Panasonic CQDFX777 Operating instructions

Panasonic CQDFX777 Operating instructions
Operating Instructions
Manuel d’instructions
Manuale di istruzioni
Manual de Instrucciones
High-Power CD Player/RDS Receiver with Changer Control
Hochleistungs-RDS CD Tuner mit CD-Wechslersteuerung
Lecteur CD à haute puissance/Poste récepteur RDS avec commande de changeur
Hoog-vermogen CD-speler/RDS radio met wisselaar bediening
Hôgeffekts CD-spelare/RDS-mottagare med skivväxlarreglage
Sintonizzatore RDS/lettore CD ad alta potenza con controllo cambiadischi (AUTORADIO)
Reproductor de discos CD/Receptor RDS de alta potencia con control de cambiador
—— | ————
. rt a a Re AE SU
Before operating this set, please read these instructions completely.
Bitte lesen Sie diese Bedienungsanieitung vor der Inbetriebnahme aufmerksam durch.
Nous vous recommandons de live attentivement ces instructions avant d'utiliser cet appareil.
Lees deze gebruiksaanwijzing in zijn geheel door alvorens dit apparaat in gebruik te nemen.
Las noga dessa anvisningar fore apparatens anvándning.
Prima di adoperare 'apparecchio, vogliate leggere attentamente le istruzioni.
Antes de poner en marcha el aparato, sírvase leer atentamente estas instrucciones.
Page Page
Precautions (ISO Connector) .......................__ 4 Remote Control Basics... 39
Precautions..." 11 Anti-Theft System..." 40
Laser Products... 11 Installation ......................... EE 43
Power and Sound Controls............................ 7 18 Electrical Connections. 47
Sub-Woofer TT 21 Speaker Connections ………………… 7 49
Display Controls ..................—..——. 21 Special Notes... 007 50
Radio Basics. О 23 A nie er nara rare 50
RDS (Radio Data System) Reception ................. 26 Maintenance... o[]] NT 50
Compact Disc Player Basics ................... 34 Specifications 51
CD Changer Basics……………… 7 36
Inhaltsverzeichnis |
Seite Seite
ISO-Anschlufischema (Wichtiger Hinweis)............. 5 Grundiagen für Fernbedienung 73
VorsichtsmaBnahmen............ TE 12 Diebstahischutz ........................... 7" 74
Laser ErZeugnisse 12 Einbau... e 77
Stromversorgung und Klangregler........................ 52 Elektrischer а 81
Si aaa ан 55 AnschluB der Lautsprecher 7" 83
Display-Dimmer ur is а 55 Besondere Hinweise.................... 7 84
Rundfunkempfang ……… 0 57 SC ir ee carriere a нана 84
Radio-Data-System (RDS)-Empíang................... 60 PÉeGe ....... ere 84
Grundlagen fir die Bedienung des CD-Spielers.......... 68 Technische Daten 85
Grundlagen für die Bedienung des CD-Wechslers.... 70
Page Page
Précautions (Connecteur ISO) coi 6 Utilisation de la télécommande.... 107
Précautions.............cooov EE 13 Système antivol 108
Charactéristiques du dispositif lase.................. 13 NSIallation ................... erreaer ee 111
Mise sous tension et commandes de SON... 86 Connexions électriques Te 115
Sub-Woofer .................. 89 Connexion des haut-parleurs.............. 117
Commandes de l'affichage... 89 Remarques spéciales ………………… TT 118
/tilisation de la radio ee 91 Fusible aaa Tm И 118
Réception avec le système RDS: 94 ÉNtretien ...........—— ip e 118
Utilisation de base du lecteurcp 102 Spécifications............... TT 119
Utilisation de base du changeur de CD... …. 104
Inhoudsopgave ‚
Bladzijde Bladzijde
Belangrijk (ISO daS) ee 7 Basisbediening met de afstandsbediening ns 141
Voorzorgsmaatregelen ee rar. 14 Diefstal beveiligingssysteem U" 142
aserprodukten.…..…………… essen 14 NDOUWER Li se ner 145
Algemene instructies voor gebruik 120 Bedradingsschema…… TT 149
SUDWOOTET wo... cocci 123 Aansluiten van de luidsprekers......._.. 151
Regelen van het display... 123 Aanvullende opmerkingen.......... 152
Basisbediening van de radio… 125 Zekering. ..............0. ce 152
RDS (Radio Data Systeem) ontvangst.............. 128 ONJEMOU ur uaaarrc srran 00 152
Basisbediening van de CD-speler................ 136 Technische gegevens TT 153
Basisbediening van de CD-wisselaar........ 138
Sida Sida
Observera ( ISO-kontakter) een a nata reee ries 8 Grundiággande tilvágagángssátt vid farrstyrning .... 175
A rs aa acer are EE 15 Stôldskyddsanordning Ce aii. 176
Om laserprodukter TY 15 U Te 179
Strôm- och judreglage 07 154 Elektriska ansiutningar 0 183
Lägbashôgtalare EE anarar reia, 157 Anslutning av hôgtalare 7 185
Teckenfônstret och dess reglage... 157 Speciella anmärkningar……….……… 7 186
Grundidggande Manôvrering av radion | 159 A cer EE 186
RDS-mottagning (datastyrd radiomottagning).... 162 PNDEFEN Lara EE 186
Grundlággande manóvrering av CD-spelaren.... 170 Tekniska data..................... Tee 187
CD-spelarens grundlaggande funktioner...... . 172
Precautions (ISO connector)
® Wiring for the power connector conforms to the arrangement of standard ISO connectors.
e in case of some car types, the arrangement of connector may differ from the standard ISO as
shown in Table 1, even though ISO connectors are adapted.
Table 1
DIET Pin A4 A7
Car for standard ISO (permanent 12V supply) (switched 12 V supply
In case of Car type A (switched 12 Y supply) permanent 12V supply)
In case of Car type B No Connection permanent 12 supply)
e Make sure the ISO connector arrangement in your car side is as same as the standard ISO.
(Table 1, Fig. 1)
© [In case of arrangement for Car type A or B, change connections of the red/yellow leads at the
re-connectable joint (3%) as shown in Fig.1.
* ACCAGN Switch
— о о
: +12V Battery
. +12V Battery
. ACC/IGN Switch
Yellow * red : +12V Battery
a LL
Car B NC
Red % Yellow
e After fix the connections, the part (3%) should be insulated with electrical tape to keep away
from unit damage. |
Panasonic welcomes you to their constantly growing family of electronic products owners.
We endeavor to give you the advantages of precise electronic and mechanical engineering, manufactured with
carefully selected components, and assembled by people who are proud of the reputation their work has buiit
for our company. We know this product will bring you many hours of enjoyment, and after you discover the
quality, value and reliability we have built into it, you too will be proud to be a member of our family.
Volume Level |
For your driving safety, keep the volume level low
enough to be aware of road and traffic conditions.
Car Washing
To avoid electrical shorts which may cause fire, or
other damage, do not expose this equipment
(including the speakers and CDs) to water or exces-
sive moisture.
Car Ventilation
If your car is parked for several hours in direct sun-
light, the temperature inside the car may become
very high. It is advisable to drive the car and give
the interior a chance to cool down before switching
the unit on.
DC-DC Converter Unit (Only for CO-DFX888LEN)
The DC-DC converter unit may become hot if the
unit is operated at high output continuously.
Therefore, do not install this unit near the car
heaters or in the enclosed space because of the
poor ventilation,
Power Supply
This equipment is designed to be used in a car hav-
ing 12-Volt negative ground battery system.
Disc Mechanism
Do not insert coins or any small objects. Keep
screwdrivers and other metallic objects away from
the disc mechanism and disc.
This unit is made of precision parts. Do not attempt
to disassemble or adjust any parts. For repair,
please consult your nearest authorized Panasonic
Service Center.
The preset memory is cleared to return to the origi-
nal factory setting when the power connector or bat-
tery is disconnected.
This operating instruction manual is for two models CQ-DFX888LEN and CQ-DFX777LEN.
The differences between these models are mentioned below. All illustrations throughout this manual represent
model CQ-DFX888LEN unless otherwise specified.
operating Conti MODEL. CQ-DFX888LEN CQ-DFX777LEN
Output Power 60W 40W
Sub-Woofer Yes (4V) None
Spectrum Analyzer Yes None
Level Meter None Yes
SDSB 4 Speakers + Center Speaker 4 Speakers
LCD Color Multi | Blue
Pre-out Level 4\ 2V
Laser Products
This product utilizes a laser. Laser aan 780 nm
Use of controls or adjustments or performance
of procedures other than those specified here-
in may result in hazardous radiation exposure.
No hazardous radiation is
emitted with safety protection.
Laser Power
rays and dangerous voltages.
Do not take apart this unit or attempt to make any changes yourself.
This unit is a very intricate device that uses a laser pickup to retrieve information from the surface of com-
pact discs. The laser is carefully shielded so that its rays remain inside the cabinet.
Therefore, never try to disassemble the player or alter any of its parts since you may be exposed to laser
Lleber Panasonic-Kunde
Wir möchten Ihnen dafür danken, daß Sie sich für dieses Gerät entschieden haben. Wir heißen Sie hiermit herzlich
willkommen in der ständig wachsenden Familie zufriedener Besitzer von Panasonic-Geräten in der ganzen Welt.
Wir sind sicher, daß mit dieser Neuerwerbung alle ihre Ansprüche befriedigt werden, |
Lesen Sie bitte diese Bedienungsanleitung sorgfältig durch, und halten Sie sie immer griffbereit. Denn sie enthält eine
Anzahl wichtiger Hinweise, die gewährleisten, daß Sie die Möglichkeiten ihres Gerätes voll ausnutzen können.
- Aus Gründen der Fahrsicherheit ist der Lautstärke-
pegel so einzustellen, daß auch andere Verkehrs-
geräusche (Hupen, Warnsignale, usw.) vernommen
werden können,
Dieses Gerät (einschließlich Lautsprecher und
CDs) ist vor Wasser und übermäBiger Feuchtigkeit
zu schützen, um elektrische Kurzschlüsse zu ver-
meiden, da dieses zu Beschädigungen führen
Falls Ihr Wagen für längere Zeit in direktem Sonnen-
licht geparkt war, kann sich das Innere sehr stark einem solchen Fall sollte das Fahr-
— Zeug mit geöffneten Fenstern für einige Zeit
gefahren werden, damit sich das Wageninnere
abkühlen kann. Erst danach sollte das Gerät
eingeschaltet werden.
Glelchspannungswandier (Nur für CQ-DFX888LEN)
Bei kontinuierlichem Betrieb mit hoher Ausgangs-
leistung kann sich der Gleichspannungswandler
erwärmen. Daher den Wandler nicht in der Nähe der
Heizung des Fahrzeuges und auch nicht in einen
beengtem Raum mit schlechter Belüftung einbauen.
Dieses Gerät darf nur in Fahrzeuge mit 12 V-
Batterie und negativer Batterieklemme an Masse
eingebaut werden.
Keine Münzen oder kleine Gegenstände in das
Gerät einstecken. Schraubenzieher und andere me-
tallische Gegenstände vom CD-Laufwerk und den
CDs fernhalten.
Kundendienst |
Dieses Gerät ist aus Prazisionsteilen zusammen-
gebaut. Niemals selbst das Gerät zerlegen bzw.
einzelne Teile einstellen. Für Reparaturen wenden
Sie sich bitte an den Panasonic-Kundendienst.
Einzelheiten über den Festsenderspeicher
Beim Trennen des Versorgungssteckers oder Ab-
klemmen der Batterie wird der Voreinstelllungs-
speicher gelöscht, die ursprüngliche Werksein-
stellung wird wieder aktiviert.
Diese Bedienungsanleitung gilt fOr die zwei Modelle CQ-DF X888LEN und CQ-DFX777LEN.
Die Unterschiede zwischen den Modellen sind nachstehend aufgeführt. Wenn nicht anders erwähnt, zeigen
alle Abbildungen in dieser Anleitung das Modell CQ-DFX888LEN.
Ausgangsleistung 60W 40W
Subwoofer Ja (4V) Nein
Umschalten des Spektrum-Analysator Ja Nein
Pegelmesser Nein Ja
3-DSB 4 Lautsprecher + mittlerer Lautsprecher 4 Lautsprecher
LCD-Farbe Multi Blau
Vorverstárker-Ausgangspegel 4\/ 2V
Laser Erzeugnisse
Dieses Gerát arbeitet mit Laserstrahlen.
gefährlicher Strahlenaussetzung führen.
Benutzung der Bedienungselemente anders als
in der Bedienungsanleitung beschrieben oder
Veränderungen der Betriebsweise können zu
Laser Energie
780 nm
Mit Sicherheitsschutz ent-
weicht keine gefährliche
Öffnen Sie dieses Gerät nicht, und versuchen Sie unter keinen Umständen, am Gerät herumzubasteln.
Dieses Gerät ist ein sehr kompliziertes Instrument, das einen Laserstrahl benutzt,um die auf der Oberflâche der CDs gespeicherten
Informationen abzulesen. Der Laserstrahl ist sorgfältig abgeschirmt, So daß die Strahlung innerhalb des Gerätes verbleibt,
Aus diesem Grunde Öffnen Sie das Gerät auf keinen Fall, und versuchen Sie unter keinen Umständen Geräteteile zu verändern.
Sie können sich unter Umständen gefährlicher Strahlung und Stromspannung aussetzen. |
Niveau du volume
Par mesure de sécurité routière, maintenez le
niveau de volume assez bas pour pouvoir entendre
les bruits de la rue.
Nettoyage de la voiture
Pour éviter les court-circuits électriques qui peuvent
provoquer un incendie ou autre dommage, n'ex-
posez pas l'appareil (y compris les hautparleurs, les
CDs) à l’eau ou à une humidité excessive.
Ventilation de la voiture
Si votre véhicule est stationné pendant plusieurs
heures au soleil, la température intérieure peut être
très élevée.Pour revenir au mode de température
normal, il est recommandé de conduire un certain
temps avant de mettre l'appareil sous tension.
Convertisseur CC/CC
(Seulement pour CQ-DFX888LEN)
Le convertisseur CC/CC peut se réchauffer quand il
est utilisé en continu à une haute puissance. Veiller
donc à ne pas installer cet appareil près du
chauffage de voiture, ni dans un espace fermé afin
d'éviter la mauvaise ventilation.
Panasonic vous souhaite la bienvenue parmi la famille toujours croissante des possesseurs de nos
appareils électroniques. Nous avons fait de notre mieux pour vous apporter les avantages de la précision
mécanique et électronique de pointe, étant donné que l'appareil a été composé avec des pièces
soigneusement choisies et montées par des gens qui sont fiers de la renommée de leur Société que teur
travail consciencieux lui a value. Nous sommes sûrs que cet appareil vous permettra de profiter de nom-
breuses heures d'écoute, et après avoir découvert la qualité intrinsèque et la fiabilité de l'appareil, vous
serez vous aussi fier d'appartenir à la famille Panasonic.
Cet équipement est conçu pour fonctionner avec du
12 V cc, masse négative.
Méchanisme d'entrainement du disque
Ne pas introduire de pièce de monnaie ou tout autre
petit object. Eloigner les aimants, tournevis et
autres objets métalliques du mécanisme
d'entraînement et du disque.
Cet appareil est conçu à partir d’éiéments de pré-
cision. N'essayez pas de démonter ces éléments.
Pour l'entretien, adressez-vous à votre service d’en-
tretien Panasonic le plus proche.
Les présélections mémorisées sont effacées pour
revenir aux sélections initiales en usine lorsque le
connecteur d'alimentation ou la batterie est déb-
Ce mode d'emploi couvre les deux modèles CQ-DFX888LEN et CQ-DFX777LEN.
Les différences existant entre les trois modèles sont résumées ci-dessous. Sauf mention contraire, toutes les
Hustrations de ce mode d'emploi s'appliquent au modèle CQ-DFX888LEN.
ommandes de Modéle CQ-DFX888LEN CQ-DFX777LEN
Puissance de sortie 60W 40W
Sub-Woofer Oui (4V) None
Analyseur spectrale Qui None
Indicateur de niveau None Qui
3eDSB 4 haut-parteurs + haut-parleur central 4 haut-parleurs
Couleur d'affichage aux cristaux liquides Multiple Bleu
Niveau de sortie Pre-out AV 2V
Charactéristiques du dispositif laser
Ce produit utilise un laser,
L'utilisation des commandes, le réglage ou le fonc-
tionnement, suivant les procédures différentes de
celles exposées ci-dessus peuvent entrainer une
exposition dangereuse aux radiations.
Caractéristiques du dispositif laser:
Longueur d'onde 780 nm
Puissance Aucune radiation nocive n’est
émise avec protection de
tions de la surface des disques compacts.
Ne pas démonter cet appareil ni y apporter de modifications vous-même.
Cet appareil est un dispositif très complexe utilisant une tête de lecture laser pour extraire des informa-
Le laser est soigneusement protégé de telle manière que le faisceau laser reste à l’intérrieur du coffret.
Par conséquent, ne jamais essayer de démonter le lecteur ni modifier une de ses parties étant donné que
vous pourriez ainsi être exposé au faisceau laser et à des tensions dangereuses.
Het doet ons veel plezier dat u hebt gekozen voor een Panasonic product. Door continu onder- |
zoek en ontwikkeling streeft Panasonic ernaar haar elektronische producten verder te verbeteren
voor nog meer gebruiksgemak en kwaliteit. Wij zijn ervan overtuigd dat dit product aan uw
verwachtingen voldoet. Zoals vele andere gebruikers van Panasonic apparatuur over de gehele
Houdt, voor de verkeersveiligheid, het volume-
niveau laag.
Wassen van de auto
Stel deze apparatuur (inclusief de luidsprekers en
de CD's) niet bloot aan water of overmatig vocht om
kortsluiting, wat brand kan veroorzaken, te
De temperatuur in de auto stijgt wanneer de auto
verschillende uren in direkt zonlicht geparkeerd
wordt. Het is beter om het interieur van de auto af te
laten koelen alvorens de radio in te schakelen.
DC-DC convertereenheid
(Aleen voor CQ-DFX888LEN)
De DC-DC convertereenheid wordt mogelijk heet bij
doorlopend gebruik met een hoog uitgangsvermo-
gen. Installeer voor een goede ventilatie deze
omvormer daarom niet in de buurt van de verwarm-
ing of in een afgesloten ruimte.
wereld, zult u ook enthousiast zijn over onze producten. Wij wensen u veel luisterplezier.
Dit apparaat is ontworpen voor gebruik met een 12
volts gelijkstroom accusysteem (auto-accu) met
negatieve aarding.
Houd magneten, schroevedraaiers en andere
metalen voorwerpen uit de buurt van het CD
mechanisme en de CD.
Deze eenheid is gemaakt van precisie onderdelen.
Voer reparaties of bijstellingen niet zelf uit.
Raadpleeg voor service het dichtstbijzijnde
Panasonic Service Centrum. |
Meer over het automatische afstemgeheugen
Het geheugen wordt naar de originele, fabrieksin-
stellingen teruggebracht als u de spannings-
aansluiting onderbreekt of de accu vervangt.
Deze gebruiksaanwijzing is van toepassing op de CQ-DFX888LEN en CQ-DFX777LEN modellen. De ver-
schilen tussen deze modellen worden in het onderstaande overzicht beschreven. De afbeeldingen in deze
gebruiksaanwijzing zijn gebaseerd op het model CQ-DFX888LEN tenzij anders aangegeven.
Bedieningsfuncties Model CQ-DFX888LEN CQ-DFX777LEN
Uitgangsvermogen 60W 40W
Subwoofer Ja (4V) | Nee
Spectrum Analyzer Ja Nee
Niveaumeter Nee — Ja
3-DSB 4 juidsprekers + middenluidspreker 4 luidsprekers
LCD Kleur Multi Blauw
Voor-uitgangsniveau 4V 2V
Dit produkt werkt met een laser, Laserprodukten:
Gebruik van bedieningsfuncties, het maken van Golflengte 780 пт N Le
instellingen of het uitvoeren van procedures Lasersterkte Geen gevaarlijke straling bij het
anders dan die hier vermeld, kunnen bloot-
stelling aan gevaarlijke straling veroorzaken.
in acht nemen van de
Probeer daarom nooit het toestel te demon
Demonteer dit toestel niet en ga er niet aan knutselen.
Dit toestel is een apparaat waar een laseraftaster
З is ingebouwd om informatie op te nemen van het
oppervlak van CD's. De laser is zor vuldig afgesc
hermd zodat de straal binnen de behuizin
ren of er aan te knutselen omdat u dan blootgesteld kunt
worden aan de laserstraal en andere gevaarlijke spanningen.
Válkommen till den stándigt váxande gruppen av &gare till Panasonic elektroniska produkter. Varje pro-
dukt tillverkas av noggrant utvalda komponenter och sammansátts av válutbildad personal under stráng
Lás bruksanvisningen noga och lár apparaten vál innan den anvánds.
Anpassa Ijudvolymen sá att sáker bilkórning ej hin-
For att undvika kortslutningar som kan resultera |
brand eller annan skada, far apparaten (inklusive
hégtalarna och skivorna) inte utsättas for vatten
eller fukt.
Ventilation inom bilen
Ar det mycket varmt i bilen, kdr den da en stund for
at sanka temperaturen innan apparaten kopplas
(Endast fór CO-DFX888LEN)
Likstrómsomvandiaren kan bli het nár den drivs
kontinuerlight med hôg utspánningsviva. Montera
den dárfór inte ¡ nárheten av bilens vármare eller i
ett tränat utrymme med dâlig ventilation.
Apparaten fár enbart anslutas till ett fordon vars
elektriska system ár 12 V likspánning och negativ
Stoppa inte in mynt eller andra smaféremal. Hall,
skruvmejstar och andra metallféemal borta fran
skyvmekanismen och skivor.
Apparaten ar tiliverkad av precisionsdelar. Tag aldrig
isar eller justera nagonting sjilv.Fér reparation,
lámna apparaten till en Panasonic-âterfôrsäljare.
Observera att samtliga uppgifter, som lagrats ¡ min-
net, átergár till de instállingar som gjordes fôre bil-
stereons leverans frán fabriken nár strómkabeln
eller batterikabelen kopplas ur.
Denna bruksanvisning beskriver gáller modeller, námligen modellerna CQ-DFXB88LEN och CQ-DFX777LEN.
Skillnaderna mellan de tre modellerna listas enligt nedanstáende tabell. Modellen CQ-DFX888LEN visas pá
illustrationerna | denna bruksanvisning.
Manoverregiago”———— Model CQ-DFX888LEN CQ-DFX777LEN
Uteffekter 60W 40W
Lägbashôgtalare Finns (4V) Saknas
Spektrumanalysbilder Finns Saknas
Nivámátare Saknas Finns
3-DSB fyra hôgtalare + mitthôgtalare fyra hôgtalare
Färg i teckenfänster Fierfärgat Bla
Fôrutnivä 4V 2V
Om laserprodukter
Att observera:
En laserstrale anvénds i denna produkt.
teringarftillvigagAngssatt, som inte beskrivs | denna
bruksanvisning, kan bli orsak till farlig straining.
Användandet av reglage och utférandet av jus-
Denna apparat far inte plockas Isár och Inga éindringar far utféras av konsumenten.
utsáttas for laserstralen och hbg spanning.
Denna apparat ar en mycket komplicerad anordning som nyttjar en laserstrale fér upptagning av informa-
tionen fran CD-skivans yta. Lasern ár noggrant avskármad sá att dess strálar fórblir innanfór
apparathóljet. Dárfór fár CD-spelaren inte tagas isár eller nágon av dess delar ándras eftersom du kan
Om apparaten anvánds pá annat sátt án ¡ denna bruksanvisning specificerats, kan
anvándaren utsáttas fór osynlig laserstrálning, som óverskrider gránsen fór laserklass 1.
Panasonic Vi da il benvenuto nella famiglia in costante aumento dei proprietari dei suoi prodotti elettroni-
ci. Noi cerchiamo sempre di offrirvi i vantaggi di una tecnica elettronica e di una meccanica perfetta nei
nostri prodotti fabbricati con componenti altamente selezionati e lavorati da persone che godono di piena
fiduciá presso la nostra compagnia. Noi siamo sicuri che questo prodotto Vi offrira molte ore piacevoli e
che dopo averne scoperto la qualita, il valore e l'affidabilita, anche Voi sarete crgogliosi di essere un
membro della nostra famiglia.
Livelio del volume
Per la vostra sicurezza quando portate "automobile,
tenete il volume su un livello abbastanza basso per
poter sentire il suoni di avvertimento del traffico.
Lavaggio del’automobile
Per evitare cortocircuiti elettrici, che potrebbero
causare incendi o altri danni, non esponete quest'u-
nità (inclusi gli altorparlanti, i dischi) al’acqua o ad
eccessive quantita di umidita. |
Ventilazione dell' automobile
Nel caso in cui fasciate automobile parcheggiata
per parecchie ore nella luce diretta del sole, la tem-
peratura all'interno dell’automobile puo diventare
molto alta. Per far ritornare la temperatura interna
ad un livelio normale, & consigliabile guidare rauto-
mobile un po’ di tempo prima di accendere l'unita.
Unita di conversione c.c. - ¢.C.
(CQ-DFX888LEN soltanto)
L’unità de conversione c.c. - c.c. diventa calda se
viene usata continuamente ad alta uscita. Evitare
percid de installarla vicino al riscaidatore della
macchina o in un posto chiuso, a causa della
scarsa ventilazione.
Questunitá é stata disegnata per essere alimentata
con 12 Y di corrente continua, massa negativa.
Meccanismo del dischi
Non inserire delle moneto o altri oggetti piccoli.
Allontanare ¡ cacciaviti ed altri oggetti metallici dal
meccanismo del dischi e dai dischi.
Quest'unità é stata costruita con parti di precisione.
Non cercate di smontare o aggiustare queste parti.
Per if lavori di servizio, consuitate il piú vicino centro
assistenza della Panasonic.
Quando si stacca il cablaggio o la batteria, la
memoria di preselezione si cancella e torna la rego-
lazione operata in fabbrica.
Questo manuale di istruzioni per luso serve ad entrambi ¡ modelli CQ-DFX888LEN e CQ-DFX777LEN.
Tutte le illustrazioni di questo manuale rappresentano il modello CQ-DFX888LEN, a meno che diversamente specificato.
Comandi per il Modello CQ-DFX888LEN CQ-DFX777LEN
Potenza in uscita 60W 40W
Sub-Woofer Si (4V) Assente
Analizzatore di spettro Si Assente
Scala del livello Assente Si
3-DSB 4 altoparlanti + altoparlante centrale 4 altoparlanti
LCD a colori Multi Blu
Livello di preuscita AV | 2\/
Prodotti laser
Questo prodotto utilizza un laser.
L’impiego dei comandi o regolazioni, o una esse-
cuzione dei procedimenti diversi da quelli specifi-
cati in questo manuale possono risultare in una
esposizione pericolo sa a radiazioni.
Prodotti laser:
Lunghezza donda 780 nm
Potenza dei laser Nessuna radiazione peri-
colosa viene emessa con
una protezione di sicurezza.
Non smontare quest'unitá o tentare di eseguire dei cambiamenti da solo.
Quest'unita & un apparecchio con pezzi di precisione che usa un pick-up con laser per ricevere dati dalla
superficie dei compact disc. Ii laser viene protetto con cura di modo che rimanga ail'interno del mobiletto.
Si raccomanda quindi di non smontare la piastra 0 esseguire delle modificazioni con i suoi component
poichè procedendo cosi si puo esporsi al raggio del laser ed alle tensioni pericolose.
Panasonic le da la bienvenida a la familia constantemente en aumento de poseedores de productos
electrónicos. Nos esforzamos en proporcionarle las ventajas de la ingeniería mecánica y electrónica de pre-
cisión, de una fabricación con componentes cuidadosamente seleccionados, y de un montaje realizado por
personas orgullosas de la reputación que su trabajo ha cimentado para nuestra empresa. Estamos seguros de
que este producto le proporcionará muchas horas de distracción y, una vez comprobada la calidad, el valor y la
fiabilidad incorporados, usted también se sentirá orgulloso de pertenecer a nuestra familia.
Nivel de volumen
Para su seguridad en la conducción, mantenga el
nivel de volumen suficientemente bajo para estar
atento a la carretera y las condiciones del tráfico.
Lavado del automóvil
Procure no exponer este equipo (incluidos los
altavoces y la CD) al agua o a excesiva humedad,
a fin de evitar cortocircuitos que podrían causar un
incendio u otros daños.
Ventilación del automóvil
Si su coche está estacionado durante varias horas
a plena luz del sol, la temperatura interior del
mismo puede aumentar considerablemente. Por
ello, es recomendable poner el vehículo en marcha
y dejar que se enfríe el interior antes de utilizar el
La unidad del convertidor de CC-CC
(Sólo para CQ-DFX888LEN)
La unidad del convertidor de CC-CC puede calen-
tarse si se opera continuamente a alta salida. Por lo
tanto, no instale esta unidad cerca de calefactores
de automôvil ni en lugares cerrados porque no se
consigue una ventilaciôn adecuada.
Este equipo ha sido diseñado para su uso en
automóviles con una tensión de 12 Y mediante sis-
tema de batería con negativo a tierra.
Mecanismo de disco |
No inserte monedas ni otros objetos pequeños.
Evite acercar imanes, destornilladores u otros
metálicos al mecanismo de disco y al disco mismo.
Este aparato ha sido fabricado con piezas de alta
precisión. No intente desmontarlo ni ajustar ningu-
na pieza. Para la reparación, consulte al Servicio
Técnico de Panasonic más proximo.
La memoria preajustada se apaga y vuelve al
ajuste original de la fábrica cuando se desconecta
el conector de alimentación o la batería.
Este manual de instrucciones de operación sirve para dos modelos CO-DFX888LEN y CQ-DFX777LEN.
La diferencia entre estos modelos se mencionan a continuación. Todas las ilustraciones de este manual rep-
resentan el modelo CQO-DFX888LEN, a menos que se especifique lo contrario.
Contoss de pair ——— Modelo CQ-DFX888LEN CQ-DFX777LEN
Salida de potencia 60W 40W
Altavoz de graves secundario Si (4V) Ninguna
Anlizador de espectro Si Ninguna
Medidor de nivel Ninguna Si
3+DSB 4 altavoces + Altavoz central - 4 altavoces
Color de LCD Múltiple Azul
Nivel de salida de preamplificador 4V 2V
Productos laser
Este producto utiliza rayos laser. El uso de con-
troles, o la ejecución de ajustes o procedimien-
tos que no sean los especificados, pueden
causar la exposición a radiaciones peligrosas.
Especificaciones como producto laser:
Longitud de onda 780 nm
Potencia del laser No es emitida radiación
peligrosa con la protección
de seguridad intacta.
No desarme esta unidad ni intente modificarla de ninguna forma.
Esta unidad es un dispositivo altamente complejo que utiliza un lector laser para recoger la información
registrada en la superficie de los discos compactos. La unidad laser está sellada cuidadosamente para
impedir los rayos lleguen a! exterior. Por lo tanto, no intente desarmar el reproductor ni alterar ninguna de
sus partes, De hacerlo, podría verse expuesto a rayos laser y tensiones peligrosas.
Power and
= Hr и
cra poe
Turn the key in the ignition until the accessory indicator lights.
Press [SOURCE](PWR) to switch on the power.
Press and hold [SOURCE](PWR) again for more than 2 seconds to
switch off the power.
Note: When the power is switched on for the first time, a demonstration
message appears on the display. To cancel this display, press [*](DISP/CT).
e Press [ A VOL] or [ \V VOL] to increase or decrease the volume.
e Press [ /A VOL] or [V VOL] for more than 0.5 second to change the
numeric level in sequence.
M ute (Only for remote control)
e Press [MUTE] to mute the sound completely.
= | Pp
[EE Mi y T НИ <
ОР | pr
и SN
® Press [MUTE] again to cancel.
3+DSB (3-Dimensional Surround and
Super Bass)
3DSB and Loudness Combination
№ T= OZM
Prass [3¢D] to change the combination of the 3¢DSB and loudness as
A |
3°DSB Effect Level
e Press and hold [3+D] for more than 2 seconds when 3¢DSB is on, and
3¢DSB effect level can be adjusted (except during radio mode using
the Virtual Stereo Effect).
e Press [ A VOL] or [ VOL] to select one of the 10 volume levels (0 - 9).
3-DSB Center Speaker Volume (Only for CQ-DFX888LEN)
e Press and hold [3+D] until “EFFECT” appears on the display when
3¢DSB is on (except during radio mode using the Virtual Stereo Effect).
® Press [/\ TUNE] or [ V TUNE] to change to the volume adjustment
mode for center speaker.
0109 0107
e Press [A VOL] or [V VOL] to select one of 8 levels (0 to 7) for the
center speaker volume,
e The spread of sound produced by the conventional 3-DSB can be fur-
ther increased by using the center speaker.
e The center speaker sounds only when the 3eDSB is turned on (except
in Virtual Stereo Effect mode).
3DSB System |
lt is a new sound system combining 3-dimensional sound from two
front speakers with rear channel super bass when receiving stereo
broadcast. 3*DSB also gives you a sound with Virtual Stereo Effect
from 4ch speakers when receiving AM monaural broadcast or FM
broadcast in the monaural mode. The 3*DSB employs Spatializer®
ICs of Desper Products, Inc.
e |f no operation is performed in the audio mode for 5 seconds (or 2 seconds in the VOL mode), the display
will return from the audio mode to the regular operation mode.
e This unit is equipped with an anti-volume-blast circuit which serves as an automatic volume level adjuster
so that you will not be deafened by sudden loud volume.
This system operates as follows. When [SOURCE](PWR) is first pressed to switch the unit on, the vol-
ume level is low. After that, the volume level will gradually return to the same level as the one before the
power was turned off last time. The anti-volume-blast circuit will not work when the volume level is set
lower than position 20 on the display.
Power and Sound Controls (continues
Audio Mode
Press [SEL] to change the audio mode setting as follows.
Regular Mode —m» VOL —» BAS —m» TRE — BAL —» FAD
No Sub-Woofer «|
(only for DFX888LEN)
Bass and Treble
Press [SEL] to change to the bass (or treble) mode. Press [ A VOL] or
[ V VOL] to increase or decrease the bass (or treble) level.
BAG 343
—12 to +12 1210 +12
Press [SEL] to change to the balance mode. Press [/A VOL] or [V
VOL] to shift the sound volume to the right or left speakers.
1to 15 Balance Center 110 15
Press [SEL] to change to the fader mode. Press [ /A VOL] or [V VOL]
to shift the sound volume to the front or rear speakers.
1 to 15 Fader Center 1 10 15
Selecting the Auxiliary Source
Press [SOURCE] to change to the AUX input mode.
Press [SOURCE] in the AUX mode to resume the tuner mode.
Note: If no operation is performed in the audio mode for 5 seconds (or 2 seconds in the VOL mode), the
display will return from the audio mode (BAS/TRE/BAL/FAD/SUB) to the regular operation mode.
т © = О 2 т
Sub-Woofer Volume
(Only for CQ-DFX888LEN)
Press [SEL] to change to the sub-woofer volume mode. Press [ /N VOL]
or PY VOL] to increase or decrease the sub-woofer volume.
Volume Level: MUTE (0) to 8
Display Controls
Nr Te
% й
Change to the Display Control Mode
(D Press and hold [SEL] for more than 2 seconds to change to the dis-
play control mode.
(2) Press [SEL] to change the display control mode as follows.
Press and hold SEL Press SEL Press SEL
Regular Mode —m=> SPECTRUM ANALYZER — ms DIMMER — Security Indicator
Press SEL
Press and hold SEL Press SEL Press SEL
Regular Mode ——m» LEVEL METER —— DIMMER —» Security Indicator
Press SEL
* See page 42 about Security Indicator,
CQ-DFX888/DFX777LEN 21
Power and Sound Controls (continues
Display Controls (continued)
<Only for ca- DFX888LEN>
<Only for CQ- DFX777L.EN>
в Le р
Spectrum Analyzer Display Switching
(Only for CQ-DFX888LEN)
Press [SEL] in the display control mode to change to the spectrum analyzer
change mode. Press [ /A TUNE] to change the spectrum analyzer setting
as follows.
( [Y TUNE]: opposite direction)
Level Meter
(Only for CQ-DFX777LEN)
Press [SEL] in the display control mode to change to the level meter
change mode. Press [/N TUNE] to change the level meter setting as fol-
( [Y TUNE]: opposite direction)
Press [SEL] in the display control mode to change to the dimmer
change mode. Press [ \V TUNE] to change the dimmer level setting as
Dimmer 3 -——m» Dimmer2 —» Dimmer 1
(Bright) (Medium) (Dark)
( [7A TUNE] : opposite direction)
Note: If no operation is performed in the display control mode for 5 seconds, the display will return from
the display control mode to the previous mode.
Radio Basics
a rs)
TY gl
NE ana
! Hold and
Tuner Mode
Press [SOURCE] to change the operation mode setting as follows.
Tuner ——» CDplayer ————m» CDchanger control —m AUX
A (When a CD is inserted) {When a CD changer is connected)
Press [BAND] to change the band setting as follows.
FMI —» FM2 ——=FM3 —— AM(LW/MW)
A |
The stereo indicator lights during reception of a stereo broadcast.
Manual Tuning
Press [ AA TUNE] or [ V TUNE] to tune in a higher or lower frequency.
Seek Tuning
Press and hold [/N TUNE] or [V TUNE] for more than 0.5 second,
then release it. Tuning will automatically stop when the signals of the
next broadcast station are received.
CQ-DFX888/DFX777LEN 23
Radio Basics (continued)
Preset Station Setting
FM1, FM2, FM3 and AM (LW/MW) can save maximum 6 stations each in their preset station memories.
Manual Station Preset
(D Press [BAND] to select a desired band.
(2) Use manual or seek tuning to find a station which is to be preset in
the memory.
(3) Press and hold one of the preset buttons [1] to [6] for more than 2
seconds until the display blinks.
Preset Number
Note: You can change the memory presetting by repeating the above
procedure. |
Tuning in a Preset Station
Press the corresponding preset buttons [1] to [6] to tune in a preset sta-
Auto Station Preset
Setect the band, press and hold [BAND](AUTO»P) for more than 2 sec-
onds (Auto Preset Memory).
e The 6 strongest available stations will be automatically saved in the
memory on preset buttons [1] to [6].
e Once set, the preset stations are sequentially scanned for 5 seconds
e Press the corresponding preset button for the broadcast you want to
listen to.
24 CQ-DFX888/DFX777LEN
Hold and 2
[ |]
LUN" ai |
a y QUA 6
Г. o
MONO/LOCAL Selection
e At the MONO setting, the amount of interference heard when weak
signals are received from an FM broadcast station is significantly
e At the LOCAL setting, the station search stops automatically as soon
as strong signals are received.
ео То — го СО
(1) FM broadcasts
Press and hold [PTY](MONO/LOC) to change the mode until the
desired mode is reached, then release it.
| _
(2) AM broadcasts
Press [PTY](MONO/LOC) to switch on and off the Local mode as follows.
CQ-DFX888/DFX777LEN 25
RDS (Radio Data System) Reception
Many FM stations are broadcasting added data compatible with RDS. This radio set offers
convenient functions using such data.
AF (Alternative Frequency)
When receiving condition becomes poor, an RDS
station with the same program will be automatically
EON (Enhanced Other Networks)
When EON data is received, the EON indicator
lights and the TA and AF functions are expanded.
TA: Traffic information from not only the station
now tuned in to but also other stations of the
same network can be received.
AF: The frequency list of the RDS stations preset
by received EON data is updated.
TA (Traffic Announcement)
PS (Program Service Name)
When an RDS station is received, the RDS indica-
tor lights and automatically displays the name of
that station instead of the frequency. When
[*}(DISP/CT) is pressed during PS display, the fre-
quency is displayed for 3 seconds, then PS dis-
play returns.
Pl {Program Identification)
If a preset RDS station is poor in receiving condi-
tion when it is selected, the automatic seek (PI
Seek) starts to seek the same program and tune
in to it.
PTY (Program Type)
Program type identification signal
Example : News, rock, classical music, etc.
When an FM station that periodically provides the latest traffic information is received, the TP indicator
lights. If TA ON is set, FM traffic information automatically interrupts your listening to a CD, CD changer or
AUX until it ends, then you will listen again to whatever you have been listening to.
Best Station Research
If a preset RDS station is in poor condition of reception when you try to tune in to it, the best frequency is
selected from the AF list of that station.
REG (Region)
The AF, Best Station Research, PI Seek functions will be as follows:
REG ON : The frequency changes only with the same regional program. This function is mainly used
while driving in the same area, for example, in a city.
REG OFF: The frequency changes even with a different regional program if the station is in the same net-
work. The broadcast may be different depending on the case. This function is mainly used
when driving far from one region to another.
EON lets the radio set take advantage of RDS information much more than before. It constantly updates
the AF list of all presets, including the station currently tuned in to. So, even if you change preset far
from home, you will be able to receive the same station at an alternative frequency, or another station
serving the same program if any. EON also keeps track of locally available TP stations for quick recep-
change to TA off in advance.
Note: When you're in “AF ON” mode, auto preset memory only works for RDS station. When in “TA
ON” mode, it only works for TP stations. To make auto preset for ordinary stations, cancel AF mode and
A. Basic Operation in RDS Reception (PS, AF, CT, PI)
re LUE
E rus
MTT nd
HE em
prc! ad
RP Cha
RDS Reception
Press [AF] when receiving a station in the FM1, FM2 or FM3 band.
e The operating mode changes to AF ON or AF OFF, respectively.
e Select AF ON if you wish to use the AF network of an RDS station.
Best station research is activated at the same time.
e Select AF OFF if the AF network of an RDS station is not necessary.
Changing AF Mode
Press [AF] to change AF ON and activate best station research at the
same time. (3 seconds maximum)
AF 1 Mode
AF 2 Mode
1. Default Mode is AF1.
2, AF1 has a low level of AF operating sensitivity in urban areas.
Therefore, AF dose not frequently operate even of sensitivity is tem-
porarily lowered between skyscrapers, for example.
3. AF2 is for suburban areas with a higher level of sensitivity than AF1.
CQ-DFX888/DFX777LEN 27
RDS (Radio Data System) Reception (continue
For Seek Tuning, RDS Station Preset, Tuning in a RDS preset station, and Auto RDS
Station Preset, please refer to Radio Basics (pages 23 to 25).
RDS Seek Tuning (PI seek)
The PI seek function may be used if an RDS station selected from the
memory is poor in receiving condition. Press the preset button again
for the station now tuned in to.
Pl Seek: If Best Station Research fails in selecting the best station,
the Pl seek function operates to automatically tune in to the
same program. o
Press and —— Region (REG) Switching
Press and hold [AF](REG) for more than 2 seconds in AF mode to
alternately select between REG ON and REG OFF.
(I у Tr
If you wish to stay with the same program, keep REG ON, If you keep
REG OFF, there is a higher possibility of returning in to an AF station
in better receiving condition.
The relationship of the PI seek function with REG ON and REG OFF
is as described above.
Changing Display
Press [+](DISP/CT) to change the display as follows.
(Frequency display continues for only 3 seconds, returning to PS dis-
play after that.)
PS display *
+ ВЕ seconds
Frequency display
CT display
Clock Time (CT) System
The CT {24-hour} system may not properly operate in areas where
RDS CT service is not available. Once CT service is received, the CT
system keeps operating. “NO CT” appears on the display in areas
where no CT service is available.
Clock Display
Press [+](DISP/CT) to indicate the clock display.
28 CQ-DFX888/DFX777LEN
Initial Time Setting
Press [BAND] to change to AM mode.
(D Press [¢](DISP/CT), “ NO CT” appears on the display.
(2) Press and hold [](DISP/CT) again for more than 2 seconds, “hours”
blinks and the time setting mode is activated.
(3) To set hours, press [ /A TUNE] or [V TUNE].
Hold [ AA TUNE] or [V TUNE] change numbers rapidiy.
(4) Press [](DISP/CT) again for minutes setting.
O) To set minutes, press [ /A TUNE] or [V TUNE].
(6) After setting the time, press [](DISP/CT).
e |f CT display is kept on, it remains on even if [SOURCE](PWR) and
accessory are turned off and back on again.
e In other modes, press [*](DISP/CT) to get RDS CT-service.
Select traffic information (TA on) mode
Press [TA] to switch on and keep it there when you wish to listen to traffic
information. Press [TA] again to switch off.
ET ped
LE мо,
арм а
2 TE = 1
e: > E,
EL pepEét Ta Ш P A: |
Volume Setting (Only for TA on mode)
Adjust the volume as desired using [ /A VOL] or [ \V VOL] while receiv-
ing traffic announcement. (TA)
After volume for traffic announcement (TA) is set, the difference
between normal volume and TA volume is automatically stored in the
“memory (up to 5 levels) so that next traffic information will be received
at the preceding TA volume which may be higher or lower than normal
Normal volume can be changed up to 5 levels upward or downward.
If an adjusted ievel of volume is over 40 or less than 0, any further
change will not be made.
When receiving a station other than TP station (including EON stations)
A traffic information station is automatically searched for and the radio
automaticaliy stops the next available TP station.
EON Capabilities:
EON lets the radio take advantage of much more RDS information than
| : before. It constantly updates the AF lists for all switch presets far from
ICT EN home, you will receive an alternative frequency for the same station, or
La ET №. ‘ . ;
al another station carrying the same program, when such exists. EON also
keeps track of locally available TP station.
TR ena
Press [TA]
CQ-DFX888/DFX777LEN 29
RDS (Radio Data System) Reception (continues
TP Seek Tuning
Press [/A TUNE] or [V TUNE] for more than 0.5 second, then release.
The radio automatically stops at the next available TP station.
I Hold; and DS
ÿ release A
Auto TP Station Preset
Press and hold [BANDT(AUTO-P) for more than 2 seconds. The six
strongest available TP stations are automatically saved in the memory
on the preset button [1] to [6].
Once saved, the preset stations are sequentially scanned for 5 seconds
Tuning in a TP Station Preset
Press any of the preset buttons [1] to [6] that you want to listen to. And
then Best Station Research function is activated to automatically select
the strongest available frequency for the TP station (through the built-in
frequency) lists, if reception is weak.
Press and hold ——" ) Muting TA on
Press and hold [TA] for more than 2 seconds to light “TA on”.
Then traffic announcement (TA) function is activated to operate, allow-
ing you to listen to only Traffic Program whenever it is available.
Muting TA on canceling (Muting TA on — TA on)
Press [TA] again.
Or press [ /A VOL] to increase the volume level.
TP Auto Search
If receiving conditions are poor when TA is on during muting and if there
is no other alternative frequency in the same network, a traffic
announcement station in good receiving condition is automatically
searched for.
Press [TA] during CD, CD changer, AUX mode.
When TA on mode is selected while listening to the source in that
mode, wait for Traffic Announcement to begin.
<CD> Information
Switching to TA off Mode
Select either one of the following steps.
e Press [TA] when TA is on.
e Press and hold [TA] for more than 2 seconds when Muting TA is on.
e Press [TA] when CD/CD*C/AUX TA is on.
MH wi Ff [ng
30 CQ-DFX888/DFX777LEN
C. PTY Reception
(There are some areas where PTY service may not be available.)
Switching to PTY mode
Press [PTY] to select PTY display mode, and the PTY of the broad-
cast now received appears on the display.
LL. FAI 424 20
“NO PTY" appears on the display if there is no corresponding pro-
gram type.
Welt Tod
purs FT 5 21
Changing PTY Display Language
Press [e](DISP/CT) in PTY mode to alternate the language between
English and Swedish.
Press [s](DISP/CT)
E IE i — e e ИН
A EE | ; BRE
<English> <Swedish>
Program Type Selection
Press [TUNE À ] or [TUNE V ] to select the program type as follows.
When a desired selection has been made, press [BAND]. Then auto-
matic seek will start to tune in to the station broadcasting the selected
program type.
Seek tuning does not operate as long as “NO PTY” appears on the display.
CQ-DFX888/DFX7771.EN 31
RDS (Radio Data System) Reception (nines
TABLE of PTY CODE and Program Type
Press any of the preset buttons [1] to [6] according to your prefer-
ence. Those buttons already have the program types as follows.
(Default setting)
Preset No. 1 2 3 4 5 6
a Press and hold НЫ
Program Type Preset
Press and hold one of the buttons [1] to [6] for more than 2 seconds to
preset the desired program type selection in the button.
Tuning in a PTY Preset Station
Press any of the preset buttons [1] to [6] that you want to listen to.
— py
yl e
Searching for PTY
(1) Select the desired station from preset in the preset number buttons
[1] to [6]. Then, the preset PTY and that preset number appear on
the display for 5 seconds.
NA, bot
Press preset
@ While the desired type from 6 presets appears on the display, take
either of the following two steps.
A) Press the same preset button again.
B) Press [BAND].
If the desired PTY station is available, it is directly received. If it is
not, “NO PTY” blinks and the radio returns to the station that was
received before the search.
1 EL
A >
Press the
same preset
Press the same button again to cancel.
Canceling of PTY Mode
Press [PTY] to cancel.
The set returns to the state existing before PTY mode while the receiv-
ing frequency remains unchanged.
Emergency Announcement
(Some areas are not covered by emergency announcement service.)
If an emergency announcement is broadcast in muting TA on/CD/CD
changer/AUX mode, the radio is automatically selected to receive the
emergency announcement. “ALARM” blinks.
Compact Disc Player Basics
Only 12 cm CD is
available for this
lien iad
a Ti SELS ==
Mode Selection
While a disc is inserted, press [SOURCE] to change the operation mode
as follows.
Tuner —— CD player ———» CD changer control -— ym AUX
(When a CD is inserted) (When a CD changer is connected)
To Start the CD Player
(D Press [OPEN] to open the front panel.
@ With the label side up, insert the disc and playback starts automati-
© Close the front panel manually. Play will start automatically.
While inserting a CD, the volume decreases to 0 level (MUTE). And the
volume is back to the previous levei when the front panel is closed com-
Note: While a disc is inserted, “ ® ” indicator lights.
Stopping and Ejecting a Disc
(1) Press [OPEN] to open the front panel.
(2) Press [4] to stop CD play, and the disc will be quietly ejected from
the CD slot.
While ejecting a CD, the volume decreases to 0 level (MUTE). And the
volume is back to the previous level when the front panel is closed com-
Selecting a Track
® Press [TRACK] once to go to the next track.
e Press [TRACK] once to play from the beginning of the track you
are listening to. Press twice to play the previous track.
® Press repeatedly to skip the desired number of tracks.
Hold and
| release
Searching a Track
e Press and hold [WTRACK] or [TRACK] for more than 0.5 sec-
ond to activate reverse through or fast forward a track.
e Release [TATRACK] or [>> TRACK] to resume the regular CD play.
Repeating a Track
e Press [6](REP) to repeat the current selection.
e Press [6](REP) again to cancel.
Random Selection
e Press [4](R »). A random selection of music is played from all avail-
able tracks.
® Press [4](R ») again to cancel.
Note: When (6](REP) is pressed in the random mode, random play
stops and repeat play starts.
Scanning a Disc
® Press [5](SCAN). The display will blink and the first 10 seconds of
each track on the disc will play in order.
e Press [5](SCAN) again to cancel.
Changing the Display
Press [*](DISP/CT) to change the display as follows.
Track Pame |
Press [*](DISP/CT)
CQ-DFX888/DFX777LEN 35
CD Changer Basics
When the unit is connected with a CD text recognizable CD changer (CX-DP9061EN, for example), CD
text can appear on the display.
The CD changer functions work for a product equipped with
the optional CD changer unit (sold separately).
Starting the CD Changer
Once the CD changer has been connected, press [SOURCE] to change
to the CD changer mode as follows. When a disc magazine is inserted,
CD play starts automatically.
Tuner ——» CD player ——» CD changer control —m AUX
A (When a CD is inserted) (When a CD changer is connected)
Disc Selection
pp Press [1](\V DISC) or [2)( A DISC) to select a disc in descending or
ascending order.
Then, the selected disc will start to play from the first track.
Track Selection
e Press [>> TRACK] to advance to the next track.
e Press [TRACK] to start play from the beginning of the track now
e Press [M»TRACK] or [TRACK] repeatedly to skip the desired
number of tracks.
Track Search
e Press and hold [M»TRACK] or [TRACK] for more than 0.5 sec-
ond to advance or reverse through a track.
e Release [M»>TRACK] or [TRACK] to resume regular CD changer
play from the released position.
36 CQ-DFX888/DFX777LEN
Track Repeat
e Press [6](REPEAT) to repeat the current selection.
pds — го оС) 2
e Press [6](REPEAT) again to cancel.
Disc Repeat
e Press and hold [6](REPEAT) for more than 2 seconds to repeat the
current disc selection.
e Press and hold [6](REPEAT) for more than 2 seconds again to can-
Track Random
e Press [4](RANDOM). Ail the available tracks on all discs in the maga-
zine will be played in a random sequence.
e Press [4] (RANDOM) again to cancel.
Disc Random
e Press and hold [4](RANDOM) for more than 2 seconds. All the avail-
able tracks on the current disc will be played in a random sequence.
n 5
pili ET | q
e Press and hold [4](RANDOM) for more than 2 seconds again to can-
Note: When [6](REPEAT) is pressed in the random mode, random play
stops and repeat play starts.
Track Scan
e Press [5](SCAN). The display blinks and the first 10 seconds of each
track on the discs play in sequence.
e Press [5](SCAN) again to cancel.
Disc Scan
e Press and hold [5](SCAN) for more than 2 seconds. The 1st track of
all the discs in the magazine is played for 10 seconds each.
e Press and hold [5](SCAN) for more than 2 seconds again to cancel.
CQ-DFX888/DFX777LEN 37
Changing the Display
Press [e](DISP/CT) to change the display as follows,
т (0 — 2 т
Disc/Track/Play Time |—— CT Display
Track Title че Disc Title
Disc Title Example
When [e](DISP/CT) is pressed for more than 2 seconds while the Track
Title or Disc Title appears on the display, the Title display scroll can be
switched on or off. (Default: the Title display scroll on)
e Track title or disc title appears on the display only when the unit is
connected to a CD changer that can recognize CD text (CX-
DP9061EN, for example). |
e “NO TITLE" appears on the display if a disc which does not support
the text display has been loaded.
Error Display Messages for CD/CD Changer
Appears on the display when the compact disc is dirty or upside down. The disc wil
be ejected automatically. |
Appears on the display when compact disc is scratched. The disc will be ejected
Appears on the display when the compact disc stops operating for some reason.
Please eject the CD. If the error message E3 is still displayed, please turn off the
car engine (ACC off) and remove the fuse from yellow lead for 1 minute. Then rein-
stail the fuse.
Appears on the display when there is no disc in the magazine.
38 CQ-DFX888/DFX777LEN
Remote Control Basics
Battery Replacement:
1. Remove the battery holder.
Take hold of the holder at position B and pull it
out to remove the battery by pushing position A
in the direction shown by the arrow.
2. Replace the battery.
Set a new battery properly with its (+) side fac-
ing up as shown in the figure.
3. Insert the battery holder.
Push in the battery holder back into its original
Back side
TITO- om
(Lithium battery E
Position A
Battery Notes:
Remove and dispose of an old battery immediately.
Battery Information:
e Battery type: Panasonic lithium battery (CR2025)
e Battery Life: 6 months with normal use (at room temperature)
Lp ES EX TS mad ES E E iE
® Do not disassemble or short the battery. Do not throw a battery into a fire.
e Keep batteries out of the reach of children to avoid the risk of accidents.
Main Controls:
For details of each function, refer to the pages in parentheses. Some of the functions may not be usable even
if they are shown.
Power Button
(Refer to page 18.)
Source Button
(Refer to page 23, 34, 36.)
3*DSB Button
(Refer to page 19.)
Disc Up/Down Button
(Refer to page 36.)
BAND Button
(Refer to page 23, 24.)
Spectrum Analyzer/Lever
Meter/DIMMER Button
(Refer to page 22.)
Car Audio
MUTE Button
(Refer to page 18.)
Volume Control Button
(Refer to page 18.)
SEL Button
(Refer to page 20, 21, 22.)
Forward/Backward Button
(Refer to page 23, 30, 34, 35,
DISP Button
(Refer to page 28, 29, 31.)
CQ-DFX888/DFX777LEN 39
Anti-Theft System
This unit is equipped with a removable face plate. By removing this face plate, the radio becomes totally inop-
erable. The security indicator will blink.
E To Remove the Removable Face Plate
(D Switch off the power.
O Press [OPEN]. The face plate will be opened.
ar cH LA
ay 4
O Pull out
(4) As shown in Fig.3, gently push the lower side of the case and open its cover. Keep the face plate in the
case. Then, you can bring the plate safely.
(4) Removable Face
@ Open
Plate Case
40 CQ-DFX888/DFX777LEN
To install the Removable Face Plate
(D) Fit either of the right or left hole in the face plate over the main units pin, and fit it over on the other side
while pushing it.
a sd y dl mí €) 77 В
Security Indicator
©) After fitting the face plate holes, move the face plate up and down a few times to make sure that it has
been fitted securely.
IrU-r 092 1
Anti-Theft System (continued)
Security Indicator
The security indicator blinks when the removable face plate is removed from the unit.
Activate Security Indicator |
1.(D Press and hold [SEL] for more than 2 seconds to change to the display contro! mode when the power is
(2) Press [SEL] in the display control mode to change to the security indicator mode. (See page 21.)
(3) Press [ A TUNE] or [\ TUNE] to turn the security indicator on or off.
(Default: The security indicator is on.)
Note: “LED ON” appears on the display when the security indicator is on.
2. To check whether the unit is set in the LED ON mode, make sure that the security indicator blinks when the
removable face plate is removed.
Display Security Indicator Panel Removal Alarm
A y (Press [ A TUNE] or [ \/ TUNE] .)
Note: If no operation is performed in the display control mode for 5 seconds, the display will return from
the display control mode to the previous mode.
Panel Removal Alarm
This alarm sounds to warn you not to forget to remove the panel before leaving your car. This function is acti-
vated when the security indicator is on.
Preparation Л
e Before installation check the radio operation with antenna and speakers. „5
® Disconnect the cable from the negative (~) battery terminal (see caution below). Н
e Unit should be installed in a horizontal position with the front end up at a convenient angle, but not more 6
than 30°.
For installation to cars with trip or navigational computers, all electronic memory settings previously registered
in the computer will be lost when the battery terminal is disconnected. For this type of car, battery could not be
disconnected. Therefore, extra care should be taken to prevent short circuiting.
In-dash Installation
Installation Opening
In-dash installation can be done if the car's dash- 53 mm
board has an opening for this unit as shown in Fig. — Y
1. The car's dashboard should have a thickness of La 182 mm >
4.5mm - 6mm in order to make the installation of
the unit. Fig. 1
Installation Precautions |
This product, if possible, should be installed by a professional installer.
In case of difficulty, please consult your nearest authorized Panasonic Service Center.
1. This system is to be used only in a 12-volt, DC battery system (car) with negative ground.
2. Follow the electrical connections on pages 47 to 48 carefully. Failure to do so may result in damage to the
3. Connect the power lead after other connections are made.
4, Be sure to connect the YELLOW lead to the positive terminal (+) of the battery or fuse block (BAT) terminal.
5. Insulate all exposed wires to prevent short circuiting.
6. Secure all loose wires after installing the unit.
7. Please carefully read the operating and installation instructions of the respective equipment before connect-
Supplied Hardwares
(1) | Mounting Collar 1 (7 | Lithium Battery 1
(2) | Mounting Bolt (5 mma) 1 ISO Antenna Adaptor 1
3 | Power Connector 1 @ | Center Speaker 1
(Only for CQ-DFX888LEN)
Center Speaker
a Removable Face Plate 1 @ | Extension Cord — 1
Case (Only for CQ-DFX888LEN)
© Magic Tape
(Only for CO-DFX888LEN)
6) | Remote Control Unit
(6) | Trim Plate
CQ-DFX888/DFX777LEN 43
| n sia | | at | О n (continued)
Installation Procedures
Note: Disconnect the cable from the negative (—) battery terminal.
1. Secure the Mounting Collar ().
Insert Mounting Collar (ID into the dashboard, and bend the mounting tabs out with a screwdriver.
Mounting Tab
na al 0) Bal 4)
Lock Lever
Make sure that the
lock lever is flush
with the mounting
collar (not projecting
(M Mounting Collar
2. Secure the rear of the unit.
a) Check the electrical connections by referring to this operating instructions.
b) Connect Mounting Bolt 2), using a suitable wrench.
¢) Insert Power Connector (3) to the unit.
d) Insert the unit into Mounting Collar (1) and push it in until “click” is heard.
e) Secure the rear of the unit to the car by either of the two recommended methods.
№ Using the Rear Support Strap (Optional)
Affix one end of the Rear Support Strap to the rear of the unit, and the other end to the Fire Wall of
Car, or some other metallic area.
E Using the Rubber Cushion (Optional)
(If there is an existing Rear Support Bracket on the Fire Wall of Car.)
Cover Mounting Bolt (2) on the rear of the unit with Rubber Cushion, and mount it into the existing
Rear Support Bracket.
Fire Wall of Car Rear Support Bracket
{existing on the car)
Tapping Screw (Optional) 3 mme
Rubber Cushion (Optional)
ч |
PO? Hex. Nut (Optional)
Rear Support Stra
NN (Optional) Р
(2) Mounting Bott
2) Mounting Bolt
(D Mounting Collar
(1) Mounting Collar
44 CQ-DFX888/DFX777LEN
3. Insert Trim Plate ©.
m7 y El e 1 Ad ut
(6) Trim Plate
4. After installation reconnect the nega-
tive (—) battery terminal.
To Remove the Unit
a) Remove the removable face plate. (See page 40.)
b) Remove Trim Plate (6) with a screwdriver as shown in the figure.
(6) Trim Plate
c) Pull out the unit while pushing the lock lever using screwdriver. (Fig. 1, Fig. 2)
d) Remove the unit pulling with both hands. (Fig. 3)
Fig. 1 Lock Lever Fig. 2
CQ-DFX888/DFX777LEN 45
| nstal lation (continued)
Mounting the Center Speaker (Only for DFX-888LEN)
* Attach the two pieces of magic tape (hook side) to the rear of the Center Speaker (Fig. 1).
* Attach the other two pieces of magic tape (loop side) on a flat surface of the dashboard as close as pos-
sible to the center (Fig. 2).
* Connect the speaker cord referring to the electrical connection and mount the Center Speaker (Fig. 2).
(D Magic Tape (hook side)
Fig. 2
Mount the Center Speaker © as close as possible to
the center.
(9) Center Speaker
~ Peel off paper
_ (7 Magic Tape
(loop side)
(9) Center Speaker
Note: A magic tape fastener has two sides. One is provided with loops and the other with hooks that
hook into the loops.
Cable Wiring Diagram
Electrical Connections
(CD Text recognizable CD changer)
Extension Cord (DIN/BATT/RCA/GND) O
f m =
Ground lead, Black — Connect to a well grounded metallic
part of your car.
Yellow Fuse (3.15A)
| BATTERY — fi Battery Cord
To a Constant power supply Changer
BL whi White Control Connector
[1 В
| RE
<Back Side>
e This unit can be connected to
an optional CD changer (CX-
DP9061/DP9060EN, CX-DP-
801/DP803EN, CX-DP600EN/
AEN or CX-DP601EN) and opti-
onal extension cord.
For details consuit your nearest
authorized Panasonic Dealer.
® For connection to a CD chang-
er, refer to the operating instruc-
tions of the CD changer (CX-
DP9061/DP9060EN, CX-DP
801/803EN, CX-DP600EN/AEN
or CX-DP601EN).
Red Red
` 5
: ©1SO Antenna | | ©] À
~~ Adaptor L
| | CQ-DFX888/DFX777LEN
ANTENNA -----————--= - Te DC/DC Converter
= = @Power (Only for CQ-DFX888LEN)
SW 1 Connector
{Only for CQ-DFX888LEN)
Dark Blue A7
| (A5) ® Black /
Black w/Green Stripe < Va Fuse(15A) — AB
{0 Center Speaker Extension Cord Я E — 1
(Only for CO-DFX888LEN) ZZ
: A #—|-— À5
Brown w/White Strips _/ Resistor (1kQ) — np, a
+ E (61) [ACC HL. D— {7 Ad
7 i 1 Orange i
Black f NN (C2) SPEAKER LEAD \ Dark Blue J Ay
7 ‘Black w/Green Stripe J) B7
i == = | B8
White ( Gray Grean w/Black Violet w/Black Brown
Stripe Stripe
\ Ш Green Violet В5
O) Center Speaker Unit TT 5
(Only for CQ-DFXBBBLEN) 6
(С Г вы
White w/Black Stripe I
Gray w/Black Stripe B2
nl le НО
Electrical Connections continuer
Loudspeakers (connector B)
(To Motor Antenna) (Max. 500mA)
This lead is not intended for use with switch
actuated power antenna.
This lead is for connection to Panasonic power
Connect to the “radio” power line of the car or
to the “IGN” or “ACC” terminal of the fuse
Left + Left — Right + Right —
Front B5 (White) B6 a Black B3 (Gray) B4 o) el
Rear B7 (Green) 58 Cero) Black B1 (Violet) В2 Vive; Black
- A4 A8
( TN
BATTERY LEAD (To Battery of Car) (Yellow) GROUND LEAD (Biack)
Connect to the “BAT” terminal on the fuse Connect to a well grounded metallic part of
block of the car. your car. |
The power should be supplied continuously to
the yellow leads regardless of the on/off posi-
tion of the ignition key. C1
No и
Not Used |
а ™
(To car telephone mute line)
The telephone mute lead, if connected to the
car telephone mute line, will activate the mut-
ing circuit and the sound from the speakers
cannot be heard while the telephone conver-
sation is in progress.
Note: This telephone mute lead is for connec-
tion only to the radio mute line. Be sure to
ascertain this because it will not work with
other type of output system.
Speaker Connections
Stripe 1
Stripe Chassis
e Do not connect more than one speaker to one set of speaker leads.
NOTE: Recommended External AMP Combination (Example)
Preamp out (rear/front) — CY-M9054 (4ch system)
Sub-Woofer out — CY-M9054 (2ch system)
CY-M7052 (1ch system)
CQ-DFX888/DFX777LEN 49
sa 2) В ИН
Special Notes
Notes on Compact Discs
¢ Dirt, dust, scratches and bending of disc will cause
misoperation, Handle discs with care.
® Do not place stickers or make scratches on disc.
e Do not bend discs.
e Disc should always be kept in the case when not
in use to prevent from damaging.
e Do not place discs in the following places:
1. Direct sunlight;
2. Dirty, dusty and damp areas;
3. Near car heaters;
4, Seats and dashboard.
Disc Cleaning
Use dry soft cloth to wipe the surface. If the disc is
quite dirty use soft cloth slightly dampened in iso-
propyl (rubbing) alcohol. Never use solvents such as
benzine, thinner, conventional record cleaner, or
mopper as they may mar the surface of the disc.
Do not touch the
underside of the
Caution for use of a new
A new disc may have rough edges on its inner and
outer perimeter. If a disc with rough edges is used,
proper setting will not be possible and the CD player
will not play the disc. Therefore, remove the rough
edges in advance by using a ball-point pen or pencil
as shown on right. To remove the rough edges, press
the side of the pen or pencil against the inner and
outer perimeter of the disc.
Rough edges
on outer perimeter
™ _ A ball-point pen
| — or pencil
Rough edges
on inner perimeter
Use fuses of the same specified rating (15A). Using different substitutes or fuses with higher ratings, or con-
necting the unit directly without a fuse, could cause fire or damage to the unit.
If the replacement fuse fails, contact your nearest authorized Panasonic Service Center.
Your product is designed and manufactured to ensure the minimum of maintenance. Use a soft cloth for rou-
tine exterior cleaning. Never use benzine, thinner, or other solvents.
| General: | GE |
Power Supply : DC 12V (1 V - 16V), Test Voltage 14.4V, Negative Ground
Tone Controls : Bass; + 12dB at 100Hz
Treble; + 12dB at 10kHz
Current Consumption : Less than 2.5A (CD mode, 0.5W 4-Speaker)
Maximum Power Output : 6OW x 4 (at 40) (CQ-DFX888LEN)
40W x 4 (at 4Q) (CQ-DFX777LEN)
Power Output : 30W x 4 (DIN45 324, at 40) (CO-DFX888LEN)
20W x 4 (DIN45 324, at 42) (CQ-DFX777LEN)
Center Speaker Output : 5W (Only for CQ-DFX888LEN)
Speaker Impedance : 4-80
Dimensions (Main unit} : 178(W) x 50(H) x 150(D) mm
Weight (Main unit) : 1,8 kg (CQ-DFX888LEN)
1.6 ke (CQ-DFX777LEN)
Pre-Amp Output Voltage : 4V (CQ-DFX888LEN) (CD mode)
2V (CQ-DFX777LEN) (CD mode)
Pre-Amp Output Impedance : 6000
Sub-Woofer Qutput Voltage : 4V (Only for CQ-DFX888LEN)
| FM Stereo Radio o
Frequency Range : 87.5 - 108MHz
Usable Sensitivity : 6dB/uV(S/N 30dB)
Stereo Separation : 35 dBíat 1kHz)
MW Radio В
Frequency Range : 531 - 1,8502kHz
Usable Sensitivity : 28dB/pV (S/N 20dB)
LW Radio |
Frequency Range 153 - 279kHz
Usable Sensitivity : 32dB/uV (S/N 20dB)
[CD Player |
Sampling Frequency : 8 times oversampling
DA Converter : MASHe1bit/4 DAC System
Error Correction System : Panasonic Super Decoding Algorithm
Pick-Up Type . Astigma 3-beam
Light Source ; Semiconductor laser
Wavelength : 780 nm |
Frequency Response : 20Hz - 20kHz (+1 dB)
Signal to Noise Ratio : 96 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion : 0.01%(1kHz)
Wow and Flutter . Below measurable limits
Channel Separation : 75 dB
| Center Speaker System (Only for CQ-DFX888LEN)
Speaker Unit Size : 60 mm Reverse Cone Speaker
Maximum Power Input . 45W
Voicecoil Impedance . 40
Frequency Response : 400Hz - 20kHz
Sound Pressure Level : 8B2dB/W/m
Specifications and the design are subject to possible modification without notice due to improvements.
Spatializer® and the circle-in-square device are trademarks owned by Desper Products, Inc.
Certain audio features of this product manufactured under a license from Desper Products, Inc.,
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