Electrolux Z7030 GREY/WHITE, Z7030 BLUE/WHITE, Z7030 GREY User manual

Electrolux Z7030 GREY/WHITE, Z7030 BLUE/WHITE, Z7030 GREY User manual
d Electrolux
ME Cringe 930
EQ The Electrolux Group. The world's No.1 choice.
E Electrolux
+ Thank you for choosing an Electrolux Air
Cleaner. To ensure total satisfaction, read this Instruction
book carefully. Retain for reference.
Danke, dal} Sie sich für einen Electrolux
luftreiniger entschieden haben, Um maximale
Zufriedenheit mit Ihrem Mondo zu gewährleisten, sollten
Sie diese Gebrauchsanleitung sorgfältig durchiesen und
als Nachschlagehilfe aufbewahren.
Nous vous remercions d'avoir choisi un
purificateur d'air Electrolux. Pour garantir une satisfaction
totale, lire attentivement ce mode d'emploi. À conserver
pour s'y référer.
Le agradecemos que haya elegido un purificador
de aire Electrolux, Para su absoluta satisfacción, lea
detenidamente este folleto de instrucciones y
consérvelo como referencia,
Vi ringraziamo di aver scelto un depuratore
d'aria Electrolux, Per garantire la massima soddisfazione,
leggere attentamente questo libretto di istruzioni.
Conservarlo per farvi riferimento.
: Obrigado par escolher um limpador de ar
Electrolux. Para garantir satisfaçäo total, leia este livro de
instrugóes com cuidado. Guarde para referéncia futura.
Hartelijk dank voor het kiezen van een
Electrolux luchtreiniger. Om geheel aan uw behoeften te
voldoen is het raadzaam het instructieboekje grondig
door te lezen. Bewaar dit ter referentie.
Tak fardi De valgte en Electrolux lufirenser. Fglg
venligst brugsanvisningens rad og anvisninger, for at
opná fuld tilfredshed. Gem brugsanvisningen, den skal
folge med luftrenseren, hvis den overdrages til en ny ejer,
ligeledes er den rar at have i tvivistilfaelde.
эмннчха Tack for att du valde en Electrolux luftrenare.
Fár att uppná básta stadresultat, las denna
instruktionsbok noggrant. Beháll den for framtida bruk.
: -- Takk for at du har valgt en Electrolux luftrenser.
Рог а sikre full tilfredshet, les denne Instruksjonsboken
grundig. Spar pa boken for referanse og la den felge
maskinen dersom den skifter eier.
Kiitamme Electrolux ilmanpuhdistimen
valinnastasi. Jotta pólynimurisi vastaisi odotuksiasi,
lue tämä ohjekirja huolellisesti. Säilytä se tulevan varalle.
kadapiopol aépog Electrolux. Na va cEaoqaMicete пАПрт)
wavonoinon, 3lapdore auto To (мар Обтушу
Electrolux hava temizleyiciniz igin tegekkur ederiz.
Tam olarak memnun kalmaniz igin, bu agiklama kitapçigin:
dikkatlice okuyunuz, llerde yararlanmak için saklayiniz.
l'y. - Благодарим Вас за выбор воздухосочистителя
Е1есто\ух. Для достижения наивысшей эффективности
работы, внимательно прочитайте данные инструкции.
Сохраните эту брошюру для дальнейших справок.
Ману Koszdnjuk, hogy Electrolux légtisztitót. Annak
érdekében, hogy а készülék az On teljes
megelégedettségét szolgalja, sziveskedjen figyelmesen
elolvasni ezt a hasznälati utasitäst. Kérjük, tartsa az
utasitast mindig biztos helyen, hogy az a jôvôben Is kéznel
La а
> a
> В
“0600080600 ; - :
£7010 Z7030 77040
Before you start, please refer to the electrical safety supply
instructions on page 63 (U.K. and Ireland only).
Please keep both cover flaps open and cross reference pictures
with text where necessary.
Clean air for healthier homes
Now that you have an Electrolux Oxygen Air cleaner, you will enjoy the
benefit of breathing cleaner air. Obviously, you should locate this in a
room where you spend mast time e.g. living room or bedroom.
Wherever there are people, plants or pets, there are airborne particles
that can affect your wellbeing, especially if you suffer from allergies.
Did you know for example, that the air in a home is often as polluted
as air in the city? Scientific studies have shown the following levels of
particles per litre of air:
CITY 100 million
IN THE HOME 100 million
HIGHWAY 1 billion
TOBACCO SMOKE 100 billion
Usually, you cannot see or smell particles in indoor air. But they are
there, and they can affect your health. F used in reoms of the
recommended size, your air cleaner reduces particle content by at
least 80% continuously. It extracts airborne particles such as dust,
pollen, mildew spores, particles from animal fur and industrial
pollutants from the room to ensure the quality of your air is improved.
Mot just homes
Because of its compact size, the Air cleaner is most suitable for
homes, but is alse beneficial in offices, schools and other places
where people work.
Filtration in several stages
To ensure the highest quality of air, the air cleaner has a specially
designed double stage filtration system. When air enters the unit, it
passes through two filters and is then let out into the room again.
Stage 1 Two pre-filters remove large particles such as strands of hair.
Stage 2 The electrostatic main filter removes smaller particles such
as pollen, mildew spores, dust and particles from animal fur,
You can also use a carbon filter (Reference No. EF101) for your
Air cleaner. The carbon filter reduces the amount of gases and smells
(for example tobacco smell) from the indoor air. {The carbon filter will
reduce the air flow slightly.)
For your safety
The Air cleaner is an electrical appliance and should be treated accordingly.
Follow these safety instructions and retain this booklet for reference.
* The cleaner is only to be used by adults. Young children or infirm
persons should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with
the appliance.
* Do not use in humid places such as bathrooms. I liquid enters the
air cleaner, turn it off and have it inspected by an authorised
service station.
# Do net use outdoors,
* Do not use near flammable gases.
+ [0 not locate under a smoke alarm.
Do not use if the lead or plug are damaged.
If they are, have them replaced by an authorised service station.
Do not put objects on top of or inside the unit.
* [Jo not block the grills.
= Always disconnect from the power supply before removing the
filters for cleaning.
Like other electrical appliances, the air cleaner may generate a small
amount of ozone. You might detect a faint smell {similar to chlorine)
especially when the unit is new, However, the amount generated is
extremely small and well below the limits stipulated by the authorities.
To reduce the amount of ozone you can fit your Air cleaner with a
carbon filter,
For best results
Place the air cleaner on the floor next to à wall, The Air cleaner sucks in air
at floor level and blows it out at the top. If there is a wall mounted heater,
place the air cleaner along the same wall so that the rising warm air
coincides with the air flow of the cleaner, When using two or more units in
one room, place them along the same wall, as far apart as possible.
Technical Specifications Z7010 27030/40
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR +/— 10%) m*h
Position 1 130 130
Position 2 230 230
Position 3 330 330
Room size capacity (m?)
Noiseless operation (position 1) 26 26
Maximum position (position 3) 66 66
Noise Level (dBA) (150 3741)
Position 1 31 31
Position 2 44 44
Position 3 63 63
Air cleansing method Electrostatic Electrostatic
paper filter — paper filter
Fan Speed Adjustment Rotary Dial Rotary Dial
Automatic Functions No Dust sensor
Sound sensor
Electronic Display No Yes
Filter Replacement indicator No Yes
Power Consumption {W)
Position 1 20 20
Position 2 30 30
Position 3 70 . 7
Dimensions (mm)
Height/Width/Depth 485/480/320 485/480/320
Weight (Kg) 8 8
Meets the safety requirements and ozone emission fimits of the
IEC-335-1 and 335-2-65 directives. CE certified.
The technical specifications are measured at 230V/50Hz.
(J Electrolux
Operating Instructions
1 Fan Speed 7 Pre-filter door
2 Display 77030/40 8 Carrying handle
3 Sound Sensor 7030/40 9a Power cord
4 Reset button for filter b Compartment for unused cord
replacement Z7030/40 10 Top cover release button
> Air inletgrills 11 Rating plate
6 Air outlet grille 12 Indicator lamp 77010
13 Spare wire
All models are designed to run continuously with the fan speed set to
(1). When required, they can be run at higher speeds (2) and (3),
The best results are achieved by leaving the air cleaner on around the
clock, (It uses less power than most light bulbs.)
Models 77030/40
These models are fitted with manual and automatic fan speed modes.
A 9 This position adjusts the fan speed to the noise level in the
room. The Air cleaner operates at the highest possible speed
without adding any noise to the room,
B (13) This position adjusts the fan speed to the degree of air
contamination in the room.
Room noise level indicator (when in 2) position).
Fan speed indicator.
(=) High level of contamination. Set to (3) or auto ©
@ Medium level contamination. Set to (2) or auto ©
a1 mom © OO
© Lower level of contamination. Set to (1) and leave at this
H Indicates time to clean filters according to schedule.
1 Indicates filter must be changed.
Cleaning and maintenance
Always disconnect the power supply prior to cleaning the: unit,
Stage 1 filters
(a) Open the access door (7). (b) As you remove filters one at a time,
clean each one as you remove it with a vacuum cleaner, preferably
fitted with an S-class, micro or HEPA filter. (See your Electrolux agent
if you don't have one.)
Use the brush nozzle to avoid damaging the filters. After cleaning
fitters insert and close the door. The pre-filters de not need to be
reptaced, Follow this procedure every two months or more often for
sensitive people, e.g. when vacuuming your home,
Stage 2 filter
(c) Press the cover release button (10) and lift off cover. (d) Remove
and clean the main filter with a vacuum cleaner fitted with a brush
nozzle, (e) Yacuum the grille inside the fitter housing.{f) Lift the grille
using the handle. {g) Remove the wire holder carefully with both
hangs keeping it level and upright. th) Clean the inside of the Air
cleaner with a brush or a crevice nozzle, If necessary, use a damp
cloth with mild detergent. {i) Replace the wire holder carefully with
both hands and close the grille. {If the wire is broken please refer to
the troubleshooting section.) {} Replace the main filter. Make sure the
guides are properly set in the grooves when you put the filter back.
(K) Replace the cover.
27030/40 press the reset button (4) after cleaning or replacement.
(A click indicates that it is reset.)
Be sure to replace the main filter if it is damaged.
Filter cleaning intervals
Depending on the level of ambient contamination, we recommend that
you follow the above procedure every two months or Z7030/40 when
the indicator on the display lights up.
The main filter may need cleaning more frequently if dust is visible on
the upper filter surface.
Replace the main filter once a year or more frequently if necessary or
Z7030/40 when the indicator on the display lights up.
When using the carbon filter, replace every three to six months or
sooner if you are no longer able to detect a reduction in gases and
Reference No. for main filter EF100.
* Changing the wire - Remove the broken wire. Carefully replace the
new wire as follows: Secure one end of the wire into the groove. Bend
the wire holder slightiy and attach the other end.
e |fihe fan does not operate, fe. if you cannot sense a weak air
current), check that the power cable is undamaged and that it is
connected to the power supply. Check that the cover and filters are
correctly set. If the fan still does not operate, take the unit to an
authorised service station.
e if the Stage 2 filter does not get dirty or if the light indicator flashes
check if the wire in the wire holder is broken. If the wire is not broken
and the light is still flashing, take the unit for service.
® A continuous crackling noise from the Stage 2 filter indicates the
need for replacement. If this does not remedy the problem, take the
unit for service. (A slight hissing noise from the fitter is normal,
especially when it is new.)
* 77010 if the indicator lamp does not light up though the fan is
operating, take the unit for service,
See additional Electrolux information towards the back of this booklet.
ANY PROBLEMS? Something missing?
Don't understand the instructions?
DON'T TAKE Need more help?
We are only a telephone call away.
& Electrolux 08706 055 055
El Electrolux
English: Electrolux decline all responsibility for all damages
arising from any improper use of the appliance or in cases
of tampering with the appliance.
Electrolux reserve the right to alter product appearance
and/or specifications without notice. Not all models
featured are available in all countries.
Electrolux air cleaner features and accessories are
protected worldwide by Patents or Registered Designs.
Deutsch: Electrolux übernimmt keine Verantwortung für
Schäden, die durch den unsachgemäßen Einsatz des Geräts
oder unbefugten Eingriff in den Staubsauger entstehen.
Electrolux behält sich das Recht vor, Form bzw.
Eigenschaften des Geräts ohne Vorankündigung zu ändern.
Alle abgebildeten Modelle sind nicht in allen Ländern
Electrolux Luftreinigereigenschaften und Zubehörteile
sind weltweit durch Patente oder eingetragene Designs
Français: Electrolux décline toute responsabilité concernant
tous les dommages découlant d’une mauvaise utilisation de
l'appareil ou en cas de modification de l'appareil.
Electrolux se réserve le droit de modifier l’aspect du produit
et/ou les caractéristiques sans préavis. Tous les modèles
présentés ne sont pas disponibles dans tous les pays.
Le purificateur d'air Electrolux et ses accessoires sont
protégés dans le monde entier par des Brevets ou des
Modèles Déposés.
Español: Electrolux declina toda responsabilidad de cualquier
daño ocasionado por el uso incorrecto de este aparato o en
casos en que se haya reformado indebidamente.
Electrolux se reserva el derecho de alterar la apariencia
del producto y/o las especificaciones sin previo aviso.
No todos los modelos presentados se hayan a disposición
en todos los países.
Las funciones del purificador de aire y los accesorios
Electrolux están protegidos en todo el mundo por Patentes
0 Diseños Registrados.
Italiano: {Electrolux declina ogni responsabilitäà per i danni
derivati dall'uso improprio dell'apparecchio o se stesso
é stato manomesso.
L'Electrolux si riserva il diritto di modificare Paspetto del
prodotto e/o le sue caratteristiche tecniche senza preavviso.
Non tutti i modelli descritti sono disponibili in tutti ¡ Paesi.
Le caratteristiche e gli accessori degli purificatore d'aria
Electrolux sono protetti in tutto il mondo da brevetti o come
modelli depositati.
Portugués: A Electrolux ndo aceita qualquer responsabilidade
por danos resultantes do uso impróprio do aparelho ou em
casos de interferéncia indevida com o mesmo.
A Electrolux reserva-se o direito de alterar o aspecto do
produto efou as especificagbes sem qualquer aviso.
Nem todos os modelos apresentados estáo disponiveis em
todos os países.
Ás características e acessórios do purificador de ar
Electrolux estáo protegidos mundialmente por Patentes
ou Designs Registados.
Nederlands: Electrolux wijst alle verantwoordelijkheid af
voor eventuele schade die voortkomt uit het niet-geéigend
gebruik van het apparaat of in gevallen waarbij op het
apparaat krachtig wordt gedrukt.
Electrolux behoudt zich het recht voor om het uiterlijk
van het product of specificaties zonder wederbericht te
veranderen. Alle modelien die besproken worden zijn
niet verkrijgbaar in alle landen.
De functies van de Electrolux luchtreiniger zijn beschermd
door patenten of gedeponeerde ontwerpen.
Dansk: Electrolux fralægger sig ethvert ansvar for skader
forärsaget af forkert brug af stovsugeren samt ændringer
udiert pá apparatet.
Electrolux forbeholder sig ret til at udfore aendringer pá
produktets udformning og/eller specifikationer uden varsel.
De beskrevne modeller er ikke alle til rádighed i alle lande.
Electrolux luftrenserens udstyr og tilbeher er beskyttet
globalt under patenter eller registrerede varemeerker.
El Electrolux
Electrical supply (UK and Ireland only)
Before you start ... check the voltage
Before connecting the air cleaner to an electrical supply
ensure that the voltage marked on the data plate (on the
reverse side of the air cleaner) is correct for your electrical
supply. If it is not, do not use the air cleaner but refer back
to your dealer.
Connecting to your electricity supply
Permanently connected to the air cleaner is a mains
supply (2-core) cable fitted with a non-rewirable plug
incorporating a 13A fuse. In the event of the fuse requiring
replacement the fuse cover should be removed using a
small screwdriver. The old fuse MUST be replaced by a
13A ASTA approved BS1362 fuse and the fuse cover must
be replaced before the plug is used again. In the event of
loss of the fuse cover, replacements can be obtained from
your Electrolux dealer or Electricity Board and must be of
the same colour as indicated by the coloured insert on the
base of the plug.
If difficulty is experienced in obtaining a replacement,
contact your nearest Electrolux Service Centre. (Please
see the separate Electrolux Service Organisation leaflet).
In no circumstances must the plug be used without a
correct fuse cover fitted,
if the plug that is fitted to your appliance is not suitable for
your socket outlet, it must be cut off and the appropriate
plug fitted. Remove the fuse from the cut off plug. The cut
off plug should then be disposed of to prevent the hazard
of shocks in case it should be plugged into 2 13 amp
socket in another part of your home.
The wires in the mains cable of this appliance are
coloured in accordance with the following code:
Blue: Neutral,
Brown: Live,
As the colours of the wires in the mains cable of this
appliance may not correspond with the coloured markings
identifying the terminals in your plug, proceed as follows:
The wire which is coloured blue must be connected to
the terminal which is marked with the letter N or
coloured black.
The wire which is coloured brown must be connected
to the terminal which is marked with the letter L or
coloured red.
Page 63
Cord clamp
H using a three-pin plug, do not make any connection to
the terminal marked with the letter E or by the earth
symbol E or coloured green or green-and-yellow.
This cleaner is double insulated and no earth connection
Is necessary.
It is in your interest to ensure that the plug is correctly
attached to the mains cable. In case of doubt, have it
done by a qualified electrician, as Electrolux cannot
regard the repair of faults on the plug connection as a
service that can be given free of charge under the terms
of the guarantee.
As a general guide to fitting any plug
* Ensure the lengths of wire inside the plug are
prepared correctly.
* Connections should be firmly made after all conductor
strands are entered into the terminal posts.
* When preparing the cable ends take care not to
damage the outer sheath, or the insulation
surrounding the inner conductors.
« Tighten all screws.
* Replace the top cover of the plug and secure.
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