Panasonic NVDS60 Software Driver

Panasonic NVDS60 Software Driver
How to avoid damage to a device when connecting to a PC via
firewire (IEEE 1394)
All DVC with a DV IEEE 1394(Firewire) connection
When connecting any device to a PC via firewire (IEEE 1394), damage may
occur to the Firewire port on the device, if connected/disconnected whilst the
device or PC is switched on. This can be due to the make of cable/PC or the way
in which the cable is connected to the equipment.
For Panasonic camcorders please use the following procedure to avoid possible
damage occurring to the camcorders DV socket.
Connecting the camcorder:
1. Please make sure that the Camcorder is switched off. Disconnect the
battery/AC adaptor from the unit
2. Please ensure that the PC is switched off
3. Plug in the Firewire (DV) cable into the PC
4. Plug in the Firewire (DV) cable into the DV socket on the camcorder
5. Attach the AC adaptor or Battery (Battery is recommended)
6. Switch on the PC
7. Switch on the camcorder.
Disconnecting the camcorder:
Exit all applications that you were using with the camcorder.
Switch the camcorder off
Shut down and Switch the PC off
Disconnect the AC adaptor or battery from the camcorder
Disconnect the Firewire (DV) cable from the camcorder
Disconnect the Firewire (DV) cable from the PC. (You can leave the cable
attached to the computer for future use)
The Firewire (DV) cable should not be connected or disconnected when the
camcorder or PC is switched on. This may cause damage to the DV output
section of the camcorder. This will result in the camcorder not communicating
to the PC via firewire. (All other functions may be unaffected)
Please note that if the DV port on the camcorder has been damaged once and
then repaired, please have the PC’s firewire socket and the firewire cable
checked before re-connecting the camcorder to the PC. The Firewire
connection on the PC or cable may be the cause of the damage to the
camcorder. If the DV port on the camcorder is damaged again then this will be
repaired on a chargeable basis.
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