargerwhen recharging.
Put the vacuum cleanerin the rechargingholder.f ig(3a).
The chargingindicatorL comes on, which shows that the vacuum
cleaneris recharging.The charging indicatorstays on as long as
the vacuum cleaner is connected to the recharger.
When necessary,the vacuum cleaner (hand unit) may be
rechargedseparatelyby connectingthe rechargingplug directly
to the vacuum cleaner,see f ig.3b.
The vacuum cleaner should always be kept in the recharging
holder when not in use: this ensuresthat the battery'scharge is
maintained,which in turn guaranteesthat the vacuumcleaner
will always be ready for use to its full capacity.
When the vacuum cleaneris completelydischarged,about B-10
hours of recharging are required before full capacity is restored.
A fully charged battery will sufficefor about 19-25 minutesof
cleaning,dependingon how long the rotatingbrush is used
while cleaning.
- The rechargingunit will get hot during recharging.This is
perfectly normal.
- The vacuum cleaner should not be rechargedwhere the
temoerature is below 0"C or above + 40'C.
lf the vacuum cleaneris to remainunusedfor long periods,it
should be kept in a cool place and recharged at least every 6
The vacuum cleanershould be chargedfor about 10 hours
before it is used for the first time.
When cleaning floors and carpets
Lift the complete vacuum cleaner from the recharging holder,
see Fig. 4. Adjust the telescopic handle to an appropriate length,
see Fig. 5. The vacuum cleaner is now ready for cleaning the
Cleaning using a rotating brush
Used for cleaning floors and shortpile carpets.
Push the start button into position C, see Fig. 6. This position is
indicatedby the operationindicatorD on the nozzlecoming on.
The vacuum cleaner is fitted with automatic motor protection
which trips if the rotating brush becomes blocked. This is shown
by the operation indicator D on the nozzle going out. The
problem can be remedied by completely turning off the vacuum
- pushingthe start button back to positionA, see Fig. 6 and
- removing whatever is blocking the brush
- then press the reset button E on the nozzle.
The vacuum cleaneris then readv to be used aoain.
Cleaning without rotating brush
Used for cleaning hard floors and long-pile carpets
Push the start buttoninto positionB, see Fig.6.
Cleaning furniture, tables, car seats, etc.
Detachthe hand unit by pushingthe catch G up, see Fig.7, and
detach the hand unit from the shaft.
The attachablenozzleis used when cleaningplaceswhich are
difficult to get at, between the cushions on chairs, for example;
Cleaning the dust filter/dust container
- Always turn the vacuum cleaner off before attempting to clean
Empty the dust container and clean the dust filter after use, see
Fig. 9 and 10.
Detach the dust container by first pushing button H, then twist
the dust contanierdownwards.
- Removethe dust filter from the dust container.
- Empty the dust container.
- Brush away dirt and dust from the filter.Hint: you can use your
ordinaryvacuum cleanerto clean the filter.
Put the filter back into the dust containerand snao it back into
Cleaning the brush
- Alwaysturn off the vacuum cleanerbeforecleaningit.
The rotatingbrush is fitted with cleaninggrooves,see Fig, 11, in
order to facilitate,by using a knife or pair of scrssors,the
removal of threads and the like, which have become trapped
round the brush roller.
lmportant information
- Do not use your vacuum cleaner on surfaces on which
flammable solvents have been used until these have been
allowed to dry out completely.
- Do not vacuum up glowing particleswhich may cause a fire.
- Do not leave your vacuum cleaner exposed to direct sunlight.
- lf your vacuum cleaner is damaged and the lead-acid battery
is exposed, do not subject the battery to intense heat.
- Do not open or short the battery.
Shouldyou requireassistance
for yourElectrolux
to obtainconsumables,
on 08706055055.
Your cordless vacuum cleaner contains a leadacid battery which can be recharged many times
and give long life and repeatedly full power.
However,should you one day find that your
cordless vacuum cleaner need to be replaced.
please think of protecting our environment:
1. Switch on the vacuum cleanerand let it run until the
battery is completely flat and the cleaner stops.
2. Releasethe hand unrt and remove the dust container.
3. Pull off the cables connected to the battery (Fig. 12).
Make sure the battery is not short circuited.
4. The removed battery must be returned to a collection
point designed for disposal of waste batteries.
O p e r a t i n gt i m e ( f u l l yc h a r g e d )
Ca 19-25 min
B u i l t - i nb a t t e r y c a p a c i t y
4 Ah
O p e r a t i n gc u r r e n t / w i t hb u i l t - i n b a t t e r y
4-6.6 A
Charging conditions:
C h a r g i n gt i m e
E n e r g y c o n s u m p t i o n( ' 1 0h o u r s c h a r g i n g )
e n e r g yc o n s u m p t i o n
W e i g h t / f l o o ru n i t
W e i g h t / h a n du n i t
2.7 kg
1.6 kg
Denna apparat uppfyller kraven i EG-direktivet89/
Dette apparatet oppfyller kravene i EU-direktiv89/
Dette apparat opfylder kravene i EF-direktiv89/336
Tdmd laite tAyttdd EU:n asettamat mddrdykset
This appliance conforms with EC-Directive
Dieses Gerdt entspricht den EG-RichtlinienNr. 89/
Este aparelho esta em conformidade com as
diretivas EC 89/336/EEC.
Dit apparaat voldoet aan de EG-richtlinj89/336/
Cet appareil est conforme a la directive CEE 89/
Questa apparecchiaturae conforme alla direttiva
c o m u n i t a r i aC E E 8 9 / 3 3 6 .
Este aparato cumple con la directiva de la CCE
batteryonlysuppliedby thevacuum
Useof anyothertypesof batterymightcauseleakageanddanger.
FD The Electrotux
The world's l/o.7 choice.
w w w .e l e c t r o l u xc. o m
N T \
9 0 11 46 4 - 1 0
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