Yamaha Fretwave System Owner's Manual

Yamaha Fretwave System Owner's Manual
The FretwaveTM system
“Fretwave is so simple and so brilliant. I love it.
I'll never go back to straight frets again!”.............. Frank Gambale
QC63550 0103
Printed in Japan
■ What is the FretwaveTM system?
■ How to tune the system :
FretwaveTM is a new remarkable intonation system that im-
1.) Tune your guitar using your normal tuning procedure
proves the intonation throughout the range of the fingerboard.
This system was developed to correct the mismatch of harmonics and fret position alignment inherent on all fretted, string
instruments that utilize the standard fret position formula and
typical tuning methods. Simply put, this is what causes chords
to go out of tune as you change positions.
2.) Tune the 5th string (A) fretted at the 5th fret compared to
the open D string (unison).
3.) Tune the 6th string (E) fretted at the 5th fret compared to
the open A string (unison).
4.) Tune the 3rd string (G) fretted at the 2nd fret compared to
the open D string (5ths).
5.) Tune the 2nd string (B) fretted at the 3rd fret compared to
the open G string (5ths).
■ Why it works :
The FretwaveTM system works because the precise position
and degree of the bend underneath the G and B strings are
designed to compensate for the differences between the harmonics and the mismatched fret positions.
These bent fretsTM do not require any adjustment to your left
hand fingering techniques.
The bent fretsTM are virtually undetectable. The following simple
tuning method (required for the best results) adjusts the pitch
for each string while compensating for the other fret positions
throughout the fingerboard.
E Chord
A Chord
6.) Tune the open 1st string (E) compared to the 2nd string
(B) fretted at the 5th fret (unison).
Use the open chords below to confirm the tuning between
chords. Using your ears, make fine adjustments as required.
Once you have experienced the benefits of the FretwaveTM,
you will be amazed at the tuning accuracy, especially when
you go back and play a standard guitar without the compensated bent fretsTM .
D Chord
G Chord
C Chord
U.S. Patent #5760322, "Fretwave" and "bent frets" are trademark of I. P. Gorman.
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