Estación para plancha de vapor
a Operating Instructions |
DS 700 electronic
Steam-Ironing Station
Centrale de repassage vapeur —
- Dampstrygestation
Hoyryrauta-asema Е
Zehlici stanice 5 naparovanim
Gózvasaló |
Prasowalnica na pare
Mode d' emploi
Instrucciones para el USO
Bru ksanvisning
Brugsanvisning I
_ Käyttöohje
- Navod k pouzití NO
a Ra ar a Aus
Hasznalati utmutatd Е Mi ERFAHRUNG
Instrukcja obstugi
Hauptschalter Ein/Aus
Netzkontrollampe, rot |
Basisstation mit Wassertank
Bügeleisenablage mit automatischem
G= Hitzebeständige Silikonrippen
H = Edelstahlsohle verchromt mit Dampídúsen
| = Kabelstaufach
J = Netzkabel mit Stecker
K = Wasserschlauch mit integrierter Sromzuleitung
L = Kabelantenne
M = Temperaturwähler
N = Wippschalter, 3stufig fir Trockenbigeln « 0,
Dauerdampf 4 und Super-Dampi 63
O = Dampfmengenwaáhler, stufenlos
P = Temperaturkontrollampe, rot
Q = Anti-Kalk-Patrone
R = Einfülitrichter
S = 4 GummifüBe -
T = Typschild
| Temperatur-Einstellung ,Kalt“
D = Baumwolle/Leinen
Ironing table — Operating hints
Fabric: Temperature selector . | Rocker switch
| | position
| Chemical fibres Y |
Polyacrylic without Acrylan, Dralon, Leacryl, Orlon, Vonnel
_ steam I A ,
Polyamide e | Enkalon, Grilon, Nylon, Perlon, Rilsan
Polyester | without Dacron, Diolen, Kodel, Trevira, Vestan
a steam eu
Cellulose e Cellulose fibres, Acetate, Cupro,
viscoses such as e.g.: Cuprama,
Colvera, Phyron, Rayon, Tricell
Natural fibres | | o
Silk without Silk and chemical fibres can be
steam dry-ironed with a damp cloth placed
o. in between
Wool - OS | Steam-ironing possible with steam
ur supply selector on low to medium
| setting
Cotton A | Steam-ironing possible with steam
Ur or GP supply selector up to medium setting
| From e 06 steam-ironing possible
with steam supply selector up to
| maximum setting -
Linen ; <> ~~ |. Additional application of Super-steam
7 or < for stubborn creases
“Storage setting — A=cold Pull out. mains plug
For mixed fibres, you are recommended to iron at the lower temperature (most sensitive fibres), e.g. polyester-
cotton on the polyester setting. A coated and dull iron soleplate results from an iron temperature set too high.
Varying ironing speed, fabric residual moisture content, etc. may mean that the optimum setting € differs from .
the tabulated recommendation!
Safety instructions
Before using your iron for the first time, you |
are strongly advised to read the operating
instructions thoroughly!
(3 Do not use your iron if:
— the leads are damaged, or
— the housing shows visible signs of damage!
O The appliance should be operated only with
the voltage and current type indicated on the |
rating plate (see appliance base) (Fig. 1/T).
O The connection should be made only to a plug
with protective earth contact wired as pre-
O Caution! For operatiSnal reasons, the iron sole-
plate and cover get hot when the iron is in use!
MI Never use your iron without proper supervision.
Disconnect your iron (pull out the mains plug)
even if you only leave the room briefly. Keep
children well away.
О During steam-ironing, steam emerges from the
soleplate openings. Take care you do not scald
O Place your iron on the iron rest during each
ironing pause. Never stand it on the iron stor-
age area. Or else it may tilt!
(3 Never bring the leads into contact with hot
appliance parts or sharp edges!
(3 Never use the mains lead to pull the plug out
of the mains socket!
~ O Never fill the water tank with any liquid other
than fresh, cold water!
O Do not operate the rocker switch (I/N) if there is
no water in the water tank, or this may damage
the pump!
OI Your iron must basically be unplugged (dis-
connected from the mains supply) before it is
cleaned or water is replenished or emptied!
O Never immerse your steam-ironing station in
water! —
JJ Never kink the leads or wind them round the :
hot iron. Store your iron only when it has cooled
JJ Please check both leads for damage from time
to time! If the leads are damaged, the appli-
ance should be taken to the retailer (since the
use of special tools is required) from whom it
was acquired or sent to an AEG service centre.
Repairs to electrical appliances should only be per-
formed by trained personnel. Improper repairs may
seriously endanger the user.
The manufacturer will not be liable for any damage |
due to misuse or failure to operate an appliance as
specified inthe operating instructions!
If your appliance has a fault, please therefore
approach your specialist retailer or the AEG service
centre direct.
CE. This appliance complies with the following
EC Directives: - 73/23/EEC of 12.02.1973 - Low- *
Voltage Directive — 89/336/EEC of 03. 05.1989
(including Amendment Directive 92/31/EEC) -
- EMV Directive.
Features (Fig. 1)
A = Main On/Off switch
‘B= Mains pilot lamp, red
C = Base station with water tank
D = Water tank lid
E = Water level indicator
F = Iron rest with automatic steam stop
G = Heat-tesistant silicone ribs |
Н = Спготе- -plated stainless steel soleplate |
with steam nozzles
= Flex compartment
= Mains lead with plug
= Water hose with integrated power supply lead
= Lead antenna
= Temperature selector
= Rocker switch, 3-stage for dry-ironing @,
continuous steam GP, and Super-steam 6
O = Steam supply selector, continuously variable
P = Temperature pilot lamp, red
Q = Antiscale cartridge
R = Filling funnel
S = 4 rubber feet
T = Rating plate ©
Re fig. 5:
A = “Cold” temperature setting
‚`В = Chemical fibres
C = Silk/wool
= Cotton/linen
Using your iron for the first time |
Take the appliance, lead antenna and filling funnel
out of the pack. Place the appliance on an ironing
board or table and check for good stability.
0 Unfold the water tank lid (Fig. 2).
O The antiscale cartridge (ASC) is factory-fitted
and must be changed only when the resin
packing has discoloured from green-beige to
blue-beige (see “Descaling” and Fig. 2). A spare
- cartridge is supplied. Please make sure that the
ASC is firmly pressed in.
Important: The appliance will not work if the anti-
scale cartridge is missing or wrongly inserted! *
O Fit the filling.funnel on the opening of the anti-
scale cartridge and fill the water tank with
around 1.0 cold tap water using a suitable con-
tainer, noting the water level indicator (Fig. 3).
3 Close the water tank lid.
— 0 Fit the lead antenna on the water tank base
(Fig. 4).
O Pull the mains-lead and water hose (with inte-
grated power supply lead) out of the flex com- Е
partment (Fig. 4).
O Important! Do not withdraw the leads beyond
the red end-marks!
О Suspend the water hose with integrated power
supply lead in the lead antenna (Fig. 4).
- Temperature setting
Please note the labelled garment care symbols that
‘arg internationally valid and give hints on the correct
ironing temperature in good clothing. The ironing -
table tells you how to match the temperature selec-
tion you make with the fabric type concerned.
We recommend you to presort your laundry.
Begin by ironing materials requiring low ironing
temperatures (e.g. PERLON). Then iron materials
requiring respectively higher temperatures. You will
thus avoid any sensitive fabric from being damaged
by too high a temperature.
Proceed as follows:
О Рид тп the appliance.
O Turn on the main switch. The mains pilot lamp
comes on (Fig. 1A/1B).
O Set the temperature selector depending on the
fabric type (Fig. 5).
О Set the rocker switch to the dry-i roning position
(0) (Fig. 6).
(3 Wait until the temperature pilot lamp on the iron
‘goes out (1P). The iron can then be lifted off the
iron rest. |
О Begin dry-ironing.
The ironing base must be smooth and steam-
permeable (e.g. cotton covering) to prevent any
heat congestion from occurring.
О Fill with water as described under “Using your
iron for the first time”.
JJ Plug-in the appliance. |
О Тит оп the main switch. The mains pilot lamp
comes on.
- 9 Set the temperature selector depending on the
fabric type, at least to the e € setting (Fig. 5).
O Wait until the temperature pilot lamp onthe iron
goes out (1P). The iron can then be lifted off the
iron rest.
О Set the rocker switch to the continuous steam
- position SD (Fig. 6) and wait until the first pulse
of steam emerges.
0 Begin steam-ironing.
The microswitch builtinto the iron rest causes imme-
diate interruption of the steam supply as soon as the
iron is placed on it (Fig. 7).
Steam emergence can thus be interrupted, on the
‚ опе hand, by the rocker switch being changed over
to the dry-ironing position or, on the other, by the iron _
being placed on the iron rest.
When using your iron for the first time, please
Set the steam supply selector to “Max”. ”. When the
temperature pilot lamp goes out, hold down the
rocker switch in the Super-steam position S until
steam emerges. |
Now release steam from the iron with its soleplate =
facing downwards — on the iron rest or a plate — for
several minutes. The steam chamber is now acti-
vated, and the appliance can be used as described.
~ If necessary, you can repeat this process, e.g. if par-
ticles emerge from the steam chamber.
12 | | | /
Apart from effective continuous steam supply, you
can additionally iron with powerful pulses of steam.
Specifically when ironing doubled materials (e.g.
folds, seams), you can achieve the best results with
the Super-steam function. Simply press the rocker
switch to the Super-steam position & (Fig: 6).
To ensure optimum steam supply in Super-steam
mode, you are recommended to use Super-steam
for only 5-10 seconds during each pulse. After
3-5 seconds, Super-steam can be repeated.
Freshening up hanging laundry
(= steam pressing)
Your steam iron can supply steam not only in a hori-
zontal position, but in a vertical position as well. This ‘
lets you conveniently use its steam supply to freshen
up hanging garments, such as suits, trousers,
blazers, summer blouses, and dresses (Fig. 8).
During steam pressing, the hot soleplate does not
touch the garment, with only the effect of the steam
— itself being employed. To achieve the maximum
steam supply, you can therefore select the maxi-
‘mum temperature and steam settings. You can
“ steam-press with both continuous steam and Super-
| steam.
After use/storage
After completing your ironing, you are recom-
mended first to stop the steam supply by changing
over the rocker switch to position € and then to place
the iron on the rest. -
The residual water iñ the water tank must not be
emptied and can be easily reused when you next
To store your iron, turn off the main switch and
unplug the iron. The leads can be safely and neatly
stored in the flex compartment.
The iron must always be placed only on the iron rest |
to prevent the soleplate from. being damaged.
Yoursteam-ironing station is equipped with an'anti-
scale cartridge and can therefore be operated with
normal tap water.. The antiscale cartridge must be
replaced. when the resin packing in the three
chambers has ‘discoloured from green-beige to a
blue-beige. The exhausted antiscale cartridge can .
be disposed of with your household refuse.
Important! Avoid ironing'with an exhausted anti-
scale cartridge, since this leads to scaling of the
steam chamber and thus to your iron being
damaged. In this case, do not descale the iron your-
self. Send it to your AEG service centre.
Spare part |
To ensure the trouble-free operation of your steam- |
ironing station, we recommend you to use an origi-
nal AEG antiscale cartridge obtainable from your
specialist retailer or service e centre.
Antiscale cartridge:
E-No. 613 899612
Part No. 663 909 800
Maintenance and care
What can be the matter if...
.. despite the mains lead being inserted and
the main switch being turned on, no steam
emerges from the iron on steam standby?
Check that the antiscale cartridge is correctly fitted
(press on firmly!) and that there is sufficient water in
the water tank!
In warm dry air (in winter), a smaller steam plume IS
normal, since itis absorbed uncondensed bythedry — |
air. This may also ‘occur on a low steam supply
selector setting. :
.. Water droplets emerge from the steam |
outlet nozzles?
Have your iron checked by our service centre.
... Your laundry is stained during ironing?
Wipe the still warm soleplate with vinegar solution or
a non-abrasive cleaning solution. Never scratch off
the soleplate deposit!
O During dry-ironing, fluff may find its way into the
steam chambers and swell. Clean the steam
nozzles using the. Super-steam function.
For the sake of the environment
Do not just throw away packaging material and
decommissioned appliances! nn
Appliance packaging:
— 0 The cardboard packaging can be taken to your
waste paper collection centre.
O The polyethylene (PE) plastic bag can be taken
to your PE collection centre for recycling.
How to use your appliance when it reaches s the |
end of its service life:
3 The plastic parts are provided with a material
— Code, so that, when it reaches the end of its
“service life, your appliance, like the other mate-
rials, can also be used for recycling.
Please contact your municipal administration for
details of your nearest recycling collection centre.
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Hellas, Moschaton- Athen, 01/48 55 646 :
Island, Reykjavik (Breedurnir Ormsson Ltd.) 91-3 8820
Italia, Cusano Milanino Mi 02/613 4760/61976 90
Luxembourg, 1246 Luxembourg-Kirchberg, 43 888-4
Nederland, 1066 BP Amsterdam, 020-510 5911
Norge, 2000 Lillestrom, 06-81 01 01
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Schweiz - Svizzera, 8603 Schwerzenbach 01 /9451144
Suomi, 01301 Vantaa 30 (Sáhkóliikkeiden Oy); 90-83 81
04299 Leipzig, Holzháuser StraBe 120
Far dieses Gerät leisten wir - zusätzlich zu
der gesetzlichen Gewährleistung des
Händlers aus Kaufvertrag - dem Endab-
nehmer gegenüber zu den nachstehen-
den Bedingungen Garantie:
1. Die Garantiezeit betrágt 12 Monate und
beginnt mit dem Zeitpunkt der Uber-
gabe des Geréts, der durch Rechnung
oder andere Unterlagen zu belegen ist.
Die Garantiezeit ist auf 6 Monate
beschránkt, wenn das Gerát gewerb-
lich genutzt wird.
2. Die Garantie umfaBt die Behebung aller
innerhalb der Garantiezeit auftreten-
den Schäden oder Mängel des Geräts,
die nachweislich auf Material- oder
Fertigungsfehlern beruhen.Nicht unter
die Garantie fallen Schäden oder Män-
gel aus nicht vorschriftsmäBigem An-
schluß, unsachgemäßer Handhabung
sowie Nichtbeachtung der Gebrauchs-
- anweisungen. oT
3. Im Garantiefall kann das Gerät einer
unserer Kundendienst-Stellen oder
‘dem autorisierten Fachhandel über-
geben werden.
Bei Einsendung des Geräts an die für
Sie zuständige Kundendienststelle ist
daraufzu achten, daß das Gerät gut ver-
packt, mit voliständigem Absender und
— soweit möglich —- mit einer kurzen
Fehlerbeschreibung versehen wird.
4. Die Garantieleistungen werden ohne
jede Berechnung durchgefúhrt; sie
bewirken weder eine Verlángerung
noch einen Neubeginn der Garantie-
zeit. Ausgewechselte Teile gehen in
‘unser Eigentum über.
AEG Hausgeräte GmbH, Muggenhofer Straße 135, D-90429 Nürnberg
Sverige, 17141 Solna, 08-29 00 80 .
This appliance is covered by the following
guarantee and is in addition to your statu-
tory and other legal rights. All components
which fail due to defective manufacture will
be repaired orreplaced free of charge fora
period of 12 months from the date of pur-
chase. We will not accept claims if unau-
- thorised modification is made or if non-
standard components are used. The
appliance must be used in accordance
with the operating instructions and the
guarantee does not cover any damage
caused during transit or through misuse.
In order to establish the date of purchase,
advice note or similar document must be
produced whenever the guarantee is
Pour toute mise en ceuvre de garantie ou
de service après vente, vous devez vous -
adresser à votre vendeur.
AEG assure au vendeur le remplacement
gratuit des pièces détachées nécessaires
à la réparation pendant 1 an, à partir de la
date de votre facture, sauf en cas de non
respect dès prescriptions d'utilisation ou
lorsqu’une cause étrangère à l’appareil
est responsable de la défaillance.
Les dispositions stipulées ci-dessus ne
sont pas exclusives du bénéfice au profit
de l'acheteur de la garantie légale pou
défaut et vice cachés qui s'applique, en
tout état de cause, dans les conditions des
articles 1641 et suivants, du code civil.
AEG Nederland neemt voor reparaties bin-
nen de garantietermijn,- voor zover de
defekten zijn terug te voeren op materiaal -
en/of konstruktiefouten - de kosten op
zich voor materiaal en arbeitsloon.
| De garantie bedraagt 12 maanden en gaat
.in,op de dag van aankoop.Wanneergaran-.
tie wordt verlangd, dient de faktuur van
aankoop te worden overlegd. De garantie-
termijn wordt door reparaties niet ver- |
lengd. Buiten elke garantieverpflichting
.vallen losse onderdelen van glas en/of
kunststof. Alle overige kosten, zoals voor-
riidkosten, kosten van opzending en
administratie, zijn voor rekening van de ei-
Garanzia ‘
Duranti i primi 12 mesi d’ésercizio, ven-
gono fornite gratuitamente dail'AEG le
parti di ricambio riconosciute difettose.La
garanzia ha inizio con il giorno dell'ac-
quisto che deve venir comprovato a mezzo
della fattura o boletta di consegna. Per il
resto valgono le condizioni generali di for-
nitura della rispettiva rappresentanza
- Garantia
Durante los primeros 12 meses, la AEG se
hace cargo de cuantos costes de material
y horas de trabajos invertidas se produz-
can en la subsanación de defectos. La
garantia empieza a regira partir de la fecha
de la entrega, la que deberá justificarse
mediante presentación de la factura o de
la nota de depacho. Por lo demás serán de
aplicación las condiciones generales de
venta se gun rigen en el respectivo pais de
nuestra representación.
“In Belgien ist nur die durch belge AEG aus-
gegebene Garantiekarte gúltig..
En Belgique, seule la carte de garantie
émise par la belge AEG est valable.
In België is slechts de door de belge AEG
uitgegeven waarborgkaart geldig.-
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