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2 ZNF31X
Safety information
Product description
Before first use
Programme charts
Care and cleaning
Technical data
Environmental information
Guarantee / Customer care
European guarantee
The following symbols are used in this
user manual:
Important information concerning
your personal safety and
information on how to avoid
damaging the appliance.
General information and tips
Environmental information
Safety information
Do not remove the outer case, door or
control panel at any time. Doing so may
cause exposure to extremely high voltage.
Install or locate this oven only in
accordance with ‘installation instructions’
found in this manual.
Use the appliance for its intended use
as described in this manual. Do not use
corrosive chemicals in this appliance.
This type of oven is specifically designed
to heat, cook, or defrost food. It is not
designed for industrial or laboratory use
neither for commercial use as this will
invalidate the guarantee.
Do not operate the oven empty. If food
or water is not present to absorb the
microwave energy, the magnetron tube
can be damaged.
Do not store this appliance outdoors.
Do not use this product near water.
Do not attempt to dry clothing or
in the microwave oven.
Warning: If the door, hinges/latches These items can
or door seals are damaged, the
cavity for storage
microwave must not be operated
purposes. Do not leave paper products,
until it has been repaired by an
cooking utensils, or food in the cavity
authorized service person.
when not in use.
Microwave oven is a Group 2 ISM
equipment in which radio frequency
energy is intentionally generated and
Warning: It is hazardous for anyone used in the form of electromagnetic
radiation for the treatment of material.
except factory trained service
This oven is a Class B equipment
personnel to service or make
adjustments to this oven. Contact suitable for use in domestic
establishments and in establishments
your nearest authorised service
agent if service should be required. directly connected to a low voltage
power supply network which supplies
buildings used for domestic purposes.
The built-in safety interlock switches
prevent the microwave oven from
operating when the door is open.
Do not tamper with them, or attempt
to operate the oven with the door open
as open door operation can result in
exposure to microwave energy.
Do not allow food spills or cleaner
residue to accumulate on door sealing
surfaces. See the Cleaning and Care
section for cleaning instructions.
It is particularly important that the
oven door closes properly and that
there is no damage to the: (1) door
(warped), (2) hinges and latches
(broken or insecure), (3) door seals and
sealing surface.
ZNF31X The microwave oven shall not be
placed in a cabinet unless it has been
tested in a cabinet.
Warning: If smoke is observed,
switch off or unplug the appliance
and keep the door closed in order
to stifle any flames. Never use
however, can damage the unit. Stop
the programme and check the utensil.
Care should be taken not to obstruct
any air vents located on the top, rear,
side and bottom of the oven.
Warning: Do not use this oven for
commercial purposes. This oven is
made for domestic use only.
Warning: Only allow children or
infirm persons to use the
microwave, without supervision,
when adequate instructions have
been given so that the child or
infirm person is able to use the
microwave in a safe way and
understand the hazards of
improper use.
It is quite normal for steam to be
emitted around the door, or for misting
to occur on the door, or even for water
droplets to appear below the door
during the cooking cycle. This is merely
condensation from the heat of the food
and does not affect the safety of your
oven. The door is not intended to seal
the oven cavity completely.
Do not force the turntable to rotate by
hand. This may cause malfunctioning.
Arcing in the oven during microwave
operation usually occurs from use of
metallic utensils. Continuous arcing,
When you unpack the oven, check that
the product is free from damage.
Damage or any missing parts must be
reported immediately to the retailer.
The oven, parts of the oven or the
accessories may be wrapped by a
protection foil. If so, you must remove
this foil before using the oven. Do not
leave packing material so that small
children can play with it. This can be
Utensil safety
Most glass, glass ceramic and heatresistant glassware utensils are
excellent for use in the microwave oven.
Although microwave energy will not
heat most glass and ceramic items,
these utensils can become hot as heat
transfers from the food to the container.
The use of oven gloves to remove
dishes is recommended.
Oven utensils and accessories guide
A variety of Utensils and Materials may be used for cooking in your microwave
oven. For your safety and to prevent damaging utensils and your oven choose
appropriate utensils and materials for each cooking method. The list below is a
general guide.
Ceramic &
Corning ware
Heat resistant
glass ware
Glass ware
with metal
Lead crystal
Without metal
Plastic wrap
Baking pan
Cups, plates,
Waxed paper
Grill rack
Mode of operation
YES: Utensils and accessories to use NO: Utensils and accessories to avoid
*1 Only if there is no metal trim.
*2 Only if it does not have a glaze containing metal.
*3 Use aluminium foil only for shielding purposes, over use may cause arcing.
Testing suitability of cookware
Foil containers
Utensils should be checked to ensure
they are suitable for use in Microwave
Place the cookware in the microwave
along with a glass half full of water.
Heat on full power for one minute. If the
cookware feels hot, you should not use
it. If it is just slightly warm, you can use
it for reheating but not for cooking. If
the dish is room temperature, it is
suitable for microwave cooking.
Paper napkins, wax paper, paper
towels, plates, cups, cartons, freezer
wrap and cardboard are great
convenience utensils. Always be sure
containers are filled with food to absorb
energy and thus avoid the possibility of
overheating or ignition.
Many plastic dishes, cups, freezer
containers and plastic wraps may be
used in the microwave oven. Follow
manufacturer’s instructions when using
plastics in the oven. Avoid using plastic
utensils with foods that have high fat or
sugar content since these foods reach
high temperatures and could melt
some plastics.
Do not leave oven unattended, and
look at it from time to time when
heating or cooking food in plastic,
paper or other combustible containers.
Metal utensils and utensils with
metallic trim should not be used in the
microwave oven, unless specifically
recommended for microwave use.
Containers with restricted openings,
such as bottles, should not be used for
microwave cooking.
Use caution when removing a lid or
cover from a dish to avoid steam burns.
Shallow foil containers may safely be
used to reheat foods in your microwave
oven providing the following rules are
1. Foil containers should not be
more than 3 cms (1 1/4”) deep.
2. Foil lids must not be used.
3. The foil containers must be at
least two-thirds full of food.
Empty containers must never be
4. Foil containers should be used
singly in the microwave oven and
should not be allowed to touch
the sides. If your oven has a
metal turntable or cooking rack,
the foil container should be
placed on an upturned
ovenproof plate.
5. Foil containers should never be
re-used in the microwave oven.
If the microwave oven has been in use
for 15 minutes or more, allow it to cool
before using it again.
The container and turntable may
become hot during use; take great care
when removing either from the oven. It
is advisable to use an oven cloth or
glove when doing so.
Remember when using an aluminium
foil container that the reheating or
cooking times may be longer than you
are used to, always ensure that the
food is piping hot before serving.
Food safety
Do not heat food in a can in the
microwave oven. Always remove the
food to a suitable container.
Deep fat frying should not be done in
the microwave oven, because the fat
temperature cannot be controlled,
hazardous situations can result.
Popcorn may be prepared in the
microwave oven, but only in special
packages or utensils designed
specifically for this purpose. This
cooking operation should never be
Pierce foods with non-porous skins
or membranes to prevent steam buildup and bursting. Apples, potatoes,
chicken livers, and egg yolks are
examples of items that should be
The contents of feeding bottles and
baby food jars are to be stirred or
shaken and the temperature is to be
checked before consumption, in order
to avoid burns.
Warning: Liquids or other foods
must not be heated in sealed
containers since they are liable to
Warning: Microwave heating of
beverages can result in delayed
eruptive boiling; therefore care
must be taken when handling the
Warning: When heating liquids, e.g.
soups, sauces and beverages in
your microwave oven, overheating
the liquid beyond boiling point can
occur without evidence of bubbling.
This could result in a sudden boil
over of the hot liquid. To prevent
this possibility the following steps
should be taken:
Avoid using straight-sided containers
with narrow necks.
Do not overheat.
Stir the liquid before placing the
container in the oven and again halfway
through the heating time.
After heating, allow standing in the
oven for a short time, stirring again
before carefully removing the container.
Warning: Some products such as
whole eggs and sealed containers
– for example, closed glass jars –
may explode and should not be
heated in this oven. Occasionally,
poached eggs may explode during
cooking. Always pierce the yolk,
then cover and allow the standing
time of one minute before
removing cover.
Product description
2 3 4
56 7 8
a b cd
Function selector
Minus key
Plus key
Display window
a Operating time indicator light
b Timer indicator light
c Clock indicator light
d Child lock indicator light
OK key
Temperature selector
Control panel
Oven door
Turntable support
Rectangular rack (Not for use with
Glass turntable
Turntable installation
Place the turntable support on the
cavity Bottom.
Place the turntable on top of the
turntable support as shown in the
diagram. Make sure that turntable
hub is securely locked in the
turntable shaft. Never place the
turntable upside down.
Both turntable and turntable
support must always be used
during cooking.
All food and containers of food are
always placed on this turntable for
This turntable rotates clockwise
and anticlockwise; this is normal.
Enamelled tray (Not for use with
ZNF31X Before first use
Setting the clock
In both cases:
• Microwave emission is stopped
• The grill is de-activated but is still very
hot. Danger of burning!
• The timer stops automatically,
indicating the operating time that is
To set the clock, proceed as follows:
1. Press the “+” key until the Clock
Indicator Light starts to flash. Press
the OK key.
2. Press “+” and “–” keys to set the
correct hour value.
3. Press the OK key to validate the
hour value. The minute numbers will
start to flash.
4. Press “–” and “+” keys to set the
correct minute value.
5. To finish, press the OK key again.
If you wish, at this time you can:
1. Turn or stir the food to ensure it will
be evenly cooked.
2. Change the process parameters.
After your microwave oven is first
plugged-in or after a power failure, the
clock display will flash to indicate that
the time shown is not correct. Before
using the microwave oven, adjust the
clock through the procedure described
below but starting on Step 2.
Child lock
The oven functioning can be blocked
(for example to stop it being used by
1. To Block the oven, press the Stop
key for 3 seconds. When a key is
pressed the display shows a Key
symbol and the oven performs no
2. To unblock the oven press again the
Stop key for 3 seconds.
Interrupting a cooking cycle
To restart the process, close the door
and press the Start key
Altering parameters
The function and temperature can be
altered when the oven is operating or
when the cooking process has been
interrupted by simply turning the
respective knob to the new setting.
To change power level and operating
time, please proceed as follows:
- Press the “+” and “-“ keys to change
directly the operating time.
- Press the Ok key to enable power
change. The Power Level Indicator
starts to flash.
- Press the “+” and “-“ keys to change
the power level.
- Press the OK key.
Cancelling a cooking cycle
If you wish to cancel the cooking
process, rotate the Function Selector
You can stop the cooking process at
any time by pressing the Stop key once until zero or press the Stop key twice.
End of a cooking cycle
or by opening the oven door.
When the set time has elapsed, the
oven beeps and the Display shows
If you have finished the cooking
process, turn the function selector and
the thermostat to zero.
Microwave Power Levels
1000W Boost
800 W
400 W
200 W
Microwave cooking
Use this function to cook and heat
vegetables, potatoes, rice, fish and
1. Rotate the Function Selector to the
position corresponding to the
Microwave Function.
2.The Operating Time Indicator Light
flashes and the cook time is
3. Press the ‘OK’ key
4. Using the + and – keys set the
desired cook time.
5. Press the ‘OK’ key.
6. The Power Level Indicator Light will
start to flash. The power level
defaults to 800 watts (ie high). If no
power level change is required, press
the start key and the oven will
If you want to use a different power
level (ie lower or boost at 1000W as
shown on below chart) then:
7 Using the + and – keys set the
required microwave power level.
8 Press the ‘OK’ key
9 Press the start key. The oven will
At the end of this function a bell will be
heard to signal the end of the program.
Auto defrost
This function is used to automatically
defrost, meat, poultry, fish, vegetables
and bread
1. Rotate the Function Selector to the
position corresponding to the
Microwave Function.
2. The Operating Time Indicator Light
will flash in the display
3. Press the ‘-‘ key to select the auto
defrost function which will flash
ZNF31X 4. Press ‘OK’. The display will show the
type of food “F 01”.
5. Using the ‘+’ and ‘–’ keys, scroll
through “F 01” – “F 05” until the
desired food type is selected.
6. Press ‘OK’. The ‘g’ symbol will flash.
7. By using the ‘+’ and ‘–’ keys enter
the frozen weight of the food in
8. Press ‘OK’.
9. Press the Start key. The oven will
start to operate.
The auto defrost setting table shows
the defrosting by weight function
programmes, indicating weight
intervals, and defrosting and standing
times (in order to ensure the food is of
a uniform temperature).
Use this function to brown the top of
food quickly.
1. Rotate the Function Selector to the
position corresponding to the Grill
2. The Operating Time Indicator Light
and the Display start to flash.
3. With the “+” and “-“ keys set the
desired operating time.
4. Press the Ok key.
5. Press the Start key. The oven will
start to operate.
Microwaves + Grill
Use this function to cook lasagne,
poultry, roast potatoes and toasted
1. Rotate the Function Selector to the
position corresponding to the
Microwave + Grill Function.
2. The Operating Time Indicator Light
will flash and the Power Level
Indicator Light will be on.. The cook
time will flash in the display.
3. Using the + and – keys set the
desired cook time
4. Press the ‘OK’ key
5. The Power Level Indicator Light will
flash. The power level defaults
to ???? watts (ie high). If no power
level change is required, press the
start key and the oven will operate.
If you want to use a different power
level (ie lower or boost at 1000W –
refer to Microwave Power Levels) then:
6. Using the + and – keys select the
required microwave power level
7. Press the ‘OK’ key
8. Press the start key. The oven will
Use this function to bake food.
1. Rotate the Function Selector to the
position corresponding to the Hot-Air
2. The Operating Time Indicator Light
and the Display start to flash.
3. With the “+” and “-“ keys set the
desired operating time.
4. Press the Ok key.
5. Press the Start key. The oven will
start to operate.
Microwaves + Hot-Air
Use this function to rapidly bake the
1. Rotate the Function Selector to the
position corresponding to the
Microwave + Hot-Air Function.
2. The Operating Time Indicator Light
will flash and the Power Level
Indicator Light is on. The operating
time will flash in the display.
3. Using the + and – keys set the
desired operating time
4. Press the ‘OK’ key
5. The Power Level Indicator Light will
flash. The power level defaults to
1000 watts (ie high). If no power
level change is required, press the
start key and the oven will operate.
If you want to use a different power
level (ie lower or boost at 1000W) then:
6. Using the + and – keys select the
desired microwave power level.
ZNF31X 13
7 Press the ‘OK’ key
8. Select the desired oven temperature
using the thermostat control
9. Press the start key. The oven will
Grill + Fan
Use this function to bake evenly the
food and at the same time brown their
1. Rotate the Function Selector to the
position corresponding to the Grill +
Fan Function.
2. The Operating Time Indicator Light
and the Display start to flash.
3. With the “+” and “-“ keys set the
desired operating time.
4. Press the Ok key.
5. Select the desired oven temperature
using the thermostat control
6. Press the ‘OK’ key
Programme chart
Auto defrost setting table
F 01
F 02
F 03
F 04
F 05
Meat 100 – 2000
Poultry 100 – 2500
Fish 100 – 2000
100 – 500
Bread 100 – 800
2 – 43
2 – 58
2 – 40
2 – 13
2 – 19
Standing time (min)
20 – 30
20 – 30
20 – 30
10 – 20
10 – 20
ZNF31X Care and cleaning
The oven must always be clean.
Residue of food from spillovers or
spatters will attract microwave energy
causing it to burn on. This could
reduce the efficiency of the oven and
may cause bad odours.
Do not attempt to tamper with or
make any adjustments or repairs to any
part of the oven.
Repairs should only be done by a
qualified service technician.
Be sure the oven is off or the unit is
unplugged before cleaning.
Cleaning the accessories (turntable,
support and Grill rack)
Clean them with mild detergent after
removing them for the cavity. Turntable
support should be carefully handled.
The inside of the oven and turntable
get very hot; so do not touch them
immediately after use.
Cleaning the interior
Always keep the inside of the oven
clean. Wipe up spillovers and food
spatters immediately. Deposits that are
allowed to remain on the oven walls,
door seal and door surface will absorb
microwave energy, reduce the
efficiency of the oven, and possibly
damage the oven interior. Use mild,
liquid detergent, warm water and a soft,
clean cloth to remove deposits from
the base of the oven. For the side of
the oven use a soft damp cloth only, no
liquids should be used near the venting
Never use abrasive cleaners,
commercial oven cleaners or steel
wool pads on any part of the
microwave oven.
To loosen difficult deposits, boil a
cup of water in the microwave oven for
2 or 3 minutes.
Never use a knife or any utensil
to remove deposits from the oven
To remove odours from the oven
interior, boil a cup of water plus 2
tablespoons of lemon juice for 5
Cleaning the door seals
Wipe up spillovers and food spatters
immediately. Deposits that are allowed
to remain on the door seals will absorb
microwave energy, reduce the
efficiency of the oven, and possibly
damage the oven interior. You can only
use mild, liquid detergent, warm water
and a soft, clean cloth to remove
deposits from the door seals.
Cleaning the exterior
Open the oven door when cleaning the
control panel. This will prevent the oven
from being turned on accidentally. You
should clean outside surfaces of the
oven with mild liquid detergent and
water followed by a wiping with clear
water to remove any excess detergent.
Dry with a soft cloth.
Spray-on window cleaners or allpurpose spray-on kitchen cleaners can
also be used. Never use abrasive
cleaners, scouring pads or harsh
chemicals on outside surfaces of your
oven. To prevent damage to the
working parts, do not allow water to
seep into ventilation openings.
Technical data
Overall width
Overall depth
Overall height
Cavity width
Cavity depth
Cavity height
Power source
Microwave (Power)
Grill (Power)
Convection (Power)
594 mm
542 mm
455 mm
420 mm
390 mm
210 mm
38 litre
230V, 50 Hz
16 A
35 kg
ZNF31X Installation
1. Remove any promotion label from
the door.
2. The oven should be installed on a
flat, level surface. The surface must
be strong enough to safely bear
the weight (35 kg) of the oven, and
the contents. To avoid the
possibility of causing vibration or
noise the oven must be in a stable
3. Keep the oven away from heat and
water. Exposure to heat and water
can lower oven efficiency and lead
to malfunctioning, so be sure to
install the oven away from heat and
water sources.
4. Do not block air vents on the top
and the sides of the cabinet and
also do not place any articles on
the top of the oven. If air vents are
blocked during operation, the oven
may overheat, and this may lead to
malfunctioning. Hot air escapes
from the vents so be sure not to
obstruct it or let curtains come
between the oven and the rear wall.
5. Place the oven as far away from
radios and TV’s as possible. This
oven does conform to EEC
requirements of radio interference
suppression, but some interference
may occur if it is placed too close
to a radio or TV, so keep them as
far apart as possible.
6. If positioned in a corner, leave a
gap of at least 15cm from the walls
and 15cm above the microwave.
The oven can be placed almost
anywhere in the kitchen. Make sure the
oven is placed on a flat, level surface
and that vents as well as the surface
underneath the oven are not blocked
(for sufficient ventilation).
Connecting to the mains
The oven is delivered with the power
cord and a plug for 230V, 50Hz,
earthed socket outlet.
Earth protection minimises the risks
should a short circuit occur. Check to
ensure the voltage of the oven matches
the supply.
If the oven is connected to the
socket via an extension cord, make
sure the cord is earthed.
This appliance must not be used on
a non-earth protected power
Contact an electrician if you are
uncertain regarding electrical
connection of the oven or provision
of earth protection of the
This appliance must be earthed. If
this appliance is fitted with a nonrewireable plug for which your
socket is unsuitable, the plug
should be cut off and the
appropriate plug fitted. If it is
necessary to change the fuse in a
non-rewireable plug, the fuse cover
must be refitted. If the fuse cover is
lost or damaged, the plug must not
be used until a replacement is
Electrical connections
The manufacturer declines any
liability should this safety measure
not be observed.
If the plug that is fitted to your
appliance is not suitable for your
socket outlet, please contact service
Environmental information
The symbol
on the product or on
its packaging indicates that this
product may not be treated as
household waste. Instead it shall be
handed over to the applicable
collection point for the recycling of
electrical and electronic equipment. By
ensuring this product is disposed of
correctly, you will help prevent potential
negative consequences for the
environment and human health, which
could otherwise be caused by
inappropriate waste handling of this
product. For more detailed information
about recycling of this product, please
contact your local city office, your
household waste disposal service or
the shop where you purchased the
Guarantee / Customer care
Standard guarantee conditions
We, Electrolux, undertake that if within
12 months of the date of the purchase
this Electrolux appliance or any part
thereof is proved to be defective by
reason only of faulty workmanship or
materials, we will, at our option repair
or replace the same FREE OF
CHARGE for labour, materials or
carriage on condition that:
• The appliance has been correctly
installed and used only on the
electricity supply stated on the
rating plate.
• The appliance has been used for
normal domestic purposes only,
and in accordance with the
manufacturer's instructions.
• The appliance has not been
serviced, maintained, repaired,
taken apart or tampered with by
any person not authorised by us.
• Electrolux Service Force Centre
must undertake all service work
under this guarantee
• Any appliance or defective part
replaced shall become the
Company's property.
• This guarantee is in addition to
your statutory and other legal rights.
Damage or calls resulting from
transportation, improper use or
neglect, the replacement of any
light bulbs or removable parts of
glass or plastic.
Costs incurred for calls to put right
an appliance which is improperly
installed or calls to appliances
outside the United Kingdom.
Appliances found to be in use
within a commercial environment,
plus those which are subject to
rental agreements.
Products of Electrolux
manufacturer that are not
marketed by Electrolux
Service and Spare Parts
In the event of your appliance requiring
service, or if you wish to purchase
spare parts, please contact your local
Service Force Centre by telephoning
0870 5 929 929
Your telephone call will be
automatically routed to the Service
Force Centre covering your postcode
For the address of your local Service
Force Centre and further information
about Service Force, please visit the
website at
ZNF31X Before calling out an engineer, please
ensure you have read the details under
the heading "Something not working"
When you contact the Service Force
Centre you will need to give the
following details:
1.Your name, address and postcode.
2.Your telephone number.
3. Clear concise details of the fault.
4. The model and Serial number of the
appliance (found on the rating plate).
5.The purchase date.
Please note a valid purchase receipt or
guarantee documentation is required
for in guarantee service calls.
Customer Care
For general enquiries concerning your
Electrolux appliance, or for further
information on Electrolux products
please contact our Customer Care
Department by letter or telephone at
the address below or visit our website
Customer Care Department
Electrolux Major Appliances
Addington Way
Bedfordshire, LU4 9QQ
Tel: 08705 950 950 (*)
(*) Calls may be recorded for
training purposes
European guarantee
This appliance is guaranteed by
Electrolux in each of the countries
listed below for the period
specified in the appliance
guarantee or otherwise by law. If
you move from one of these
countries to another of the
countries listed below the
appliance guarantee will move with
you subject to the following
qualifications: •
residence for this particular
model or range of appliances.
The appliance guarantee is
personal to the original
purchaser of the appliance and
cannot be transferred to another
The appliance is installed and
used in accordance with
instructions issued by Electrolux
and is only used within the home,
i.e. is not used for commercial
The appliance is installed in
accordance with all relevant
regulations in force within your
new country of residence.
The appliance guarantee starts
from the date you first
purchased the appliance which
will be evidenced by production
of a valid purchase document
issued by the seller of the
The provisions of this European
The appliance guarantee is for
Guarantee do not affect any of the
the same period and to the
rights granted to you by law.
same extent for labour and parts
as exists in your new country of
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Česká republika
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Kr. Barona iela 130/2, LV-1012, Riga
Verkiu 29, 09108 Vilnius, Lithuania
Rue de Bitbourg, 7, L-1273 Hamm
H-1142 Budapest XIV, Erzsébet királyné útja 87
Vennootsweg 1, 2404 CG - Alphen aan den Rijn
Risløkkvn. 2 , 0508 Oslo
Herziggasse 9, 1230 Wien
ul. Kolejowa 5/7, Warsaw
da Fonte - Edificio Gonçalves Zarco +35 12 14 40 39 39 Quinta
Q 35 -2774-518 Paço de Arcos
+40 21 44 42 581 B-dul Timisoara 90, S6, Bucharest
Schweiz - Suisse - +41 62 88 99 111 Industriestrasse 10, CH-5506 Mägenwil
+38 61 24 25 731 Tržaška 132, 1000 Ljubljana
Slovakia s.r.o., Electrolux Domáce
+421 2 43 33 43 22 Electrolux
spotrebiče SK, Seberíniho 1, 821 03 Bratislava
+35 8 26 22 33 00 Konepajanranta 4, 28100 Pori
+46 (0) 771 76 76 Electrolux Service, St Göransgatan 143,
S-105 45 Stockholm
+90 21 22 93 10 25 Tarlabaşı caddesi no: 35 Taksim İstanbul
+7 095 937 7837
129090 Москва, Олимпийский проспект, 16, БЦ
8221916 - 85 - 00 - 09/2007
Subject to change without notice
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