Electrolux Z4543, Z4538 User manual

Electrolux Z4543, Z4538 User manual
«) Electrolux
Thank you for choosing an
Electrolux vacuum cleaner. To
ensure total satisfaction, read this
instruction book carefully. Retain for
Nous vous remercions d’avoir choisi
un aspirateur Electrolux. Pour
garantir une satisfaction totale, lire
attentivement ce mode d’emploi.
À conserver pour s’y référer.
Danke, daß Sie sich für einen
Electrolux-Staubsauger entschieden
haben. Um maximale Zufriedenheit
mit Ihrem Staubsauger zu gewähr-
leisten, sollten Sie diese Gebrauchs-
anleitung sorgfältig durchlesen und
als Nachschlagehilfe aufbewahren.
Vi ringraziamo di aver scelto un
aspirapolvere Electrolux. Per
garantire la massima soddisfazione,
leggere attentamente questo
libretto di istruzioni. Conservarlo
per farvi riferimento.
iy ”
O y
Len, 7
Electrolux supply a range of cleaners with different
accessories, all of which are covered in this manual.
Please refer to your specific model and its
accessories, which are shown on the outer box label.
Keep both cover flaps open and cross-reference the
text with pictures where necessary.
if Dust bags (s-bag™)
ZF Swivel hose and handle with manual
. suction control
Combination carpet/hard floor nozzle)
== Narrow crevice nozzle
=> Upholstery nozzle
= Dusting brush
7 Telescopic tube or extension tubes (x2)
A Ensuring your safety
The cleaner is for domestic use only and has been
designed to ensure maximum safety and perfor-
mance. Please follow these simple precautions:
The cleaner is double insulated so it must not
be earthed
The cleaner is only to be used by adults
Always store in a dry place
Do not use to pick up liquids
Avoid sharp objects
Do not pick up hot cinders or lighted cigarette
Do not use near flammable gases
Avoid tugging on the mains cable and check
cable regularly for damage
Note: Do not use cleaner with a damaged
cable. If damaged the cable should be
replaced at a service centre.
— The plug must be removed from the socket-
outlet before cleaning or maintaining the
Ss All service and repairs must be carried cut by
authorised service staff
123 Getting started
1 Check the s-bag™ is in place.
2 Insert the hose until the catches click to engage
(press catches inwards to release).
3 Fit the telescopic tube to the hose handle until
the catch clicks to engage. Remove it by pushing
in the catch and pulling the pieces apart.
4 Extend the cable and connect to mains, ensuring
the cable is not twisted before use (press handle
to rewind cable. Please hold the plug to prevent
it striking you).
5 Press the on/off cover button to start the cleaner.
6 To increase/decrease suction, adjust the rolling
wheel control. Suction can also be regulated on
the hose handle by opening/closing the vent.
b) Features of the range
A —E Mains cable
B 4» Cable rewind handle
С 3 Power outlet for the use of power driven tools
D {@ Hose connection
E #7 Carrying handle
F Cover release catch for s-bag™ compartment
G & Cover release for accessory compartment
H <> On/off cover button
| Parking position for tube and nozzle when
in use
J | Storage slot for tube and nozzle when not in
K @i Suction control regulator
| 3 s-bag™ full indicator
Getting the best results
Carpets: Use floor nozzle with lever in this
Hard floors: Use floor nozzle with lever in
this position.
Loose rugs/curtains/lightweight fabrics:
Reduce the suction power. Use the floor
nozzle for loose rugs and the upholstery nozzle
for curtains, cushions etc.
Lamps, pictures and bookshelves: Use the
dusting brush.
Confined areas: Use the crevice nozzle for
tight corners and radiators etc.
s-bag™ indicator and changing the s-bag™
For peak performance the s-bag™ should be
changed when full. The electronical s-bag™
indicator window will light up when when full.
If the dust bag should get broken in the
cleaner, take cleaner to service centre for
The s-bag™ full indicator may signify that
the bag is blocked (occasionally caused by
very fine dust) which will cause loss of suction
and may result in overheating. If this occurs
change the bag even if it is not full.
To check the s-bag™, the cleaner must be
switched on, with all attachments connected
and off the floor.
To change the s-bag™:
7 Open the cleaner cover.
8 Lift and pull the sliding tab to remove the s-bag™
from its holder.
9 Insert the new s-bag™ by sliding the bag slots
into the holder. Close cover.
We recommend the s-bag™ is changed after
using a carpet cleaning powder or if there is a
bad smell from the cleaner.
Note: Only use original s-bags™ and filters
Dust bags: ref. s-bag™
Motor protection filter: ref. EF29
Washable 0, HEPA filter: ref. EFH12W
7 s-bag™ safety device
To avoid damaging the cleaner, do not use it
without a dust bag. A safety device is fitted which
prevents the cover closing without a dust bag. Do
not attempt to force cover shut.
Changing/cleaning the filters
— Never use the cleaner without the filters in
place. The filters should be changed/cleaned
approximately every fifth dust bag.
To change Motor Protection filter:
10 Open the cleaner cover and remove the dust
11 Replace the old filter with a new one, ensuring
it is securely in place, and close cover.
Cleaning the 0; HEPA
The 0; HEPA filter should be cleaned when the
indicator light is on (some models) or every fifth dust
bag (some models).
12 Press the catch to open the filter cover and
remove filter unit.
13 Rinse the inside (dirty side) of the filter unit under
warm tap water only. Do not use cleaning agents
and avoid touching the delicate filter surface.
Tap the filter frame to remove excess water.
Repeat cleaning procedure four times and allow
the filter to air dry. The original filtering perfor-
mance is now restored. Replace the unit back
into the cleaner and close cover ensuring it is
properly fastened.
(2] Troubleshooting
Power: If the electric power does not come on,
disconnect from mains and check plugs, cable and
fuses where appropriate.
The cleaner may switch itself off in event of severe
blockage or excessively dirty filters. in such cases,
disconnect from mains and allow to cool for 30-60
minutes. Clear blockage and/or replace filter(s) and
The clearing of blocked hoses is not covered by the
guarantee. To avoid blockages and maintain suction
efficiency, the floor nozzles should be cleaned
regularly using the hose handle.
Water: If water is sucked into the cleaner the motor
must be changed at a service centre.
Electrolux decline all responsability for all damage arising from any
improper use of the appliance or in case of tampering with the
Electrolux reserve the right to alter product appearance and/or
specifications without notice. Not all models featured are available in all
Electroluc vacuum cleaner features and accessoires are protected
worldwide by Patents or Registered Designs. This product is designed
with the environment in mind. All plastic parts are marked for recycling
Electrolux décline toute responsabilité concernant tous les dommages
découlant d’une mauvaise utilisation de l’appareil ou en cas de
modification de l’appareil.
Electrolux se réserve le droit de modifier l’aspect du produit et/ou les
caractéristiques sans préavis. Tous les modèles présentés ne sont pas
disponibles dans tous les pays.
L'aspirateur Electrolux et ses accessoires sont protégés dans le monde
entier par des Brevets ou des Modèles Déposés. Ce produit a été conçu
dans le respect de l'environnement. Toutes les pièces plastiques sont
marquées dans le but de les recycler.
Electrolux behält sich das Recht vor, Form bzw. Eigenschaften des
Geräts ohne Vorankündigung zu ändern. Alle abgebildeten Modelle sind
nicht in allen Ländern erhältlich.
Electrolux Staubsaugereigenschaften und Zubehörteile sind weltweit
durch Patente oder eingetragene Designs geschützt.
Electrolux übernimmt keine Verantwortung für Schäden, die durch den
unsachgemäßen Einsatz des Geräts oder unbefugten Eingriff in den
Staubsauger entstehen. Das Design dieses Produkts ist umweltfreund-
lich. Alle Kunststoffteile sind zur Wiederverwertung gekennzeichnet.
Electrolux declina ogni responsabilita per i danni derivati dall’uso
improprio dell'apparecchio o se stesso e stato manomesso.
Electrolux si riserva il diritto di modificare l’aspetto del prodotto e/o le
sue caratteristiche tecniche senza preavviso. Non tutti i modelli descritti
sono disponibili in tutti i Paesi.
Le caratteristiche e gli accessori degli aspirapolvere Electrolux sono
protetti in tutto il mondo da brevetti o come modelli depositati. Questo
prodotto & stato ideato tenendo presente considerazioni ambientali.
Tutte le parti in plastica sono contrassegnate a scopo di riciclaggio.
Electrolux AG, Kieingeráte, Industriestrasse 10, 5506 Mágenwil
Tel. 0848 899 300 Fax 062 889 93 10 E-Mail: [email protected]
822 84 82-01/040112
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