Panasonic KXTC167E Operating Instructions

Panasonic KXTC167E Operating Instructions
Cordless Phone
“Charge the battery for about 3 hours before initial use. -
; This equipment is not designed for making emergency
telephony calls when the power fails. Alternative
arrangements should be made for access to emergency
- services.
Important Information
и N
Do not connect the AC adaptor to
any AC outlet other than the
standard AC 230-240 V, 50 Hz.
* Qutlet voltage DC 13.5 V, 400 mA
* The apparatus is approved for use
with the KX-A311E power supply.
» CAUTION: Do not remove cover.
Live parts inside.
This apparatus has been approved
for the use of the following facilities:
1) Storage of telephone numbers
for retrieval by a predetermined
2) Last number redial
3) Simple telephone facility
4) PBX timed break register recall
5) MF signalling
6) LD signalling
7) Pause
8) 1 way Paging
Any other usage will invalidate the
approval of the apparatus if as a
result, it then ceases to conform to
the standards against which
approval was granted.
Ringer Equivalence Number
This relates to the performance of
the apparatus when used in
combination with other items of
apparatus. It enables the
calculation of the maximum number
of items of apparatus that may be
connected simultaneously to the
line by summing the REN values of
each item. A BT supplied
instrument has a REN value of 1
unless otherwise marked.
A maximum REN value of 4 should
not be exceeded. The REN value of
this apparatus is 1.
Method of connection
This is connected to the exchange
line or PABX/PMBX (Private
Automatic/Manual Branch
Exchange) extension by the new
standard British Telecom plug and
socket. Arrangements for provision
of this type of termination can be
made through the nearest British
Telecom Sales Office. The
apparatus may be connected to the
following types of installation. The
apparatus has been approved for
use under the following conditions:
a) This apparatus may be used on
telecommunication systems
employing LD and MF signalling.
It is suitable for connection to a
direct exchange line on the
PSTN (Public Switched
Telephone Network) ar via a
compatible PBX (Private Branch
Exchange). (Contact the supplier
for an up to date list of
compatible PBX's.)
b) This apparatus is not suitable as
an extension to a payphone or
for use on a party line with
shared service.
This cordless telephone has been
designed to operate on radio
frequencies which have been
assigned to the exclusive use of
cordless telephones. As the use of
cordless telephones becomes more
widespread users may experience
a reduction in the quality of service
obtainable from this apparatus.
There is a possibility of occurrence
of overhearing between cordiess
telephones operating on the same
radio channel. And such
interference may increase with
greater usage of cordless
999 or 112 can be dialled on the
apparatus for the purposes of
making outgoing calls to the BT
Emergency (999 or 112) Service.
Although this equipment can use
either loop disconnect or DTMF
signalling, only the performance of
the DTMF signalling is subject to
regulatory requirements for correct
operation. It is therefore strongly
recommended that the equipment Is
set to use DTMF signalling for
access to public or private
emergency services. DTMF
signalling also provides faster call
set up.
The apparatus may be unable to
make emergency 999 or 112
telephone calls, under certain
conditions, e.g.
» Radio interference caused by
another cordless telephone
operating on the same radio
* The portable handset battery
needs recharging, or has failed.
« The portable handset cannot be
used while charging.
Any cases of difficuity should be
referred in the first instance to the
supplier of the apparatus.
If you experience any problems with
the normal use of your apparatus,
you should unplug it from the
telephone outlet and connect a
known working telephone in its
place. If the known working
telephone still gives problems, then
please contact the customer service
department of your PSTN operator.
It it operates properly, then the
problem is likely to be a fault in your
apparatus. In this case, contact
your supplier for advice. Your PSTN
operator may charge you if they
attend a service call that is not due
to apparatus supplied by them.
Before Initial Use
Thank you for purchasing the Panasonic cordless
For your future reference
Serial No. Date of purchase
(found on the bottom of the unit)
Name and address of dealer
Included with this unit
[J AC Adaptor (p. 10) | CI Telephone Line [J Wall Mounting
Order No. Cord (p. 10) Adaptor (p. 16, 26)
KX-A311E-2 Order No.
one | one one
For Best Performance
Battery Charge
A rechargeable Ni-Cd battery “The battery
powers the handset. Charge the “isbenealh ST
battery for about 3 hours before \this cover. LM
initial use (p. 12). > wl
N he
Operating Distance/Noise
Calls are transmitted between the base unit and the handset using wireless
radio waves. For maximum distance and noise free operation, the
recommended base unit location is:
Away from electrical appliances In a HIGH and CENTRAL
such as a TV, radio, or personal location with no obstructions
computer. such as walls.
Location of Controls ...........................0.0000000000000 000 DA 8
Settings ..................-...2emeee ee 10
Connections ...................eeee2excerererreceer cre RI IR DD AZ 10
Adding Another PHONE asien EHEN 11
Battery Charge ................2eeeeeeee0ieeene anse ce renea creer 12
Selecting the Dialling Mode ...................===..... ee 14
Convenient Desk Usage ere 16
Making Calls ........cccoiiiii EEE EEK E EEE EEE NE e 7
Answering Calls ..................... eae acer 18
. Automatic Dialling e... era 20
Storing Phone Numbers in Memory ................m.—.... reas 20
Dialling a Stored Number 2er Ener EEE EEE 21
Special Features .........0000000000000000 0. —— eee „нед
Handset Locator ..............——.—... eerie rare LL
Automatic Security Code Setting EEE 23
Temporary Tone Dialling (For Rotary or Pulse Service Users) ..23
If Your Unit is Connected to a PBX (Analog Only)............... 23
Using the Recall Feature ......... RTE 24
Battery Replacement e... Ber RR anne 25
Wall Mounting .............. ener rene 26
Before Requesting Help er 28
Safety Instructions .................. EEE EEE 30
м |
Location of Controls
——— Aerial
(REDIÍAL) Button
(p. 17)
AUTO | Button
p. 14, 20
(TALK) Button and (P )
Indicator (p. 14, 17) (RECALL) Button
(p. 24)
(TONE) Button (p. 23) ~_ |
| Button (p. 17, 19)
PROGRAM) Button es 7 ——— (PAUSE) Button
(p. 23)
BATT (Battery) LOW
Indicator (p. 12) (CH) (Channel)
Button (p. 17)
Charge Contacts (p. 13) -------------—-
Base unit
в < Е
a Q
Aerial (p. 5, 10) —
IN USE/CHARGE Indicator (p. 12)
Handset Hook (p. 27)
Charge Contacts (p. 13) (HANDSET LOCATOR] Button (p. 22)
1 ï _ Extend the
aerial fully.
DC IN Jack
Fasten the cord to prevent it
from being disconnected.
т Telephone Line
>—| Miniplug | Cord
To Mains Outlet
(AC 230-240 V, 50 Hz)
AC Adaptor
e The AC adaptor must remain connected at all times. (It is normal for the
adaptor to feel warm during use.)
e To connect a standard telephone on the same line, see page 11.
This apparatus is intended for use when powered by the KX-A313 Е.
Using other power supplies will invalidate any approval given to this
Adding Another Phone
This unit will not function during a power failure.
To connect a standard
telephone on the same line, use a T-adaptor.
To B.T. Socket
E T-Adaptor
Telephone Line Cord
Standard Telephone
mp Settings
Battery Charge
Place the handset on the base unit and
charge for about 3 hours before initial
e The IN USE/CHARGE indicator
When the BATT LOW indicator flashes
or the unit beeps intermittently,
recharge the battery. |
« The BATT LOW indicator will
continue to flash for at least
10 minutes once you begin recharging.
This time will increase the more you BATT LOW Indicator
use the handset while recharging.
Standard battery life
If your Panasonic battery is fully charged:
Operation Approx. Battery Life
9 |
EN |
© |
While in use (TALK) Up to about 8 hours
While not in use (Stand-By) Up to about 14 days
e Battery life may vary depending on usage conditions and ambient
e Clean the handset and the base unit charge contacts with a soft dry
cloth once a month. Clean more often if the unit is subject to grease,
dust or high humidity. If not, the battery may not charge properly.
» Once the battery is fully charged, you do not have to place the handset on
the base unit until the BATT LOW indicator flashes. This will maximize the
battery life.
* The battery cannot be overcharged.
mp Settings
Selecting the Dialling Mode
You can program the dialling mode using the handset close to the base
unit. If you have touch tone service, set to TONE. If rotary service is used,
set to PULSE. The factory preset is TONE.
The TALK indicator light must be off before programming.
1 Press (PROGRAM).
e The TALK indicator flashes.
2 Press [AUTO |.
3 To select PULSE, press [8] twice. TALK) and
OR Indicator
e À confirmation tone sounds.”
e To cancel, press [PROGRAM], then restart from step 1.
e If 3 beeps sound during programming, you have pressed a wrong key.
Restart from step 1.
*What the confirmation tone means
1 beep: The mode is different from a previously selected one.
2 beeps: The mode is the same as a previously selected one,
You can determine which type of local BT exchange you are connected to
using the following procedure.
1. Ensure that the dialling mode is selected to TONE.
3. Dial a number you are familiar with.
4, If the call is successful, you are connected to a tone exchange.
Therefore, leave the dialling mode as TONE.
5. If the call is not successful, you are connected to a pulse exchange.
Therefore, select the dialling mode to PULSE.
Convenient Desk Usage
The wall mounting adaptor can also be used to raise the unit at an angle.
(1) Insert the tabs of the wall mounting adaptor
into the “DESK” openings in the unit.
© Push the adaptor in the direction of the arrow.
o “UP DESK" should face upward.
e It is not necessary to pull down the handset hook (p. 9).
Making Calls
1 Press {TALK}.
The indicator lights.
2 Dial a telephone number.
3 To hang up,
press [TALK] or place the —
handset on the base unit. TALK) and
* The TALK indicator light
goes out.
4-— (REDIAL)
* |f an alarm tone sounds in step 1, move toward the base unit or place the
handset on the base unit. Then try again.
To redial the last number
Press [TALK) » (REDIAL).
To select the receiver volume HIGH (preset) or LOW
Press (LOUD/RINGER] while talking.
* Each time you press the button, the volume level will change.
If noise interferes with the conversation
Press (CH) to select a clear channel! or move closer to the base unit.
‘Answering Calls
If the handset is off the base unit,
(TALK |.
press | |
e You can also answer a call by
pressing any dialling button 0 to
9, X, or # (—Any key Talk).
If on the base unit, just lift it up.
Adjusting the handset ringer volume
The TALK indicator light must be off.
e To select HIGH (preset) or LOW, press (LOUD/RINGER briefly.
(Each time you press the button briefly, the ringer volume will change.)
« To turn the ringer OFF, press {LOUD/RINGER until 2 beeps sound.
e To turn the ringer ON, press {LOUD/RINGER briefly. The ringer sounds at
the HIGH level.
Lighted keypad
The dialling buttons will light while dialling and flash when a call is received.
The light will go out about 10 seconds after dialling or answering a call.
Huminated Talk Key
The (TALK] button uses non-radioactive luminescent material which
can absorb light energy of sunlight or lamps (incandescent, fluorescent,
halogen, etc.) and release this absorbed light for darkened room
e As the absorbed energy in the [TALK] button material decreases, the
button brightness will fade naturally.
e Button brightness and duration depends on the amount of room
lighting and exposure time.
Automatic Dialling
Storing Phone Numbers in Memory
You can store up to 10 numbers in the handset. The dialling buttons (0 to
9) function as memory stations.
The TALK indicator light must be off before programming.
1 Press (PROGRAM).
* The TALK indicator flashes.
2 Enter a phone number up to
16 digits. TALK Indicator
* If you misdial, press
PROGRAM to end storing,
then restart from step 1.
3 Press AUTO).
Memory Station
4 Press a memory station
number (0 to 9).
e A confirmation tone sounds.”
e To store other numbers,
repeat steps 1 through 4.
“What the confirmation tone means
1 beep: The new number is stored.
2 beeps: The number is the same as a previously stored one.
To erase a stored number
Press PROGRAM) =# AUTO ® the memory station number (0 to 9) for the
phone number 10 be erased.
Memory sticker
Use the included memory sticker as a name =
or phone number index for automatic
dialling. Attach the sticker to the unit or in a
convenient place.
Dialling a Stored Number
1 Press [TALK).
At Lina
2 Press (AUTO).
3 Press the memory station
number (0 to 9).
e The stored number is
Memory Station
Special Features
(PAUSE) ==)
Handset Locator
From the base unit you can locate the handset or page a person at the
handset with beep tones.
The IN USE/CHARGE indicator flashes and the handset beeps for
1 minutes.
2 To stop paging, press {HANDSET LOCATOR | again or press (TALK |
twice on the handset.
Automatic Security Code Setting
Whenever you place the handset on the base unit, the unit automatically
selects one of 65,000 security codes. These codes help to avoid
unauthorized use of your telephone line by another cordless telephone.
Temporary Tone Dialling (For Rotary or Pulse
Service Users)
« The dialling mode changes to tone. You can enter numbers to access an
answering service, electronic banking services, etc. When you hang up,
the mode returns to pulse.
If Your Unit is Connected to a PBX (Analog Only)
We recommend you press [PAUSE] between the access number for an
outside line and the phone number.
Nika pn om tr
ts pm go
= Е
5 |
mM Special Features
Using the Recall Feature
The RECALL button is used to access special telephone services
(optional) such as call waiting. Contact your telephone company business
office for details.
Example: British Telecom call waiting
When a call waiting tone is heard during a conversation
a) To hold the existing call and accept the waiting call
Press (RECALL |.
second call.
b) To accept the waiting call and clear from the existing call
Press (TALK). When the unit rings, press [TALK] to answer the new call.
c) To reject the waiting call
Allow the call waiting to time out. This will take about 40 seconds.
If your unit is connected to a PBX, pressing (RECALL) allows you to
access some features of your host PBX such as transferring an extension
Battery Replacement
If the BATT LOW indicator flashes after being fully charged, replace the
battery with a new Panasonic P-P301 (KX-A36A) battery. To prevent
memory loss, replace within 5 minutes.
1 Remove the cover by
sliding it while pressing the
2 Replace the battery, then
close the cover.
3 Be sure to charge the new
battery for about 3 hours.
At the end of its useful life, the Nickel-Cadmium battery must be disposed
of properly.
Wall Mounting
This unit can be mounted on a wall using screws and washers with other
suitable wall fixings, if required.
1 Connect the AC adaptor.
To Mains
2 Tuck the telephone line cord
inside the wall mounting
3 (D Insert the tabs of the wall
mounting adaptor into the
“WALL” openings in the unit.
(@ Push the adaptor in the
direction of the arrow.
“UP WALL" should face
4 Install the screws and washers
using the wall template below.
Connect the telephone line
cord to the B.T. socket. Mount
the unit, then slide down.
Screws and Washers
« Extend the aerial fully.
Pull down the handset hook
until it locks so the tab
holds the handset.
6 To charge the battery:
Place the handset on the
handset hook as shown.
indicator lights. =
| Wall Template | =
— 8.5 cm >|
Before Requesting Help
The unit does not work.
e Check the settings (p. 10-15).
e Charge the battery fully (p. 12).
e Clean the charge contacts and charge
again (p. 13).
e Install the battery properly (p. 25).
e Place the handset on the base unit and
unplug the AC adaptor to reset. Plug in,
then try again.
o Re-insert the handset battery within 5
minutes to avoid memory loss and place
the handset on the base unit. Then try
e You are too far from the base unit. Move
closer and try again. |
e Place the handset on the base unit and
try again.
e Plug in the AC adaptor.
e Extend the base unit aerial fully.
e Set the handset and the base unit away
from other electrical appliances (p. 5).
* Move closer to the base unit.
» Extend the base unit aerial fully.
— e Press to select a clearer channel.
a The ringer volume is set to OFF. Press
(LOUD/RINGER briefly while the TALK
indicator light is off (p. 19).
You cannot store a phone
number in memory.
e You cannot store a number while the unit
is in the talk mode.
e Do not pause for over 30 seconas while
While storing a phone
number, the unit starts to
e To answer the call, press [TALK]. The
program will be cancelled. Store the
number again.
does not function. |
e The handset is too tar from the base unit
or is engaged in an outside call.
The BATT LOW indicator
flashes or the: unit beeps a
e Charge the battery fully (p. 12).
You charged the battery ~~ «(Clean the charge contacts and charge
fully, but the BATT LOW «again (p. 13).
indicator flashes. — e Install a new battery (p. 25).
The IN USE/CHARGE e This is normal.
indicator light never.goes..
out while charging. ~~
Safety Instructions
Take special care to follow the safety suggestions listed below.
1) Power Source: The unit should be connected to a power supply only of
the type described in the operating instructions or as marked on the
2) Non use Periods: When left unused for a long period of time, the base
unit should be unplugged from the household AC outlet.
Environment |
1) Water and Moisture: Do not use this unit near water—for example,
near a bathtub, washbowl, sink, etc. Damp basements should also be
2) Heat: The unit should be kept away from heat sources such as
radiators, cookers, etc. It also should not be placed in rooms where the
temperature is less than 5°C (41°F) or greater than 40°C (104"F).
1) Stacking: Do not place heavy objects on top of this unit.
2) Foreign Material: Care should be taken so that objects do not fall onto
and liquids are not spilled into the unit. Do not subject this unit to
excessive smoke, dust, mechanical vibration, or shock.
3) Surface: Place the unit on a flat surface.
For best performance
1) If noise prevents the conversation from being understood at the
handset, move toward the base unit to reduce the noise.
2) The handset should be used at the HIGH volume setting when the other
party sounds quiet.
3) The handset should be fully recharged on the base unit when the
BATT LOW indicator flashes. |
4) The handset aerial should not be touched during use because of its
high sensitivity.
5) The maximum calling distance may be shortened when the unit is used
in the following places: Near obstacles such as hills, tunnels,
undergrounds, near metal objects such as wire fences, efc.
This guarantee is in addition to and does not in any way affect any statutory or
other rights of consumer purchasers. If within the applicable guarantee period, the
appliance proves to be defective by reason of faulty design. workmanship or
materials, we undertake subject to the following conditions to have the detective
appliance (or any part or parts there ofj repaired or replaced free of charge.
1. The appliance shall have been purchased and used solely within the UK and in
accordance with standard operating instructions and the technical and/or Safety
Standards required in the UK.
2. The appliance should be returned together with this guarantee and proof of date
of purchase promptly on being found defective at the purchaser's risk and
expense to the authorized dealer from whom the appliance was purchased or to
the nearest authorized dealer. All enquires must be through such dealers.
3. This guarantee shall not apply to damage caused through fire, accident,
lightning, misuse, wear and tear, neglect, incorrect adjustment or repair, to
damage caused through installation, adaption, modification or use in an improper
manner or inconsistent with the technical and/or safety standards required in the
country where this appliance is used, or to damage occurred during transit to or
from the purchaser.
4. If at any time during the guarantee period any part or parts of the appliance are
replaced with a part or parts not supplied or approved by us or of an objective
quality safe and suitable for the appliance, or the appliance has been dismantled
or repaired by any person not authorized by us, we shall have the right to
terminate this guarantee in whole or in part immediately without further notice.
5. The purchaser's sole and exclusive remedy under this guarantee against us is
for the repair or replacement of the appliance or any defective part or parts and
no other remedy, including, but not limited to, incidental or consequential
damage or loss of whatsoever nature shall be available to the purchaser.
6. This guarantee shall not apply to cassette tapes, batteries and any other items of
limited natural life.
7. Our decision on all matters relating to complaints shall be final. Any appliance or
defective part which has been replaced shall become our property.
8. The guarantee period applicable to this product shall be 12 monihs.
Please keep these Operating Instructions with your receipt.
Panasonic Business Systems U.K.
Receipt No. Date of Purchase
Model No. KX-TC167E-B
Kyushu Matsushita Electric Co., Ltd.
1-62, 4-chome, Minoshima, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 812-8531, Japan
Printed in Japan PQQX11893ZA WW0298YT0
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