AEG DB413S User manual

AEG DB413S User manual
a | Stoomstrijkijzer
© Instrucciones para el uso
PERFECT DB 4135, DB 414 5 |
5 Dampfbügler
Steam irons
Fer a repasser a vapeur
Ferro da stiro a vapore CL
| Plancha de vapor
— Ángstvkiam
- Dampstrygejern
— Hóyrysiliysraudat
© Sidepoatpoy ——
Gebrauchsanweisung .
Operating instructions
‚Моде d'emploi
| Gebruiksaanwijzing
| Istruzioni per luso
— Oenviecxpñosuk .. DM
"чото =
al EH
Orifice de remplissage d'eau
A H Spraydise
B Dampfaustrittsdôsen J Wasserstandsanzeige (beidseitig)
C Sprayknopf. K Kontrollampe
D DampfstoBknopf L Zuleitung
E Dampfwähler M Typschild
F Temperaturwähler М Абэ! спе mit Pllegehinweis
G Wassereinfüllöffnung
Construction G Water filling opening
Stainless steel ironing plate H Spray jet
Steam outlet nozzles J Water level indicator (both sides)
Spray button K Pilot light
Steam jet button L Lead
Steam selector M Rating plate
Temperature selector N Heel rest, with tips on care
Constitution |
A Semelle de repassage en acier spécial | H .Pulvérisateur/spray
B Buses de sortie de vapeur J Indicateur de niveau d’eau (des deux côtés)
C. Bouton «spray» - K Voyant de contrôle
D Bouton pour jet de vapeur L Cordon d'alimentation
E Sélecteur de vapeur —— M Plaque signalétique
F Sélecteur de température N Surface de dépose avec conseils
- d'entretien
N .
Abning for vandpáfyidning:
Zool van edelstaal CH Sprociopening a
Sproeiers - | J Indicatie waterniveau (aan beide kanten)
- Sproeiknop a 01 K Controlelampje
Stoomstootknop L Kabel
Stoomkiezer | M Typepiaatie
Températuurkiezer ‚N Neerzetviak met tip voor - het onderhoud
Watervulopening |
Suola da stiro in acciaio superlegato H Ugello di spruzzatura
Ugelli di evacuazione del vapore J Indicazione del livello deff'acqua
Pulsante di spruzzatura . {su ambedue ¡ lati)
Pulsante per getto di vapore K Lampadina di controllo '
Selettore del vapore " L Cavo di alimentazione della corrente eletrica
Selettore della temperatura M Targhetta dei dati
Apertura di carica dell'acqua N Superficie di appoggio con istruzioni di cura
Componentes | |
Base para planchar de acero inoxidable Indicador del nivel de agua
Difusores de vapor (en ambos costados)
Botón del spray K Testigo luminoso 1
Botón del chorro de vapor L Cable de acometida
- Selector del vapor M Rôtulo de características
Selector de temperaturas N Superficie de descanso con las
Orificio para cargar el agua recomendaciones para el buen cuidado |
Difusor del spray |
Bestándsdelar |
A Strykplatta av rostfritt stál H Spraymunstycke
B Angmunstycke J Nivavisare for vatten (pá báda sidor)
C Sprayknapp | K Kontrollampa
D Knapp für extra angstot L Natsladd
E Angváljare M_ Márkesskyit
F Temperaturväljare N Avstaliningspiatta med skotselanvisningar
G Vattenpafylining
Konstruktion |
A Strygesäl af rustfrit stäl H Spraydyse
B Dampábninger J' Vandstandsmáler (pá begge sider)
C Spray-trykknap K Kontrollampe
D Trykknap for dampsted L Ledning
E Dampvælger | M Typeskitt |
F -Temperaturvæiger N Standplade med strygeanvisninger
A=Temperatur-Einstellung „Кай“
B=Chemietaser |
D= Baumwolle/Leinen
Ironing table — Operating instructions
For fabrics:
Temperature Steam selector Remarks:
(7 Polyacrylic 0 For all chemical fibres, note
Polyamide se without manufacturers and care instruc-
e Mz steam tions; dry-iron with residual mois-
° ¿ Set mixed fabrics to most tempe-
Chemical rature-sensitive component.
®< fibres |
ER without
A | steam
Polyester e. a I
Cellulose — ; e
_ | Hout |
withou Drv-i ist: from e e t Ç
— ”. ry-iron moist; from empe
* ° steam rature steam-ironing at lowest
Silk 1 setting possible. Avoid water
. 3 e drops and spray.
ee | |
1 to 2 Steam-ironing at low to medium
setting of steam selector
Wool GP possible.
\_ mi
a 1 to 4 Steam-ironing up to medium
Cotton setting possible;
from e e up to max. steam
3 setting possible.
00 0
+ - 1105
, O — @
Linen ER * AN „съ, Super-steam jet from
3 de Gy o e ® ® setting for
~ — Ш AL stubborn creases.
Setting for A = cold © = without Unplug your appliance and
storage steam set all knobs to A
Chemical fibre group guide:
® Chemical fibre ironing range
Polyacrylics are e.g.: Acrylan, Dralon, Leacryl, Orion, Vonnel.
Polyamides are e.g,: Enkalon, Grilon, Nylon, Perlon, Rilsan. -
Polyester are e.g.. Dacron, Diolen, Kodel, Trevira, Vestan.
Cellulose fibres, acetates, cupros, viscoses are e.g.
Cuprama, Colvera, Phyron, Reyon, Tricell.
} low temperature
} higher temperature
For mixed fabrics, it is recommended to iron at the lower temperature (most sensitive fibres), e.g.
polyester-cotton on polyester setting. A dull, coated iron sole plate is a consequence of excessive
iron temperature.
Owing to different ironing speed, residual moisture in fabrics, etc., the optimum setting may deviate
from the recommendation given in the table!
We would like to congratulate you on your purchase of your new AEG iron. You have bought a
technically reliable appliance, which will be a great help to you In your daily laundry work, both as
a “steam” and as a “non-steam” iron.
As with any technical appliance, there are with this iron a few basic points to be observed and
adhered to. Please therefore read these usage instructions through carefully and keep them in a
safe place.
Safety instructions
В is imperative that you read the usage
instructions through carefully before first
using the appliance.
This appliance may only be connected to
the same voltage and current stated on
the rating plate (fig. 1/M), and may only
be connected via a protective earthed
socket. |
Caution! When in use the plate and the
cowl of the iron inevitably become hot!
Never leave the appliance plugged in
unsupervised. Pull the plug out even if
you only leave the room for a moment.
Keep children at a safe distance.
When steam-ironing, steam is emitted
from the opening in the base-plate -
Take care not to scald yourself!
The plug must always be pulled out
before water is added, emptied out, or
Always “park” the iron in a vertical posi-
tion on its resting surface. |
Do not allow kinks to occur in the electri-
cal lead and do not wrap it round the i iron
while it is still hot.
Only ever store the iron away after it has
cooled down and without any water in it.
Never immerse the steam-iron in water!
Important note: The built-in lead is a -
special design. If it has to be replaced,
only an original AEG replacement part
may be used.
Repairs to electrical appliances must
only. ever be carried out by qualified
electricians. Repairs carried out improp-
erly can place the user in serious
In case of a defect please contact your
electrical dealer or the AEG Service
Centre direct.
This appliance is radio-interference
suppressed in accordance with EEC
Directives 82/499/EEC and 87/308/EEC,
EN 55 014/DIN VDE 0875 Part 1, as well
as with the Standard relating to the Retro-
active Effect on the Mains supply
EN 60 555 Parts 1-3/DIN VDE 0838
Parts 1-3, June 1987.
Using for the first time
Setting the temperature (fig. 3/4)
Please take note of the laundry-care symbols
which apply internationally and are attached
as a label on all better-quality garments to
show the correct ironing temperature.
You can see which temperature is correct for
which type of fabric from the ironing table
(page 6). First, pre-sort the washing so as to
start with fabrics which require a low tempera-
ture (e.g. nylon), and then fabrics which each
require the next higher temperature. After you
switch on, the pilot light comes on {fig. 1/K); it
goes out when the temperature you have set
is reached. If, however, the regulator knob
should nevertheless be turned back to a lower
setting, it should be noted that it takes a
certain amount of time for the ironing plate to
cool down. Only when the pilot light comes on
has the ironing plate cooled down to the lower
. Steam-ironing
Filling the steam-iron (fig. 8)
The water tank may only be filled if the plug
has been removed from the socket. Set the
steam selector to dry ironing (fig. 5) and make
absolutely sure the iron is standing vertically.
The water tank will be completely full if the
. measuring cup is filled twice to the level of the
mark. Tap-water with a hardness up to
3 mmoViitre (17% dH) can be used, Your water
board will provide information on the degree
of hardness of your tap-water. If it is harder
than this limit, please use distilled water from
the chemist's or a mixture of '4 tap-water and
'% distilled water. Never use battery water!
When using for the first time, please note:
Fill water into the tank, set the steam selector
(fig. 1/E) at 5.
Heat the appliance up, place it on the wire
stand (fig. 10) with the ironing plate down-
wards, and leave it to let off steam in order to
activate the steam chamber.
The optimum steam effect and operating noise
will only be reached after the first 3 tank
For steam-ironing, set the temperature
selector for the appropriate type of fabric and
wait for the pilot light to go out - only then
should you set the steam selector by turning it
to the right to the required steam quantity
(1-5). The matching settings for temperature
(type of fabric) and steam quantitiy can be
seen in the ironing table. As soon as the iron
is held horizontally the steam starts to
develop. When the iron is set down in a verti-
cal position again the steam supply is automa-
tically cut off. You can also cut off the steam
supply by turning the steam selector to the
“Dry ironing” position (fig. 5).
Spray/Super steam jet
When the iron is being used for the first time,
the water tank must be completely full and the
spray knob (fig. 2/A) pressed several times in
order to pump water into the spray tank. The
same applies after each time it has been
used. The spray effect can also be used while
dry-ironing. The super steam jet is a valuable”
aid, e.g. for ironing creases or embroidery.
You can operate it by pressing the steam jet
button (fig. 2/B).
You can also use the super steam jet when ‘
steam-ironing as well dry-ironing, with the
temperature setting at “Max”.
Pull the plug out!
Set the temperature setting to the “Cold” posi-
tion (fig. 3} and the steam selector to “Dry
ironing” (fig. 5). Empty out the remaining water
(fig. 9). Store the iron standing in a vertical
Care and cleaning
What should | do if...?
.. nô steam appears when the iron is set for
steam-ironing ?
it is normat for the plume of steam to be
small when the air is warm and dry (in
winter) because it can be absorbed uncon-
densed by the dry air. This can also
happen at low steam-selector settings (up
to about a 4).
Rectifying simple defects:
1. Turning the steam selector to and for
. several times during steam-ironing opera-
tion to the “Cleaning” setting (fig. 7) will
prevent the valve from blocking.
2. Emptying the full water tank can rinse out
fluff. Pull the plug out and tip the full appli-
ance forwards at an angle (fig. 9).
3. Fill water into the tank of the appliance.
The steam selector should be on “Dry iron-
ing” (fig. 5). | |
Switch the temperature selector to @ ® @
and turn the appliance on. When the
temperature is reached (the pilot light goes
out}, disconnect the appliance from the
mains and set the steam selector to
“Cleaning” (fig. 7). If the quantity of steam
still does not increase the steam chamber
needs to be de-scaled.
.. drops of water come out of the steam
Do not set the steam selector until the
temperature for steam ironing has been
reached. If the temperature has been set
too low, set it higher. —
If the steam selector is set too high it
should be turned down to a lower setting.
If tap-water is used, scale accumulates in the
steam chamber during steam-ironing and if it
reaches a high level it restricts the quantity of
steam. To de-scalé tt, use warm water and
essence of vinegar mixed 1:1. Fill 2 measure
cups into the cold appliance, which must not
be connected to the mains (fig. 8).
Proprietary de-scaling products are too harsh
and must not be used!
Afterwards, turn the steam selector to the
“Cleaning” position. The appliance is then
placed in a horizontal position on a plate in
the kitchen sink. Leave the solution to work in
long enough until the entire filling has run
Before rinsing, empty the remaining de-scaling
solution out of the appliance. Then repeat the
process using clear water.
Please note: As a precaution we recommend
descaling is done every three months.
For the sake of the environment
Do not throw away packing material. |
@ The cardboard box can be taken to paper
recycling facilities.
® Plastic bag made of polyethylene (PE) can
be taken to recycling facilities of PE collec-
tion depots.
® The filler parts are made of Polystyrene
(PS). They do not contain any CFCs.
Your local Department for the Environment will
be able to give you advise as to where
collecting depots and recycling facilities are
AEG Kundendienst in Europa
52070 Aachen, Grüner Weg 22-24
63741 ) rg, Dammer StraBe 5
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14199 Berlin, Hohenzollerndamm 150
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: 59118 Bonn, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 26 -
80634 Mnchen-Neuhausen, Amulfstrase
| 481 53 Minster, Friedrich-Ebert-StraBe 7
. 94032 Passau, Weinholzer Weg 9
- . - ; . . "
(Kundendienst in 65462 Ginsheim-Guatavsburg)
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: 1 unschwelg, CampestraBe . Rosenheim, rstraBe
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Düsseldorf (Kundendienst in 41541 Dormagen). 54292 Trier, Paufinstrabe 152 ss
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| 241 13 Kiel, Rendsburger Landstraße 206
6068 Koblenz, Rheinstraße 17-
Kin (Kundendlenst In 41541 Do
04299 Leipzig, Holzhäuser Straße 120
; Gerantiebedingungen ,'
~ FOr dieses Gerât lelsten wir - zusätzlich zu
Handiere aus Kaufvertrag - dém Endab-
nahmer gegenüber zu den nachstehen-
den Bedingungen Garantie:
1. Die Garantiezelt beträgt 12 Monate und
beginnt mit dem Zeitpunkt der Über-
gabe des Geräts, der durch Rechnung
oder andere Unterlagen zu belegen ist.
Die Garantiezeit ist auf 6 Monate
beschränkt, wenn das Gerät gewerb-
lich genutzt wird. : `
2. Die Garantie umfabt die Behebung aller
innerhalb der Garantlszeit auftreten-
den Schäden oder Mängel des Geräts,
die nachweislich auf Material- oder
Fertigungsfehlern baruhen. Nicht unter
die Garantie fallen Schäden oder Man-
gel aus nicht vorachriftsmäBigem An-
echluß, unsachgemäßer Handhabung
sowie Nichtbeachtung der Gebrauche-
anwelsungen. | ;
3. Im Garantietall kann das Gerat einer
unserer Kundendienst-Stellen oder
dem autoriglerten Fachhande! Ober-
geben werden. ; :
Bei Einsendung des Gerats an die for
Sie zustándige Kundendienststelle ist
.* darautzuachten,daf das Gerat gutver-
packt, mit vollstándigem Absander und
= soweit lich - mit einer kurzen
Fehlerbeschreibung versehen wird.
4. Die Garantielelstungen werden ohna
jede Berechnung durchgeführt; ale
bewirken weder eine Verlängerung
noch einen Neubeginn der Garantie-
zeit. Ausgewechselte Teile gehen in
"unser Elgentum über.
2, u
| JigersiraBe 10-12 —
76185 Kartsruhe, Neurauter Straße 5-7
34123 Kassel-Waldau, Oxto-Hahn-Straße 5
rmagen} …
— Osterreich, 1210 Wien, (02 22) 38 01-63 33
1800 Vilvoorde, 02/370.08.98 -
Danmark, 2620 Albertsiund, 42-64 85 22
España, Madrid, (91) 675.66.50/54/58/62 ;
| France, 92140 Clamart Cedex, 16 (1) 45 37 95 50
Great Britain, Slough, 0753-872508 - - :
Hellas, Moschaton-Athen, 01/48 22 846 |
Island, Reykjavik (Brædumir Ormsson Lid.) 91-3 88 20
italia, Cusano Milanino Mi 02/6 13 47 60/6 1
Luxembourg, 1246 Luxembourg-Kirchberg, 43 888-4
Nederland, 1066 BP Amsterdam, 0 20-510 5911
Norge, 2000 Lillestrem, 06-81 01 01
Portugal, 1799 Lisboa Codex, 89 1171-8971 21
- Svizzera, 5603
Suomi, 01301 Vantaa 30 (Sähkôliikkelden Oy), 90-83 8%
Sverige, 17141 Solna, 08-290080
- This appliance is covered by the following
guarantee and is in addition to your atatu-
tory and other legal rights. All components
which fail due to defective manufacture will |
be repaired or replaced free of charge fora
period of 12 months from the date of pur-
chase. We will not accept claims If unau-
thorised modification la made or H поп-
standard components are used. The
appliance must be used In accordance
- with the operating instructions and the
guarantee does not cover any damage
Caused during transit or through misuse,
in order to establish the date of purchase,
advice note or similar document must be
produced whenever the guarantee is
claimed. ;
Garantie :
Pour toute-mise an œuvre de garantie ou
de service après vente, vous devez vous '
adresser à votre vendeur.
AEG assure au vendeur le remplacement
gratuit des pièces détachées nécessaires
à la réparation pendant 1 an, à partir dé la
date de votre facture, sauf en cas de non
respect des prescriptions d'utilisation ou
lorsqu'une cause étrangère à l'appareil
est responsable de la défaillance.
Les dispositions stipulées ci-dessus ne
sont p&s exclusives-du bénéfice au profit
de Fachetéur de la garantie légale pour
défaut et vice cachés qui s'applique, en
tout état de cause, dans les conditions des
articles 1641 et suivants, du code civil,
AEG Nederland N. Y, neemt voor reparatios
binnen de garantietermiin - voor zover de
defekter zijn terug te vosren op materiaal-
‘en/of konstruktiefouten — de Kosten op
zich voor materiaal en arbeltaioon.
‚| АЕС Hausgeräte AG, Muggenhofer Straße 135, D-90429 Nürnberg
Schwerzenbach 01/9451144
De garantie bedraagt 12 maanden en gaat
in op de dag van aankoop. Wanneer garan-
île wordt verlangd, dient de faktuur van
aankoop te worden overlegd. De garantie-
termijn wordt door reparatiea nlet ver-
lengd. Bullen elke garantieverpfilchting
vallen losse onderdelen van glas an/of
kunstatot. Añe cverige Kosten, zoals voor-
rijdkosten, kosten van opzending en
administratie, zijn voor rekening van de el-
genaar, Do
Garanzia =
Duranti | primi 12 mesi d'osercizio, ven-
gono fornite gratuitamente dallAEG le.
parti di ricambio riconosciute difettose. La
paranzia ha initio con I! glorno dell'ac-
‘ quisto che deve vanir comprovato.a mezzo
della fattura o boletta di consegna. Per il
resto valgono le condizion! generall di for-
nitura della rispettiva rappresentanza
naztonale. -
Garantia =
Durante los primeros 12 meses, la AEG se
hace cargo de cuantos costes de material
- y horas de trabajos Invertidas se produz-
can én la subsanación de defectos. La
garantia empieza a regir a partir de la fecha
de la entrega, la que deberá juatificaras
mediante presentación de la factura o de
la nota de depacto. Porio demás serán de
apiicación las condiciones generales de
venta se gun rigen en el respectivo pais de
nuestra representación.
Garantie Fr o
in Belgien let nur die durcivS. A. belga AEG
ausgegebane Garantiekarte gültig.
En Belgique, seule la carte de garantie Ш
émise par la S.A. belge AEG est vatabie,
in België ls alechts de door de 5. À bélge
_. AEG ultgegeven waarborgkaart geldig.
H 263 269 200 - 0194/02
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