AEG DB640 User manual

AEG DB640 User manual
PERFECT DB 510, DB 520,
DB 530, DB 540, DB 640,
DB 650 secure
Steam irons
Fer a repasser a vapeur
Ferro da stiro a vapore
Plancha de vapor
Elektricka naparovaci Zehliëka
GÓOzOlós vasalók
Zelazko 7 nawilzaczem
Operating instructions
Mode d'emploi
Istruzioni per l’uso
Instrucciones para el uso
Navod k pouzití
Kezelési útmutató
Instrukcja obstugi
| | C E L
Ns o —
| |]
A Aluminium-Búgelsohle F Dampfwähler
(DB 510, DB 520, DB 530, DB 540) G Temperaturwähler
SilverStone® beschichtete Bügelsohle H Wassereinfllibfmung mit Verschlu8klappe
{DB 640, DB 650) | Spraydúse
B Dampfaustrittsdüsen J transparenter Wassertank
C Pumpknopf tir Spray- und DampfstoBfunktion K Kontrollampe
(nicht bei DB 510; bei DB 520 nur fûr L Zuleitung
Sprayfunktion) M Typschild
D Wabhlschalter for Spray- oder Dampfsto8- N Absteifiáche mit Pegehinweis
funktion (DB 530, DB 540, DB 640, DB 650) O abnehmbare Kabelaufwicklung mit integrier-
E Signallampe für Sicherheitselektronik (DB 650) tern MeBbecher (DB 540, DB 640, DB 650)
A Aluminium ironing sole F Steam selector
(DB 510, DB 520, DB 530, DB 540), G Temperature selector
SilverStone *-coated ironing sole H Water inlet opening with closable cap
(DB 640, DB 650) | Spray nozzle
B Steam outlet nozzles J See-through water tank
C Pump knob for spray and steam function K Pilot light
{not available on DB 510; on DB 520, L Lead
for spray function only) M Rating plate
D Selection switch for spray or steam-jet N Standing surface with laundry-care
function (DB 530, DB 540, DB 640, DB 650) instructions
E Warning light for electronic safety control O Removable cable store with integrated
(DB 650)
measuring cup (DB 540, DB 640, DB 650)
Semelle en aluminium F Sélecteur de vapeur
(DB 510, DB 520, DB 530, DB 540) G Sélecteur de température
Semelle enduite SilverStone® H Orifice de remplissage d'eau avec abattant
(DB 640, DB 650) | Pulvérisateur/Spray
B Buses de sortie de vapeur J Réservoir d’eau transparent
C Bouton de pompage pour fonction «Spray» K Voyant de contrôle
et jet de vapeur L Cordon d'alimentation
(sauf pour le modèle 510}; pour DB 520, M Plaque signalétique
uniquement pour fonction «Spray» N Surface de dépose avec conseils
D Sélecteur pour fonction «Spray» ou jet de d'entretien
vapeur (DB 530, DB 540, DB 640, DB 650) O Enrouleur amovible du cordon avec
E Lampe témoin pour sécurité électronique gobelet doseur intégré
(DB 650) (DB 540, DB 640, DB 650)
A Aluminium strijkzcol F Stoomkeuzeschakelaar
(DB 510, DB 520, DB 530, DB 540) G Temperatuurkeuzeschakelaar
Strijkzool met een taag SilverStone® H Watervulopening met siuitklep
(DB 640, DB 650) | Spray-opening
B Stoomsproeiers J Transparante watertank
C Pompenknop voor spray- en K Controlelampje
stoomstootfunctie (niet bij DB 510; L Snoer
bij DB 520 alleen de sprayfunctie) M Typeplaatje
D Keuzeschakelaar voor spray- of N Opretplaat met tips voor het onderhoud
stoomstootfunctie O Afneembare kabelopwindinrichting met
(DB 530, DB 540, DB 640, DB 650) geintegreerde maatbeker
E Signaallampje voor de (DB 540, DB 640, DB 650)
veiligheidselektronica {DB 650)
A Suola da stiro di alluminio G Selettore della temperatura
(DB 510, DB 520, DB 530, DB 540) H OQrifizio di carica dellacqua con portellino
Suola das tiro SilverStone” spessorata di chiusura
(DB 640, DB 650) | Ugello di spruzzamento
B Ugelli di evacuazione del vapore J Contenitore trasparente delFacqua
C Pulsante per le funzioni di spruzzamento e K Lampadina di controllo
di getto del vapore (non esistente nel L Cavo di alimentazione della corrente
DB 510; nel DB 520 sottanto la funzione di elettrica
spray) M Targhetta dei dati
D Selettore per le funzioni di spruzzamento e N Superficie di appoggio con indicazione di
di getto del vapore manutenzione
(DB 530, DB 540, DB 640, DB 650) O Dispositivo estraibile di avvolgimento del
E Lampadina di segnalazione per elettronica cavo con misurino integrato
di sicurezza (DB 650) (DB 540, DB 640, DB 650)
F Selettore del vapore
ironing table - Operating instructions
For fabrics: Temperature Steam selector Remarks:
selector De 90, 520, (De 540, 640,
530} 650)
Polyacryl For all chemical fibres, note
Polyamide N without manufacturers and care instruc-
steam tions; dry-iron with residual mois-
in 0 O | ture.
e Set mixed fabrics to most tempe-
; Ch y rature-sensitive component.
(ol without
. steam
Polyester o 0 0
Cellulose ( а
without Dry-iron moist; from @ ® tempe-
Silk ee steam 0 rature steam-ironing at lowest
(o setting possible. Avoid water
- drops and spray.
Steam-ironing at low to medium
ce setting of steam selector
Wool : AN 1 1to2 | possible.
Steam-ironing up to medium
Cotton setting possible;
7 . from ® ® ® up to max. steam
- 1ю2 | 2103 | setting possible.
Linen + EN Tto2 | 2to3 Super-steam jet from
© © © setting for
stubborn creases.
Setting for à = cold @ = without Unplug your appliance and
storage steam set all knobs to A
Chemical fibre group guide:
@ Chemical fibre ironing range
Polyacrylics are e.g.: Acrylan, Dralon, Leacryl, Orlon, Vonnel.
Polyamides are e.g.: Enkalon, Grilon, Nylon, Perlon, Rilsan.
Polyester are e.g.: Dacron, Diclen, Kodel, Trevira, Vestan.
Cellulose fibres, acetates, cupros, viscoses are e.g.:
Cuprama, Colvera, Phyron, Reyon, Tricell.
| low temperature
} higher temperature
For mixed fabrics, it is recommended to iron at the lower temperature {most sensitive fibres), e.g.
polyester-cotton on polyester setting. A dull, coated iron sole plate is a consequence of excessive
iron temperature.
Owing to different ironing speed, residual moisture in fabrics, etc., the optimum setting may deviate
from the recommendation given in the table!
Our warmest congratulations to you on your purchase of your new AEG iron. You have now
acquired a technically reliable appliance which will be a big help to you, with or without “full steam
ahead”, in your day-to-day laundry care.
As with any technical appliance, a number of basic points have to be observed with this iron, so
please read these usage instructions through carefully and afterwards keep them in a safe place.
Safety instructions
Before using this appliance for the first
time, it is absolutely necessary that you
read these usage instructions attentively!
The appliance may only be used with the
voltage and current stated on the rating
plate (fig. 1/M), and may only be
connected via a protective earthed
Caution — By nature of their function, the
sole and the cover of the iron become
hot in use. Always keep an eye on the
appliance when it is plugged in.
Pull the plug out if you leave the room,
even if it is only for a short time. Keep
children at a safe distance.
When you are steam-ironing, steam
comes out of the openings in the sole -
there is a danger of burns!
The plug must always be pulled out
before the iron is cleaned, or water is to
be poured in or emptied out. Never
immerse the steam iron in water.
The iron must always be parked” in an
upright position on its resting surface.
Do not allow any kinks to occur in the
electric lead, and do not wrap it round
the hot iron. Always ensure the appliance
is cool and that no water is left in it
before putting it away.
Please check the lead from time to time
for any signs of damage. If it should be
damaged, return the appliance to the
dealer from whom you bought it (because
special tools have to be used) or to the
AEG service centre.
Repairs to electrical appliance may only
ever be carried out by a qualified elec-
trician. improper attempts at repairs can
put the user into considerable danger.
Please therefore contact your dealer, or
the AEG service centre direct, in the event
of a breakdown.
C€ This appliance complies with the
following EC Directives: - 73/23/EEC of
19.02.1973 - Low-Voltage Directive.
- 89/336/EEC of 03.05.1989 (including
Amendment Directive 92/31/EEC) - EMC
(Electromagnetic Compatibility) Directive.
Using for the first time
Setting the temperature (fig. 3/4)
Please note the laundry-care symbols which
apply internationally and, on good-quality
items of clothing, are attached as a label to
show the correct temperature for ironing.
Setting the right temperature for the type of
fabric is easy if you consult the ironing table
(page 10). We recommend that the washing
should be sorted in advance. Start by ironing
those fabrics which require a lower tempera-
ture, such as nylon, and then proceed to
those which require higher temperatures. You
will thus avoid the danger of damaging del-
icate fabrics by using too high a temperature.
After you have switched on, the pilot light
(fig 1/K) will come on; it goes out again when
the pre-set temperature is reached. However,
if despite these instructions the temperature
knob should ever be turned down, it should
be noted that the sole does take a certain time
to cool down. It is only when the pilot light
comes on that the sole of the iron has cooled
down to the lower temperature.
Filling the steam iron (fig. 8)
The water tank may only be filled when the
plug is not in the socket. Set the steam
selector to dry ironing (fig. 5) and hold the
appliance upright.
First, open the cap (fig. 8), and now fill the
water tank no higher than the “MAX” mark. In
the case of Irons DB 540, DB 640, and DB 650,
you can use the integrated measuring cup for
this purpose (fig. 8). One measuring cup filled
up to the mark will give one full tank. Now
close the cap again. If the cap is closed, this
will prevent water slopping over while you are
You can use tap-water if the hardness is not
more than 3 mmol/litre 17° dH. Your water-
works will be able to provide information about
the hardness of your tap-water.
If your water is harder than this, please use
distilled water from the chemist's or a mixture
of half-and-half tap-water and distilled. Never
use battery water!
When using for the first time, please note:
Fill water into the tank. Set the steam selector
(fig. 1/F) at the highest setting. Heat the appli-
ance up, set it on a storage rack or a plate
(fig. 10) with the sole downwards, and leave it
to give off steam, in order to activate the
steam chamber.
You will achieve the best possible steam result
and operating noise after you have used up
the third tankful.
Ironing with steam
For steam-ironing, set the temperature
selector to the required type of fabric and wait
for the pilot light to go out. Then, and only
then, turn the steam selector to the right
(clockwise) and set it at the required quantity
of steam. The correct combination of settings
for temperature (type of fabric) and steam
quantity can be seen in the ironing table
(page 10). As soon as you hold the iron level
again, steam will start to come out. If you tip it
back to the vertical the supply of steam is
automatically cut off.
Spray/Super steam jet
{not available on DB 510)
1. Spray function
When using the iron for the first time, or if you
have not ironed for a relatively long time, you
must press the pump knob (fig. 2/A) several
times until water comes out of the spray
nozzle. For this purpose, select the spray
function on the selector switch (fig. 2/B, not
available on DB 520), i.e. the blue side of the
selector switch must be visible from above.
You can also use the spray effect when you
are dry-ironing.
2. Super steam jet
This is a valuable aid, e.g. for ironing pleats or
embroidered patches, and you can likewise
activate it by pressing the pump knob (fig. 2/A)
if you have previously set the selector
switch (fig. 2/B, not available on DB 520) for
the steam-jet function, i.e. the red side of the
selector switch is visible from above.
You can also activate the steam jet both when
you are steam-ironing and when you are dry-
ironing, in either case when the temperature
setting is at “MAX”.
Electronic safety control (only on DB 650)
The DB 650 is equipped with electronic safety
control. If the appliance stands in the hori-
zontal position for more than 30 seconds the
warning light (fig. 1/E) will come on and an
audible warning will be sounded. The appli-
ance then switches itself off automatically. If it
is standing vertically, the process of switching
off, letting off the audible warning, and turning
on the warning light starts after 15 minutes.
Pull the plug out
Turn the temperature control to the “Cold”
position (fig. 3) and set the steam selector to
“Dry-ironing” (fig. 5).
Empty out any remaining water (fig. 9).
Store the appliance standing upright. For
proper storage, wrap the cable round the
cable storage (fig. 1/0, only on DB 540,
DB 640, and DB 650). If you need more room
to manoeuvre while ironing, you can take the
cable storage off by pressing the cover down
lightly at its rear, lower end (fig. 11).
Care and maintenance
What do | do if...
. no steam is visible when the appliance is
set to steam-ironing?
In warm, dry air (in wintertime) a small
“cloud” of steam is normal because the dry
air absorbs it uncondensed. This can aiso
happen with the steam control at a low
Simple steps to rectify any fault:
1. It is advisable to clean the valve (fig. 7)
from time to time by turning the steam
selector (fig. 1/F) anti-clockwise a quarter
of a turn past the “0” setting and taking it
out upwards. Place the valve needle in a
glass of diluted essence of vinegar to clean
it of any deposits. Do not touch the tip of
the valve needle with your fingers (if this
happens accidentally, clean it with methyl-
ated spirits). After cleaning it, fit the steam
selector back into the housing until you
hear it click into place, then press it lightly
downwards and turn it a quarter of a turn
clockwise back to the “0” setting.
2. Emptying the full water-tank can result in
fluff being rinsed out. Pull the plug out, and
tip the appliance diagonally forwards so
that the water can run out of the filling
aperture (fig 9).
, . drops of water come out of the steam
outlet nozzles?
Do not set the steam selector untii the
temperature for steam-ironing has been
reached. If the temperature for steam-iron-
ing is too low, set it higher.
If the steam selector is at too high a setting,
turn it back to a lower setting.
.. If stains start to appear on the laundry
during ironing?
While the sole is still warm, rub it with dilut-
ed vinegar or a non-abrasive cleaning
agent (applies only to DB 510, DB 520,
DB 530, and DB 540). You must never
attempt to scratch the coating off.
With the DB 640 or the DB 650, a damp
cloth is sufficient for cleaning the sole.
During dry-ironing, it is possible for fluff to
enter the steam chamber and cause a
blockage. This can lead to stains from the
water coming out. it is then advisable to
clean the steam-iron: pull the plug out, fill
the iron with warm water, and set the
temperature and steam selectors at their
maximum settings. Shake the iron a few
times, and then place it on a grill above a
bowl for catching water for about 15 minu-
tes. Do not connect the appliance to a
power-point! Only connect the appliance to
a power-point for heating after the end of
the 15 minutes, and allow the steam to
come out through the grill.
When you are steam-ironing using tap-water,
limescale accumulates in the steam chamber
and, at a certain stage, starts to reduce the
amount of steam. To de-scale the iron, use
luke-warm water and essence of vinegar
mixed 1:1. Make sure the appliance is not
connected to the mains, and is cool before
pouring the mixture in (fig. 8).
The de-scaling products available in the trade
are too aggressive and are not to be used on
this appliance!
The iron is placed horizontally on a plate in
the sink. Set the steam regulator to its
maximum setting and allow the whole filling to
run through.
Then repeat the process using clear water.
After this, heat the iron up in order to dry out
the steam chamber. It is now ready for use.
Please note: as a precaution we recommend
that de-scaling should be done every three
For the sake of the environment
Do not simply throw all the packaging material
into the dustbin.
€ The carton can be taken to the waste
paper collection centre.
€ The plastic bag is made of polyethylene
(PE) and can be taken to the nearest PE
collection centre for recycling.
e The padded parts are made of expanded
polystyrol (PS) and are free of CFC's.
Please ask your local authority which recy-
cling depot is responsible for your area.
AEG Kundendienst in Europa
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Osterreich, 1210 Wien, (0222) 38 01-63 33
Belgique/België, 1800 Vilvoorde, 02/370.08.98
Danmark, 2620 Albertslund, 42-64 85 22
España, Madrid, (91) 675.66.50/54/58/62
France, 92140 Clamart Cedex, 16 (1) 45 3795 50
Great Britain, Slough, 017 53-87 25 06
Hellas, Moschaton-Athen, 01/48 22 646
Island, Reykjavik (Brædurnir Ormsson Ltd.) 91-3 88 20
Italia, Cusano Milanino Mi 02/613 47 60/6 19 76 90
Luxembourg, 1246 Luxembourg-Kirchberg, 43 888-4
Nederland, 1066 BP Amsterdam, 0 20-510 5911
Norge, 2000 Lillestram, 06-81 01 01
Portugal, 1739 Lisboa Codex, 891171-8971 1
56068 Koblenz, Rheinstraße 17
Köln (Kundendienst in 41541 Dormagen}
04299 Leipzig, Holzhäuser Straße 120
Für dieses Gerät leisten wir - zusätzlich zu
der gesetzlichen Gewährleistung des
Händlers aus Kaufvertrag - dem Endab-
nehmer gegenüber zu den nachstehen-
den Bedingungen Garantie:
1. Die Garantiezeit beträgt 12 Monate und
beginnt mit dem Zeitpunkt der Uber-
gabe des Geräts, der durch Rechnung
oder andere Unterlagen zu belegen ist.
Die Garantiezeit ist auf 6 Monate
beschränkt, wenn das Gerät gewerb-
lich genutzt wird.
2. Die Garantie umfaßt die Behebung aller
innerhalb der Garantiezeit auftreten-
den Schäden oder Mängel des Geräts,
die nachweislich auf Material- oder
Fertig ungsfehlern beruhen. Nicht unter
die Garantie fallen Schäden oder Män-
gel aus nicht vorschriftemäBigem An-
schluß, unsachgemäßer Handhabung
sowie Nichtbeachtung der Gebrauchs-
3. Im Garantiefall kann das Gerät einer
- unserer Kundendienst-Stellen oder
dem autorisierten Fachhandel iber-
geben werden.
Bei Einsendung des Geräts an die für
Sie zuständige Kundendienststehe ist
daraufzu achten, daß das Gerät gut ver-
packt, mit vollständigem Absender und
— soweit möglich - mit einer kurzen
Fehlerbeschreibung versehen wird.
4. Die Garantieleistungen werden ohne
jede Berechnung durchgeführt; sie
bewirken weder eine Verlängerung
noch einen Neubeginn der Garantie-
zeit Ausgewechselte Teile gehen in
unser Eigentum (ber.
AEG Hausgeräte GmbH, Muggenhofer Straße 135, D-90429 Nürnberg
Schwelz - Svizzera, 8603 Schwerzenbach 01/94511 44
Suomi, 01301 Vantaa 30 (Sahkoliikkeiden Oy), 90-83 81
Sverige, 17141 Solna, 08-23 0080
This appliance is covered by the following
guarantee and is in addition ta your statu-
tory and other legal rights. All components
which fail due to defective manufacture will
be repaired or replaced free of charge fora
period of 12 months from the date of pur-
chase, We will not accept claims if unau-
thorised modification is made or if non-
standard components are used. The
appliance must be used in accordance
with the operating instructions and the
guarantee does not cover any damage
caused during transit or through misuse.
In order to establish the date of purchase,
advice note or similar document must be
produced whenever the guarantee is
Pour toute mise en œuvre de garantie ou
de service aprés vente, vous devez vous
adresser à votre vendeur.
AEG assure au vendeur le remplacement
gratuit des pièces détachées nécessaires
à !a réparation pendant 1 ar, à partir de la
date de votre facture, sauf en cas de non
respect des prescriptions d'utilisation ou
lorsqu'une cause étrangère à l'apparell
est responsable de {a défaillance.
Les dispositions stipulées ci-dessus ne
sont pas exclusives du bénéfice au profit
de l'acheteur de la garantie légale pour
défaut et vice cachés qui s'applique, en
tout état de cause, dans les conditions des
articles 1641 et suivants, du code civil.
AEG Nederland neemt voor reparaties bin-
nen de garantietermijn — voor zover de
defekten zijn terug te voeren op materiaal -
en/of konstruktiefouten - de kösten op
zich voor materiaal en arbeitsioon.
De garantie bedraagt 12 maanden en gaat
in op de dag van aankoop.Wanneer garan-
tie wordt veriangd, dient de faktuur van
aankoop te worden overtegd. De garantie-
termiin wordt door reparaties niet ver-
lengd. Buiten elke garantieverpflichting
vallen losse onderdelen van glas en/of
kunststof. Alle overige kosten, zoals voor-
rijdkosten, kosten van opzending en
administratia, zijn voor rekening van de ei-
: Duranti i primi 12 mesi d'esercizlo, ven-
“gono fornite gratuitamente dallAEG le
- parti di ricambio riconosaciute difettose. La
; garanzia ha inizio con il giorno dell'ac- ©
quisto che deve venir comprovato a mezzo
della fattura o boletta di consegna. Per il
resto valgono le condizióni generall di for-
nitura della rispettiva rappresentanza
Durante los primeros 12 meses, la AEG se
hace cargo de cuantos costes de material
y horas de trabajos invertidas se produz-
can en la subsanación de defectos. La
garantia empieza a regirá partir de la fecha
de la entrega, la que deberá justificarse
mediante presentación de la factura o de
la rota de depacho. Por lo demás serán de
aplicación las condiciones generales de
venta se gun rigen en el respectivo país de
nuestra representación.
In Belgien ist nur die durch belge AEG aus-
gegebene Garantiekarte gúltig.
En Belgique, seule la carte de garantie
émise par la belge AEG est valable.
In België is slechts de door de belge AEG
uitgegeven waarborgkaart geldig.
AEG Hausgeräte GmbH
Postfach 1036
Da ТТУННН D-90327 Nürnberg
ERFAHRUNG © Copyright by AEG
GUT Н 263 264 400 - 0895/02 —
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