VAMPYR® 7611, 7/631
7671, /091 electronic
- Aspirapolvere da pavimento
Aspiradora arrastrable
Operating instructions
Ion! | | | AUS
Istruzioni per luso =
Instrucciones para el uso EL
VAMPYR 7611, 7631, 769 i electronic
= =)
A = Opening button for paper
dustbag compartment
B = Button for accessories compartment
C = Accessories compartment
D = On/Off button
Е = Micro-filter change indicator
ЕР = Electronic power control
G = Dustbag full indicator
H = Foot-operated flex rewind button
| = Microfilter cassette
J = Microfilter
K = Storage rail
L = Motor-protection filter
M = Paper dustbag
N = Floor cleaning head
O = Carrying handle
P = Button for suction hose removal
Q = Suction tube
R = Handle
S = Suction hose
T = Socket for electric,
power cleaning head
1/G3 09/91 GB/EU
1/11 02/93 GB/EU
Description of appliance
Before using the appliance for the first time
Safety instructions for the user
Assembling the vacuum-cleaner ready for use
Fitting suction hose and tube/s together
Suction tube/Telescopic tube
Connecting suction hose
Mains connection/Flex rewind
Using the floor cleaning head & accessory nozzles
Using the floor cleaning head
Accessory nozzles
Switching on and adjusting
Switching on
Adjusting power
Maintenance and cleaning
Changing the paper dustbag
Changing the micro-filter/ultra-micro-filter
Motor protection filter
Transportation and storage
What do I do if...?
Special accessories
For the sake of the environment
AEG Service Centres in Europe
Printed on recycled paper. .
AEG — putting words into action.
Before using the appliance for the first time
Please read all the information contained in this booklet. It gives you important in-
structions on safety, use, and maintenance of the appliance. Please keep these
instructions in a safe place and pass them on, if necessary, to the next owner.
Safety instructions for the user
M This appliance meets the radio interference suppression requirements of EC
Directive 82/499 EC and 87/308 EG, EN 55014/DIN VDE 0875 Part 1, as well as
the standards concerning the reverse effects of electrical appliances on the
power mains EN 60 555 Parts 1-3/DIN VDE 0838 Parts 1-3, of June 1987.
This appliance must only be connected to the same mains voltage as shown on
the rating plate.
The circuit of the socket used must be protected with a fuse of at least 13 A.
Never use the flex to pull the mains plug out of the plug socket.
Do not operate the appliance if:
— the flex is damaged
— the housing shows visible signs of damage.
EM Avoid running over the flex with the appliance, cleaning head or electric power
cleaning head.
Ш Ifno paper dustbagis inserted the cover cannot be closed. Please do not use
№ Маке sure a paper dustbag, a MICROFILTER, and a motor protection filter are
always inserted. |
M This vacuum cleaner should only be used for normal dry household dustand dirt.
It must not be used on people or animals.
Keep children away from electrical appliances.
The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by use or
operation of the appliance contrary to these instructions.
Allow fitted carpets that have been shampooed to dry out completely. Never use
your vacuum cleaner to vacuum liquids, otherwise it may be damaged. There is
also a risk of an electric shock.
MM Never use your appliance to vacuum matches, glowing embers, or cigarette-
ends. Avoid vacuuming hard, pointed objects, since they may damage the appli-
ance or paper dustbag.
M The appliance must be stored in such a way that any weather conditions cannot
affect the appliance. The appliance must not be subjected to humidity or heat
Ш If the flex is defective, the complete flex rewind unit should be replaced by your
AEG Service Centre or an authorised AEG Service Agent.
MM Repairs to electrical appliances should only be carried out by a trained electri-
cian. Improper repairs may place the user at serious risk.
№ If your vacuum cleaner has a fault, please contact your electrical retailer or the
AEG Service Centre direct.
№ If the appliance is wrongly operated for a purpose other than that for which it is
intended, no liability can be accepted for any possible damage.
1/B1 09/91 GB/EU - 1/52 02/93 GB/UK
1/S2 02/93 GB/UK
Important for users in the UK
The wires inthe mains lead ofthis appliance are coloured in accordance with the fol-
lowing code:
BLUE - neutral BROWN - live |
As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this appliance may not correspond
with the coloured markings identifying the terminals in your plug, PROCEED AS
The wire which is coloured BROWN must be connected to the terminal which is
marked L or coloured RED.
The wire which is coloured BLUE must be connected to the terminal which is
marked N or coloured BLACK!
VERY IMPORTANT: Neither wire is to be connected to the earth terminal of a 3 pin
If a 13 amp plug is fitted, fit a 13 amp BS 1362 fuse. If any other type of plug is used,
protect with a 15 amp fuse at the distribution board.
For appliances which come with mains lead and plug moulded on: the plug mould-
ed on to the cord incorporates a fuse. For replacement use a 13 amp BS 1362 fuse.
Only ASTA approved or certified fuses should be used. The fuse cover/carrier must
be replaced in the event of changing the fuse. The plug must not be used if the fuse
cover/carrier is lost. A replacement cover/carrier must be obtained from authorised
electrical goods retailers.
Should it become necessary to replace the moulded on plug then the defective plug
should be destroyed to avoid any possible shock hazard that could occur should
such a plug be inserted into a 13 amp socket elsewhere in the house.
AEG Service Locations in the United Kingdom
AEG UK Limited Head Office AEG Northern Service Centre
217 Bath Road Unit 20, Haigh Pari/Haigh Avenue
Slough, Berks. SL1 4 AW Stockport
Tel.: 07 53 87 25 06 Gt. Manchester SK4 1QR
Telex: 847 541 Tel.: 0614872205
Telefax: 07 53 5122 71 Telefax: 061 4 74 11 91
AEG Scottish Service Centre Service Appointments
Block 11, Unit 1 Bristol Tel.: 02 72 25 28 80
Dundyvan Industrial Estate (call diverted to Slough)
Lanarkshire ML5 4AQ Norfolk Tel.: 06 03 7655 15
Tel. 02 36 44 03 87 | (call diverted to Slough)
Telefax: 02 36 44 02 56
Assembling the vacuum-cleaner ready for use
The hose, tubes and accessories can be fitted together by pushing and twisting,and
taken apart by twisting and pulling.
Fitting the suction hose and suction tube together
Push the tube end of the hose firmly into the suction
- Fitting the suction tubes together
Push the two tubes into one another and twist, to
secure firmly.
Connecting the suction hose
Insert the hose holder into the suction opening.
When the hose is to be disconnected from the
appliance, press the release button and pull the
hose holder out of the suction opening.
1/SBM1 09/91 GB/EU - 1/SBM2 09/91 GB/EU - 1/SBM3 09/91 GB/EU - 1/SBM5 09/91 GB/EU
1/SBM6 09/91 GB/EU - 1/AD1 09/91 GB/EU - 1/AD2 09/91 GB/EU
Mains connection/Flex rewind
The mains cable is located in the cable compart-
ment. Press the foot button for the cable, and pull
the cable out. Insert the plug into the socket.
Atthe end of vacuuming switch off and pull the plug
out of the socket. Press the flex rewind button and
the cable rewinds automatically.
Using the cleaning head and accessory nozzles
The cleaning head and nozzles are attached to the suction tube by pushing and
twisting, and taken apart again by twisting and pulling.
Using the floor cleaning head
For care of carpets and hard floors, the cleaning
head can be adjusted to suit the type of floor with
your foot: |
for carpets
— Symbol for carpet, brush withdrawn
for hard floors
> Symbol for hard floor, brush extended
For other optional extra floor cleaning heads see
Special Accessories.
Accessory Nozzles — Crevice and Upholstery (VAMPYR 7611)
The integrated accessories compartment contains
2 nozzles —- crevice and upholstery. Openthe com-
partment by pressing the button vertically down-
Accessory Nozzles —- Crevice and Upholstery
The integrated accessories compartment contains
2 nozzles — crevice and upholstery. Open the com-
partment by pressing lightly on the cover as shown
in the illustration.
Crevice Nozzle
| For vacuuming in those normally inaccessible
LA places i.e. reaching cobwebs, or down the side ofa
1/AD9 06/93 GB/EU - 1/AD4 09/91 GB/EU - 1/AD6 02/93 GB/EU
1/AD7 02/93 GB/EU — 1/IBN1 09/91 GB/EU - 1/IBN4 07/92 GB/EU
Upholstery Nozzle
For vacuuming upholstery, mattresses, etc. The
—— thread collectors help to pick up the threads and
fluff. |
The crevice and upholstery nozzles can be attached to the suctions tubes as well as
the handle of the suctions hose.
Switching on and adjusting
Switching on
o Press the On/Off-button to switch the vacuum cleaner on or off.
Adjusting power — rotating/sliding regulator
The vacuuming power can be adjustedto suitany situation with the electronic power
[a] 250 W = For delicate fabrics, e.g. net curtains
500 W = For upholstery
650 W = Economy setting for light to normally soiled carpets
750 W = For non-fitted carpets (mats and гид)
max = For hard floors and heavily soiled carpets
E e me
Maintenance and cleaning
Before the appliance is cleaned or maintenance in carried and it has to be switched
off and unplugged from the mains supply.
Changing the paper dustbag
The dustbag needs changing when the cleaner is
set to maximum power and the cleaner head is off
the floor but the “bag full” indicator window is com-
pletely coloured red. |
Even ifthe dustbag does notappearto be full atthis
stage, it should be changed. It could be that a great
deal of very fine dust has clogged up the pores of
the dustbag.
Open the cover by pressing the button, and lifting it
up until it snaps into place.
Hygienic dustbag change: when you take out the
~ full dustbag, you automatically cover the opening
by pulling onthe closure tag. You may have to over-
come a slight resistance as you pull.
Full dustbags can be disposed of with the normal
household rubbish.
Push the new dustbag into the guide rails as far as it will go, only then will the cover
close. If no dustbag is inserted the cover cannot be shut. Please do not use force!
Paper dustbag sizes
Please use original AEG dustbags, Size 22, or dustbags which carry the AEG Quality
Seal. They are available from electrical retailers under the order-number
E 618 899 682, or from the AEG Service Centre under ET-No. 668 901262.
Damage resulting from the use of any other dustbag is not covered by the Guaran-
1/W1 08/93 GB/EU
1/W2 09/91 GB/EU - 1/W3 02/93 GB/EU
Changing the micro-filter/ultra-micro-filter
Switch off and pull out the mains plug before changing the micro-filter.
Changing the micro-filter/ultra-micro-filter is necessary:
For appliances with no micro-filter indicator — when the dustbag full indicator
lights up, even when a clean dustbag has been inserted, with the appliance switched
on, hold the head/nozzle upwards or off the floor, if the light remains on, this indicates -
the microfilter should be changed. We recommend changing the micro-filter with
every fifth bag. |
For appliances with micro-filter indicator — when this comes on. |
IT I I [ The cassette can be opened by pressing the micro-
x filter button. Take out the cassette in the direction of
the arrow and empty the micro-filter over a dustbin
— this avoids you touching the dirty micro-filter.
Insert the new micro-filter into the cassette as
shown in the illustration, push it back in parallel to
the floor, and snap the cover shut.
Motor protection filter
The motor protection filter is a permanent filter and does not have to be changed
regularly. Exception: if it has been damaged. See “What to do if ...”.
The cleaner housing and dustbag compartment can be cleaned with a damp cloth
and then wiped dry with a soft cloth. Do not use any abrasives or solvents. The under-
side of the cleaner head can be cleaned with the crevice nozzle from time to time.
Transportation and storage
For easier storage and for transporting the appli-
ance, slide the floor cleaning head or the ROTO-
SOFT 1000 Turbo-brush into the storage rail.
What to do when...
... the motor protection is activated?
When the paper dustbag is full or blocked or any of the accessories are blocked the
over-heating protection for the motor is activated. Switch off and unplug the vacuum
cleaner and allow the motor to cool down.
Check the paper dustbag and accessories and remove any blockages. The cleaner
can be switched on again after 30 minutes.
... the fuse blows or trips?
If you connect other electrical appliances with a high wattage to the same mains cir-
cuit and use them at the same time as the vacuum cleaner, this can trip the fuse.
This can be avoided if you set the electronic power control to 250 W before you
switch on, and only select a higher output level after switching on.
1/TA1 09/91 GB/EU - 1/WW1 09/91 GB/EU - 1/WW2 09/91 GB/EU
1/WW4 09/91 GB/EU - 1/WW5 07/92 GB/EU — 1/WW6 09/91 GB/EU - 1/WW7 09/91 GB/EU
...the thread-collectors are worn out?
If the thread-collectors (B) at the suction opening
are worn out or stuck together, you can fit ones.
They can be ordered from the AEG Service Centre
under the ET-No. 668 900 560.
...the wheels of the floor cleaning head are
hard to move?
Remove any hairs or threads which have become
wrapped round the axle of the roller. The wheels
can be removed for cleaning. Pull roller (A) as illus-
trated. Remove hairs and threads. When replacing
it, the semi-circular axle-head must point inwards. If the roller axle is inserted wrong
way round the swivel joint could suffer damage.
... the paper dustbag has been damaged and there is dirt in the motor protec-
tion filter? |
Remove the motor protection filter, clean it (by
shaking the dirt out), and re-insert it.
—...The lid comes out of the hinge?
If the lid of the vacuum cleaner has been opened
too far, beyond the stop, and comes out of the
hinge, place it back on the housing and press it
down until it clicks into place.
Special accessories
ROTOSOFT 1000 turbo-brush
Special nozzle
The ROTOSOFT 1000 makes the care of carpets
and hard floors easier. The rotary motion of its
brush gently loosens shortpile carpets where the
dirt has been trodden in.
ROTOSOFT electric cleaning head
For all AEG vacuum-cleaners with socket. For
cleaning difficult carpet conditions.
This cleaning head deals very effectively with diffi-
cult carpet conditions. Its rotating brush picks up
trodden-in dirt and straightens the carpet pile.
For use on parquet, tiled and hard floors.
1/SZ1 02/93 GB/EU - 1/SZ2 02/93 GB/EU - 1/SZ4 03/93 GB/EU
1/8725 02/93 GB/EU - 1/526 02/93 GB/EU - 1/DUZ1 09/91 GB/EU
Dusting Brush with swivel joint
For gentle vacuuming of delicate fabrics and
objects, i.e. curtains, furniture, books, pictures etc.
Storage in the tool compartment: only possible in
the normal position (turn dusting brush straight to
the tube).
For dusting between the ribs of radiators, between
shelves, or in other narrows gaps. Attach to crevice
For the sake of the environment
Please do not simply throw away the packaging material, or old appliances that have
served their time.
Appliance packaging:
BM The cardboard carton can be sent to the waste- -paper collection.
Ш The polyethylene plastic bag can go to the plastic collection-point for recycling.
Recycling the appliance at the end of its life:
HE The plastic parts are identified with numbers so that they can be sent for recycling
when the appliance is taken out of service.
Please ask your municipal authority where the local recycling collection-points are.
AEG Kundendienst in Europa
52070 Aachen, Grúner Weg 22-24
63741 Aschaffenburg, Dammer Straße 5
86167 Augsburg-Lechh., Raiffeisenstraße 13
14199 Berlin, Hohenzollerndamm 150
33609 Bielefeld, Schillerstraße 44
53113 Bonn, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 26
71034 Böblingen-Hulb, Dornierstraße 7
38102 Braunschweig, Campestraße 7
28207 Bremen, Hastedter Osterdeich 222
41541 Dormagen-St. Peter, Sachtlebenstraße 1
44139 Dortmund, Rheinlanddamm, AEG Haus
01099 Dresden, Industriegelände, Straße E
Düsseldorf (Kundendienst in 41541 Dormagen)
99096 Erfurt, Arnstädter Straße 28
45329 Essen-Altenessen, Teilungsweg 28
60326 Frankfurt/Main, Mainzer Landstraße 349
79108 Freiburg, Tullastraße 84
36000 Fulda, Michael-Henkel-Straße 4-6
35390 Gießen, Schanzenstraße 1-5
65462 Ginsheim-Gustavsbur g, Darmstädter Landstraße 47
22625 Hamburg- -Bahrenfeld, Holstenkamp 40
30179 Hannover, Max- Múller-StraBe 50-56
74072 Heilbronn, Weinsberger StraBe 18
95032 Hof, Wunsiedier StraBe 56 -
67655 Kaiserslautern, JágerstraBe 10-12
76185 Karlsruhe, Neureuter StraBe 5-7
34123 Kassel-Waldau, Otto-Hahn-StraBe 5
87437 Kempten, Brodkorbweg 22
24113 Kiel, Rendsburger LandstraBe 206
56068 Koblenz, Rheinstraße 17
Köln (Kundendienst in 41541 Dormagen)
(Kundendienst in 65462 Ginsheim-Gustavsburg)
68309 Mannheim-Käfertal, Heppenheimer Str. 31-33
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88213 Ravensburg, Henri-Dunant-StraBe 6
93055 Regensburg, Bukarester StraBe 12
83024 Rosenheim, FarberstraBe 9
18055 Rostock, Lange StraBe 1a
66121 Saarbriicken-St. Johann, Mainzer StraBe 176
57072 Siegen, SandstraBe 173
Stuttgart (Kundendienst in 71034 Bóblingen)
5429? Trier, Paulinstra3e 152
89073 Ulm, Neue StraBe 113-115
97078 Würzburg, Versbacher Straße 22a
Österreich, 1210 Wien, (02 22) 38 01-63 33
Belgique/België, 1800 Vilvoorde, 02/370.08.98
Danmark, 2620 Albertslund, 42-64 85 22
España, Madrid, (91) 675.66.50/54/58/62
France, 92140 Clamart Cedex, 16 (1) 45 37 95 50
Great Britain, Slough, 0753-8725 06
Hellas, Moschaton-Athen, 01/48 22 646
Island, Reykjavik (Brædurnir Ormsson Ltd.) 91-3 88 20
Italia, Cusano Milanino Mi 02/613 47 60/61976 90
Luxembourg, 1246 Luxembourg-Kirchberg, 43 888-4
Nederland, 1066 BP Amsterdam, 0 20-510 5911
Norge, 2000 Lillestrom, 06-81 01 01
Portugal, 1799 Lisboa Codex, 89 11 71-89 71 21
Schweiz - Svizzera, 8603 Schwerzenbach 01/945 11 44
Suomi, 01301 Vantaa 30 (Sähkôliikkeiden Oy), 90-83 81
04299 Leipzig, Holzhäuser StraBe 120
Für dieses Gerät leisten wir - zusätzlich zu
der gesetzlichen Gewährleistung des
Händlers aus Kaufvertrag - dem Endab-
nehmer gegenúber zu den nachstehen-
den Bedingungen Garantie:
1. Die Garantiezeit betrágt 12 Monate und
beginnt mit dem Zeitpunkt der Uber-
gabe des Geräts, der durch Rechnung
oder andere Unterlagen zu belegen ist.
Die Garantiezeit ist auf 6 Monate
beschränkt, wenn das Gerät gewerb-
lich genutzt wird.
2. Die Garantie umfaßt die Behebung aller
innerhalb der Garantiezeit auftreten-
den Schäden oder Mängel des Geräts,
die nachweislich auf Material- oder
Fertigungsfehlern beruhen. Nicht unter
die Garantie fallen Schäden oder Män-
gel aus nicht vorschriftsmäßigem An-
schluß, unsachgemäßer Handhabung
sowie Nichtbeachtung der Gebrauchs-
3. Im Garantiefall kann das Gerät einer
unserer Kundendienst-Stellen oder
dem autorisierten Fachhandel über-
geben werden.
Bei Einsendung des Geräts an die für
Sie zuständige Kundendienststelle ist
daraufzu achten, daß das Gerät gut ver-
packt, mit vollständigem Absender und
— soweit möglich - mit einer kurzen
Fehlerbeschreibung versehen wird.
4. Die Garantieleistungen werden ohne
jede Berechnung durchgefúhrt; sie
bewirken weder eine Verlángerung
noch einen Neubeginn der Garantie-
Zeit. Ausgewechselte Teile gehen in
unser Eigentum úber.
Sverige, 17141 Solna, 08-29 0080
This appliance is covered by the following
guarantee and is in addition to your statu-
tory and other legal rights. All components
which fail due to defective manufacture will
be repaired or replaced free ofcharge fora
period of 12 months from the date of pur-
chase. We will not accept claims if unau-
thorised modification is made or if non-
standard components are used. The
appliance must be used in accordance
with the operating instructions and the
guarantee does not cover any damage
caused during transit or through misuse.
In order to establish the date of purchase,
advice note or similar document must be
produced whenever the guarantee is
Pour toute mise en ceuvre de garantie ou
de service après vente, vous devez vous
adresser à votre vendeur.
AEG assure au vendeur le remplacement
gratuit des pièces détachées nécessaires
à la réparation pendant 1 an, à partir de la
date de votre facture, sauf en cas de non
respect des prescriptions d'utilisation ou
lorsqu'une cause étrangère à l’appareil
est responsable de la défaillance.
Les dispositions stipulées ci-dessus ne
sont pas exclusives du bénéfice au profit
de l'acheteur de la garantie légale pour
défaut et vice cachés qui s'applique, en
tout état de cause, dans les conditions des
articles 1641 et suivants, du code civil.
AEG Nederland N.V.neemt voor reparaties
binnen de garantietermijn — voor zover de
defekten zijn terug te voeren op materiaal-
en/of konstruktiefouten - de kosten op
zich voor materiaal en arbeitsloon.
AEG Hausgeräte AG, Muggenhofer Straße 135, D-90429 Nürnberg
De garantie bedraagt 12 maanden en gaat
in op de dag van aankoop. Wanneer garan-
tie wordt verlangd, dient de faktuur van
aankoop te worden overlegd. De garantie-
termijn wordt door reparaties niet ver-
lengd. Buiten elke garantieverpflichting
vallen losse onderdelen van glas en/of
kunststof. Alle overige kosten, zoals voor-
rijdkosten, kosten van opzending en
administratie, zijn voor rekening van de ei-
Duranti ¡ primi 12 mesi d'esercizio, ven-
gono fornite gratuitamente dall'AEG le
parti di ricambio riconosciute difettose. La
garanzia ha inizio con il giorno dell'ac-
quisto che deve venir comprovato a mezzo
della fattura o boletta di consegna. Per il
resto valgono le condizioni generali di for-
nitura della rispettiva rappresentanza
Durante los primeros 12 meses, la AEG se
hace cargo de cuantos costes de material
y horas de trabajos invertidas se produz-
can en la subsanaciôn de defectos. La
garantia empieza a regira partir de la fecha
de la entrega, la que debera justificarse
mediante presentaciôn de la factura o de
la nota de depacho. Porlo demas seran de
aplicacion las condiciones generales de
venta se gun rigen en el respectivo pais de
nuestra representación.
In Belgien ist nur die durch S. A. belge AEG
ausgegebene Garantiekarte gültig.
En Belgique, seule la carte de garantie
émise par la S. A. belge AEG est valable.
In België is slechts de door de S. À. belge
AEG uitgegeven waarborgkaart geldig.
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