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Memory Module Replacement
Before you begin
Observe the following requirements before removing and
replacing memory.
Removing the memory module
1. Press the power button to turn off the computer.
WARNING: Never open the cover while the power cord
is attached. You might damage your computer or be
injured by the spinning fan blades.
WARNING: Avoid touching sharp edges in the computer.
CAUTION: Static electricity can damage the electronic
components inside the computer. Discharge static electricity
by touching the metal cage of the computer before touching
any internal parts or electronic components.
Tools needed
Phillips #2 screwdriver
If the computer displays a memory error after you have
turned it back on, turn the computer off and unplug the
power cord. Open up the computer and make sure the
memory module is inserted all the way into the slot, and
then press down on it to be sure it is firmly seated.
2. Disconnect the power cord and all attached cables
from the back of the computer.
Memory compatibility
The computer uses UDIMMs (unbuffered dual in-line
memory modules) that must meet the following
● 240-pin
● DDR4-2133
● Unbuffered, non-ECC (64-bit)
● 1.5 V
● 32 GB maximum installable memory
Because the memory uses dual channels, you must use the
same memory module type for both sockets.
NOTE: The actual memory transfer speed might vary based
on the processor used in your computer.
NOTE: Memory performance might vary due to different
system configurations.
3. To remove the access panel, loosen the captive Phillips
screw (1), slide the access panel back, and then lift it off
the computer (2).
4. Locate the memory modules:
1. Optical drive
2. Hard drive
3. Memory modules
5. Open both latches of the memory module slot (1), and
then lift the module from the slot (2). Use the same
procedure to remove all memory modules.
6. Touch the replacement memory module bag to the
metal of the computer, and then remove the
replacement memory module from the bag.
Replacing the memory module
1. Open both latches of the memory module slot (1), and
then insert the memory module into the slot (2). Push the
module down into the slot, ensuring that the module is
fully inserted and properly seated. Close both latches
NOTE: Memory modules are notched to prevent
incorrect insertion.
2. Position the access panel on the computer, and then
slide the panel into place (1). Tighten the screw in the
rear of the panel (2).
3. Plug the power cord and any additional cables into the
back of the computer.
4. Press the power button to turn on the computer.
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