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Electrolux ZA1 User Manual
Table of Contents
Time to Enjoy Life
Functional Description
For Your Own Safety
Preparations Before Use
Buttons and Display
Vacuuming Programmes
the Message Display Language
Status Messages
Questions and Answers
Emptying and Cleaning
the Dust Collector
Cleaning the Roller
Accessories/After-Sales Service
Technical Specifications
Let me take the strain out of cleaning. Just leave me on the floor.
I will vacuum for you. Automatically.
My built-in, advanced sensors scan the room when I vacuum.
I charge myself and switch off when the job is done. Just leave
me to do the job.
Time to enjoy life
Let me vacuum the kitchen when you are surfing the net in the
other room. And I will take care of the room when you cook in the
kitchen. Let me vacuum a room each day when you go to work. I
will take care of spilled rice and sugar. I am Trilobite – your personal
vacuum cleaner. I do the vacuuming so you can do other things, as
often as you want, and without taking up your time.
Of course you’re impatient and want to switch me on right away.
No problem. All you need to do is to:
1. Charge me as shown on page 40.
2. Place me as shown on page 36.
3. Press the start button,
(upper right button).
4. Confirm by pressing the
button (lower right button).
But before starting, read the precautions on pages 38–39!
Functional Description
Place the charger close to a wall.
This way, Trilobite will find the
charger in the Wall Mapping mode.
Start Trilobite directly from the
charger or face it towards a wall
at a distance of 0.5 m. Start
vacuuming (see page 43).
NOTE! To make it easier to find the
charger, start Trilobite towards a
wall close to the charger.
Wall mapping
Trilobite starts by first travelling
along the walls of the room to
establish the size of the room.
In the Vacuum Cycle, Trilobite
moves through the room at its own.
Vacuum programmes
Main cleaning program
Trilobite has three vacuum programmes:
“Normal” Trilobite first plots the room by following the walls
(wall mapping) and then vacuums all open surfaces.
“Quick” The same as Normal, however without Wall Mapping.
Trilobite vacuums an area of about one square
metre twice.
Refer to page 43 for more information on how to proceed and when to
use the different programmes.
During the main cleaning sequence,Trilobite moves freely all
over the room.Trilobite “sees” its way around with the help
of harmless ultrasound.This is the same technique that is used
by bats for navigation in the dark, for instance, and for foetal
diagnosis in hospitals.When it discovers an object in its path,
Trilobite stops a few centimetres in front of it and then changes
direction.Trilobite can handle most obstacles. However, if it gets
stuck, it will continue with its cleaning program if you release
it within 20 minutes, put it back down on the floor within
30 seconds and press the “Continue Cleaning” button.
Starting vacuuming
You will probably use the Normal programme most of the time.
This programme starts with Trilobite approaching a wall and then
mapping the walls in the room by left turns.Trilobite first travels
one full circumference of the room continually turning left.
Depending on the size and layout of the room, wall mapping may
last for up to 15 minutes (25 minutes if it has found the charger).
After this,Wall Mapping ends, and vacuuming commences.
If Trilobite is started from the charger or locates it during Wall
Mapping, it will return to the charger unit whenever the battery
charge falls below a specific level. Once the batteries have been
charged,Trilobite goes to work again until the room has been
vacuumed.When the work is done,Trilobite returns to the
charger. If Trilobite cannot find the charger during Wall Mapping
and the battery voltage becomes too low, it will stop somewhere
in the room.
Drive wheel
Filter lid
lock button
Terminals for
to charger
Rating plate
Battery charger
Roller cover
lock button
Self-adhesive magnet strip
Flexible bumper
Trilobite navigates using ultrasound. During Wall Mapping, it
receives information about the size of the room.Wall mapping
serves as the basis for the estimated duration for independent
vacuuming in the Normal vacuuming mode.
NOTE! Trilobite is not fully charged upon delivery.
Before using it the first time, connect it to the battery charger.
(Refer page 40.) A full battery charge requires approximately
two hours.
Battery charger
Put the battery charger on the floor, connect it to the mains and
place it with its rear side facing the wall. Allow a free space of 0.2
metres on the right side of the charger.When Trilobite has completed Normal vacuuming, it returns to the charger.The batteries
are then charged and it is ready for more work.
Magnetic strips
The magnetic strips serve as “virtual walls” and are important for
correct operation. Use them to e.g., block door and wall openings
and staircases. (Refer to page 41.)
Be sure to block staircases, landings, etc. with the magnetic
strips. If you do not do this, Trilobite can pass over e.g., a staircase
landing and cause injuries and damage to property.
A magnetic strip that has once been removed has poorer adhesive
capability.We therefore strongly recommend that you attach the
necessary strips once and for all. Never reuse a magnetic strip on
a stair or in any other important application where safety is an
important parameter. If you nonetheless choose to let the magnetic strip lie unfastened on the floor, make sure that the side with
the adhesive (with the protective paper backing) faces downwards! Use a pair of scissors or a knife to trim the magnetic strip
to the correct length. See page 41 in the user instructions to see
how the magnetic strip should be fitted. Magnetic strips are available in a range of lengths and versions, see page 48.
Emptying the dust collector
Empty the dust collector when the dust collector icon lights
in the display. Be sure to empty the dust collector if it is not
completely full.The light indicator may be due to e.g., a
blocked filter.
For Your Own Safety
Trilobite is a machine that moves by itself. It is tempting
to prying children’s fingers and is at work when nobody
is around...With this in mind, it is important to read
the following before you put it to work.
Only use Trilobite for normal household vacuuming.
Do not use Trilobite to vacuum
• outdoors
• attics or basements garage
• bathrooms, washing rooms or other wet rooms
• ventilation rooms, inside false ceilings, etc.
• staircases
• tabletops, shelves, etc.
• warehouses, industrial buildings, etc.
Do not leave children alone with Trilobite. Children are curious
and Trilobite is exciting. If a child by mistake starts the machine,
he/she could become scared, run away with the risk of injuries.
Magnetic strips
Do not install magnetic strips close to magnetic objects, since the
magnetic fields generated by them may affect the function of the
magnetic strips. Consequently, move magnetic objects to another
place in the room.
Carpet wear
In exceptional cases,Trilobite’s brush roller may cause certain
carpet types to wear quickly.
Before vacuuming
Risk of falling
Trilobite cannot sense level differences. Because of this, it might
easily travel down a stairway or fall off a terrace, balcony, attic, etc.
It may even start climbing up inclines, e.g., slides in children’s
rooms. Consequently, be sure to close all doors and “box” it in
with magnetic strips. (Available as after sales item.)
Loose objects on tables, etc.
Trilobite automatically stops two centimetres in front of e.g.,
chairs, tables and pedestals. However, there is a chance Trilobite
can catch suspended electric cords, tablecloths, belts, cords, etc.
In the worst case,Trilobite will pull objects off tables and cabinets
or down your walls.
Objects on the floor
Put away small objects on the floor, which might be vacuumed
by Trilobite.
Never use Trilobite to:
• Vacuum rooms with lit candles, lamps with open fires, etc.
• Vacuum rooms with open fire or embers in an open fireplace without
• Vacuum rooms where curtains or other textiles can become stuck to e.g.,
electric radiators
• Vacuum combustible substances such as petrol, white spirit, thinner, etc.
• Vacuum glowing cigarette butts
Because Trilobite can build up static electricity, never use it in
rooms where the air contains:
• Combustible gasses, such as petrol, white spirit, thinner, etc.
• Gasses from hairspray or deodorants
Do not spray the Trilobite with fragrances when it is operating.
While cleaning
Risk of personal injury
When Trilobite is working, somebody could stumble over it.This
may especially happen when Trilobite is returning to the charger
– in this case it is quiet as a whisper.With this in mind, make sure
everybody in your home knows that Trilobite is working.
Do NOT sit or stand on Trilobite!!!
Liquides: Do not allow Trilobite to vacuum liquids, since this
may severely damage the machine. Very thin dust: Do not allow
Trilobite to vacuum very thin dust like sement, plaster etc.,
since this may severely damage the machine.
After vacuuming
Only allow an Electrolux service centre to replace the batteries
since the use of incorrect batteries may cause overheating.
Not coverd by warranty. Do not under any circumstances heat
the batteries!
Cleaning the dust and filter collector
Carefully empty the dust collector. Dust collected in the unit can
cause allergic reactions in sensitive persons. (Use only original
Electrolux micro filters for a snug fit.)
Be especially careful if there is a chance Trilobite has
vacuumed rat poison, detergent, disease carriers, etc.
Please also pay attention to the fact that Trilobite may
have vacuumed e.g., insects or spiders.
Tip: Empty the dust collector in a plastic bag, while ensuring the
bag fits tightly around the unit.
Make sure small children cannot start Trilobite by accident.
Preparations Before Use
Push the Trilobite unit with its rear against
the battery charger’s contact plate. Press it
in securely. Keep it pressed in until you hear
an acknowledging signal (this may take a
few seconds). This is particularly important
if the batteries are entirely – or almost entirely
– discharged.
The battery
charger is placed
along a wall with
a free margin of
0.2 m to the right
of the charger.
An audible signals sounds
and the battery symbol
in the display light when
charging commences.
Trilobite becomes fully
charged in about two
hours at which time
“Ready” lights in the
Charging status
Battery indicator
The battery indicator on Trilobite’s display shows the battery capacity during
vacuuming and charging.
Normal, Timer: Auto
Start vacuuming?
You may well develop a personal affection to Trilobite and
appriciate its intelligence.To get the best from your Trilobite,
we recommend you consider following.
Charging (see also picture “Charging status”)
Check the battery indicator before vacuuming starts.
Refer to the lower, right picture.
A. Charge your Trilobite before vacuuming
B. You can commence vacuuming. But your Trilobite will need
to find the charger soon.
C. You don’t need a charger in the room to start vacuuming
Avoid interrupting the charging process. If unavoidable, pull
the machine away from the charger and press the
Vacuuming can also be started while Trilobite is still being
charged. If the power to the charger is interrupted for more
than 30 seconds during charging, and you have not manually
placed Trilobite in the charger, it will leave it, take a spin on
the floor and then connect with the charger again.
Move the furniture
Trilobite picks its way around furniture, whether freestanding or
placed flush against a wall. However, cleaning is both quicker and
more effective if you move the furniture slightly before it is time
to start cleaning. Of course, you do not need to move heavy furniture such as sofas. On the other hand, chairs can be conveniently placed on top of tables, a standard lamp can be moved out of
the way onto an armchair, loose rugs can be shifted. But don’t
complicate matters more than you need to! Normally, all you
need to do is to put Trilobite on the floor and let it get on with
the job of cleaning.
Loose objects
Trilobite cannot distinguish between dust, coins, rings and expensive jewellery. Before starting Trilobite, be sure to put away small,
loose objects you do not want to lose.
Also make sure there are no cords or other objects on the floor
that may prevent Trilobite from moving freely in the room.
For your own safety
Before vacuuming, read “For your own safety” on page 38–39!
Affixing the magnetic strip
1. Room with a
not place the
magnetic strip
at an angle of
less than 90°.
5. Clean the surface with the
enclosed cleaning pad.
Allow to dry.
6. Pull of the protective padding.
7. Affix the magnetic strip.
3. Rooms with doorsteps
2. Room with
wall openings
4. Rooms with doorsteps
Rooms with a staircase
Trilobite cannot see staircases or other level differences.To prevent it from falling down the stairs, block access to the staircase
with a magnetic strip as shown in picture 1.
Rooms with wall openings
Trilobite is able to vacuum rooms with wall openings or walls
placed at odd angles. However, this will take longer than usual.
It is a good idea to vacuum one room at a time and separate
the rooms using magnetic strips as shown in picture 2.
Rooms with doorsteps
Always fit magnetic strip on the floor in front of the doorstep in
the room you will be vacuuming. See picture 3 and 4.
Magnetic strips and carpets
If the carpet has a pile depth of less than 15 mm, the magnetic
strip can be placed under it with maintained functionality. If the
strip is fitted on top of the carpet, be sure it is securely attached.
Always attach the magnetic strip on top of the step
(Figure 8) and never along its side (as shown in
Figure 9 and 10).
Warning! Credit cards, etc. held in the immediate
vicinity may become demagnetised.
Buttons and Display
Remaining time
Dust collector full
Charger Found indicator
Battery indicator
Message display
Press the
button for about one second to start and stop
Information is shown in the display using status messages and also
by symbols.
(The battery capacity symbol is shown on page 40.)
button has two functions. Use it to cancel a command
or to stop Trilobite during vacuuming.
Press the
button to confirm a setting shown on the display.
Use the
button to select items on the menu. Also use the
button as a “No” button when you do not want to select
a setting presented in the display.
Charger found
collector full
Vacuuming Programmes
Normal. Timer: Auto
Quick. Timer: 10min
Select program?
Select program?
Select program?
Normal vacuuming
Quick vacuuming
Spot vacuuming
When you start Trilobite it is ready
to start vacuuming using the Normal
programme and automatic time
The Quick programme is identical with
Normal vacuuming except that wall
mapping is not included.Vacuuming takes
shorter time with the duration preset to
10 minutes, however, the vacuum result
may be slightly inferior.
Use Spot vacuuming to quickly vacuum
a limited area, e.g. if you have spilled
something.The area to be vacuumed is
approx. 1 m2 with Trilobite placed in the
centre of the area.The area is vacuumed
1. After you have switched on Trilobite,
until “Select program?” is shown.
Confirm by pressing
2. Use
until “Quick” is displayed and
confirm by pressing
3. If you don’t want to change the time
setting, press
twice and start
vacuuming by pressing
. If you would
like to change the time setting, please
follow the next steps instead of step 3.
4. Confirm the option “Select timer?”
by pressing
5. Set the desired time setting by pressing
and then confirm with
(When “On” is chosed, use
to set
desired time, confirm by pressing
6. Press
to commence vacuuming.
1. After you have switched on Trilobite,
until “Select program?” is shown.
Confirm by pressing
2. Use
until “Spot” is displayed and
confirm by pressing
3. Put Trilobite in the centre of the area to
be vacuumed and start vacuuming by
NOTE! Never start vacuuming at distances
under 0.5 m from a magnetic strip.
Vacuuming can always be interrupted by
. After this, pressing
recommences vacuuming, while pressing
will call up the menu.
NOTE! Never start vacuuming at distances
under 0.5 m from a magnetic strip.
Vacuuming can always be interrupted by
. After this, pressing
recommences vacuuming, while pressing
will call up the menu.
1. When Trilobite is switched off or placed
in the charger, press
to start.
2. Press
to start vacuuming.
If you would like to change the time setting
(this may be necessary when vacuuming
floor surfaces of 40 m2 or more), please
follow next steps instead of step 2.
3. Press
twice until “Select timer?”
is shown, confirm by pressing
4. Set the desired time setting by pressing
and then confirm with
(When “On” is chosed, use
to set
desired time, confirm by pressing
This is the vacuuming time after wall
5. Press
to commence vacuuming.
NOTE! Never start vacuuming at distances
under 0.5 m from a magnetic strip.
Vacuuming can always be interrupted by
. After this, pressing
recommences vacuuming, while pressing
will call up the menu.
Do not under any circumstances
vacuum liquids or lit or glowing objects,
e.g. cigarette butts.
Changing the
Message Display
Error Messages
Error: 7
Normal. Timer: Auto
Select timer?
Select language?
the bumper
See manual
Error Messages
It is possible to set the time duration for
Normal or Quick vacuuming.
Trilobite is able to present the information on the display in a number of different languages.
The only faults that you can rectify yourself are the ones listed below. In the event
of other error messages, recharge and
restart your Trilobite. If it still does not
start, contact our Customer Service, see
page 48.
1. Select the desired vacuum programme, or
twice til “Select timer?” is shown.
Confirm by pressing
2. Set the desired time setting by pressing
and then confirm by pressing
When “Auto” is chosed Trilobite will
calculate its own vacuuming time.
When “On” is chosed, use
to set
desired time, confirm by pressing
When “Off” is chosed Trilobite will clean
until charging is needed.
For normal vacuuming programme, this is
the vacuuming time after wall mapping.
3. Press
to commence vacuuming.
1. To change the display language, switch
on Trilobite and press
2. The display will ask whether you want to
change the programme. Ignore this and
3. The display will ask whether you want to
change the time setting. Ignore this and
4. The display will ask whether you want to
change the language. Press
5. Press
to select the desired language
and confirm by pressing
Trilobite will now show display messages
in the selected language.
Status Messages
When you select a function, a status
message is shown on the display for about
seven seconds. After this, the name of the
function is shown again. It is of course
possible to change or confirm a displayed
function even while the status message is
The errors you can correct yourself are
presented below:
5. Check roller.
Is something stuck?
Is it incorrectly attached?
6. Check casters.
Is something stuck?
7. Check bumper.
Verify its spring action. Is something
stuck preventing it from moving?
12. Trilobite is stuck.
Move it and switch it on again. Also see
Normal Vacuuming on page 36.
15. Check dust cassette.
In most cases, the filter unit has probably
not been set or it is incorrectly set.
16. Check charger.
Is the charger connected to the mains?
Are the terminals on the charger and
Trilobite properly connected to each
21. Moisture on the circuit board.
Let the machine dry out for 12 hours.
Then try restarting it.
Questions and Answers
Should I pay attention to anything special when I vacuum a room for
the first time?
Why does Trilobite sometime pause for approximately
10 seconds during vacuuming?
It is a good idea to be present when the room is vacuumed the first
time, for example to see if it takes unnecessary time for Trilobite to
navigate around furniture.
1. Trilobite uses two battery packs. It will briefly pause when switching
from one battery pack to the other.
Why does Trilobite stop completely during vacuuming?
Can I use Trilobite in a room with an activated alarm?
Yes, if it has a “pets monitoring” facility.
Can I hide the magnetic strips under e.g. a carpet?
Yes, as long as it not thicker than 15 mm.
What is the purpose of the audible signals?
They confirm that a command or measure has been correctly received
or to advice a problem.
Trilobite operates at different speeds. Is something wrong?
Not at all. The speed varies depending e.g. on the layout and furniture
in the room.
Is it all right to always leave Trilobite connected to the charger when it
is not is use?
1. Check that it has been sufficiently charged. See page 40.
2. Did it find the charger during wall mapping?
3. The time duration for vacuuming may need to be increased.
See page 44.
Why does Trilobite crackle while vacuuming?
This sound is produced by the navigation system.
Why do I need to replace the filter so often?
The filter is actually one of the most important components in the
machine. It collects all dust, even very small dust particles (this is
why you should also use original Electrolux filters). Just like a dust
bag becomes full, so does the filter. There is no dust bag in the
Trilobite, but the filter is always a necessity.
If Trilobite starts to smell bad, what could this be due to?
Probably the dust filter was not replaced.
Yes, but make sure children cannot start it by mistake.
What should I do when an error message is displayed?
Is it necessary to switch off Trilobite before charging it?
How can I know whether I have placed Trilobite correctly during manual
battery charging?
The error messages you can correct yourself are shown on page 44.
In all other cases, contact Customer Service, see page 48.
What is the Cable Protection System?
A battery symbol lights in the display and you hear an audible signal.
This is simply a system that prevents Trilobite from getting stuck in
electric cords on the floor.
Why doesn’t it charge?
What is the Trilobite Stairsafe system?
1. Check that Trilobite is correctly connected to the charger
(see the question above).
2. Check that the charger has been connected to the mains.
This is a safety measure that prevents Trilobite from falling down staircases when they have been cordoned off with the magnetic strips.
Do I need to vacuum myself also?
Is it dangerous to touch the charging terminals?
No. They have no power in the output mode and carry max. 28 V
in the input mode.
Sometimes this may necessary no matter which vacuum programme
you use, especially in corners or along the walls in the room.
Emptying and Cleaning the Dust Collector
1. Press the button on the rear
2. ... lift off the lid.
3. Take out the dust collector.
side of Trilobite, and ...
4. Remove the grille with the
opening facing up.
5. Empty the collector
(preferably in a plastic bag
fit snugly around the unit).
NOTE! Do not knock the
collector against hard
surfaces to empty it.
Cleaning the Roller
1. Check the roller each time
the dust collector is
emptied. Begin by lifting
Trilobite by the handle.
2. Turn Trilobite upside down
and put it on a soft surface
with the display facing you.
3. Push the locking knob to the
4. Raise the cover.
5. Lift the roller by the end
without a drive belt.
Remove it by holding it
at an angle and pulling
6. Rinse the dust collector
under running water.
Do not clean in a dishwasher
or clothes washing machine.
6. Clean the roller. Use a pair
of scissors to cut away
strings, threads, etc.
NOTE! Do not wash the
roller in water or other
7. Insert a new filter and
replace the grille.
7. Slide in the roller, take care
to secure the belt and rotate
it so that the teeth engage
8. Replace the motor filter for
9. Replace the dust collector.
each tenth time the dust
collector filter is replaced.
Attach the filter with the
cut-off corners facing to
the right.
8. Press the roller
10. Replace the lid, and push
down on the lid. If the lid
cannot be properly closed,
the dust collector is most
likely set incorrectly.
9. Replace the lid. When the
three pegs in the picture are
placed correctly, the lid is in
the correct position.
10. Finally push down the lid
in place.
After-Sales Service
Battery charger
Customer Service
Accessories, service, problems… No matter what type of question
you may have about your Trilobite, you are always welcome to
contact our Customer Service. www.electrolux.com
Magnetic strips
Battery charger
To make vacuuming easier, you can purchase additional chargers.
Why not one for each room? Or one for your weekend cottage?
Order number: ZAC
Trilobite might mistake loudspeakers placed on the floor for
the charger.
Magnetic strips
You can also purchase additional magnetic strips.They come in
many different designs and with different surface coatings. For
more information, contact your dealer, our Customer Service
department, or visit our web site. Order number: ZE 110
Filters come in 10+1 packages, i.e., 10 filters for the dust collector and one motor protection filter (the latter should be replaced
for each tenth time the dust collector is emptied).The filters are
available from your dealer.You can also use our filter subscription
service (contact Customer Service) – or order them from our
web site. Order number: EF 110
The selection of accessories is continuously updated. Please contact your dealer, Electrolux Customer service or visit our web site
for more information about new accessories.
Electrolux will not accept any responsibility for damage caused
by incorrect use or unauthorised modifications of the product.
Product designs and specifications are subject to change without
The products are protected by patents or registered designs.
Technical Specifications
Declaration of conformity
Model name
350 mm
130 mm
5 kg
Noise level
approx 75 dBA
approx 90 W
max 0,4 m/sec.
180° ultrasound
Quick stop
lift the machine
Dust collector
Vacuum duration
Charging duration
1,2 l
approx 60 min/charge
Environmentally friendly Nickel-Metal hydrid
approx 2 hours
Charger name
Concerning Machinery Directive – 98/37/EC
Low Voltage Directive – 73/23/ECC
EMC-Directive – 89/336/ECC
Manufacturer: Electrolux Floor Care & Light Appliances
S-593 84 Västervik, SWEDEN
Declares that the automatic household vacuum cleaner Trilobite
with charger – ZA1 (machine) and ZAC (charger) conforms
with the productive requirements of the Machinery Directive
98/37/EC, the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC and the
EMC Directive 89/336/EEC.
It is further declared that the automatic household vacuum
cleaner Trilobite with charger – ZA1 (machine) and ZAC
(charger) conforms with the productive requirements of the
following harmonised European standards:
Machinery Directive: EN 292-1 (1992), EN 292-1 (1992) and
A1 (1995), EN 1050 (1996).
Low Voltage Directive: EN 60335-1 (1994) and A11 (1995), A12
(1996), A1 (1996), A13 (1998), A15 (2000), EN 60335-2-2 (1995)
and A1 (1998), A2 (2000) EN 61558-2-17 (1997).
EMC Directive: EN 55014-1 (1993) and A1 (1997), A2 (1999),
EN 55014-2 (1997), EN 61000-3-2 (1995), EN 61000-3-3
(1994), EN 55022 (1994) and A1 (1995) Class B.
Low Voltage tests and EMC-tests have been conducted by
authorised organisations.
130 mm
160 mm
Low Voltage tests: UL International DEMKO A/S, Lyskaer 8,
DK-2730 Herlev, Denmark.
380 mm
EMC-tests: SEMKO AB, Box 1103, S-164 22 Kista, SWEDEN.
0,8 kg
Input voltage
Output voltage
Cord length
AC 230-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Västervik 2001-09-28
max DC 28 V
60 W
Ola Carlsson, Local Manager
180 cm
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