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TDS 10…
Instructions for use
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003TDS10..GB /07/06
Filling the water tank
• Unplug the iron
• Place the iron at an angle of 45º
Water hardness level
Very soft / soft Average Hard
Very hard
Amount of distilled water / tap water
1 / 1 (approx.)
2 / 1 (approx.)
Setting the temperature
• Check the temperature instructions shown on the care label of the garment you are ironing and set the temperature control to the corresponding position:
«•» ............................ Synthetics
«••» .......................... Silk - Wool
«•••» ........................ Cotton - Linen
• If you are not sure what type of material the garment is made from, start
ironing on the lowest temperature setting
• Sort your garments based on their care labels, always starting with clothes
that have to be ironed at the lowest temperature
• The pilot lamp will stay lit while the iron is heating up and go out once the
selected temperature has been reached. Wait a few seconds after the lamp
goes out before you start ironing. Once the iron is hot you can continue to
iron even if the pilot lamp comes on again
C o tt
• •- W o ol
S il
C o tt
S il
• •- W o ol
Ironing with steam
• Remove the protective cover from the soleplate before using the iron
• The appliance is to be connected and used in accordance with the information
stated on the rating plate. This appliance must only be plugged into an
earthed mains socket
• The iron must be used and placed on a stable surface
• When placed on its support, make sure that the surface on which the support
stands is stable
• Do not use the iron if it has been dropped, shows visible signs of damage or
if it is leaking water. It will have to be checked by an Authorised Technical
Service centre before it can be used again
• The electrical plug on the mains cable must be unplugged from the mains
socket before filling or emptying the water tank
• Do not leave the iron unattended while it is plugged in. Should you have to
leave the area where you are ironing, unplug the iron from the mains socket
• Never plug the appliance into the mains supply if the cable or the appliance
itself show visible signs of damage. Unplug the appliance from the mains
supply after each use or if a fault is suspected
• Any works or repairs that the appliance may need, e.g. replacing a faulty
mains cable, must only be carried out by qualified personnel from an
authorised technical service center
• Never immerse the iron in water or any other liquid
• Keep the appliance out of the reach of children. Electric irons reach high
temperatures and produce hot steam during use, so take special care not to
burn or scald yourself
• Danger of electric shocks or fire
• The iron has a built in safety cut-out device which switches it off should it
• Never leave a hot iron standing on textiles or on the mains cable. Make sure
it is completely cold before storing it away. Do not unplug it by tugging on the
mains cable or leave the plug hanging freely
• We accept no responsibility for any damage caused as a result of misuse or
improper use resulting from not following the instructions in this manual
• When using the iron for the first time it may produce certain vapors and odours
that will die away after a few minutes
• The use of an extension cable suitable for a current greater than 10 amps
is essential if your appliance is rated at 2.400 Watts or more. Cables for 10
amps or less may overheat. Lay the mains cable so that it is impossible to tug
or trip on it.
General safety instructions
• Fill the tank but never above the “max” mark
• Only use clean tap water, without any type of additive. Any other type of liquid
could damage the appliance
• To obtain better and longer steam production mix tap water with distilled
water in the measures shown in the table below. Using distilled water as
recommended in these instructions will also help to prolong the life of your iron
if you live in a hard water area
This appliance has been designed exclusively for domestic use and must not be
used for industrial purposes
Carefully read through the instructions for use of the appliance and safeguard
them for future reference
This appliance complies with international safety standards
• Make sure that there is water in the tank
• Turn the temperature selector to the steam “ ” area between “••” and “max”
• Set the steam regulator to the appropriate setting:
– Set the steam regulator to the “min” position for “••” temperature setting
– Set the steam regulator to the “max” position for “•••” and “max”
temperature settings
• If you press the “motor-steam” button when the water tank is empty, you will
hear a distinctive sound of the pump operating dry.
Adjusting the steam flow
Ironing with jet of steam
• The steam flow setting can be adjusted to suit the type of ironing. Turning the
control knob to the left produces minimum steam flow, maximum steam flow
can be achieved by turning it to the right.
• The control knob is also the appliance’s pilot lamp.
• Set the temperature control to the “•••” or “max” position
• Press the jet of steam “ ” button repeatedly at intervals of 5 seconds
Additional features: (dependent on model)
Auto shut-off
Ironing without steam
• Do not press the “motor-steam” button
• Select an appropriate temperature for the type of material being ironed
A safety circuit carries out an initialization check when the iron is switched on. The red OFF lamp will flash and the circuit will proceed to preheat the iron for 2
After such time, if the iron has not been moved for 8 minutes while in the upright
position or 30 seconds while resting on its sole plate or on its side then the
safety circuit will switch the appliance off automatically and the red OFF lamp will
start to flash. To reconnect the iron just move it about gently.
Anti-scale system
Your iron is equipped with an anti-scale system, this will reduce the build up
of lime scale, consequently prolonging the life of the appliance. However, this
system does not completely prevent the formation of lime scale. Please read the
“After finishing each ironing session” section of the instructions for use. If you
live in a hard water area, please also read the “Filling the water tank” section of
the instructions for use
• Make sure that there is water in the tank
• Press the spray “ ” button
Vertical steaming with jet of steam
After finishing each ironing session
• Never spray or aim steam at people !
• Set the temperature control to the “•••” or “max” position
• Hold the iron in an upright position 10-20 cm away from the object being
• Press the “motor-steam” button or the “ ” button at intervals of 5 seconds.
• Unplug the iron from the mains socket
• Empty out the water tank – hold the iron with the point facing down and shake
it gently
• Coil the cable around the heel of the iron but not too tightly
• Leave the iron standing in the vertical position to cool down before storing
Cleaning and maintenance
Attention ! Risk of burns !
Possible causes
Iron does not
work or is not heating up
Temperature control set to
Turn the temperature
selector to the desired
Connection problems
Check that the plug is inserted into
the mains socket correctly
The automatic shut-off
system has been activated
Move the iron gently from
side to side to re-start
Iron is not
There is no water in the tank
Fill the water tank
The temperature control is set
too low, the pump does not work because the temperature limiter is working
Set the temperature control
within the steam “ ” area,
between “••” and “max”
Water is
dripping from
the holes in the
You have pressed the jet of steam
button repeatedly without waiting
5 seconds between each press
Wait 5 seconds between each
press of the jet of steam button
Distilled water has not been
used (see section on filling the water tank) or other products such
as fragrant water have been
added to the tank
Mix distilled water with tap water
as directed in the table under
“filling the water tank” and never
add any other products to the water tank
Iron emits nois
There is no water in the tank, the pump is operating dry
Fill the water tank
• Clean the body of the iron and the soleplate with a damp cloth and then dry it
• In the event that the soleplate is heavily stained: when the soleplate is cold,
iron a linen cloth soaked in white vinegar or stand the soleplate in a container
with vinegar for 15 minutes (maximum depth 1mm). Then dampen a cloth
with water and wipe the soleplate clean, then dry it thoroughly.
• To immediately remove any marks on the soleplate use a dry cotton cloth
folded several times with the iron set to the maximum temperature setting
• Do not de-scale or clean the water tank with cleaning products or solvents, as
these could cause the iron to drip when using the steam function
• Do not use a “professional steam cleaner” for cleaning the appliance
Advice on discarding used appliances
Before throwing a used appliance away, you should make it noticeably
inoperable and be certain to dispose of it in accordance with current laws
and regulations. Your retailer, town council or local council can give you
detailed information about these.
This appliance is labeled in accordance with
European Directive 2002/96/EG concerning used electrical and electronic
appliances (waste electrical and electronic equipment - WEEE).
The guideline determines the framework for the return and recycling
of used appliances as applicable throughout the EU.
The terms of the guarantee for this appliance are in accordance with that
stated by our representative for the country in which it is sold. Details of
those conditions can be obtained from the retailer from whom the appliance
was purchased. The SALES RECEIPT must be presented when making any
claims against the terms of this guarantee
We reserve the right to make technical modifications
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