Panasonic KXMB1500FR Operating Instructions

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Panasonic KXMB1500FR Operating Instructions | Manualzz
Important Information Guide
Multi-Function Printer
Model No.
KX-MB1500FR KX-MB1500G KX-MB1500GX
KX-MB1500SL KX-MB1520FR KX-MB1520G
KX-MB1520SP KX-MB1530FR KX-MB1530G
n Replacement accessory
To ensure that the unit operates properly, we
recommend the use of Panasonic toner cartridge.
– Toner cartridge
R Model No. (Part No.): KX-FAT390X
– Toner cartridge (high capacity)
R Model No. (Part No.): KX-FAT410X
n The supplied Setup CD-ROM provides the
Operating Instructions in PDF format with a detailed
description on how to use the unit. Adobe®
Reader® is required to view them. Please read
before using the unit and save the CD-ROM for
future reference.
R Save the original carton and packing materials
for future shipping and transportation of the unit.
R After unpacking the product, take care of the
packing materials and/or power plug cap
R The suffix in the model number will be omitted in
these instructions.
Language selection:
You can select the desired language.
The display and reports will be in the selected
language. If you want to change the setting, see the
operating instructions (feature #110).
Location selection:
KX-MB1520SP/KX-MB1530SP only:
R Designed to be used in Spain and Portugal
according to the location setting feature.
The default setting is Spain. To change the
location setting, see the operating instructions
(feature #114).
You can select English for the display and
report (feature #110).
R When you operate this product, the power
outlet should be near the product and easily
R Be sure to use the telephone line cord supplied
with this unit (KX-MB1520/KX-MB1530 only).
R Do not extend the telephone line cord
(KX-MB1520/KX-MB1530 only).
R Do NOT connect the unit to a computer with
the USB cable until prompted to do so during
the setup of Multi-Function Station (CD-ROM).
R Adobe and Reader are either registered
trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems
Incorporated in the United States and/or other
R All other trademarks identified herein are the
property of their respective owners.
Table of Contents
1.1 For your safety
1.2 Important safety instructions
1.3 Information for Users on Collection and
Disposal of Old Equipment and used
1.4 Illegal copies
1.5 Useful Information
1.6 Declaration of Conformity
(KX-MB1520/KX-MB1530 only)
R The maximum sound pressure level is 70 dB (A)
or less as per EN ISO 7779. (Germany only)
R This device is not intended for use in the direct
field of view at visual display workplaces. To
avoid incommoding reflexions at visual display
workplaces this device must not be placed in the
direct field of view. (Germany only)
R In the event of problems, you should contact your
equipment supplier in the first instance
(KX-MB1520/KX-MB1530 only).
R This equipment is designed for use on the Belgium
analogue telephone network.
R This equipment is designed for use on the France
analogue telephone network.
R This equipment is designed for use on the Germany
and Austria analogue telephone network.
R This equipment is designed for use on the Italy
analogue telephone network.
R This equipment is designed for use on the
Netherlands analogue telephone network.
R This equipment is designed for use on the
Switzerland analogue telephone network.
R This equipment is designed for use on the Spain and
Portugal analogue telephone network.
Declaration of Conformity (KX-MB1520/KX-MB1530
R Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd. declares that
this equipment is in compliance with the essential
requirements and other relevant provisions of Radio
& Telecommunications Terminal Equipment
(R&TTE) Directive 1999/5/EC.
Declarations of Conformity for the relevant
Panasonic products described in this manual are
available for download by visiting:
Contact to Authorised Representative:
Panasonic Testing Centre
Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH
Winsbergring 15, 22525 Hamburg, Germany
Information of Compliance with EU relevant
Regulatory Directives (KX-MB1500 only):
R Contact to Authorised Representative:
Panasonic Testing Centre
Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH
Winsbergring 15, 22525 Hamburg, Germany
ENERGY STAR (European Union only):
R As an ENERGY STAR® Partner, Panasonic has
determined that this product meets the ENERGY
STAR guidelines for energy efficiency. ENERGY
STAR is a U.S. registered mark.
1. . Important Information
1. Important Information
1.1 For your safety
To prevent severe injury and loss of life/property, read this section
carefully before using the unit to ensure proper and safe operation of
your unit.
Power and ground connection
R Unplug this unit from power outlets if it emits smoke, an abnormal smell
or makes unusual noise. These conditions can cause fire or electric
shock. Confirm that smoke has stopped and contact an authorised
service centre.
R Use only the power source marked on the unit. If you are not sure of
the type of power supplied to your home, consult your retailer/dealer
or local power company.
R For safety purposes this unit is equipped with a grounded plug. If you
do not have this type of outlet, please have one installed. Do not ignore
this safety feature by tampering with the plug.
R Do not place objects on the power cord. Install the unit where no one
can step or trip on the cord.
R Do not overload power outlets and extension cords. This can result in
the risk of fire or electric shock.
R Completely insert the AC adaptor/power plug into the power outlet.
Failure to do so may cause electric shock and/or excessive heat
resulting in a fire.
R Regularly remove any dust, etc. from the AC adaptor/power plug by
pulling it from the power outlet, then wiping with a dry cloth. Accumulated
dust may cause an insulation defect from moisture, etc. resulting in a
R Never touch the plug with wet hands. There is a danger of electric shock.
R Place the unit securely on a stable, level surface. Serious damage and/
or injury may result if the unit falls.
R To prevent the risk of fire or electrical shock, do not expose this product
to rain or any type of moisture.
R Use this unit in a well ventilated area. Particularly, if you will be using
the unit for extended periods of time or will be printing in large volumes,
be sure to ventilate the room sufficiently.
Operating safeguards
R Turn the power OFF before cleaning. Do not use liquid or aerosol
R Do not cover slots and openings on the unit. They are provided for
ventilation and protection against overheating. Never place the unit
near radiators, or in a place where proper ventilation is not provided.
R Never push any objects through slots in this unit. This may result in the
risk of fire or electric shock. Never spill any liquid on the unit.
R To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not disassemble this unit. Take
the unit to an authorised service centre when service is required.
Opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltage or
other risks. Incorrect reassembly can cause electric shock when the
unit is subsequently used.
R Follow all warnings and instructions marked on this unit.
R Do not spill liquids (detergents, cleansers, etc.) onto the telephone line
cord plug, or allow it to become wet at all. This may cause a fire. If the
telephone line cord plug becomes wet, immediately pull it from the
telephone wall jack, and do not use (KX-MB1520/KX-MB1530 only).
R Unplug this unit from power outlets and refer servicing to an authorised
service centre when any of the following conditions occur:
– If the power cord is damaged or frayed.
– If the unit has been exposed to rain or water, or liquid has been
spilled into the unit. Do not use a microwave oven to speed up the
drying process of any parts of the unit to avoid permanent damage.
– If the unit does not work normally by following the operating
instructions. Adjust only controls covered by the operating
instructions. Improper adjustment may require extensive work by
an authorised service centre.
– If the unit has been dropped or physically damaged.
– If the unit exhibits a distinct change in performance.
USB cable
R To assure continued emission limit compliance, use only shielded USB
cable (Example: Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified cable).
Installation and relocation
R After moving the unit from cold areas to warmer areas, wait
approximately 30 minutes before turning on the power switch to allow
the unit to adjust to the ambient temperature. If the power switch is
turned on too soon after a sudden climate change, condensation may
form inside the unit, causing malfunction.
R Never turn the unit upside down or sideways when moving it.
R Never install telephone wiring during a lightning storm (KX-MB1520/
KX-MB1530 only).
R Never install telephone jacks in wet locations unless the jack is
specifically designed for wet locations (KX-MB1520/KX-MB1530 only).
R Never touch uninsulated telephone wires or terminals unless the
telephone line has been disconnected at the network interface
(KX-MB1520/KX-MB1530 only).
R Use caution when installing or modifying telephone lines (KX-MB1520/
KX-MB1530 only).
R Do not position the unit in a location where it is unstable or subject to
Laser radiation
R The printer of this unit utilises a laser. Use of controls or adjustments
or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may
result in hazardous radiation exposure.
See the operating instructions for the Laser diodes properties.
LED light
R When using the unit, do not look directly at the CIS’s LED light. Direct
eye exposure can cause eye damage.
See the operating instructions where the CIS LED specifications are
Fuser unit
R During or immediately after printing, the fuser unit gets hot. This is
normal. Do not touch the fuser unit.
Detailed operating instructions are on the CD-ROM.
1. Important Information
R The area near the rear cover may also get warm. This is normal.
Penalties may be applicable for incorrect disposal of this waste, in
accordance with national legislation.
Toner cartridge
R Avoid ingestion, inhalation, eye or skin contact.
– If ingestion occurs, drink several glasses of water to dilute stomach
– If inhalation occurs, exit the area immediately into an area with
fresh air.
– If skin contact occurs, wash thoroughly with soap and cold water,
then air dry. Do not use hot water or hair dryer.
– If eye contact occurs, flush thoroughly with water.
– In all cases, seek medical treatment if adverse symptoms occur.
For business users in the European Union
If you wish to discard electrical and electronic equipment, please contact
your dealer or supplier for further information.
Information on Disposal in other Countries outside the European Union
These symbols (A, B, C) are only valid in the European Union. If you wish
to discard these items, please contact your local authorities or dealer and
ask for the correct method of disposal.
Note for the battery symbol
This symbol (B) might be used in combination with a chemical symbol
(C). In this case it complies with the requirement set by the Directive for the
chemical involved.
1.2 Important safety instructions
When using this unit, basic safety precautions should always be followed to
reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or personal injury.
1. Do not use this unit near water, for example near a bathtub, wash bowl,
kitchen sink, etc.
2. During thunderstorms, avoid using telephones except cordless types.
There may be a remote risk of an electric shock from lightning
(KX-MB1520/KX-MB1530 only).
3. Do not use the telephone of this unit (if so equipped) to report a gas
leak, when in the vicinity of the leak (KX-MB1520/KX-MB1530 only).
1.3 Information for Users on Collection and
Disposal of Old Equipment and used
1.4 Illegal copies
R It is unlawful to make copies of certain documents.
Copying certain documents may be illegal in your country. Penalties of
fines and/or imprisonment may be imposed on those found guilty. The
following are examples of items that may be illegal to copy in your
– Currency
– Bank notes and cheques
– Bank and government bonds and securities
– Passports and identification cards
– Copyright material or trademarks without the consent of the owner
– Postage stamps and other negotiable instruments
This list is not inclusive and no liability is assumed for either its
completeness or accuracy. In case of doubt, contact your legal
R Install your machine near a supervised area to prevent illegal copies
from being made.
These symbols (A, B, C) on the products, packaging, and/or
accompanying documents mean that used electrical and electronic products
and batteries should not be mixed with general household waste.
For proper treatment, recovery and recycling of old products and used
batteries, please take them to applicable collection points, in accordance
with your national legislation and the Directives 2002/96/EC and 2006/66/
By disposing of these products and batteries correctly, you will help to save
valuable resources and prevent any potential negative effects on human
health and the environment which could otherwise arise from inappropriate
waste handling.
For more information about collection and recycling of old products and
batteries, please contact your local municipality, your waste disposal service
or the point of sale where you purchased the items.
Detailed operating instructions are on the CD-ROM.
1. Important Information
1.5 Useful Information
User record (for your future reference)
Date of purchase
Serial number (found on the rear of the unit)
Retailer’s/Dealer’s name and address
Retailer’s/Dealer’s telephone number
Attach your sales receipt here.
Detailed operating instructions are on the CD-ROM.
1. Important Information
1.6 Declaration of Conformity (KX-MB1520/KX-MB1530 only)
The object of the declaration described above <A> is in conformity with the requirements of the following EU legislations <B> and harmonized standards
Detailed operating instructions are on the CD-ROM.
: KX-MB1500
0682 : KX-MB1520/KX-MB1530
with Fax function
Sales Department:
Europalaan 30
5232 BC's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
1-62, 4-chome, Minoshima, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 812-8531, Japan
Web Site:
This material is copyrighted by Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd., and may be reproduced for internal use only.
All other reproduction, in whole or in part, is prohibited without the written consent of Panasonic System Networks
Co., Ltd.
© Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd. 2011


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