IKEA KULINARISK User Manual | Manualzz
Please refer to the chapter IKEA GUARANTEE for contact details of
the after sales customer service centre.
Safety information
Conditions of Use
Safety instructions
Product description
Control panel
Before first use
Daily use
Clock functions
Automatic programmes
Using the accessories
Additional functions
Hints and tips
Care and cleaning
Technical data
Energy efficiency
Subject to change without notice.
Safety information
Before the installation and use of the appliance, carefully read
the supplied instructions. The manufacturer is not responsible if
an incorrect installation and use causes injuries and damages.
Always keep the instructions with the appliance for future
Children and vulnerable people safety
This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years
and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or
mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if
they have been given supervision or instruction concerning
the use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the
hazards involved.
Do not let children play with the appliance.
Keep all packaging away from children and dispose of it
Keep children and pets away from the appliance when it
operates or when it cools down. Accessible parts are hot.
If the appliance has a child safety device, this should be
Children shall not carry out cleaning and user maintenance of
the appliance without supervision.
Children aged 3 years and under must be kept away from
this appliance when it is in operation at all times.
General Safety
Only a qualified person must install this appliance and
replace the cable.
WARNING: The appliance and its accessible parts become
hot during use. Care should be taken to avoid touching
heating elements. Children less than 8 years of age shall be
kept away unless continuously supervised.
Always use oven gloves to remove or put in accessories or
Before maintenance cut the power supply.
Ensure that the appliance is switched off before replacing the
lamp to avoid the possibility of electric shock.
Do not use a steam cleaner to clean the appliance.
Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners or sharp metal scrapers
to clean the glass door since they can scratch the surface,
which may result in shattering of the glass.
If the mains power supply cable is damaged, it must be
replaced by the manufacturer, its Authorised Service Centre
or similarly qualified persons to avoid an electrical hazard.
To remove the shelf supports first pull the front of the shelf
support and then the rear end away from the side walls.
Install the shelf supports in the opposite sequence.
The means for disconnection must be incorporated in the
fixed wiring in accordance with the wiring rules.
Use only the food sensor (core temperature sensor)
recommended for this appliance.
Conditions of Use
This appliance is intended to be used in
household and similar applications such as:
• Farm houses
• By clients in serviced apartments, holiday
apartments and other residential type
Safety instructions
Warning! Only a qualified
person must install this
• Remove all the packaging.
• Do not install or use a damaged
• Follow the installation instruction
supplied with the appliance.
• Always take care when moving the
appliance as it is heavy. Always use
safety gloves and enclosed footwear.
• Do not pull the appliance by the handle.
• Keep the minimum distance from the
other appliances and units.
• Make sure that the appliance is installed
below and adjacent safe structures.
• The sides of the appliance must stay
adjacent to appliances or to units with
the same height.
Electrical connection
Warning! Risk of fire and
electrical shock.
• All electrical connections should be made
by a qualified electrician.
• The appliance must be earthed.
• Make sure that the parameters on the
rating plate are compatible with the
electrical ratings of the mains power
• Always use a correctly installed
shockproof socket.
• Do not use multi-plug adapters and
extension cables.
• Make sure not to cause damage to the
mains plug and to the mains cable.
Should the mains cable need to be
replaced, this must be carried out by our
Authorised Service Centre.
• Do not let mains cables touch or come
near the appliance door, especially
when the door is hot.
• The shock protection of live and
insulated parts must be fastened in such
a way that it cannot be removed without
• Connect the mains plug to the mains
socket only at the end of the installation.
Make sure that there is access to the
mains plug after the installation.
• If the mains socket is loose, do not
connect the mains plug.
• Do not pull the mains cable to disconnect
the appliance. Always pull the mains
• Use only correct isolation devices: line
protecting cut-outs, fuses (screw type
fuses removed from the holder), earth
leakage trips and contactors.
• The electrical installation must have an
isolation device which lets you disconnect
the appliance from the mains at all poles.
The isolation device must have a contact
opening width of minimum 3 mm.
Warning! Risk of injury, burns
and electrical shock or explosion.
• This appliance is for household use only.
• Do not change the specification of this
• Make sure that the ventilation openings
are not blocked.
• Do not let the appliance stay unattended
during operation.
• Deactivate the appliance after each use.
• Be careful when you open the appliance
door while the appliance is in operation.
Hot air can release.
• Do not operate the appliance with wet
hands or when it has contact with water.
• Do not apply pressure on the open door.
• Do not use the appliance as a work
surface or as a storage surface.
• Open the appliance door carefully. The
use of ingredients with alcohol can cause
a mixture of alcohol and air.
• Do not let sparks or open flames to come
in contact with the appliance when you
open the door.
• Do not put flammable products or items
that are wet with flammable products in,
near or on the appliance.
Warning! Risk of damage to the
• To prevent damage or discoloration to
the enamel:
– do not put ovenware or other objects
in the appliance directly on the
– do not put aluminium foil directly on
the bottom of cavity of the
– do not put water directly into the hot
– do not keep moist dishes and food in
the appliance after you finish the
– be careful when you remove or
install the accessories.
• Discoloration of the enamel or stainless
steel has no effect on the performance of
the appliance.
• Use a deep pan for moist cakes. Fruit
juices cause stains that can be
• This appliance is for cooking purposes
only. It must not be used for other
purposes, for example room heating.
• Always cook with the oven door closed.
• If the appliance is installed behind a
furniture panel (e.g. a door) make sure
the door is never closed when the
appliance is in operation. Heat and
moisture can build up behind a closed
furniture panel and cause subsequent
damage to the appliance, the housing
unit or the floor. Do not close the
furniture panel until the appliance has
cooled down completely after use.
Steam Cooking
Warning! Risk of burns and
damage to the appliance.
• Released Steam can cause burns:
– Do not open the appliance door
during the steam cooking operation.
– Open the appliance door with care
after the steam cooking operation.
Care and Cleaning
Warning! Risk of injury, fire, or
damage to the appliance.
• Before maintenance, deactivate the
appliance and disconnect the mains plug
from the mains socket.
• Make sure the appliance is cold. There is
a risk that the glass panels can break.
• Replace immediately the door glass
panels when they are damaged. Contact
the Authorised Service Centre.
• Be careful when you remove the door
from the appliance. The door is heavy!
• Clean regularly the appliance to prevent
the deterioration of the surface material.
• Fat and food remaining in the appliance
can cause fire.
• If you use an oven spray, obey the safety
instructions on the packaging.
Internal light
• The type of light bulb or halogen lamp
used for this appliance is only for
household appliances. Do not use it for
house lighting.
Warning! Risk of electrical shock.
• Before replacing the lamp, disconnect
the appliance from the power supply.
• Only use lamps with the same
Warning! Risk of injury or
• Disconnect the appliance from the mains
• Cut off the mains electrical cable close to
the appliance and dispose of it.
• Remove the door to prevent children and
pets to get closed in the appliance.
• Packaging material:
The packaging material is
environmentally-friendly and recyclable.
Plastic parts are marked with
international abbreviations such as PE,
PS, etc. Dispose of the packaging
material in the containers provided for
this purpose at your local waste
management facility.
• To repair the appliance contact an
Authorised Service Centre.
• Use original spare parts only.
Warning! Refer to Safety
Refer to the Assembly Instructions
for the installation.
Electrical installation
Warning! Only a qualified
person must do the electrical
The manufacturer is not
responsible if you do not follow
the safety precautions from the
Safety chapters.
This appliance is supplied without a main
plug and a main cable.
Cable types applicable for installation or
H07 RN-F, H05 RN-F, H05 RRF, H05 VV-F,
H05 V2V2-F (T90), H05 BB-F
For the section of the cable refer to the total
power on the rating plate. You can also
refer to the table:
Total power (W)
Section of the cable
maximum 1380
3 x 0.75
maximum 2300
maximum 3680
3 x 1.5
The earth cord (green / yellow cable) must
be 2 cm longer than phase and neutral
cables (blue and brown cables).
Product description
General overview
Control panel
Electronic programmer
Water drawer
Socket for the core temperature sensor
Shelf support, removable
Draining pipe
Water outlet valve
Rating plate
Shelf positions
Steam inlet
• Core temperature sensor x 1
To measure how far the food is cooked.
• Telescopic runners x 2 sets
For shelves and trays.
• Wire shelf x 2
For cookware, cake tins, roasts.
• Baking tray x 1
For cakes and biscuits.
• Grill- / Roasting pan x 1
To bake and roast or as pan to collect
Control panel
Electronic programmer
2 3 4
7 8 9 10 11
To activate and deactivate the appliance.
Heating Functions Touch the symbol once to choose a heating funcor Assisted Cook- tion or the menu: Assisted Cooking. Touch the syming
bol again to switch between the menus: Heating
Functions, Assisted Cooking. To activate or deacti-
vate the light, touch
for 3 seconds.
Back key
To go back one level in the menu. To show the
main menu, touch the symbol for 3 seconds.
Temperature selection
To set the temperature or show the current temperature in the appliance. Touch the symbol for 3
seconds to activate or deactivate the function: Fast
heat up.
To save and access your favourite programmes.
Shows the current settings of the appliance.
Up key
To move up in the menu.
Down key
To move down in the menu.
Time and additional functions
To set different functions. When a heating function
operates, touch the symbol to set the timer or the
functions: Function Lock, Favourites, Heat + Hold,
Set + Go. You can also change the settings of the
core temperature sensor.
Minute Minder
To set the function: Minute Minder.
To confirm the selection or setting.
Heating function
Time of day
Heat-up indicator
Duration time or end time of a function
Other indicators of the display:
Minute Minder
The function operates.
Time of day
The display shows the current time.
The display shows the necessary time
for cooking.
End Time
The display shows when the cooking
time is complete.
The display shows the temperature.
Time Indication
The display shows how long the heating function operates. Press and
at the same time to reset the time.
The appliance calculates the time for
Heat-up Indicator
The display shows the temperature in
the appliance.
Fast Heat Up Indicator
The function is active. It decreases the
heat up time.
Weight Automatic
The display shows that the automatic
weight system is active or that weight
can be changed.
Heat + Hold
The function is active.
Before first use
Warning! Refer to Safety
Initial Cleaning
Remove all accessories and removable shelf
supports from the appliance.
Refer to "Care and cleaning"
Clean the appliance and the accessories
before first use.
Put the accessories and the removable shelf
supports back to their initial position.
smoke. This is normal. Make sure that the
airflow in the room is sufficient.
Using the Mechanical child lock
The appliance has the child lock installed
and activated. It is below the control panel
on the right side.
To open the oven door with the child lock
installed, pull the child lock handle up as
shown in the picture.
First Connection
When you connect the appliance to the
mains or after the power cut, you have to
set the language, the display contrast, the
display brightness and the time of the day.
1. Press
2. Press
or to set the value.
to confirm.
Before first use preheat the appliance with
only wire shelves and baking trays inside.
1. Set the function: Conventional Cooking
and the
(Top/Bottom Heat)
maximum temperature.
2. Let the appliance operate for 1 hour.
3. Set the function: True Fan Cooking
and the maximum temperature.
4. Let the appliance operate for 15
Accessories can become hotter than usual.
The appliance can emit an odour and
Close the oven door without pulling the
child lock.
To remove the child lock, open the oven
door and remove the child lock with the torx
key. The torx key is in the oven fitting bag.
Screw back the screw into the hole after
removing the child lock.
Daily use
Warning! Refer to Safety
Navigating the menus
1. Activate the appliance.
2. Press or to select the menu option.
3. Press
to move to the submenu or
accept the setting.
At each point you can go back to
the main menu with .
The menus in overview
Main menu
Menu item
Heating Functions
Contains a list of heating functions.
Assisted Cooking
Contains a list of automatic programmes.
Contains a list of favourite cooking programmes
created by the user.
Basic Settings
Used to set the appliance configuration.
Contains a list of additional heating functions.
Submenu for: Basic Settings
Set Time of Day
Sets the current time on the clock.
Time Indication
When ON, the display shows the current time
when you deactivate the appliance.
Fast heat up
When ON, the function decreases the heat-up
Set + Go
To set a function and activate it later with a press
of any symbol on the control panel.
Heat + Hold
Keeps the prepared food warm for 30 minutes after a cooking cycle finished.
Time Extension
Activates and deactivates the time extension
Display Contrast
Adjusts the display contrast by degrees.
Display Brightness
Adjusts the display brightness by degrees.
Set Language
Sets the language for the display.
Buzzer Volume
Adjusts the volume of press-tones and signals by
Key Tones
Activates and deactivates the tone of the touch
fields. It is not possible to deactivate the tone of
the ON / OFF touch field.
Alarm/Error Tones
Activates and deactivates the alarm tones.
Shows the software version and configuration.
Factory Settings
Resets all settings to factory settings.
Heating Functions
Heating function
True Fan Cooking
To bake on up to three shelf positions at the same
time and to dry food. Set the temperature 20 - 40
°C lower than for the function: Conventional
Cooking (Top / Bottom Heat).
True Fan + Steam
To steam dishes. Use this function to decrease the
length of the cooking time and to preserve the vitamins and nutrients in the food. Select the function and set the temperature between 130 °C to
230 °C.
Conventional Cooking
(Top/Bottom Heat)
To bake and roast food on one shelf position.
Pizza Setting
To cook pizza, quiche or pie with steam.
Slow Cooking
To prepare tender, succulent roasts.
Bottom Heat
To bake cakes with crispy bottom and to preserve
Moist Fan Baking
To bake breads, cakes and cookies. To save energy during cooking. This function must be used in
accordance with the Moist Fan Baking table in order to achieve the desired cooking result. To get
more information about the recommended settings, refer to the Hints and Tips chapter, Moist
Fan Baking table. This function was used to define
the energy efficiency class acc. to EN 60350-1.
Heating function
ECO Roasting
When you use this function during cooking, it allows you to optimize the energy consumption. To
get more information about the recommended
settings, refer to the Hints and Tips chapter, table
with the equivalent function.
Frozen Foods
To make convenience food like e.g. french fries,
potato wedges or spring rolls crispy.
To grill flat food and to toast bread.
Fast Grilling
To grill flat food in large quantities and to toast
Turbo Grilling
To roast larger meat joints or poultry with bones
on one shelf position. Also to make gratins and to
Steam Regenerating
Food reheating with steam prevents surface drying. Heat is distributed in a gentle and even way,
which allows to recover taste and aroma of food
as just prepared. This function can be used to reheat food directly on a plate. You can reheat
more than one plate at the same time, using different shelf positions.
Heating function
Bread Baking
To bake bread.
Au Gratin
For dishes such as lasagna or potato gratin. Also
to gratinate and brown.
Dough Proving
For controlled rising of yeast dough before baking.
Plate Warming
To preheat plates for serving.
Heating function
To make vegetable preserves such as pickles.
To dry sliced fruit (e.g. apples, plums, peaches)
and vegetables (e.g. tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms).
Keep Warm
To keep food warm.
This function can be used for defrosting frozen
foods, such as vegetables and fruits. The defrosting time depends on the amount and size of the
frozen food.
Activating a heating function
Activate the appliance.
Select the menu: Heating Functions.
to confirm.
Select a heating function.
to confirm.
Set the temperature.
to confirm.
Steam cooking
The water drawer cover is in the control
Warning! Use only water. Do not
use filtered (demineralised) or
distilled water. Do not use other
liquids. Do not put flammable or
alcoholic liquids into the water
1. Prepare the food in the correct
2. Press the cover of the water drawer to
open it.
3. Fill the water drawer with 900 ml of
The water supply is sufficient for
approximately 55 - 60 minutes.
4. Push the water drawer to its initial
5. Activate the appliance.
6. Select a steam heating function and the
7. If necessary, set the function Duration
or End Time
When the steam generator is
empty, an acoustic signal sounds.
The signal sounds at the end of the cooking
8. Deactivate the appliance.
9. Empty the water drawer after the steam
cooking is completed.
Caution! The appliance is
hot. There is a risk of burns.
Be careful when you empty
the water drawer.
Let the appliance dry fully with the door
Warning! Wait a minimum of 60
minutes after each use of the
steam cooking in order to
prevent hot water from exiting
the water outlet valve.
Tank Empty indicator
The display shows: Water required and an
acoustic signal sounds when the tank is
empty and must be refilled.
For more information refer to "Steam
Tank Full indicator
When the display shows: Water tank full,
you can use the steam cooking.
An acoustic signal sounds when the tank is
If you put too much water into
the tank, the safety outlet moves
the excess water to the bottom of
the oven.
Remove the water with a sponge
or cloth.
Emptying the water tank
Caution! Make sure that the
appliance is cool before you start
to empty the water tank.
1. Prepare the draining pipe (C), included
in the same package with the user
manual. Put the connector (B) onto one
of the ends of the draining pipe.
2. Put the second end of the draining pipe
(C) into a container. Put it at a lower
position than the outlet valve (A).
3. Open the oven door and put the
connector (B) into the outlet valve (A).
4. Push the connector again and again
when you empty the water tank.
The tank can have some
water when the display
shows: Water required.
Wait until the water flow from
the water outlet valve stops.
5. Remove the connector from the valve
when the water stops flowing.
Do not use the drained water to
fill the water tank again.
Heat-up indicator
When you activate a heating function, the
bar on the display comes on. The bar shows
that the temperature increases. When
temperature is reached the buzzer sounds 3
times and the bar flashes and then
Fast Heat Up Indicator
This function decreases the heat-up time.
Do not put food in the oven when
the Fast heat up function
To activate the function, hold
for 3
seconds. The heat-up indicator alternates.
Residual heat
When you deactivate the appliance, the
display shows the residual heat. You can
use the heat to keep the food warm.
Clock functions
Clock functions table
Clock function
Minute Minder
To set a countdown (max. 2 h 30 min). This
function has no effect on the operation of the
to activate the function. Press
to set the minutes and
to start.
To set the length of an operation (max. 23 h
59 min).
End Time
To set the switch-off time for a heating function (max. 23 h 59 min).
If you set the time for a clock function, the
time starts to count down after 5 seconds.
If you use the clock functions:
Duration, End Time, the
appliance deactivates the
heating elements after 90 % of
the set time. The appliance uses
the residual heat to continue the
cooking process until the time
ends (3 - 20 minutes).
Setting the clock functions
Before you use the functions:
Duration, End Time, you must set
a heating function and
temperature first. The appliance
deactivates automatically.
You can use the functions:
Duration and End Time at the
same time if you want to
automatically activate and
deactivate the appliance on a
given time later.
The functions: Duration and End
Time do not work when you use
the core temperature sensor.
1. Set a heating function.
2. Press
again and again until the
display shows the necessary clock
function and the related symbol.
3. Press or to set the necessary time.
to confirm.
4. Press
When the time ends, an acoustic signal
sounds. The appliance deactivates. The
display shows a message.
5. Press any symbol to stop the signal.
Heat + Hold
Time Extension
Conditions for the function:
The function: Time Extension makes the
heating function continue after the end of
• The set temperature is more than 80 °C.
• The function: Duration is set.
The function: Heat + Hold keeps prepared
food warm at 80 °C for 30 minutes. It
activates after the baking or roasting
procedure ends.
You can activate or deactivate the function
in the menu: Basic Settings.
Activate the appliance.
Select the heating function.
Set the temperature above 80 °C.
again and again until the
display shows: Heat + Hold.
5. Press
to confirm.
When the function ends, an acoustic signal
The function stays on if you change the
heating functions.
Applicable to all heating
functions with Duration or Weight
Not applicable to heating
functions with the core
temperature sensor.
1. When the cooking time ends, an
acoustic signal sounds. Press any
The display shows the message.
to activate or to cancel.
2. Press
3. Set the length of the function.
4. Press
Automatic programmes
Warning! Refer to Safety
Recipes online
You can find the recipes for the
automatic programmes specified
for this appliance on the website
www.ikea.com. To find the
proper Recipe Book check the
article number on the rating
plate on the front frame of the
appliance cavity.
Assisted Cooking with Recipe Automatic
This appliance has a set of recipes you can
use. The recipes are fixed and you cannot
change them.
1. Activate the appliance.
2. Select the menu: Assisted Cooking. Press
to confirm.
3. Select the category and dish. Press
to confirm.
to confirm.
4. Select a recipe. Press
When you use the function:
Manual, the appliance uses the
automatic settings. You can
change them as with other
Assisted Cooking with Weight Automatic
This function automatically calculates the
roasting time. To use it, it is necessary to
input the food weight.
1. Activate the appliance.
2. Select the menu: Assisted Cooking. Press
to confirm.
3. Select the category and dish. Press
to confirm.
4. Select the function: Weight Automatic.
to confirm.
5. Touch or to set the food weight.
to confirm.
The automatic programme starts.
6. You can change the weight at any time.
Press or to change the weight.
7. When the time ends, an acoustic signal
sounds. Press any symbol to deactivate
the signal.
With some programmes turn over
the food after 30 minutes. The
display shows a reminder.
Using the accessories
Warning! Refer to Safety
Inserting the accessories
Wire shelf:
Push the shelf between the guide bars of
the shelf support and make sure that the
feet point down.
Wire shelf and the deep pan together:
Push the deep pan between the guide bars
of the shelf support and the wire shelf on
the guide bars above and make sure that
the feet point down.
Deep pan:
Push the deep pan between the guide bars
of the shelf support.
Small indentation at the top
increase safety. The indentations
are also anti-tip devices. The
high rim around the shelf
prevents cookware from slipping
of the shelf.
Core temperature sensor
There are two temperatures to be set: the
oven temperature and the core
The core temperature sensor measures the
core temperature of the meat. When the
meat is at the set temperature, the
appliance deactivates.
Caution! Only use the core
temperature sensor supplied or
the correct replacement parts.
The core temperature sensor
must stay in the meat and in the
socket during the cooking.
1. Activate the appliance.
2. Put the tip of the core temperature
sensor into the centre of the meat.
3. Put the plug of the core temperature
sensor into the socket at the top of the
4. Press or in less than 5 seconds to set
the core temperature.
5. Set the heating function and, if
necessary, the oven temperature.
The appliance calculates an approximate
end time. The end time is different for the
different quantities of the food, the set oven
temperatures (minimum 120 °C) and the
operating modes. The appliance calculates
the end time in approximately 30 minutes.
6. To change the core temperature, press
When the meat is at the set core
temperature, an acoustic signal sounds. The
appliance deactivates automatically.
7. Touch any symbol to stop the signal.
8. Remove the core temperature sensor
plug from the socket and remove the
meat from the oven.
Warning! The core temperature
sensor is hot. There is a risk of
burns. Be careful when you
remove the tip and the plug of
the core temperature sensor.
Using the telescopic runners
Keep the installation instructions
for the telescopic runners for
future use.
With telescopic runners you can put in and
remove the shelves more easily.
Caution! Do not clean the
telescopic runners in the
dishwasher. Do not lubricate the
telescopic runners.
The display shows the core temperature
sensor symbol.
Pull out the right
and left hand
telescopic runners.
Make sure you push back the telescopic
runners fully in the appliance before you
close the oven door.
You can also use the telescopic
runners with the trays or pans
supplied with the appliance.
Warning! Refer to
"Product description"
Put the wire shelf on
the telescopic
runners and
carefully push them
into the appliance.
Additional functions
You can save your favourite settings, such
as duration, temperature or heating
function. They are available in the menu:
Favourites. You can save 20 programmes.
Saving a programme
1. Activate the appliance.
2. Set a heating function or an automatic
3. Touch
again and again until the
display shows: SAVE.
4. Press
to confirm.
The display shows the first free memory
to confirm.
5. Press
6. Enter the name of the programme.
The first letter flashes.
7. Touch or to change the letter.
8. Press
The next letter flashes.
9. Do step 7 again as necessary.
to save.
10. Press and hold
You can overwrite a memory position.
When the display shows the first free
memory position, touch
and press
to overwrite an existing programme.
You can change the name of a programme
in the menu: Edit Programme Name.
Activating the programme
Activate the appliance.
Select the menu: Favourites.
to confirm.
Select your favourite programme name.
to confirm.
to go directly to menu: Favourites.
Using the Child Lock
When the Child Lock is on, the appliance
cannot be activated accidentally.
to activate the display.
1. Touch
2. Touch
at the same time until
the display shows a message.
To deactivate the Child Lock function repeat
step 2.
Function Lock
Automatic Switch-off
This function prevents an accidental change
of the heating function. You can activate it
only when the appliance operates.
For safety reasons the appliance turns off
automatically after some time if a heating
function operates and you do not change
any settings.
1. Activate the appliance.
2. Set a heating function or setting.
3. Press
again and again until the
display shows: Function Lock.
4. Press
to confirm.
To deactivate the function, press
. The
display shows a message. Press
and then
to confirm.
When you deactivate the
appliance, the function also
Temperature (°C)
Switch-off time (h)
30 - 115
120 - 195
200 - 245
250 - maximum
The Automatic switch-off does
not work with the functions: Light,
Food Sensor, Duration, End Time.
Set + Go
Brightness of the display
The function lets you set a heating function
(or a programme) and use it later with one
press of any symbol.
There are two modes of display brightness:
1. Activate the appliance.
2. Set a heating function.
again and again until the
3. Press
display shows: Duration.
4. Set the time.
again and again until the
5. Press
display shows: Set + Go.
to confirm.
6. Press
Press any symbol (except for ) to start the
function: Set + Go. The set heating function
When the heating function ends, an acoustic
signal sounds.
• Function Lock is on when the
heating function operates.
• The menu: Basic Settings lets
you activate and deactivate
the function: Set + Go.
• Night brightness - when the appliance is
deactivated, the brightness of the
display is lower between 10 PM and 6
• Day brightness:
– when the appliance is activated.
– if you touch a symbol during the
night brightness (apart from ON /
OFF), the display goes back to the
day brightness mode for the next 10
– if the appliance is deactivated and
you set the function: Minute Minder.
When the function ends, the display
goes back to the night brightness.
Cooling fan
When the appliance operates, the cooling
fan activates automatically to keep the
surfaces of the appliance cool. If you
deactivate the appliance, the cooling fan
can continue to operate until the appliance
cools down.
Safety thermostat
Incorrect operation of the appliance or
defective components can cause dangerous
overheating. To prevent this, the oven has a
safety thermostat which interrupts the
power supply. The oven activates again
automatically when the temperature drops.
Hints and tips
General information
Baking cakes
• Whenever preheating, remove the wire
shelves and trays from the cavity to have
the fastest performance.
• The appliance has five shelf positions.
Count the shelf positions from the bottom
of the appliance floor.
• The appliance has a special system
which circulates the air and constantly
recycles the steam. With this system you
can cook in a steamy environment and
keep the food soft inside and crusty
outside. It decreases the cooking time
and energy consumption to a minimum.
• Moisture can condense in the appliance
or on the door glass panels. This is
normal. Always stand back from the
appliance when you open the appliance
door while cooking. If you notice
moisture inside of the oven, keep the
door open for a couple of minutes.
• Clean the moisture after each use of the
• Do not put the objects directly on the
appliance floor and do not put
aluminium foil on the components when
you cook. This can change the baking
results and cause damage to the enamel.
• Do not open the oven door before 3/4 of
the set cooking time is up.
• If you use two baking trays at the same
time, keep one empty level between
Cooking meat and fish
• Use a deep pan for very fatty food to
prevent the oven from stains that can be
• Leave the meat for approximately 15
minutes before carving so that the juice
does not seep out.
• To prevent too much smoke in the oven
during roasting, add some water into the
deep pan. To prevent the smoke
condensation, add water each time after
it dries up.
Cooking tables
For cooking tables please refer to the
Recipe Book which you can find on our
Care and cleaning
Warning! Refer to Safety
Notes on cleaning
• Clean the front of the appliance with a
soft cloth with warm water and a
cleaning agent.
• To clean metal surfaces, use a dedicated
cleaning agent.
• Clean the appliance interior after each
use. Fat accumulation or other food
remains may result in a fire. The risk is
higher for the grill pan.
• Clean stubborn dirt with a special oven
• Clean all accessories after each use and
let them dry. Use a soft cloth with warm
water and a cleaning agent.
• If you have nonstick accessories, do not
clean them using aggressive agents,
sharp-edged objects or a dishwasher. It
can cause damage to the nonstick
• Dry the oven when the cavity is wet after
Stainless steel or aluminium appliances
Clean the oven door with a
damp cloth or sponge only. Dry it
with a soft cloth.
Do not use steel wool, acids or
abrasive materials as they can
damage the oven surface. Clean
the oven control panel with the
same precautions.
Cleaning the door gasket
• Regularly do a check of the door gasket.
The door gasket is around the frame of
the oven cavity. Do not use the
appliance if the door gasket is
damaged. Contact the Service.
• To clean the door gasket, use a soft cloth
with warm water and a cleaning agent.
Removing the shelf supports
To clean the oven, remove the shelf
Pull the rear end of the shelf support
away from the side wall and remove the
whole grid.
Install the shelf supports in the opposite
The retaining pins on the
telescopic runners must point to
the front.
Cleaning the water tank
Warning! Do not put water into
the water tank during the
cleaning procedure.
During the cleaning procedure,
some water can drip from the
steam inlet onto the cavity of the
oven. Put a dripping pan on the
shelf level directly below the
steam inlet to prevent water from
falling onto the bottom of the
oven cavity.
After some time, you can have lime deposits
in your oven. To prevent this, clean the parts
of the oven that generate the steam. Empty
the tank after each steam cooking.
Types of water
Pull the front of the shelf support away
from the side wall.
• Soft water with low lime content - the
manufacturer recommends this because
it decreases the quantity of cleaning
• Tap water - you can use it if your
domestic water supply has purifier or
water sweetener.
• Hard water with high lime content - it
does not have an effect on the
performance of the appliance but it
increases the quantity of cleaning
Calcium deposit
Water hardness
(French degrees) (German degrees)
Water classifica- Run decalcification
tion every
0 - 60 mg/l
Sweet of soft
75 cycles - 2.5
60 - 120 mg/l
6 - 12
Medium hardness
50 cycles - 2
120 - 180 mg/l
12 - 18
8 - 10
Hard or calcare- 40 cycles - 1.5
over 180 mg/l
over 18
over 10
Very hard
1. Fill in the water tank with 850 ml of
water and 50 ml of citric acid (five
teaspoons). Deactivate the oven and
wait for approximately 60 minutes.
2. Activate the oven and set the function:
True Fan + Steam. Set the temperature
230 °C. Deactivate it after 25 minutes
and let it cool down for 15 minutes.
3. Activate the oven and set the function:
True Fan + Steam. Set the temperature
between 130 and 230 °C. Deactivate it
after 10 minutes.
Let it cool down and continue with the
removal of the tank contents. Refer to
"Emptying the water tank".
4. Rinse the water tank and clean the
remaining lime residue in the oven with
a cloth.
5. Clean the drain pipe by hand in warm
water with soap. To prevent damage,
do not use acids, sprays or similar
cleaning agents.
Cleaning the oven door
The oven door has three glass panels.You
can remove the oven door and the internal
glass panels to clean them.
30 cycles - 1
The oven door can close if you
try to remove the glass panels
before you remove the oven
Caution! Do not use the
appliance without the glass
Open the door fully
and hold the two
door hinges.
Lift and turn the
levers on the two
Close the oven door
halfway to the first
opening position.
Then pull forward
and remove the
door from its seat.
Put the door on a
soft cloth on a
stable surface.
Hold the door trim (B) on the top edge of
the door at the two sides and push inwards
to release the clip seal.
Clean the glass panels with water and
soap. Dry the glass panels carefully.
When the cleaning is completed, install the
glass panels and the oven door. Do the
above steps in the opposite sequence.
Make sure that you put the glass panels (A
and B) back in the correct sequence. The
first panel (A) has a decorative frame. The
screen-printing zone must face the inner
side of the door. Make sure that after the
installation the surface of the glass panel
frame (A) on the screen-printing zones is
not rough when you touch it.
Pull the door trim to the front to remove it
Hold the door glass panels by their top
edge and carefully pull them out one by
one. Start from the top panel. Make sure
the glass slides out of the supports
Make sure that you install the middle panel
of glass in the seats correctly.
Caution! Always hold the
halogen lamp with a cloth to
prevent grease residue from
burning on the lamp.
Replacing the lamp
Put a cloth on the bottom of the interior of
the appliance. It prevents damage to the
lamp glass cover and the cavity.
Warning! Danger of
electrocution! Disconnect the fuse
before you replace the lamp.
The lamp and the lamp glass
cover can be hot.
1. Deactivate the appliance.
2. Remove the fuses from the fuse box or
deactivate the circuit breaker.
3. Turn the lamp glass cover
counterclockwise to remove it.
4. Clean the glass cover.
5. Replace the oven light bulb with a 40
W, 220 - 240 V (50 Hz), 350 °C heat
resistant oven light bulb (connection
type: G9).
6. Install the glass cover.
Warning! Refer to Safety
What to do if...
Possible cause
The oven does not heat up.
The oven is deactivated.
Activate the oven.
The oven does not heat up.
The clock is not set.
Set the clock.
The oven does not heat up.
The necessary settings are
not set.
Make sure that the settings
are correct.
The oven does not heat up.
The automatic switch-off is
Refer to "Automatic switchoff".
The oven does not heat up.
The Child Lock is on.
Refer to "Using the Child
The oven does not heat up.
The door is not closed correctly.
Fully close the door.
Possible cause
The oven does not heat up.
The fuse is blown.
Make sure that the fuse is
the cause of the malfunction.
If the fuse is blown again
and again, contact a qualified electrician.
The lamp does not operate.
The lamp is defective.
Replace the lamp.
There is water inside the
There is too much water in
the tank.
Deactivate the oven and
wipe the water with a cloth
or sponge.
The steam cooking does not
There is no water in the tank.
Fill the water tank.
The steam cooking does not
Lime obstructs the hole.
Check the steam inlet opening. Remove the lime.
It takes more than three minutes to empty the water
tank or the water leaks from
the steam inlet opening.
There are lime deposits in
the oven.
Clean the water tank. Refer
to "Cleaning the water
The display shows F111.
The plug of the core temper- Put the plug of the core temature sensor is not correctly perature sensor as far as
installed into the socket.
possible into the socket.
The display shows an error
code that is not in this table.
There is an electrical fault.
• Deactivate the oven with
the house fuse or the
safety switch in the fuse
box and activate it again.
• If the display shows the
error code again, contact
an Authorised Service
Steam and condensation
settle on the food and in the
cavity of the oven.
You left the dish in the oven
for too long.
Do not leave the dishes in
the oven for longer than 15 20 minutes after the cooking
process ends.
Service data
If you cannot find a solution to the problem
yourself, contact an Authorised Service
The necessary data for the service centre is
on the rating plate. The rating plate is on
the front frame of the appliance cavity. Do
not remove the rating plate from the
appliance cavity.
We recommend that you write the data here:
Model (MOD.)
Product number (PNC)
Serial number (S.N.)
Technical data
Technical data
Dimensions (internal)
Area of baking tray
1438 cm²
Top heating element
2300 W
Bottom heating element
1000 W
2300 W
1900 W
Total rating
2780 W
220 - 240 V
50 Hz
Number of functions
480 mm
361 mm
416 mm
Energy efficiency
Product information according to EU 66/2014
Model identification
KULINARISK 703.220.40
Energy Efficiency Index
Energy consumption with a standard load, conventional mode
0.93 kWh/cycle
Energy consumption with a standard load, fan-forced 0.69 kWh/cycle
Number of cavities
Heat source
72 l
Type of oven
Built-In Oven
35.6 kg
EN 60350-1 - Household electric cooking
appliances - Part 1: Ranges, ovens, steam
ovens and grills - Methods for measuring
Energy saving
The oven contains features which
help you save energy during
everyday cooking.
General hints
Make sure that the oven door is closed
properly when the appliance operates. Do
not open the door too often during cooking.
Keep the door gasket clean and make sure
it is well fixed in its position.
Use metal dishes to improve energy saving.
When possible, do not preheat the oven
before you put the food inside.
When the cooking duration is longer than
30 minutes, reduce the oven temperature to
minimum 3 - 10 minutes before the end of
the cooking time, depending on the
duration of the cooking. The residual heat
inside the oven will continue to cook.
Use the residual heat to warm up other
Keep breaks between baking as short as
possible when you prepare few dishes at
one time.
Cooking with fan
When possible, use the cooking functions
with fan to save energy.
Residual heat
If a programme with the Duration or End
Time selection is activated and the cooking
time is longer than 30 minutes, the heating
elements automatically deactivate earlier in
some oven functions.
The fan and lamp continue to operate.
Keep food warm
Choose the lowest possible temperature
setting to use residual heat and keep a
meal warm. The residual heat indicator or
temperature appears on the display.
Cooking with the lamp off
Turn off the lamp during cooking. Turn it on
only when you need it.
Moist Fan Baking
Function designed to save energy during
cooking. It operates in such a way that the
temperature in the oven cavity may differ
from the temperature indicated during a
cooking cycle and cooking times may be
different from the cooking times in other
When you use Moist Fan Baking, the lamp
automatically turns off after 30 seconds.
You may turn on the lamp again but this
action will reduce the expected energy
Recycle materials with the symbol . Put
the packaging in relevant containers to
recycle it. Help protect the environment and
human health by recycling waste of
electrical and electronic appliances. Do not
dispose of appliances marked with the
symbol with the household waste. Return
the product to your local recycling facility or
contact your municipal office.
How long is the IKEA guarantee valid?
This guarantee is valid for five (5) years
from the original date of purchase of Your
appliance at IKEA Pty Ltd, ABN
84006270757 or at Cebas Pty Ltd, ABN 15
009 156 003 (Both Trading as IKEA) unless
the appliance is named LAGAN in which
case two (2) years of guarantee apply. The
original sales receipt is required as proof of
purchase. If service work is carried out
under guarantee, this will not extend the
guarantee period for the appliance.
Which appliances are not covered by the
IKEA five (5) years guarantee?
For Queensland, New South Wales, and
Victorian customers please contact:
IKEA Pty Ltd
IKEA Pty Ltd
IKEA Service Office
L1 Clock Tower, 630 Princes Highway
Tempe, NSW 2044
Contact - IKEA Customer Service at
For Western Australian and South
Australian customers please contact:
The range of appliances named LAGAN .
Cebas Pty Ltd
Who will execute the service?
8c Sunray Drive, Innaloo WA 6018
IKEA service provider will provide the service through its own service operations or
authorized service partner network. Contact
IKEA for further information.
If you encounter any trouble with the
appliance and wish to register a service call
or make a claim, please refer to
www.ikea.com.au for your local store after
sales customer service center phone
number, online email and opening times.
The principal address and contact details in
Australia are:
Contact - IKEA Customer Service at
What does this guarantee cover?
The guarantee covers faults of the appliance, which have been caused by faulty
construction or material faults from the date
of purchase from IKEA. This guarantee applies to domestic use only. The products
have been designed and tested for
domestic purposes only and this guarantee
does not cover damage arising from use of
the Product in a commercial environment.
The exceptions are specified under the
headline "What is not covered under this
guarantee?" Within the guarantee period,
the costs to remedy the fault e.g. repairs,
parts, labour and travel will be covered,
provided that the appliance is accessible
for repair without special expenditure.
Replaced parts become the property of
The guarantee exists only if the appliance
complies and is installed in accordance
• The technical specifications.
• The Assembly Instructions and user
manual Safety Information.
IKEA's guarantee is subject to Australian
Consumer Law - see Schedule 2 to
Competition and Consumer Act, 2010. This
guarantee is in addition to (and does not
exclude, restrict or modify in any way) any
non-excludable statutory warranties in
What will IKEA do to correct the problem?
IKEA appointed service provider will examine the product and decide, at its sole discretion, if it is covered under this guarantee.
They will notify you as to whether your
claim is covered under this guarantee. If
your claim is approved, the IKEA service
provider or its authorized service partner,
will then, at its sole discretion, either repair
the defective product or replace it with the
same or a comparable product.
What is not covered under this
• Normal wear and tear.
• Deliberate or negligent damage, damage caused by failure to observe operating instructions, incorrect installation or
by connection to the wrong voltage, damage caused by chemical or electro-chemical reaction, rust, corrosion or water
damage including but not limited to dam-
age caused by excessive lime in the water supply, damage caused by abnormal
environmental conditions.
Consumable parts including batteries
and lamps.
Non-functional and decorative parts
which do not affect normal use of the appliance, including any scratches and possible colour differences.
Accidental damage caused by foreign
objects including insect or vermin
infestation or substances and cleaning or
unblocking of filters, drainage systems or
soap drawers.
Damage to the following parts: ceramic
glass, accessories, crockery and cutlery
baskets, feed and drainage pipes, seals,
lamps and lamp covers, screens, knobs,
casings and parts of casings. Unless such
damages can be proved to have been
caused by production faults.
Cases where no fault could be found during a technician's visit.
Repairs not carried out by our appointed
service providers and/or an authorized
service contractual partner or where
non-original parts have been used.
Repairs caused by installation which is
faulty or not according to specification.
The use of the appliance in a non-domestic environment i.e. professional use.
Transportation damages. If a customer
transports the product to their home or
other address, IKEA is not liable for any
damage that may occur during transport.
However, if IKEA delivers the product to
the customer's delivery address, then
damage to the product that occurs
during this delivery will be covered by
this guarantee.
Cost for carrying out the initial
installation of the IKEA appliance.
However, if an IKEA service provider or
its authorized service partner repairs or
replaces the appliance under the terms
of this guarantee, the service provider or
its authorized service partner will re-
install the repaired appliance or install
the replacement, if necessary.
• The appliance's serial number or
warranty seal has been removed or
How country law applies
Our goods come with guarantees that
cannot be excluded under the Australian
Consumer Law (ACL). You are entitled to a
replacement or refund for a major failure
and compensation for any other reasonably
foreseeable loss or damage.
You are also entitled to have the goods
repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be
of acceptable quality and the failure does
not amount to a major failure.
Please do not hesitate to contact the
dedicated after sales customer service
center for IKEA appliances to:
1. Make a service request under this guarantee;
2. Ask for clarification on installation of the
IKEA appliance in the dedicated IKEA
kitchen furniture.
3. Ask for clarification on user manual contents and specifications of the IKEA appliance.
To ensure that we provide you with the best
assistance, please read carefully the Assembly Instructions and/or the User Manual
section of this booklet before contacting us.
How to reach us if you need our service
This guarantee is not intended in any way
to limit or exclude such rights and remedies
that you may have under law.
You can find out more information about
the Australian Consumer Law on the ACCC
website: www.accc.gov.au
Area of validity
This IKEA guarantee applies only to
products purchased and installed in
What you must do to make a claim under
the guarantee:
To make a claim under the guarantee
contact IKEA after sales customer service
center at the above address, the IKEA
catalogue or refer to www.ikea.com.au for
your local store customer service phone
number, online email and opening times.
Please describe the problem that you are
facing with the appliance in detail along
with your product article number (8 digit
code) and date of purchase at the time of
call registration.
The IKEA after sales customer service centre
will assist you on the phone with basic
trouble shooting for your appliance at the
time of service call request. Please refer to
the IKEA catalogue or www.ikea.com.au
and select your local store for local store
phone numbers and opening times.
Please describe the problem that
you are facing with the
appliance in detail along
with your product article number
( 8 digit code ) and date of
purchase at the time of call
registration .
Kindly keep all these details and
original invoice of purchase
handy during the service
technician's visit to enable him to
carry out the job.
It is your proof of purchase and
required for the guarantee to
apply. Note that the receipt
reports also the IKEA article
name and number (8 digit code)
for each of the appliances you
have purchased.
© Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2017
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