Panasonic SCPMX100BEB, SCPMX100BGN, SCPMX100EB, SCPMX100BEG, SCPMX100GN, SCPMX100EG Operating instructions

Panasonic SCPMX100BEB, SCPMX100BGN, SCPMX100EB, SCPMX100BEG, SCPMX100GN, SCPMX100EG Operating instructions
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2015年5月21日 木曜日 午後8時51分
1 Connect
2 Turn On Unit
3 Enter Network Setup
Do not connect
the LAN cable.
CD Stereo System
Model No. SC-PMX100/SC-PMX100B
Net Setup
Wait for
Initializing” to
stop scrolling.
Thank you for purchasing this product. Please read these instructions
carefully before using this product, and save this manual for future use.
OK? Yes
* After pressing [OK] to confirm "OK? Yes", the
previous network connection you have set with this
unit will be cleared.
Configure with Smartphone/Tablet
Go to wireless
settings on
or tablet.
“PMX100 _AJ”*.
* This can sometimes take 1
minute to appear.
Name your device
e.g. Kitchen, Lounge or
whatever you would like
it to appear.
Select your security
options for your unit.
Select your network.
(enter password if needed)
Wait a few seconds and...
Select “Yes” to set a password so that
the next time this network setting
method is used, it will verify user by
this password. Refer to the Operating
Instructions for details.’re connected!*
* After a short wait, your smartphone/
tablet should be automatically
reconnected to your Wi-Fi network. In
case you are not reconnected
automatically, please re-select your
Wi-Fi network from the settings /
Wi-Fi settings menu on your device.
Wi-Fi Settings
NOTE: If you encounter an error
message asking you to reconfigure your
router to WPA2 security, please refer to
your router’s manual or contact your
service provider for instructions on how
to do this.
NOTE: If this page is not
automatically displayed, type
“” into your
internet browser URL address
Download App
Download the free
“Panasonic Music
Streaming” app
[iOS] : App Store
[Android] : Google Play™
Stream your music
” lights up solid.
Further Support
For more information and other network setting methods, refer to the
Operating Instructions.
If you require further help, please visit
(This site is in English only.)
For details on the app, refer to the site below. (These sites are in English only.)
[iOS] :
[Android] :
The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Logo is a certification mark of Wi-Fi Alliance®. The Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ Identifier mark is a
certification mark of Wi-Fi Alliance®. “Wi-Fi®” is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance®. “Wi-Fi Protected Setup™”,
“WPA™”, and “WPA2™” are trademarks of Wi-Fi Alliance®. Google Play and Android are trademarks of Google Inc.
App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners.
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