Panasonic KXMVN511BX Operating Instructions

Panasonic KXMVN511BX Operating Instructions
Quick Reference Guide for VL-V900
This document explains the basic operations of the VL-V900. For further details, refer to the operating
instructions of the VL-V900 on the web.
Lobby Station
A Heat sensor
Turns on the display when a visitor is detected.
B Lens cover
C Light
Illuminates subjects in dark environments.
D Display
E Keypad
F Speaker
G Camera lens
H Microphone
I Search buttons ( and )
Used to select items shown on the display, adjust settings, etc.
J Cancel button (
K Call button (
Image viewing screen of the main monitor
Image from lobby station
Image from camera
Status icons
Indicates which lobby station is calling, monitoring, or talking. ("1" indicates the device number)
Indicates which camera is monitoring. ("1" indicates the device number)
Indicates the doorphone is calling, monitoring, or talking.
Indicates the other person (lobby station or PBX extension) is calling when monitoring or talking
with the doorphone.
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Basic operation
Enter the room number with the keypad → {
When the ringer tone is heard, press {TALK}.
L Confirm the caller before answering.
Other operation
At the lobby station
Searching by first letter of the name
1 Press {
2 Press {
3 Press {
} → use the keypad to enter the first letter of the resident’s name.
} or { } to search for the desired name.
} to call.
Opening the door by entering an unlock code
1 Press {#} → enter the 4-digit unlock code.
LFor information about the unlock code, please contact your building manager.
2 Press {
} to unlock.
Switching the image displayed on the main monitor
While talking to the main monitor, press {#} to switch the image displayed on the main monitor from the lobby
station to the camera. To return to the lobby image, press { }.
At the main monitor
Monitoring the lobby station or camera image
1 Press
→ select the desired destination →
LIf a camera is connected to the lobby station, you can alternate monitoring between the lobby station and
Lobby .
camera by pressing Camera or
Opening the door
You can open the lobby door while talking or monitoring the lobby station image. Press
to open the door.
Calling the PBX extension
1 Press {
} → select the desired destination →
Please note the following system conditions and limitations.
LOnly one call or monitoring session can be handled at a time.
Low priority: Monitoring
Medium priority: General calls (lobby station to main monitor, main monitor to PBX extension, etc.)
High priority: Emergency calls
LAll calls and monitoring sessions are disconnected after the pre-programmed "timeout" time elapses.
LFollowing features are not available for the lobby station:
– Zoom position settings
– Wide/Zoom settings
– Doorphone connection settings
LIn order to perform the above operations, optional devices and configuration for those devices are required.
Contact your building manager for more information.
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