EWA 10..
Expresswasserkocher |
High-speed kettle .
Bouilloire express
- Express-waterkoker
Bollitore istantaneo dell acqua
- Hervidor exprés
TaxuBpaoctripac vepou _
Instructions for use
- Mode d’emploi
Istruzioni per l’uso
Instrucciones para el uso
Odnyiec Xpnoews
Congratulations on purchasing your new AEG
high-speed electric kettle.
You have bought a technically reliable appli-
ance which will make the daily task of boiling
water easier for you.
As with any technical appliance, there are a
number of fundamental points concerning this
kettle which require your attention. Please
therefore read these instructions for use atten-
tively before using the appliance for the first
time, and then keep them in a safe place for
later reference.
Safety instructions
H Please note, before using the kettle for the
first time, that you should only operate it
with the voltage and current stated on the
rating plate (Fig. 1 (1).
MM The kettle is only to be used under
supervision. Do not place or use it on a
hot surface or near a naked flame.
H Always use and keep the kettle outside
the reach of children.
№ Do not use the kettle if the electric lead is
in any way defective. Check it from time to
time to ensure that it is not damaged. If
any damage should be visible, arrange for
the lead to be replaced at once. Never use
the kettle if it has been dropped: or if it
shows any visible signs of damage, but
send it to AEG or an authorised dealer for
repair. Repairs to electrical appliances may
only be carried out by a qualified electri-
cian: Any improper repairs or tampering
may seriously endanger the user.
EM High temperatures are created when elec-
tric kettles such as this one are used, and
these can cause burns if the appliance is
handled carelessly. For this reason, you
should only ever take hold of the kettle by
the handle provided (Fig. 1 (G)).
EH Make sure the lead does not dangle, espe-
cially while the kettle is in operation, as
there is a danger of its being tipped over.
NM Please always pull the plug out of the
— before filling the kettle with water or
emptying it;
— before cleaning it;
— each time after it has been used.
Do not pull the plug out of the socket by
tugging on the lead.
Never immerse the kettle in water!
Make sure the lead and plug are dry before
the kettle is plugged in or switched on.
Do not use the kettle when your hands are
Do not jerk the kettle around while it is in
Caution: Overfilling the kettle may lead to
boiling water spraying out of it. For this
reason, never fill it beyond the max. 1.0 | or
1.5 | mark. |
“Protect the appliance and its cable from
heat and wet.
MN Only ever use the kettle for heating water!
Never heat any foods, drinks, or food
“additives in it, and do not use it to boil milk
or soup! Do not boil anything in the water
in the kettle! AEG cannot accept any legal
liability for the consequences of improper
use or operation.
Ш Never use the appliance out of doors.
CE This appliance complies with the following
EC Directives:
— 73/23/EEC of 19.02.1973 — Low-Voltage
— 89/336/EEC of 03.05.1989 (including
Amendment Directive 92/31/EEC) — EMC
(Electromagnetic Compatibility) Directive.
Please first make yourself familiar with your
appliance (Figs. 1 and 2):
On/Off switch
Lid with hinge
Water level markings on the inside or outside”
Separate appliance base with integrated
cable storage and connection*
G Handle with holder for plug*
H 1-3 cable outlets in the base”
| Rating plate with output data
J Microfilter”
* = depending on version
Technical description
All 1.0 litre AEG high-speed electric kettles
have the same basic technical features:
— Rating: 1010 W (230 V)
— Maximum capacity: 1.0 litre
— Minimum fill: 0.25 litre
All 1.5 litre AEG high-speed electric kettles
have the same basic technical features:
— Rating: 2000 W (230 W
— Maximum capacity: 1.5 litres
— Minimum fill: 0.25 litre
Connecting the kettle
EWA 10..: Place the kettle on a firm surface.
Take the mains plug out of the plug holder.
The lead can be unwound from the appliance
base to the required length. Plug the appliance
into the mains. After use, the plug can be re-
inserted in the plug holder to save space.
EWA 10.. cordless: Place the base on a firm
surface and place the kettle on it in such a
way that it notches into position. Now plug the
appliance into the mains. The lead can be sto-
red in the base with only the required length
protruding and led out through any one of the
three outlets (Fig. 1b (H) and 1c (H)).
Turn on the appliance by setting the On/Off
switch (Fig. 1 (A)) to the “I” position.
Before using your new kettle for the first time,
for hygienic reasons, you should clean it inside
and out with a damp cloth. Fill the appliance
with water. The minimum amount is 0.25 litre
(the “min” mark). Fill at least enough water to
cover the heating coil. The water-level mar-
kings on the inside or outside depending on
version will give you additional help. The maxi-
mum fill is 1.0 or 1.5 litres (the “max” mark).
Caution: Never fill less than the minimum or
more than the maximum. If this kettle is over-
filled, there is a danger of boiling water spray-
ing out or running over.
Important: Make sure you close the appliance
properly, as the automatic switch-off device
can only work properly if the lid is properly
shut. This is why you should always close the
lid before switching on (Fig. 2).
A double measure of safety
Automatic switch-off device
Your kettle will switch off automatically and the
switch will jump back to “0” when the water
boils. |
If you wish to interrupt the boiling process
before the kettle switches off automatically,
simply move the On/Off switch (Fig. 1 (A)) to
“0”. If you wish to reheat the water, just move
the switch back to “I” and wait for the water to
start boiling again. The kettle will switch off
automatically again.
Protection against boiling dry
All AEG kettles and hot-water boilers are fitted
with a device which switches them off if there
is no water inside. This protects them from the
overheating which would result from switching
them on when empty or from boiling dry with
the lid open. Should your kettle ever accident-
ally be switched on with no water inside, it is
automatically protected from overheating. The
heating process is automatically interrupted.
However, in this case, the On/Off switch (Fig.
1 (A)) does not jump back to the “0” position,
for which reason it is necessary for you to set
the switch to the “0” position and to leave the
appliance to cool for about 5-10 minutes. As a
further safety measure, in the event of the
operating temperature rising too high as a
result of improper use, the temperature cutout
will melt through, and the power supply will be
cut off. Because of this additional safety fea-
ture, your AEG kettle has the best possible
protection against overheating. In this situa-
tion, the appliance should be sent to an AEG
service centre.
The appliance is fitted with a filter element
which retains particles of scale in the kettle -
and prevents them from finding their way into
your drink when the water is poured out.
Should the filter element ever be damaged,
you can order it from an an AEG service
centre by quoting the following numbers:
— Order No. 663 909 950 white
— Order No. 663 909 960 black
The filter element is detachable. This means
that you can detach the element, e.g. for
cleaning, from the appliance lid by opening the
lid of the emptied and cooled appliance and
by pressing the filter element on its engage-
ment hooks from the inside of the lid. The
element is re-inserted by engaging it in the lid
opening (Fig. 3).
Cleaning the microfilter
Carefully brush the filter element with a plastic
brush under running water or place it in a bowl
containing descaling agent solution.
Cleaning and care
IM Disconnect the lead from the electricity
supply every time before cleaning the
M This kettle is very easy to look after. The
interior should be occasionally rinsed out
with clear water and descaled at regular
intervals as described below. The outside
should simply be wiped with a damp cloth
and dried thoroughly. Do not use any
aggressive or abrasive cleaning products.
H Never use a damp cloth on the lead or
plug. Make sure every time before using
the kettle that the lead and plug are dry.
If your tap water is relatively “hard”, you will
need to descale the kettle at regular intervals.
For this purpose, use a good proprietary
brand of liquid descaling agent and follow the
instructions on the pack.
When descaling, please follow these instruct-
№ First fill the kettle with water and than add
the descaling agent.
BM Do not give your kettle an “overdose” of
descaling agent!
H Take care — when the water comes to the
boil, the mixture may froth up!
Ш After descaling, rinse the kettle out twice
with clear water.
For the sake of the
Do not simply throw the packaging away, but
follow these instructions:
EM Cardboard packaging material can be
handed in as salvage at your local waste-
paper collection point.
№ If the following packaging materials have
been used:
H Plastic bags made of polytethylene (PE)
can be handed in to your local PE collect-
ion point.
B Padding made of expanded polystyrene
(PS) is CFC-free and can be handed in to
your local collection point (recycling depot).
Please ask your local authority for the address
of your nearest recycling depot.
Customer service
We demand the highest quality of ourselves
and our products.
But it is only with your help that we can
develop and market appliances which exactly
meet your requirements.
So should you nevertheless have any problem,
in using this appliance, please write to us at
the address enclosed.
AEG Kundendienst in Europa
52070 Aachen, Grüner Weg 22-24
63741 Aschaffenburg, Dammer Straße 5
86167 Augsburg-Lechh., Raiffeisenstra3e 13
14199 Berlin, Hohenzollerndamm 150
33609 Bielefeld, Schillerstra3e 44
53113 Bonn, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 26
71034 Boblingen-Hulb, DornierstraBe 7
38102 Braunschweig, CampestraBe 7
28207 Bremen, Hastedter Osterdeich 222
41541 Dormagen-St. Peter,
SachtlebenstraBe 1
44139 Dortmund,
Rheinlanddamm, AEG Haus
01099 Dresden, Industriegelánde, StraBe E
(Kundendienst in 41541 Dormagen)
99096 Erfurt, Arnstädter Straße 28
45329 Essen-Altenessen, Teilungsweg 28
60326 Frankfurt/Main,
Mainzer Landstraße 349
79108 Freiburg, Tullastraße 84
36000 Fulda, Michael-Henkel-StraBe 4-6
35390 Gießen, Schanzenstraße 1-5
65462 Ginsheim-Gustavsburg,
Darmstädter Landstraße 47
22625 Hamburg-Bahrenfeld,
Holstenkamp 40 |
30179 Hannover, Max-Müller-Straße 50-56
74072 Heilbronn, Weinsberger Straße 18
95032 Hof, Wunsiedler StraBe 56
67655 Kaiserslautern, JagerstraBe 10-12
76185 Karlsruhe, Neureuter StraBe 5-7
34123 Kassel-Waldau, Otto-Hahn-StraBe 5
87437 Kempten, Brodkorbweg 22
24113 Kiel, Rendsburger LandstraBe 206
56068 Koblenz, RheinstraBe 17
(Kundendienst in 41541 Dormagen)
04299 Leipzig, Holzhäuser Straße 120
(Kundendienst in 65462 Ginsheim-
AEG Hausgeräte GmbH
Postfach 1036
D-90327 Nürnberg
H 263 277 700 — 0196/70 —
68309 Mannheim-Käfertal,
Heppenheimer Str. 31-33
80634 München-Neuhausen, Arnulfstra8e 205
48153 Minster, Friedrich-Ebert-StraBe 7
90429 Niirnberg, Muggenhofer StraBe 135
77656 Offenburg, IndustriestraBe 4
49084 Osnabriick, PferdestraBe 23
94032 Passau, Weinholzer Weg 9
88213 Ravensburg, Henri-Dunant-StraBe 6
93055 Regensburg, Bukarester StraBe 12
83024 Rosenheim, Farberstrae 9
18055 Rostock, Lange Straße 1a
66121 Saarbrücken-St. Johann,
Mainzer Straße 176
57072 Siegen, Sandstraße 173
(Kundendienst in 71034 Böblingen)
54292 Trier, Paulinstraße 152
89073 Ulm, Neue Straße 113-115
97078 Würzburg, Versbacher Straße 22a
Österreich, 1210 Wien, (02 22) 38 01-63 33
Belgique/Belgié, 1502 Lembeck, 02/363 0311
Danmark, 2620 Albertslund, 42-64 85 22
España, Madrid, (91) 675.66.50/54/58/62
France, 92140 Clamart Cedex,
16 (1) 45 37 95 50
Great Britain, Slough, 017 53-87 25 06
Hellas, Moschaton-Athen, 01/48 22 646
Island, Reykjavik
(Brædurnir Ormsson Ltd.) 91-388 20
Italia, Cusano Milanino Mi 02/6 13 47 60/
- 6197690
Luxembourg, 1246 Luxembourg-Kirchberg,
43 888-4
Nederland, 1066 BP Amsterdam, O 20-5 10 59 1:
Norge, 2000 Lillestrom, 06-81 01 01
Portugal, 1799 Lisboa Codex, 89 11 71-89 71 21
Schweiz - Svizzera, 8603 Schwerzenbach
01/945 11 44
Suomi, 01301 Vantaa 30 (SLO Oy), 90-83 81
Sverige, 17141 Solna, 08-29 00 80
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