Panasonic KXTCD705 Operating instructions

Panasonic KXTCD705 Operating instructions
Digital Cordless Phone
model No. KX-TCD705E
Operating Instructions
Caller 1D Compatible
Important Information
Do not connect the AC adaplor lo any WARNING: |
AC outlet other than the standard AC The apparatus may be unable to make
220-240V, 50HZ.- emergency 999 or 112 telephone calls,
under certain conditions:-
+ Output voltage DC 9V, 500 mA,
Р 5 * The portable handset battery needs
» The apparatus is approved for use with
he POLVTE power supply. , (SCH ging, or has jailed
» CAUTION: Do not remove cover, Live uring a mains power failure.
parts inside. + When the Key Lock is set to ON, [
| + When the Unit is in Direct Call Mode. é
If you experience any problems with the
normal use of your apparatus, you should
unplug it from the telephone outlet and
connect a known working telephone In its
place, If the known working telephone still
gives problems, then please contact the
customer service department of your
PSTN operator. If it operates properly,
then the problem is likely to be a fault in
Ringer Equivalonce Number (REN):
This relates lo the performance of the
apparatus when used in combination with
other lems of apparatus. it enables the
calculation of the maximum number of
items of apparatus thal may be connected
simultanaously lo the line by summing the
REN values of each item.
gere 8
your apparatus. in this case, contact your
supplier for advice. Your PSTN operator
may charge you if they attend a service
call that is not due to apparatus supplied
by them,
be excoeded, The HEN value of this
apparatus is 1.
Dear purchaset,
You have acquired a KX-TCD705E, which is a product made in regard with
the European Standards for Cordiess Telephones (DECT). DECT technology +
is characterised. by high-securily protection against interceptions as well as 2
high-quality digital transmission. =
This telephone was designed for a wide range of applications.
For example, this telephone can be used within a network of base units and
handsets, constituting a telephone system which:
* operates up to 6 handsets af one base unit
» allows an intercom between handsets |
* allows the operation of a handset at up to 4 base units, expanding the
communication radio area.
This telephone may be used for:
* operating several handsels —
* operating at several base units
« connecting the base unit lo a PBX.
Thank you for purchasing your new Panasonic digitai cordless telaphone,
* Order accessory items for ail Communications Products with Base and confidence either by
telephoning our Customer Care Centre on:
08705 357357 Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:30pm -
* Or go on line through our internet Accessory ordering application al
» Most major credit and debit cards accepted.
+ All enquires transactions and distribution facilities are provided directly by Panasonic UK Ltd.
« it couldn't be simpler!
For your future reference
Serial No. Date of purchase
(found on the bottom of the unit)
Name and address of dealer
Accessories (included).
AC Adaptor | Telephone Line Cord Batteries (AA size)
POLV1EZ PQJAB7S Panasonic AA (RG)P-0P ar
E BYD N40H33B00901
one one ” two
Battery Cover | Belt Clip Operating Instructions
one one ane
Optional accessories
Ploase contact A your nearest Panasonic dealer for the following options
KX-AT15E* | Handset f Charger
HHR-6P/2SA1 | Ni-MH batter los
KX-A109E* oo © | Option Cover
*Refers to colour option. See dealer for details.
Getting Started ere pansospesns 6
Connaclions «ovr e. 6
Installing the Balleries in the
Handset er EN EEE 7
Battary Charge... rience 7
Battery Information oven, 7
Battery Replacement... ome 8
Base Unit Location... eee 8
Wall Mount e. ene 9
Location of Contrals....... sera 10
DISPIAYS …uvssnscarrunrraneerranen re caranre peñacazos 11
Basic Startup Operations ........ vol À
Making Calls aausrayecrpeseucensaa sec sanra a aa Aa ten te 3
Auto Redial ...c......e.eorine praorpeaneeuves 15
To Select the Recelver/Speaker
VOLUME ..cinresnerrcenneanveneoinocaroazaronvexrecto nenes 15
Direct Call........... prepnnazes pegunporironnenac con 16
Answering Calls cv. AAN 17
Using the Phonebook moe. ar 18
Storing Names and Numbers in the
Phonebook... aisreaens asenares NS ‚19
Finding ltema in the Phonabook......22
Dialling from the Phonebook ........... 22
Editing an Rem in the Phonebook ...23
Phonebook Copy... nace DE 24
Storing Phonebook llems as Hot |
Key DIAlS.… uma Lors AB
Dialling a Stored NÚUMbEr .......... 26
Clearing an Item in the Hot Key. ВО 27
Caller ID Service ........ ann RB
Using the Callor List... pncaaneneonenoeneas 29
Paging/Interco ......— pnineencenno 32
For Optional Multi-Unit Users .......... ‚34
Special Features ar O
How to Use the Pause Feature
{For Analog PBX Line/Long
Distance Service Users),............... 35
Call Waiting/Catter ID compatible….35
Using the Recall Feature................. 35
Setting the Key Lock ON/OFF......... 36
EA 3 В
“Programmable Functions E
(On the Handset) Ш
Handset Programming... avons percennera 37
Setting Alarrit ......e e e me=..nseemeizacrnnens 37
Setting Ringer Options ............. Y
Select Handset Ringer Volume........ 37
Select Ringer Patterns... er 37
Setting Tone Options «coven ‚+38
Setting Display Options .........—w 38
Select the Standby Mode Display ...38
Select the Talk Mode Display ..........38
Setting Call Options ,..........— e... 38
Set Direct Call Number... 38
Set Direct Call ON/OFF................ 38
Select Call Prohibition sur 38
Setting Other Options 39
Set Auto Talk ON/OFF ...........e m2... 39
Select Battery Type «ovine 39
Select Handset PIN ............ m9
Registration... rosssaars prncernoraeoenona 39
Registering a Handset to a
Base Unit... ... perenne ОЭ
Cancelling a Base Unit... He JO
Select Base Unit .......menoreeenemmecosr ..39
Reset Handset ......... arencramenenacrnnnenacas 39
“Chapter 4 Go
Programmable la
(on ща Eid Unit)
Base Programming parsencanccincornecuararoncao 43
Bell Selection eme 43
Select Base Unit Ringer Volume........ 44
Select the Dialling Mode .................".. 44
Select Pause Timing... we... 44
Set Base Unit PIN........-eme.m>eonpenveanos 45
Call Hestriction........ ==... nm... 45
Setting the Clock..........m=eeo..= ecos 46
Setting the Date... perenne rans 46
Cancelling a Handset............——.—.....A6
Reset Base UMNK as rennen 46
Useful LATE
Using an Optional Hendset...........—... 47
Usine the Bolt CHE cuccocrserremmeaneenrenranne 4?
Option Cavers,........ wm... 48
Before Requesting Help cinanengagranenrcanes 49
Adding Another Phone .....e..meecree 51
Guerantes ......_ecí == v.íiíiz ri DD he
Getting Started
4; Connections
Plug in the AC Adaptor and the telephone line cord to the rear of the unit. Then
connect the cord as shown.
Fasten tha AG adaplor
core to provent it from
being disconnectad
To Telephone Socket
Telephone Line Cord
Ta Maing Guilet
(AC 220-24GV, 50H)
AC Adaptor
\ 1} ana?
- , aE
Ha e a NA ET
« The AC Adaptor must remain connected at ali times. (it is normal for the
adaptor to feel warm during use).
« To connect à standard telephone on the same line, see page 51.
« If your unit is connected to a telephone line or PBX which does not support
Caller ID services, you cannot access those services.
e lfihe
battenes are not
inserted correctly,
the handset will
not work.
+ Battery Charge
At the time of shipment, the batteries are not
charged. To charge, place the handset on the
base unit. Please charge the batteries for
AE TEE a оя
PA пре a Tor
pd Fa fre
approximately 10 hours before initial use. Te
During charging, the battery icon is as shown. , e
+ Battery Strength
You can check the present battery a. | | |
strength on the display. Н ЙА Fully charged | Medium lw № pon
Wu | CHE | CE (Cm
€ Recharge
When "CT" flashes or the unit beeps every 15 seconds, recharge the baltaries.
€ Battery Information
After your batteries are fully charged:
Te RN A. a IT ETT Dado NETA A arde >" sE ET. RE MELO RE AZ o AZ te Ed RET Te
Y E HER | 4 + Er GO DE 5 ofl NED
E 9 um E EUA 0d bal RE Ea EG СОН
While in use {Talk} 2 hours (b
| While not in use (Standby) | Up to about 160 hours | Up to about 100 hours
+ Battery lite may vary depending on usage conditions, such as;
~ when viewing the Caller 1D Caller List, |
— when the handset is in the speakerphone mode and
— ambient temperature.
» Clean the handset charge contacts with à soft, dry cloth once a month. Clean
more often if the unit is subject to grease, dust or high humidity. Qtherwise the
batteries may not charge properly. |
e If the batieries are fully charged, you do not have to place the handsot on the base unit
until “CZ” flashes. This will maximise the baltery life.
+ The batteries cannot be overcharged.
> Getting Started
4 Battery Caution: |
To reduce the risk of fire or injury to persons, read and follow these instructions.
1. Use only the batlerios specified.
Do not use non-rechargeable batteries.
3. Do not mix old and new batteries,
4, Do not dispose of the batteries in a fire, they may explode. Check with local waste
management codes for special disposal instructions.
Da not open or mutilate the batlerles. Released electrolyte is corrosive and may cause
burns or injury 10 the eyes or skin. The electrolyte may be toxic if swallowed.
6. Exercise care in handling the batteries in order not to short the batteries with
conductive materials such as rings, bracelets, and keys. The bafleries and/or
conductor may overheat and cause burns.
7. Charge the batteries provided with or identified for use with this product only tn
accordance with the instructions and limitations specified in this manual,
$ Battery Replacement
NIE” flashes alter a fow telephone calls even when the handset batteries have been
fully charged, it is time to replace the balleries with new ones. Remember to charge the
new batteries after replacement (see page 7).
» Discard dofective batlerios as soon as possible. Defective batteries may leak into the
+ On roplacing the balteries, ensure that the correct battery type selection is
programme (page 39).
* Base Unit Location
For maximum distance and noise-free operation, the recommended base unit location
* Away from eloctrical appliances such as TV, radio, personal computer or another
» In a convenient high and central location.
Operating Range
The range of operation depends on the construction of your home, weather and usage
« Normally you will get longar range outdoors than indoors.
» Obstacies such as walls, metal shelves or cement-iron walls may shorten the operating
Occasional noise or interference may occur due to other random radio waves,
€ Safety Instructions |
Take special care to follow the safety suggestions listed below.
1) Do not use this unit near water--for example, near a bathtub, washbowl, sink, elc.
Damp basements should also be avoided.
2) The unit should be kept away from heat sources such as radiators, cookers, sic. It also -
should not he placed in rooms where the temperature is less than 5%C or greater than
40°C. |
3} The AC adaptor is used as the main disconnect device, ansure that the AC outlet is
located/installed near the unit and is easily accessible,
1} Do not place heavy objects on top of this unit.
2) Care should be taken so that objects do not fall onto, and liquids are not spilled into,
the unit. Do not subject this unit to excessive smoke, dust, mechanical vibration or
shock. |
3) Place the unit on a fiat surface.
47 Wall Mounting
This unit can be mounted on a wall. иены |
| AT Pr
+ Install screws using the wall template.
« Connect the line cord, and AC Adaptor. —ф Y
* Arrange the wires as shown, then mount the unit.
Location of Controls
€ Base Unit DL 4 Charge Contacts
A) Page Bullen
phe red em
€ Handset |
[FA (Phanebook) |
(~ (Talk) Button
(= (Funclion/OK) Button
Headset Jack... Ay (OMPower) Button
Navigator Key
<a (Speakerphone)
+3 (Capital Change) — "ff 70 Pee Back side
Button 7 a —
Foe bus и
FJ rrr a
Charge Contact
_ al г E : 0
CR (Recall) Button
4¢ Handset Display
Y XX Y e
* Icons
Y The in-range icon indicates that Ea The call prohibition icon is
the handset is in range of the base displayed when this mode ts
unit. it flashes when the handset is turned on
out of range.
| | E The phonebook icon is displayed
0) The page/intercom icon ls when staring or viewing the
displayed when paging or using
the intercom. It flashes when
another unit pages the handset.
phonebook items.
MM The talk icon is displayed when
making or answering catls. i
flashes when an external call is
being received,
{axe The battery icon indicates the
battery strength.
* Characters/Symbols
pP Pause'is selected while dialling. Fo CRU is pressed while dialling.
2 The direct call icon is displayed {x} The key lock icon ls displayed when
when this mode is tumed on. key lock is set on the handset. In this
mode, the keypad is disabled,
$ Display Backlight
The handset has a backlight display. The display will light when you start using the
handset and when a call is received. The handset display light will stay on for about 10
seconds aftar pressing a button or lifting the handset off the base unit. You can change
the backlight colour for indentifying callers by setting the private calegory leature (p.18).
® Lighted Handset Keypad
The handset dialling buttons will ight when you press a buttor, lift the handset off the
base unit or receive a call. The lights will go out about 10 seconds after pressing a button,
lifting the handset or answering a call.
Basic Start-up Operations
Note: Ca shows that you should press the following keys).
€ Turning the Power On ><
1, Ca and hold “A | | rene SE
“+ Aconfirmation tono sounds
* All possible configurations briefly appear,
* When bultor is released, the display will change to the standby mode.
Y The currant connected base unit number is displayed
* You can choose whether to display the base unit number, handset number or no
display in the standby mode (see page 38).
@ The number of New Caller ID calls received are displayed.
€ Making a Call
(For further information on making calls, see pages 13-16)
2. Dial a phone number (maximum 24 digits)
The diallod number is displayed.
(if a number is onlered incorractly, Cy a).
After a few seconds, the display will start showing the length of the call.
€ Terminating a Call
1. То hang up, Cie ‘Aa,
» Alter a few seconds, the display returns to the standby mode.
* IF the handset is placed on the base or charger during a call, the call is disconnected.
+ The dialled number is stored in the redial memory.
€ Answering a Call
(For further information on answering calls, see page 17.) |
During Incoming call: В
1, С FP | ;
* You can also answer a call by pressing any dialling button © 83 to @R92 436 Hor
UNT? CAny Key Answer),
Or ©# C4 and when the other party answers, talk into the microphone.
Alter a few seconds, the display will start showing the length of the cali.
* Turning the Power Off
Make sure that the unit is in the standby mode,
1. C3> and hold ** until a long heep sounds.
* The display will go blank. (On location of the handset in the base unit, the battery icon
will display even alter power off).
Making Calls =
Note: for basic making calis operation, see page 12.
€ To Dial after Confirming the Entered Number
With this feature you are able to confirm the entered number betorg you start dialling.
Enter a phone number
If number is not entered correctly:
To clear one digit, as -C-: briefy. DIT
To clear all digits, {3 and hold ~ En Yes
2. Phone number confirmed, {= 5 or 5 01234567090
(After a few seconds, the display will start showing the length of the e. IE
call) , ta A пеней бан питон ER
ay 9-00-31
3. To end call, {5 7e. Po E
(After a few seconds, the display returns to the standby mode). vats spss re
Fito ros 1
È Hey catfs
REO EP. da
move closer to the base anit Then try again,
You can choose whether to display the length of the call or phone number in
the talk mode by programming (p.48).
* To Have a Hands-Free Phone Conversation (Using
Digital Speakerphone)
Do 7 e
* The button lights.
Enter a phone number
» The dialled number is displayed.
When the other party answers, talk into the microphone.
To hang up, “> Te.
Handset Digital Speakerphone
For best performance, please note the following:
* Talk alternately with the caller in a quiet room.
+ if the other party has difficulty hearing you, £5 {YJ or (A) to decrease ar increase the
speaker volume,
+ If the other party's voice from the speaker cuts in/out during a conversation, *.3> (7) to
decrease the speaker volume.
* While talking, you can switch to the hands-free phone conversation by pressing “>.
To switch back to the receiver, {3s <5 or i™
" Making Calls
$ To Redial the Last Number Dialled
There are lwo ways to redial the last number dialled.
1. С» оо
2. Cs CA 91714367800
(The last number dialled is displayed and automatically redialled). TA... EE
* Aftor a low seconds, the length of call is displayed. o
i fi
OR TF ua
Select Redial”,
Co E
(The last number dialled is displayed and automatically redialled).
© N =
® To Redial after Confirming the Numbers in Redial Memory
The unit automatically stores the las! TO numbers dialled into redial memory. |
1, {go om)
(The last number dialled is displayed). ry
« If the same number has been stored in the phonebook, the name г ВИЙ 1
will also be displayed. | еее a
2. C3» (4) or (¥) to select required number
(To exit the list, > 062),
ea ; т, „о po
A ee rennes
The number is redialled automatically. o 80-00-08 |
(Alter a fow seconds the length of call is displayed). (Eee SE
< lf a number is not selected within ane minute, redial mode 18
cancelled and display returns to slandby mode.
o If ‘Wo Stared Memory” is displayed in step 1, the redial memory is
$ To Edit/Clear Numbers in the Redial List
To edit and clear numbers in the redial memory, (3 (293, select number and then follow
from step 2 on pages 30 and 31 (‘Editing the Caller's Name / Number’, To Clear an
Individual Entry in the Caller ID List and To Clear AI Entries in the Caller ID List).
14 5
$ Auto Redial
When speakerphone is turned on and redial is used, the number is dialled automatically. If
the number is busy, the unit goes inte auto redial mode. The unit automatically repeats the
call (max. 12 times) until the called party answers the call.
Make sure that the unit is in the standby mode.
1. E
2. e
+ The last redial number is displayed and dialled to outside line, e
Тото #8
* The Mic on handset is mute until a ‘busy tone’ or 'ring back tone’ is
* If a busy tone is detected, the unit releases the outside line and returns to the standby
mode. The speakerphone button LED flashes. Alter 40 seconds, the speakerphone LED
tums steady on and the number is redialled automatically,
» if a ring back tone is detected, the mic is not mute, “~Muting-" is cleared from the 1st
line, the unit finishes Auto Redial and display goes to conversation.
* If a busy tone or ring back tone is not detected within 30 seconds, the unit finishes Auto
Redial procedure and unit returns to standby,
€ To Select the Receiver Volume or Speaker Volume
during conversation
3 levels are available during conversation or when using the headset (high, medium or
6 levels are available in the speakerphone mode.
1. During conversation, CU (4) or (7) to select level
(a) = receiver volume up
(7) = receiver volume down.
« After a few seconds, the display returns to the length of call.
DW | | | LESH
feria teng М АЦ
= Making Calls
+ Direct Call
You can store ene number into memory and then call this number by pressing > or <>.
(Ses pagos 38, 40).
+ Hot Key Dialling
You can assigr up to 9 numbers from the phonebook as Hol Key Dials. Alter numbers have
> me.
been storad (see page 26) you can press butions © “1710 9 and then £ or ie
call the number,
€ Dialling a Number from the Phonebook с or Caller ID List
* Dialling a number {rom the Phonebook (see page 22). <
+ Dialling a number from the Caller ID List (see page 30).
Answering Calls
For basic answering call operation, see page 12.
+» The handset and base unit will not ring if both ringer volumes are set to OFF
(pages 37, 44).
$ Auto Talk
f vou set the Auto Talk Feature to ON (page 39), ‚you can answer a call by lifting
the handset off the base unit without pressing (M or (43,
® To Turn the Handset Ringer Off Temporarily
When an external call is incoming, user can turn off ringer
(Ringer Off is displayed and the handset stops ringing). va se
2. Answer call by pressing >” Cee 0, CTD) or ONT) rin
(Any Key Answer). — , 00-00-01 N
* The ringer will turn back on for the next call.
« This function will not work when the handset is on the base
unit or if an internal call is incoming
* If ‘Ringer Off is selected, Caller ID cannot be displayed.
Using the Phonebook
You can store up to 200 names and phone numbers in the phonebook. All
phonebook ilems are sorted by the first word in alphabetical order, Using the
phonebook, you can make a call by selecting a name on the display.
You can also assign the caller's information to one of 9 private categories (1-9) to
use the private category fealure (Page 19). | |
Private category feature:
You can select display backlight colour and ringer type for each private category.
When receiving a call, you can easily figure out who has called. (For example,
Category 1 for family, Category 2 for friends and Category 9 for business).
- When a call is received from the caller belonging to one of the private categories,
the handset will ring with the selected ringer type and the display will light in the
selected colour for each private category. If you do not assign an item to any |
private category number, the handset will ring in the preset ringer type ang light
in lhe preset colour when receiving a call.
Entry example:
; ‘Pre-selected colour | Pre-selected type
When receiving a call from a callgr belonging to category 1;
~the handset rings in the ringer type 1.
~the display backlight lights in red.
* When receiving a call, selected ringer type and display backlight colour are
determined by the following order; Private category feature and then
preselected colour and ringer type.
4% Storing Names and Numbers in the Phonebook
Make sure that the unit is in the standby mode.
= =
SON M ga
> Bor).
Select ‘New Phonebook’,
(> Bor)
* The display shows the number of remaining phonebook
items, then '<Enter Name>.
Enter a name (up to 16 characters) with the dialling
buttons, (Cd or (+).
See steps for entering names and symbols (page 21}.
Name confirmed > E.
Enter phone number (up to 24 digits) .
Number confirmed, {_ Eb).
CC Y or (1) to select Private Category number (1-9) or
x Boor >).
Select ‘save’,
+ A beep sounds and ‘Saved’ is displayed.
* The display shows the number of remaining phonebook
items, then ‘<Enter Name». You can continue storing
other items.
» To return to the standby mode, pat “e.
inserted while entering a phone number, the pause counts
as one digit.
» If the display shows ‘Memory Full’ instep 3, the display
will return to the standby mode. To store, clear other stored
items in the phonebook (pages 23-24),
pressing %
* New Cal Eu
: ide 3 166
T. o
a num ae
prow hee
Set Ting Hi net
Sobbing Ване
Ye „А
ar PPE LT RE yp der Ae
Maw Photek
200-Pemory hveii
T. _ Y e A)
Ene ET “i hes pie
YT НЯ did)
mene apap get Te Ee pe a
pt Area dd ae ae ETES
BATE hppa cia 1 ered
“Files Fleiss Has
E ee
Lo or HGH
Private Categnry
Tatagory |
0000683 098
Па Mask
Ab Ahh 1s
а Apt Apr va a ye ча 0
# Using the Phonebook
® To enter Names Selecting Characters
The dialling butlons can be used to enter letters and character symbols. The
letters are printed on the dialing buttons. Pressing each button selects a
character as shown on page 21.
To change the character mode
You can select one of 6 character modes by pressing RE during entering a
The factory preset is “ABC”.
1, (2 LI] while entering a name.
2. Ca (Y) or [4] until the arrow points to the desired RUT =
character mode, then <> E) or PP). por a
* The character mode is displayed. | що
ché i
Ne |
En a En
For example, to enter “Anne”,
1, Cas med), [A | |
2. CG» E, then 76 TWICE, E |
3. C3 (5), then &6) TWICE, [Ang |
4. C3s (#3) TWICE. — [Anne | |
4 If you make a mistake while entering a Name/Number
e Cas (4) or [¥} fo move between ‘Name’ area and ‘Phone Number’ area.
e Cars (4) or E) to move cursor to required position.
* To deleio one number/letter, “y: CC). (Items are deleted to the left of the
cursor). |
* To delete all numbersfletters, 3 and hold CO”.
* To add a number/letler, move cursor to required position. Press number/ietter.
The item is added to the left of the cursor.
| (souds 1xeu su ol sosino
SU SAOÛ “UORNA Sumem stes sy Gusn 1810220 JSUICUE гене ор} USE su 0] 1 J0SING SU) SAOLY OL ©
el sul oj s ¿osino SU} eno or — (в)
IZIB}3SS14U ЕВ рос ёЁ
= = le - -
IB YO ¡edo = AQ ‘sheds = 4]
[RL Eh
Ll. EL,
te «a jrs Eee
The oe я с
Cy [3
LEDO CES [BY oem] ees
C3 E | wf wr JER} AR
=f =~ e E [>
x + Im ex
+ vr ly od
we =x:
и Using the Phonebook
+ Finding Items in the Phonebook
Make sure that the unit is in the standby mode.
All phonebook Hems are sorted in the following order:
Alphabat Letler/SymbolNumber/Telephone Number (when a name is not stored).
To search for a name by initial
Car e to enter the phonebook.
* The ftrst item is displayed,
* | "№ Store Memory is displayed, the phonebook is empty. The handset will
return to the standby mode.
Ca (Y) or (A) until desired name is displayed,
Le QA to enter the phonebook.
+ The first item is displayed.
Press the dialling button for the first letter of the desired name until any name
with the same Initial is displayed,
+ The letters are printed on the dialling buttons.
Eg. To find 'Felix', C3> 237 repeatedly until the first item under 'F' is displayed.
Ca (Y) until the desired name is displayed.
@ Dialling from the Phonebook
Make sure Ihat the unit is in the standby mode.
37 a
Ca (Y) or (4) until desired name is displayed.
* You can also search for an item by initial.
* To exit the phonobook, 45 Tw,
СВ (Y or CD,
+ The number ts dialled automatically.
To hang up, C3> 73 or place the handset on the base unit.
* Editing an tem in the Phonebook
Make sure that the unit is in the standby mode, .
Cas A.
(>> (7) or (4) until desired name ls displayed. -
* You Can also search for the item by initial.
> El or.
Select ‘Edit’, then <> ES or (e),
* If you do not need to change the name, go to step 6.
Edit the name using the dialling buttons, (4), (ml or TE,
>> M,
* H you do not need to change the number, go to step 8.
Edit the number using the dialling buttons, (9), +] or “C3,
Ca (Y) or (4) to select the desired category number (1-9) or OFF |
Then “>> Mor El.
Select ‘save’, then “>> E,
* À confirmation tone sounds and 'Saved' is displayed,
* To return to the standby mode, <> Fe,
® Clearing an Item from the Phonebook
Make sure that the unit is in the standby mode.
моло вое N
Ce Ка,
(5 (7) or (4) until the desired item is displayed,
Co» EL,
> M to select ‘Clear’.
CE ог >),
(= (¥) to select ‘vas’.
(> BE
* А confirmation tone sounds, ‘CLEARED’ is displayed.
* After a few seconds, the display will show the next itern, |
* It the phonebook item is registered as a ‘Hot Key Dial’, Hot Key Dial’ is displayed
as the phonebook item is cleared.
* To return to the standby mode, <j» Ra.
™ Using the Phonebook
€ Phonebook Copy
You can copy the information in the phonebook between the handsets registered in the
same base unit, The phonebook copy must he operated in intercom mode (see page 32).
Eg. Handset 1 is copying a specified item in ihe phonebook to Handset 2 during an
intarcom call,
* Handset 1 (Sender):
Copa CNT,
Cp tam),
* Handset 2 (Receiver):
> El
cru |
Y Tle
Co (7) to select 'Recv Phonebook’,
ны ета”
* ‘Copy Proceading is displayed.
* Handset + (Sender):
> (El,
Select ‘Send Phonebook’,
Co E) ore.
Cap (Y) or (4) to select Name/Number in the Phonebook
to copy.
Ca» El or E),
Select "Copy Entry".
Ca El or E).
* Aftar copying is completed, a confirmation tone sounds and ‘Copy
Completa Is displayed on both handsets.
+ Afler a few seconds, the display will return to intercom call.
* i Copy Incomplete’ is displayed, the receiver handset memory
is full or the receiver handset is disconnected before copying is
* И ‘Copy Failure’ is displayed, the receiver and/or sender did not
prepare for copying within 60 seconds.
en mee,
- ni — . -
I Sond Fhonbisch |
Rey Phonebook |
FE ran Gin
er PRC |
| Вепу Phonebook i
i |
|Y + ue:
п ей TE mim EEE
01734567890 |
ve FE
бору Entry |}
Copy Forward |
¥ | =
Ро E
Com Proccedi E
Y 4 us
Eg. Handset 1 is copying more than one item in the phonebook to Handset 2.
Handset 1 (Sender): |
Follow steps 1-6 on Handset 1 on page 24.
1. <> © or (to select item in Phonebook
(All items AFTER the selected one are copied).
2. (8 or. paro |
pilot Forward
3. C7 (to select 'Copy Forward'.
4. (> BE or. emo u
Y A tir
Ley В Расе НЫ
EP nd pee LL mg Aha
Handset 2 (Receiver):
Follow steps 1-4 on Handset 2 on page 24,
* After copying is completed, a confirmation tone sounds and ‘Copy Complete! is
displayed on both handsets.
» After a few seconds, the display will return to the iniercom call.
* To cancel copying at any time:
Ca <C7 to retum to intercom
(> e to return to the standby mode,
und Using the Phonebook
e Storing Phonebook items as Hot Key Dials
The dialling buttons (1-9) function as one-touch dials. You can assign up to 8 phone
numbers fram the phonebook as hot key dials.
Make sure thal the unit is in the standby mode.
1. Oa QE,
2, Un: [or (4) to select phonebook number to register
as Hot Key Dial.
4. Cas (Y) to select ‘Reg. to Hot Key.
5, (>> 6 or (el,
e If an ilem is already stored to a Hot Key, Vv’ will be
displayed on the left of the key number.
6. e (7) or (4) to select the hot key to register your item.
8. Select ‘save’, then {> El or (+).
OR |
If a hot key number with ‘/" is selected, select ‘Overwrite’,
then ©) or»
A confirmation sounds and the display will return to the
next phonebook item.
€ Dialling a Stored Number
Make sure that 1he unit is in the standby mode.
1, Press and hold a hot key number (1-9)
» The stored number is displayed.
2. yo (¥) or (A) until the desired item / number is displayed.
3. Cer CE,
+ The number is dialled automatically.
4. To hang up, <> Ty
Place the handset on the base.
De ne Re GE
Fey 2 Ш
F ВВ ay
pave пе
бис Вася
У ср «т
r * < IA чер air C++
€ Clearing an Item in the Hot Key Dial
NH wm oA 6 ON
Press and hold a hot key number (1-9)
—* The stored number is displayed.
(Gr 7 or E) until the desired item is displayed.
> El.
Select ‘Clear’.
> El
>> (7 to select ‘Yes’.
* A confirmation tone sounds,
” Next Hot Key Díal is displayed. if no other hot keys
are stored, display returns to standby mode.
SEE aps Tr
+ is Back
aaa SAR
EPA LEAN = Ey pe pa
TO aaa ea
de TE
Renca rabia Lon pra ya
Caller ID Se rvice
Ra 7 В : + ; Г : ;
186 A a Y Tu dl Er t LA A E e i с 5 uc
ser Jother call (his requires à subseriplio al
pa Po A E TA A то TEA MA pe e a or lf Rowenta rs cer Howl Ta
This unit is compatible with a Caller 1D service offered by your telephone company. H you
should subscribe to a Caller ID service, the calling party's information will be shown on the
handset display aller the first ring.
It you subscribe ta both Caller ID) and Call Waiting services, when a second call is
received while talking, the new phone number will be displayed.
You cannol access the Caller ID service while using the handset and base unit for an
internal call,
4% How Caller Information is Displayed when a Call is
Received TUTO
| т hw я
* Incoming Call LE и
+ Caller’s phone number Is displayed after first ring. 1123456789 f
(If the phone number and name has previously been stored in the 8
phonebook, the caller's name will also be displayed). | _ y |
‚ GD
1. Ca Mor Cl (Length of call is displayed). res e
* Caller's information cannot be displayed in the following cases:
— If the caller dialled from an area which does not provide a Caller
ID service, the display will show ‘Out of Area’.
~ If the caller has requested not to display his/her phone number,
the display will show "Private Caller’.
e Il ‘Out af Area’ or ‘Private caller’ calls, private ringer does
not sound. (Default ringer is sounded).
+ If- your unit is connected to a telephone line or a PBX which does
not support Caller ID service, you cannot access those services.
€ Checking the Number of New Calis
In the standby mode, when new calls have been received, the display LS nen cairo |
shows the number of new calls. RN a
« For example if you have received 10 new calls the display will show
the following.
L 4_
Using the Caller List ww
€ Viewing the Caller List
You can view the caller list of each handset which has received calls. Caller list
information includes the caller's phone number (If name and number have been stored in
the phonebook, the caller's name and number will be displayed), the date and time the
‘cali was received. Up to 50 different callers are stored from the most recent to the oldes!
in the caller list. When the 51st call is received, the oldest call is deleted.
To confirm who has called you, follow the steps below.
1. Ensure display is in the standby mode
eg. (2 new calls). pe me
| .
2 How Cali
9, C3 D or ©) (newest number is displayed). AD
«lf'No Stored Memory" is displayed in step 2, the Caller List is ВЯ |
| 65
Tr. AR 14: 69
empty. Benne
« If more than one call is received from the same caller only the mos!
recent call will be recorded.
3. To exit the list, “> 7.
= Display returns 10 standby mode. | dE
В Ey Ca 14 |
+ New call counter is cleared. 7 we ét 7° mn
What ‘/’ means
When you have checked new calls, answered the call or called hack the |
caller, 'Y' will be added. в rg |
ON 16:51 Y
Ta 20 EP
еже тая a A
When the same caller calls again, the call entry with Vv” will be deleted
and replaced with the new call entry.
When viewing long telephone numbers
If the caller's number is greater than 16 digits the whole telephone МАЙОРА уд
number will not be shown. 35 (73) to see Ihe remaining numbers. peu 1400
me erm] =e
PO 14:58
Apr PO af da Apr dlr O
"> Using the Caller List
e Calling Back from the Caller List
Using the list you can automatically call back a caller,
1. 3 (Y ог (1) to select Caller ID number.
2. Ge or GED,
* After a few seconds the length of call is displayed,
3. To hang up CS ‘Pal,
(The handset will return to the standby mode),
$ Editing the Caller's Name / Phone Number
17.08 14:55
ra ea wr AA E AEREA A
You can edit a phoñe number in the Caller List. After editing the number, you can continue
with calling back or phonebook storing procedures.
1. Cai» (7) or (A) to select Caller ID number to edit.
2. >.
3, C5 [7] to select ‘Edit for Call’.
4, (i= EE or (x
(To edit a name / number, see page 20).
5, To call back, “> Y or ct,
17.08 14:59
Y a tx
Save Fhonebnos
PU AER ber bla A a
To store the number in the phonebook, <> El. CS (4) to select ‘Save Phonebook’.
Ca E or (F) then follow from step 6, page 19.
* Note: If the number has. been dialled, the number will be stored in the redial list.
4 Clearing the Caller List
You can clear an individual entry or alt entries in the Galler List.
To clear an individual entry in the Caller ID List
1. C3 (7) or (4) to select Caller 1D number to clear.
2. “a E.
3, CF (F) to select ‘Clear’.
4. “Ca Ey or»)
5, Cra (7) 1o select Yes”.
6. Ca E ork)
» Next Caller ID number is displayed.
PT. 8% 14:57
Save Prenolooak
‚ ,
Hair For Call
TE 48
14,28 17:36 Y
Ln — LAA A
* To Clear All Entries in the Caller ID List
9 > ©
Ca () or (3) to display Caller iD List.
; PA] Clear
CS (7) or (3) to select 'A11 Clear". ra
>> 8 or. TES
> (U to select ‘yes’. | Ea
CG E orl ; LEAD |
* Display returns to the standby mode. TA ne AE
Note: if ‘NO' is selected, Caller 1D is not detected and mamar
unit returns to Caller iD List, во entes Memory
' TA...
Nana 1
ÿ Mew Cally
Ti. gr 24155
# Storing the Caller List Information in the Phonebook
You can store phone numbers that are in the Caller List into the phoneboale You çan also
assign the caller information to one of 9 categories to use the private category feature.
> (7) or (4) to display the Caller ID List.
CS (© or (1) to select phone number to save.
> E.
Select ‘Save Phonebook’.
> E,
* The display shows the number of remaining phonebook
Hems then <Enter Name>,
Enter name (if required), up to 16 characters (pages 20, 21).
Then follow from step 7 on page 19 (Storing names and numbers in the phonebook).
€: Paging All Handsets from the Base Unit
1, (Go a) (On the Base Unit).
» All handsets will m9 for ona minute,
2. To stop paging, “> 1) again or C3> 177 on one of the handsets.
€ Intercom between Handsets
A 2-way inlarcom Is available between handsets. 0 eu calls
Eg, Handset 1 is paging Handset 2 Y O
1. (Handset 1) “is CNT) Ш
(Int icon blinks until connection is established). | ve wi
| pm
2. (Handset 1) C> 2: ;
3. (Handset 2) | В В ACT]
When the unit rings, LS, AND, © 0440 9) 2x5 (Any 59-00-05
Key Answer), to answer. | A но
« If Auto Talk is sel to "ON (p.38) Ihe call is answered when the
handset ts lilted from the base. .
+ The intercom duration is displayed. :
4. (Handsets 1 and 2)
To end the intercom, 3» e.
* Intercom calls can be conducted within the radio area of the current hase unit,
but not with unils in neighbouring radio areas.
Intercom cannot be accepted in the following areas:
— when the other parly is in intercom mode.
— when the other parly is on hold during external call.
- while the other party is in conference call.
+ Transferring a Cali from One Handset to Another
The intercom can be used during a call, enabling you to transfer a call
between handsets registered to the same base unit,
Transferring a Call using the Intercom
Eg. Handset 1 is transferring an external call to Handset 2,
1. (Handset 1) ET 7
During a call, ©“ “Int (Intercom icon turns on). eno ;
» The call is put on hold. TE...
2. (Handset 1) C3> desired handset no. eg. “"2) a —
* You will hear an interna! ring back tone until the other handset is 4 |
answered, Toad =
Transferring a Call using the intercom " (continued)
3. (Handset 2) When the unit rings, Cis (0, INE, (07 to Gm), HD)
or 4:X (-Any Key Answer), to answer, -
4. (Handset 1) Transferring a call (5 %
* The transfer is completed
OR -- неее
To return to the External Call C5> (NT.
Transferring a Call without the Intercom
This feature enables you to transfer an external call to another handset without waiting for
the paged handset to answer.
Eg. Handset 1 is transferring an external call fo Handset 2.
1. (Handset 1)
During a call, Us (ND) {intercom icon turns on),
* The call is put an hold.
2. (Handset 1) “> desired handset no, eg. mo
* YOU will hear-an internal ring back tone until the other handset is
3. (Handset 1) C> Ba
4. (Handset 2) When the unit rings, C>= 1" or <> to answer.
* The transfer is compieted.
+ if the paged handset is not answered within 30 seconds, a ring tone
sounds at the paging handset, The paging handset can return to the call by pressing
>. the paging handset does not return to the call within 30 seconds, the external
call is automatically disconnected.
+ Conference
During an external call, you can make an intercom call to another handset and then
‘combine the calls together to establish a conference call. (The handsets have to be
registered to the same base unit).
1. {Handset 1) During an external call, {>> <NI> then enter the desired handset
number eg, “2.
* The external call is put on hold,
or 3) (Any Key Answer) to answer,
3. (Handset 1) C3s &8) to establish a conference call.
4. (Handset 1 or 2) C> "4! to hang up on conference call.
For Optional Multi-Unit Users
$ Operating More than One Handset
You can register and operate up to 6 handsets at the base unit. Operating more than one
handset allows you to have an internal call white simultaneously conducting an external
phone call using another handset, |
* The optional handsel/chargor model number is KX-AT15EX, The functions of the optional
handset arg the same as those of KX-TCD705E handset. ;
* To register the handse! to the base unit, see page 39, {
» To cancel the handsel, soe page 39. i
€ Operating More than One Base Unit
You can regisler and operate your handset al up to 4 base units. |
Since each base unil forms a radio cell, you can extend the range or area in which you
can make/answar calls with the same handset by placing the base units in suitable
locations, For example you can use a handset in different radio areds, such as at home or
the office, However, calls in progress are cancelled when the unit moves to another radio
Eg. 5 optional KX-AT15EX handsets are added to 2 base units.
Radio Range
© Selecting the Display Language |
When an optional handset is purchased, the default language is English.
To set to required language selling, follow the steps below:
Standby mode Y EorE В Mor) » Bo® № Doi
lo select to select
‘Setting Handset” ‘Display Option
Bom » Шо BP Bom am » E A
lo select to select required A
‘Select Language’ language (18 available) a
Special Features -
4% How to Use the Pause Feature
(For Analog PBX Line/Long Distance Service Users)
зе тя
We recommend you insert “1:27” if à pause is required for diafting with a PBX or to access a
1. (= m9), (3) and then phone number,
prt ay
2. CG 1 or E,
(After a few seconds, display will start showing the length of the call),
* Pressing ((#2 once creates a pause. |
This prevents misdialling when you redial or dial a stored number.
OR - While entering a number, when à pause is required, (Fe ©. The menu of ‘Pause’ or
Go Back’ ig displayed. Select 'Pause', then C> E),
® Call Waiting and Caller ID Compatible
If you subscribe to Caller 1D and Call Waiting service, your handset displays a second
caller's phone number while talking. After you hear a cal! waiting tone, the caller's phone
number will be displayed,
You can answer the second call, keeping the first call on hold.
* Please consult your telephone company for details and availabilily within your area.
® Using the Recall Feature
CRD is used to access special telephone services (optional) such as call waiting
(When (BR is pressed 'F” is displayed on LCD). Contact your telephone
company for details.
Example: Call waiting.
When a call waiting tone is heard during a conversation:
a) To hold the existing call and accept the waiting call.
>E 70
* Depending on the provider, you may need to enter a code after pressing CH).
Follow the instructions given by your provider.
b) To accept the waiting call and hang up the existing cail.
{> Tel. When the unit rings, {3 {7 to answer the new call.
¢) To reject the waiting call.
Wait for the call waiting to time out, This will take about 40 seconds. If your
unit is connected to a PBX, pressing <A> allows you to access some features
of your host PBX such as transferring an extension call.
> Special Features
+ Setting the Key Lock (ON)
You can lock the handset cating buttons. only incoming calls are
ea GT MT reer,
pressing any dialling button © “010 i) sax; СОТ) ог ОНР), (-Any Key
Make sure that the unit is in the standby mode.
1. C5 8 for more than 2 seconds.
« Confirmation tone sounds and ali dialling buttons are locked. ana
UMTS displayed. | e
* To Cancel the Key Lock x
Make sure hat the unit is in (he standby mode,
1. Ca EJ for more than 2 seconds | E]
À confirmation tone sounds, ; К° На
* “[X]” disappears and key lock is cancelled.
» The-key lock will also be cancelled when the power is turned OFF.
« When the handset Is in ‘Key Lock’ mode, emergency calls cannot
be made until the key lock is cancelled,
Handset Programming =
You can programme the handset according to your needs, This display shows the
instructions. After selecting "Setting Handset”, the main menu is displayed. Most items
in the main menu have a sub-menu. The sub- -menu is shown after selecting the item in
the main menu.
While programming: |
* To return to the previous step during programming, “>> (4.
* When programming is completed, a confirmation tone sounds and display retums to the
function menu.
* You can exit the programming mode any time by pressing Pol,
€“ To Change the Initial Settings
Standby Mode
La on Call P ear DM Y CGE or)
. Hew La E | ‘
12.05 13.58 to select Setting 2
7 us Handset o
Main Нет Sub Menu Description Setting"
— .. a Ne = № №
> 0/7 8/0 0/0 E/E 9/0 3/0
| 7 7 | pr.
———— ; a 1 a
Time Alarm | Ё at Alarm Time] ou oan sot ume of alarm, See page Ww
L ‘
NE ООВ | You can set the alarm to sound OFF, | № ne
- - _ , Once Or Daily, i} Dricies
[} Нереаб Dally
RA —— — | 6 tovels are available, gg Level
Ringer Option (lpinger Volume 7
| Ringer Volume | When set to OFF, the handset will not fa Level 3
ring. y OFF
mére éme You can set the ring type for calls from |. Ringer no.
XT Ring Type | an outside line. 20 ring types are a Ringer |
available. ООО
¡ENT Ring T уре | You can set the ring type for calls from a Ringer no.
- e | an internal line, 20 ring types aro Mires 1
available, A. |
В ищи | You can set the ring type for the г) Ringe: na.
ADS paging tone. 20 ring types are a Ringer 1
available. a
[private Type] You can sot the ring type (20 typos) for | ¿ Singar ro,
73 each private category. *® MW Ringer |
9 Private categories are available,
¡Alarm Type | You can set the ring type for the afarm [] Ringer по,
- — tone. 20 ring types are available, anger 1
=> Handset Programming
Main ltem Sub Menu - Description Setting”
DO 98/8 0/6 €E/6 a | 0 e e
| } |
[Feria pion "|| [key Tone azoxy] You oan tum the handsot key sound | Mon
sent ares on gasses eye sen | SSR en Sade pe ae J ON/OFF (key tone, confirmation tone, COFFE
error lone).
ca LL Waiting | You can tum the Call Wailing tone MON
CATA AA AA AAA LN Ayer mr ra E - [ 1
[Ran ge Alarm | You can lum the range warning alarm | DON
ines | ОМОЕЕ. MOFF
me You can turn the battery low alarm NON
Battery Alarn
| meta re | ON/OFF. | DEE
Display Option! [écandhy Display] You can choose whether to display the | BBase Number |
romana ana | ars ell Current connected base unit number, | DHandset
handset numer or no display white in Humber
the standby mode. GOFF
You can choose whether to display the | MTalk Time
ra Lk Dis play | langih of call or diailed
telephone number while, in the talk (Phone No.
mode display. —_
[se E oad] You can choose one of 18 display [Language
mima [ANQUAJES. MEngiish
ome mo | You CAN SEL THe display backlight MGr aan
Backlight Co Lor :
emana noo | COUTO Yreen, orange or red, СОхапуе
re You can select the display backlight NGreen
private Color | colour (red, orange or green) for each | orange
privale category.” MRed
Pa | pue nn aa You can set the Call Prohibition CON
Call Option [Ca 1) Mar | E a
ninas | etree | ONOFR? When set to ON, this WOKE
prohibits anyone from making a call
from your handsel excep! for
emergency calls. When set to ON, the
Call Bar icon '*' is displayed in the
standby mode,
You can alore one number in the direct
call memory, See page 40 on how to
store number,
[Direct Call No. |
[Direct ON jour | You can set the Direct Call No. MON
When set to ON the Direct Call icon
4“ is displayed in the standby mode.
Main item Sub Menu Description Setting"
. |
W/7 E/0) W/E kg, W/x E/E)
г в
ÿ | | | Ÿ
(Other Option | [Change Huet PIN You ean programme a 4-digit handset
— | PIN. Ses page 41 to set the PIN.
[Auto Talk | You can turn the Auto Talk feature Ü ON
ON/OFF. When set to ON, you can MON
answer an incoming call by lifting the
handset off the base without pressing a
_ button.
В ассету Type Two Nickel Metal Hytdrice (Ni-MH) De i Cu
rechargeable batteries are included with | MH1-MH
this unit. Ensure that the batlery salaction
is set to N-MH or the battery strength will
not be displayed correctiy. |
Registrati on | [Regist E EA | The handset supplied with the base unit
veus is already registered. it an oplional
handset/base is purchased, it needs to ho
registered. To register, sea pago 41,
[ance 1 Bana 1 You can cancel a hase registered fo a
2) handset. To cancel a base, see page 42,
Select Base | You can sel the handset to automatically и Auto
T select a registered base unit or by (A Taupe 1
specifying one base unit you want the Lh Base 2
handset to register lo (1-4), See notes on | Base 3
Automatic Base Unit Access (p.42). L] Base 4
oer You can clear the settings on the [1 NO
Reset Handset handset. When seleclod, the Handsel co
" Programming settings will return to their | © YES
initial settings."
"You must choose the desired priv
* You must enter the handset PIN.
The factory preset setting is marked against a shaded box,
ate category.
» Handset Programming
€ Setting Time Alarm
The handset(s) will sound an alarm at a preset lime for 30 seconds once or everyday.
To sel the time (24 hour clock), see below: -
In the ‘Betting Handset’ mode
uE Y E or E PEE E or ®) Dantor Times | 3009 AO b Bo 5
Select | Selec! "get | NOSE: o кд Select
Time Alarm Alarm Time previously haen Save
sat, it will be
+ To sol the alarm ON/OFF, etc. see page 37.
To Stop the Alarm
When the alarm sounds and "Time Alarm' is shown on the display, press any dialling
button C07 to 616), ©, CTI or > to stop alarm.
The alarm time turns off and the display returns to the standby mode. !f ‘once is
selected, Ihe setting is automatically lurned off,
if the unit Is in the talk, speakerphone or intercom mode during the alarm time, the
alarm will hot sound. Alter finishing, the alarm will start ringing.
€ Setting Direct Call Number
You can store one number in the Direct Call memory. This feature allows you to make a
call easily by pressing (or сео) Incoming calls are accepted,
in the 'Setting Handset” mode
Sl © or BB GD BE В <anter Phone No.> Y E PIR Bor ®
Select ‘Call Select NOTE: 1f number has Select
Option’ ‘Direct previously heen entered, ‘save
Call No.’ Ihe number is displayed.
To edit the number, see
page 20.
о То ве! Шуе Direct Number ON/OFF, see page 38.
Dialing the Stored Number
1. Make sure that "> 1s displayed in the standby mode.
д, Cy (or GED,
The number stored in the direct call memory is dialled automatically.
When the handset is in the "Direct Call’ mode, it is not possible to make any
calls until direct call is cancelled. This also Includes emergency calls.
$ Setting the Handset PIN
You can program a 4 digit password for the handset. The factory pre-set is 0000.
Changing the password may prevent the unauthorised use of your unit by another person,
| in the ‘Setting Handset’ mode
6/0) ф во 5) ф E Por) Enter 01d PIN Y Enter New PIN
Select Select Enter the current Enter the now 4-digit
‘other Change 4-digit handset PIN TWICE.
Option Hset PIN PIN, If 2nd PIN entry is
incorrect, an error
lona sounds and
display returns to ‘New
PIN'. if PIN is correct,
a confirmation tone
* Registering a Handset to a Base Unit
o Adi ed ares tra НЕЕ,
The handset supplied with the base unit is already registered. If an optional
handset/base unit is purchased, the following procedure needs to be carried out before
initial use. |
Css and hold (4) on base unit for more than10 seconds. A series of beeps begin
to sound,
In the ‘Setting Handset’ mode
DO фо в AY derE $ ME Y Gor Pienso wait... Y
Select Select — Select Base Handset searches
‘Registration’ ‘Register No. to regisler selscled base.
| H/set' handset (1-4).
« | registration is successful, a confirmation tone sounds
and display returns to the standby mode, The selected
base number is displayed in the standby mode,
* |f registration is not successful within 5 minutes, an error
tone sounds and display returns to original standby
mode. |
> Handset Programming
+ Cancelling a Base Unit
In the 'detting Handset' mode
Select Select Enter 4-digit
‘Registration ‘Cancel handset PIN
If another handset is out of range and/or its power is OFF when ‘Cancelling a Handset,
the previous base unit number wilt still remain in the cancelled handset,
Therefore, you need to cancol the base unit registered in the cancelled handset,
(A)/(¥) » (2) ог (>) » (AO) > Eor {») D Enter H/set PIN » (aly) »
Registered base
numbers are
displayed, Select
base unit(s) to
cancel. The
selected base
units are marked |
with Y”.
Select ‘yes
@ Select Base Unit
Automatic Base Unit Access
The handset automatically selects a registered base unit.
handset will access the nearest base unit.
« When the handset moves to another base unit radio area, it loses contact with the
previous base unil and automatically accesses the new base unit,
« If the handsel is in the overlap area between several base unit radio areas, the
Base Programming т.
You can programme the base unit according to your needs.
While programming:
* When programming is completed, a confirmation tone sounds and display returns to the
function menu, |
* You can exit the programming mode any time by pressing *s.
€ To change the initial Settings
Standby Mode
Base 1 | ME [3] |
12.05 13158 + Во » VE > Eo) input Command’
Y ERE Seleci
‘Setting Base’
$ Bell Selection
There are three choices for Bell Selection when a calf is being received:-
* all handsets ring.
* the selected handset(s) ring(s). |
* the selected handset rings first. Then if it does not answer, all other handsets will ring.
The factory preset is ‘All handsets’. To change the bell selection, program as follows;
+ Select ‘All Handsets’ to ring,
Follow — Ш Enter N | _
steps 110 Y CT BasePIN DIR Во В
3 above (4-digits) f
* Select 'Selected Handset(s)' to ring. Où
Follow Enter v
steps 1to D 1. D BasePIN № =?) № Cie Y» Eo | ER
3 above (4-digits) > E
The current Selact ;
selected handset(s} handset(s) to
flash{es). ring,
» Select ‘Selected’ then ‘All Handsets’ to ring.
Follow Enter й . Ce т
steps Y E Pase Y “TB TT) Gor EP CL e6D Gor 5)
1103 PIN The current Select Select
above (4-digils) selected handsel(s) number of
handset(s) lo ring. rings.
> Base Programming
+ Select the Base Unit Ringer Volume
4 levels are available. The factory preset is MEDIUM. When set to OFF, the base unit
will not ring.
Follow |
sieps 1 $2) (tico) B 0. 0d: № бо:
to 3 on “Select Volume.
page 43 Current setting is displayed.
0 = Ringer OFF
1 = Low Volume
ar Medium Volume
= High Volume
(Ringel sounds on selection)
* Select the Dialling Mode
You can program the dialling mode to tone or pulse. If you have a touch tone service,
sel lo tone, If rotary or pulse service is used, sat to pulse. The factory preset is tone.
Follow Enter
st ens 4 » (ar 3) Ñ Base PIN > Ст » ; di o » E or >)
lo 3 on ) (4-chgits) |
page 43 Fhe current 1 = Tone Dial Mode.
setting is 2 = Pulse Dial Mode
€ Select Pause Timing
You can set the pause liming 10 3 or 5 seconds, depending on your PBX requirements,
The factory pre-set is 3 seconds.
steps 1 » =D Y Base PIN » ma » Cor ed В Во В
to 3 on (4-digits) Current 1 = 3 seconds
page 43 seltingis 2 = 5 seconds
e E ie o o EEE A A ANN et eer,
7 ET : ! Ts A LL TL EE E i mm RE RE TIE TN TET TRS A at tas sat. RAT A .
$ Set Base Unit PIN
Follow pp Enter
steps 1 » E Base
to 3 on (4-dig
page 43
You can program a 4-digit password for the base unit. The factory pre-set is 0000.
Changing the password may prevent the unauthorised use of your unit by another
Ÿ Enter new Base PIN (4-digits) TWICE
if 2nd entry of NEW PIN is incorrect, an error
tone sounds,
H 2nd entry is correct, A confirmation Lone
$ Call Restriction
be made,
2 3
You can restrict desired handset(s) from dialling selected phone numbers. Phone
numbers beginning with the restricted digits cannot be dialled out.
For example, if “00" is assigned as the call restriction number, international calls cannot
For selected handset(s) you can assign up to 6 call restriction numbers (up to
8 digits). Set the call restricted handset(s) and the restriction number(s) by
programming. The factory pre-set is OFF.
6) del 7
Foliow Enter current
мере! № св) Base FIN № со) по ==) IDE or GI Enter cal ф бо
{0 З оп (4-digits) Select restriction
age 43 glee number (max.
pag All registered handsets O to 8 digit.
handset 6 to select 6 call
пы mbers are handset to restriction
displayed. restrict. numbers can
be entered.
‘To cancel the Cali
Restricted Handset(s)
Follow steps 1 to 3, then
enter the handset number(s)
you want to cancel. When
finished, (> ES then
{5% to return to the
standby made.
To cancel the Call
Restricted Number(s)
Follow steps 1 to 4, then
select the call restriction
number you want to cancel
by pressing ES, Then
va E. When finished,
>= ES Ihen >>? to
return to the standby mode.
When you díal a restricted
number, the call is
disconnected and the dialled
number lashes,
Eg, The rastricied number is
pre а еее ера" FEE Fe id LS
= Base Programming
+ Setting the Clock
To set the clock, please program as below. After a power failure, the clock will need re-
Follow | EN Enter time
steps 1 » A y (24 hour clock). y =
lo 3 on If the clock has
page 43 previously heen set,
the lime will be
+ setting the Date
To set the dato, pleaso program as below, After a power failure, the date will need re-
setting. ;
steps 1 ОМ Enter date
Dx) (TWICE ;
to 3 on, y ( ) y Day - Month - Year ’ =
page «
€ Cancelling a Handset
Each handset can cance! itself or another handset.
Follow | В Enter a,
don (4-digits) |
page 43
All registered Select
handsets are handset(s) to
displayed. carcel.
$ Reset Base Unit
This function enables the base unit to clear the current base settings at one time.
They will return to their initial settings.
res Enter
Follow » 07 Base PIN » or №)
steps 110 (4-digits)
page 43
Using an Optional Headset
TEA el
Plugging an optional headset into the handset allows a hands-free phone conversation.
Please use only the Panasonic KX-TCAS9EX headset, a"
Connecting the headset 10 the handset
Open the headset jack cover, and connect the headset 10 the headset jack as shown,
e ; SAT
a 0 fin ant
aration, dig
Using the Belt Clip
You can hang the handset on your belt or packet using the belt clip.
To remove the belt clip
-— |
rd erage rr fA Rd Lean, TER TAL
LLL a mA A nt я асгмо*
Option Covers
You can change Ihe look of your phones handset with option covers (KX-A109EX).
1. Remove the battery cover by sliding while pressing the arrow. Remove the batteries.
2, The option cover is locked with the right and left tabs. Unlock one of the tabs by
pressing horizontally (© and vertically >, and partially pul down the option cover ®,
as shown, Repeat this operation on other tab.
моторе” селаеыееить ет
slots on the handset.
4. Snap the option cover shut on the lower <P,
middle © and upper € parts of the handset.
5, Connect the ballories and close the battery cover.
Before Requesting Help >
о n | __ Cause and Remedy — 8
lashes à dan alarm 1 16 '' + You are too far from the hase unit»Move closer and
henyou Ca Dre Uy again.
* Plug in the AC adaptor.
+ The handset has been cancelled or has not been
registered. Register the handset in the base unit
(p. 41).
« If the handset is registered to more than one base
unit, check ‘selecting the base unil access’ (p. 42),
« Another handset is in use.
0 + x pd A В
+ The handset is out of range. Move closer to the
hase unit and make the call again.
» Plug in the AC adaptor.
* Turn the power ON (p.12).
* Check the settings.
« Charge the batteries fully (p.7).
e Clean the charge contacts and charge again (p.7).
« Unplug the AC adaptor and tum the power OFF to
reset. Plug in the AC adaptor and turn the power
ON, Then try again,
+ Reinstall the handset balieries (p.7) and try again.
* The handset has been cancelled or has nof been
registered. Register the handsel (p. 39, 41).
+ The unit Is in call prohibition mode. Cancel the mods
+» The dialled number is restricted, Cancel the number
* Key lock mode is set. Cancel the mode (p.36).
+ Locate the handset and base unit away from other
electrical appliances.
» Move closer to the base unit, >
* Turn the power ON (p.12).
+ The ringer is set to OFF. Select the desired volume
level (p.37). ,
* The ringer is set to OFF, Select the desired volume
level (p.44).
remap a deen Ve gE i Se TE
Sloe O
dr wd Fr JAR A FU SF ATE ST pte бей sre meee
wm Before Requesting Help
Cause and Remedy
» If the last number dialled was more than 24 digits
long, the number will not be redialled correctly.
+ Programming is not possible while the unit is in the
talk, speakerphone or intercom mode or when
viewing the Caller List/Phonebook list,
+ Do not pause for aver 60 seconds while
+ Make sure that the handset is in the standby mode.
« You cannot store a name and phone number while
the unit is in the talk, speakerphone or intercom
» Do not pause for over 60 seconds while storing.
s To answer the call, C3 7 or ‹
Start again from the beginning after hanging up.
* Do not pause for over 60 seconds while searching.
A lL phe by
+ The handset is too far from the base unit.
« The handset is engaged in an outside call or is
viewing the Caller List or Phonebook.
+ The handset is not in the same radio area.
« The handset is engaged in an outside call.
e The handset has been cancelled or has not been
registered. Register the handset in the base unit
(p.39, 41).
« A call is being received. To answer press “e then
ay ©
wea LL
A ne
Cause and Remedy
» The base unit has registered a maximum of 6
handsets or the handset has registered a maximum
of 4 base units.
+ A wrong base unil PIN was entered. Enter the
correct PIN.
* There is interference from other electrical units,
locate the handset and base unit away from them,
* You must finish registration within 1 mínule after the
ringer tone sounds, or programming will be
cancelled (9,41),
« Make sure (he Panasonic P-GP or BYD
N4DH33B00001 is installed (p.7).
* Chack that he battery type selection ls correct
Charge the batteries fully (p.7).
* Clean the charge contacts and charge again (p.7).
+ Install new batlaries (p.7).
Adding Another Phone
This unit will not function during a power failure. To connect a standard telephone
on the same line, use a T-adaptor,
To Telephone Socket
… T-Adaptor
VET iy
ld Ta
= fi Telephone Line Cord
Standard Telephone
This guarantee is In addition to and does not in any way affect any statutory or other rights
of consumer purchasers, If within the applicable guarantee period, the appliance proves to
be defective by reason of faulty design, workmanship or materials, we undertake subject
to the following condilions to have the defective appliance (or any part or parts there of)
repaired or replaced free of charge.
1, The appliance shall have been purchased and used solely within the UK and in
accordance with standard operating instructions and the technical and/or Safety
Standards required in the UK.
2. The appliance should be relumed together with this guarantee and proof of date of
purchase prompily-on being found defective at the purchaser's risk and expense to the
authorised dealer from wham the appliance was purchased or to {he nearest authorised
dealer. All enquires must be through such dealers.
3, This guarantee shall not apply to damage caused through fire, accident, lightning,
misuse, wear and tear, neglect, incorrect adjustment or repair, to damage caused
through installation, adaption, modification or use in an improper manner or inconsistent
with the technical and/or safety standards required in the country where this appliance
is used, or lo damage occurred during transit to or from the purchaser.
4, if at any time during the guarantee period any part or parts of the appliance are
replaced wilh a part or parts not supplied or approved by us or of an objective quality
gafe and suitable for the appliance, or the appliance has been dismantled or repaired
by any person not authorised by us, we shail have the right to terminate this. guarantee
in whole or in part immediately without further notice.
5. The purchaser's sole and exclusive remedy under this guarantee against us is for the
repair or replacement of the appliance or any defective part or parts and no other
remedy, including, but not limited to, incidental or consequential damage or loss of
whatsoever nature shall be available lo the purchaser.
6, This guarantee shall not apply to balleries and any other items of limited natural life.
7, Our decision on ail matters relating to complaints shall be final. Any appliance of
defective parl which has been replaced shall become our property.
8. The guarantes period applicable to this product shall be 12 months.
Please keep those Operaling Instructions with your receipt,
Panasonic Business Systems U.K,
Receipt No. _ Date of Purchase
Model No. KX-TCD705E Serial No.
жене e a Da a A en . eit - L e
ATA be
Manufacturers Declaration:
Kyushu Malsushita Electric (U.K.) Limited hereby declare that this product is in
conformity with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of the
RATTE Directive, 1999/5/EC.
A copy of the manufacturers declaration of conformity to the essential
requirements of the R&TTE Directive is available at the following web address:
Customer Care Helpline Tel. No.: 08705 357357
Sales Department:
Panasonic Business Systems U.K,
Panasonic House, Willoughby Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG128FF
Kyushu Matsushita Electric (U.K.) Ltd.
Pencarn Way, Duffryn, Newport, South Wales, NP10 8YE, United Kingdom
Printed in Thailand | PQQX13060ZA KU0501KP0
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