Panasonic VLMV10EX1, VLMV10SX, VLMV10EX2 Operating instructions

Panasonic VLMV10EX1, VLMV10SX, VLMV10EX2 Operating instructions
Installation Guide
Model Name
Main Monitor Station
Model No.
R Main monitor station is described as "main monitor" in this guide.
R In this guide, the suffix of each model number (e.g., the "EX1" in "VL-MV10EX1") is
omitted unless necessary.
Note to the installer
R Before attempting to connect or operate this product, please read the label on the rear of
the main monitor.
R Please read this guide carefully, and install the product safely and correctly by following
the instructions. Carefully read the information found in the section titled "Important
safety information" in particular.
R Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer.
R The installation shall be carried out in accordance with all applicable installation rules.
R To the maximum extent permitted by law, Panasonic assumes no responsibility for
injuries or property damage resulting from failures arising out of improper installation or
operation inconsistent with this document.
Important safety information
To prevent severe injury or loss of life or property,
and to ensure proper and safe operation of your
product, read this section carefully before using
the product.
Preventing fire, electric shock and short circuits
R Leave installation work to the dealer.
Installation work requires technical
knowledge and experience. Electrical
connection work should be performed by
certified personnel only. Failure to observe
this may cause fire, electric shock, injury, or
damage to the product. Consult the dealer.
R Do not disassemble or modify the product.
Refer servicing to an authorised service centre
when service is required. Disassembling the
product or manipulating the product in a way not
described in the documentation may expose
you to dangerous voltages and other risks.
R Never install wiring during a lightning storm.
R Do not connect non-specified devices.
R Do not connect a power cable to a terminal that
is not specified in this guide.
R When opening holes in walls for installation or
wiring, or when securing the cable, make sure
you do not damage existing wiring and ductwork.
R Do not install the product in the following places:
– Places where the product may be splashed
with water or chemicals.
– Places where there is a high concentration of
dust, or high humidity.
R When existing wires are used, it is possible that
they contain AC voltage. Contact an authorised
service centre.
Preventing accidents and injuries
R VL-MV10EX2 only: This product is equipped
with an integrated induction loop.
– In areas surrounded with strong electric
fields, disturbances may occur in the hearing
aid's audio.
– If there are electronic devices or electric
devices used nearby, they may create
magnetic noise which can affect the quality of
calls. Also, the magnetic coupling of the
induction loop is weakened when there are
metal objects nearby. This may reduce the
range where the hearing aid has good
– Do not install or use the product in health
care facilities if any regulations posted in the
area instruct you not to do so. Hospitals or
health care facilities may be using equipment
that could be sensitive to electromagnetic
Preventing electric shock
R If the wiring passes underground, use a conduit,
and do not make any connections underground.
R If the wiring passes outdoors, use a conduit or a
surge protector.
Preventing injury
R Install the product securely adhering to the
instructions in this document to prevent it from
falling off the wall. Avoid installing onto
low-strength walls, such as gypsum board, ALC
(autoclaved lightweight concrete), concrete
block, or veneer (less than 18 mm thick) walls.
Supplied accessories for installation
For the main monitor
Screw ´ 2
(4 mm ´ 16 mm)
Mounting bracket ´ 1
R You will need the following additional items to install and configure the main monitor.
[Locally procured]
– Wires:
Prepare wires of the appropriate specification. (a"Wire type and length")
R The illustrations in the supplied manual(s) may vary slightly from the actual product.
Precautions for installation
R This product is a bus-powered main monitor for use with Panasonic Video Intercom Systems.
Power is supplied from a lobby station or distributor.
R Do not install the product in the following locations.
There may be a risk of malfunction or communication disturbances.
– Places where vibration, impact, or echoing occurs.
– Places near a high concentration of dust, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, sulphur, or noxious fumes.
– Places where there is excessive smoke, dust, and high temperature.
– Within 1 m of a TV, microwave, personal computer, air conditioner or any other electrical device.
R Install the product away from electronic appliances such as TVs, radios, personal computers, air
conditioners, boiler control panels with intercom, home security equipment, wireless devices, or digital
cordless phones.
R Do not place any objects within 20 cm of the main monitor. This may cause communication errors or
R Do not install the main monitor inside a wall.
R In areas surrounded by a high electrical field, disturbances may occur in the main monitor’s image or
Wiring schematic diagram
Set up correctly according to the following wiring schematic diagram and "Wire type and length".
R For information about connections, refer to the documentation of the lobby station/distributor (VL-VM
R Wiring is non-polarised.
lobby station,
or distributor)
Main monitor
Door bell
Connection device
for option output
(A contact)
Wire type and length
Wire type*1
Wiring run
Max. length
ø 0.65 mm (22 AWG)
approx. 100 m
ø 1.2 mm (17 AWG)
approx. 200 m
Door bell*2
ø 0.5 mm - ø 1.2 mm
(24 AWG - 17 AWG)
According to
specification of
connected device.
Connection device for
option output (A
ø 0.5 mm - ø 1.2 mm
(24 AWG - 17 AWG)
According to
specification of
connected device.
Connected device
(example: lobby
station or distributor)
Main monitor
Main monitor
Main monitor
Note the following when selecting wiring
*1 Use 2-conductor (solid copper) wiring with a PE (polyethylene)-insulated PVC jacket.
Mid-capacitance, non-shielded cable is recommended.
R A certified power supply wiring has to be used with this equipment. The relevant national
installation and/or equipment regulations shall be considered. A certified power supply wiring not
lighter than ordinary polyvinyl chloride flexible wiring according to IEC 60227 shall be used.
*2 When using a door bell, select a device that meets the following guidelines:
R Connection device for option input terminal (IN1/IN2):
– Input method: No-voltage contact
– Open-circuit voltage between terminals: DC 10 V to 22 V
– Detection definite time: 0.1 second or more
– Resistance value: make: 500 W or less, break: 150 kW or more
*3 When using a connection device for option output (A contact), select a device that meets the
following guidelines:
R Connection device for option output (A contact) terminal (OUT1/OUT2):
– N/O dry closure contact
– 12 V AC/DC, less than 1 A
Main monitor installation
Installing the main monitor
About the installation position of the main
monitor and mounting bracket
R Place the main monitor in a location that your
eyes are the same height as the centre of the
R For the following reasons, leave at least 20 cm
(A) of space above, below, and to the left and
right sides of the main monitor:
– To prevent malfunction and sound cutting out
– To ensure to make sure the reset button (B)
can be used (the reset button is on the
bottom of the main monitor)
Attach the mounting bracket (A) to the wall
R Install the mounting bracket on a vertical flat
wall (B).
C Screws (accessory)
D Hole in wall E 60 mm F 83.5 mm
G 7 mm H 50 mm
Connect the wires.
R Connect the wires correctly according to
"Wiring schematic diagram".
R After deciding where to install the main monitor,
attach the mounting bracket in the location
shown below.
R How to make wiring connections
While pressing on the button (A) with a
pointed object such as a screwdriver, insert
the wire into the terminal connector (B).
(To disconnect a wire, while pressing on the
button (A), pull out the wire.)
C Main monitor installation position
D 65 mm
E 50.7 mm
Bare wire at tip 9 mm
Wiring from the connected device
(example: lobby station, distributor,
or other device)
R Do not connect the power cable.
(Damage may occur.)
Mount the main monitor to the mounting
3-1 Line up the tab on the bottom of the
bracket with the groove on the main monitor.
3-2 Line up the tab on the top of the bracket
with the groove on the main monitor, and push
the main monitor down until it is secure.
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