Yamaha VXL1B-24/VXL1W-24/VXL1B-16/VXL1W-16/VXL1B-8/VXL1W-8 Installation Guide

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Yamaha VXL1B-24/VXL1W-24/VXL1B-16/VXL1W-16/VXL1B-8/VXL1W-8 Installation Guide | Manualzz








Installation Guide


Manuel dʼinstallation

Guía de instalación

Guia de instalação

Guida all'installazione

Руководство по установке















Please keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.


Always follow the basic precautions listed below to avoid the possibility of serious injury or even death from electrical shock, short-circuiting, damages, fire or other hazards. These precautions include, but are not limited to, the following:

Do not open

• Do not disassemble or modify this device

(painting excepted). Doing so may cause electrical shock, fire, injury or malfunction.

If it should appear to be malfunctioning, discontinue use immediately and have it inspected by qualified Yamaha service personnel.

Hearing loss

• When turning on the AC power in your audio system, always turn on the power amplifier

LAST, to avoid hearing loss and speaker damage. When turning the power off, the power amplifier should be turned off FIRST for the same reason.

Fire warning

• Do not place any burning items or open flames near the device, since they may cause a fire.

• Do not use the optional brackets for other speakers besides the ones specified. Doing so may cause an accident.

If you notice any abnormality

• If any of the following problems occur, immediately turn off the power of the amplifier.

- Unusual smells or smoke are emitted.

- Some object has been dropped into the device.

- There is a sudden loss of sound during use of the device.

- Cracks or other visible damage appear on the device.

Then have the device inspected or repaired by qualified Yamaha service personnel.


Always follow the basic precautions listed below to avoid the possibility of physical injury to you or others, or damage to the device or other property. These precautions include, but are not limited to, the following:


• Do not place the device in an unstable position where it might accidentally fall over and cause injuries.

• Use sufficient care when carrying this product, to avoid dropping it. Dropping this product may result in damage or injury.

• Do not place the device in a location where it may come into contact with corrosive gases or salt air. Doing so may result in malfunction.

• Avoid being near the device during a disaster, such as an earthquake. Since the device may fall and cause injury, stay away from the device quickly and move to a safe place.

• Before moving the device, remove all connected cables.

• Be sure to contact a professional installer, if the speaker installation requires construction work, and make sure to observe the following precautions.

- Follow the instructions listed in the

Installation Guide when wiring or installing.

- Choose mounting hardware and an installation location that can support the weight of the device.

- Avoid locations that are exposed to constant vibration.

- Use the required tools to install the device.

- Use the specified mounting bracket, bolts and screws.

- Inspect the device periodically.


• Use only speaker cables for connecting speakers to the speaker jacks. Use of other types of cables may result in fire.

PA-8 1/2


VXL1B-24/VXL1W-24/VXL1B-16/VXL1W-16/VXL1B-8/VXL1W-8 Installation Guide

Handling caution

• Do not hang heavy objects from this device.

Avoid applying excessive force to the switches or connectors to prevent injuries.

• Do not operate the device if the sound is distorting. Prolonged use in this condition could cause overheating and result in fire.

• Do not input excessively loud signals that may result in clipping in the amplifier or cause the following:

- Feedback, when using a microphone

- Continuous and extremely loud sound from a musical instrument, etc.

- Continuous and excessively loud distorted sound

- Noise caused by plugging/unplugging the cable while the amplifier is turned on

Even if the output power of the amplifier is lower than the power capacity of this device (program), damage to the device, malfunction or fire may occur.

• When choosing a power amplifier for use with this device, make sure that the output power of the amplifier is lower than the power capacity of this device (see Owner’s Manual,

Digital Version). If the output power is higher than the power capacity, malfunction or fire may occur.

Yamaha cannot be held responsible for damage caused by improper use or modifications to the device.

PA-8 2/2


To avoid the possibility of malfunction/damage to the product, or damage to other property, follow the notices below.

Handling and maintenance

Do not expose the product to excessive dust or vibration, or extreme cold or heat (such as in direct sunlight, near a heater, or in a car during the day), in order to prevent the possibility of panel disfiguration, unstable operation, or damage to the internal components.

When placing the speaker face down, always place it on a flat surface.

When connecting at high impedance using the optional speaker transformer, make sure the audio signal is passed through an 80Hz or above high-pass filter before being input to the speakers.

Be sure to observe the amplifier’s rated load impedance (see Owner’s Manual, Digital

Version), particularly when connecting speakers in parallel. Connecting an impedance load outside the amplifier’s rated range can damage the amplifier.

Protection Circuit

This speaker system has an internal protection circuit that shuts off the speaker unit when an excessive input signal is applied. If the speaker unit emits no sound, reduce the volume level of the amplifier immediately. (The sound will return automatically in several seconds.)


Air blowing out of the bass reflex ports is normal, and often occurs when the speaker is handling program material with heavy bass content.

Do not place vinyl, plastic or rubber objects on the product, since this might discolor the panel.

When cleaning the product, use a dry and soft cloth. Do not use paint thinners, solvents, cleaning fluids, or chemical-impregnated wiping cloths.


About this manual

The illustrations as shown in this manual are for instructional purposes only.

The company names and product names in this manual are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

About disposal

This product contains recyclable components.

When disposing of this product, please contact the appropriate local authorities.

VXL1B-24/VXL1W-24/VXL1B-16/VXL1W-16/VXL1B-8/VXL1W-8 Installation Guide



PRECAUTIONS ...........................................................................2

NOTICE ..................................................................................3

Information .............................................................................3

Contents ......................................................................................4

Introduction ..................................................................................4

About the Owner’s Manual .....................................................4

Included accessories ............................................................5

Optional accessories .............................................................5

Installing the speakers .................................................................6

Pre-installation (cable preparation) .......................................6

Installing the port cover .............................................................10


Thank you for purchasing the VXL1 Series Yamaha speaker system.

The VXL1 comprises the following models:

VXL1B-24, VXL1W-24 with 24-speaker unit

VXL1B-16, VXL1W-16 with 16-speaker unit

VXL1B-8, VXL1W-8 with 8-speaker unit

This product is a fixed-installation speaker system used for amplifying sound and background music, in commercial spaces and similar areas.

This Installation guide contains instructions on setting up the system, for use by the person in charge of installation or the installation designer. Be sure to read this guide before installing the system.

Also, keep this guide in a safe place for reference after you have finished reading it.

About the Owner’s Manual

Installation Guide (this book)

This guide explains the precautions, items included and basic steps for installing the speakers safely.

For the specific method of setting up the system, please read the digital version of the Owner’s manual (HTML).

Owner’s Manual, Digital Version (HTML)

The digital version of the Owner’s Manual explains more details on mounting the speakers (including the optional brackets), and provides the general specifications and dimensions.



VXL1B-24/VXL1W-24/VXL1B-16/VXL1W-16/VXL1B-8/VXL1W-8 Installation Guide


Included accessories Optional accessories

Speaker transformer



Mounting bracket x 2

(for VXL1-8 only: x 1)

Bracket base x 2

(for VXL1-8 only: x 1)

Speaker x 1

Safety wire x 1 Terminal cover x 2

Horizontal coupling bracket


Vertical coupling support bracket



Port cover x 2

(for VXL1-24, VXL1-16)

Port cover x 1

(for VXL1-8)

Machine screws

(M5 x 10) x 2

(for VXL1-8 only: x 1)

Template x 1

Port block x 1

(for VXL1-8)








Manuel dʼinstallation ción

Guia de instalação

Guida all'installazione

Руководство по установке



Installation Guide

(this book)

Vertical coupling bracket


Wall mount bracket



VXL1B-24/VXL1W-24/VXL1B-16/VXL1W-16/VXL1B-8/VXL1W-8 Installation Guide


Installing the speakers

You can use the included mounting bracket to install the speaker on a wall. Before installation, make sure the installation area can support the weight of the speaker. Do not install on plasterboard.


When installing speakers, make sure the power amplifier is turned off.


Do not install the speakers horizontally, as the speakers may fall.


Attaching the bracket base to the wall

1-1 Place the included template on the wall, to decide where the holes should go for the screws and cables.

1-2 Make holes in the wall for the cables, and pull the cables from the amplifier out through the holes.

1-3 Install the bracket base onto the wall. Position the narrow part of the bracket base down (towards the floor).

The bracket base holes should be 5.3 mm in size.

Pre-installation (cable preparation)

Strip the cable insulation as shown in the figure and connect the cables.


Do not use solder to plate stranded wires, as this may cause the wires to break.

7–8 mm

Compatible cable (Max): AWG12 (3.5 sq)


VXL1B-24/VXL1W-24/VXL1B-16/VXL1W-16/VXL1B-8/VXL1W-8 Installation Guide

Bracket base (screws not included)

VXL1-24: 635 mm

VXL1-16: 315 mm

Installing the speakers


Installing the mounting bracket and safety wire onto the speakers

2-1 Install the mounting bracket onto the speaker using the included screws.

Position both the upper and lower part of the mounting bracket at the third hole to install (see the figure below; only VXL1-8 have one location).

Install the safety wire at the topmost hole position.


• Use the included safety wire.

• If the included safety wire is not long enough, consider the weight of the speaker and the installation conditions, and procure an appropriate safety wire.

Screw hole for safety wire installation


Screw hole for safety wire installation

Screw hole for mounting bracket installation


Screw hole for mounting bracket installation

Screw hole for mounting bracket installation

Screw hole for safety wire installation

Upper side


Screw hole for mounting bracket installation

Screw hole for mounting bracket installation

VXL1B-24/VXL1W-24/VXL1B-16/VXL1W-16/VXL1B-8/VXL1W-8 Installation Guide

Lower side


Installing the speakers


Setting the directionality (VXL1-24, VXL1-16 only)

3-1 Set the directionality by using a flat head screwdriver to operate the Vertical Coverage Selector on the back of the speaker.

Vertical Coverage


At this time, when you want to expand the area of coverage downwards, set the switch to WIDE.

NORMAL WIDE (expands range down)



Connecting the cables

4-1 Remove the Euroblock plug from the speaker.


Although there are two different speaker connectors for top and bottom, they are the same (connected in parallel internally). You can use either one.

4-2 After loosening the terminal screws of the Euroblock plug with

NOTE a flat-blade screwdriver, insert the cable into each terminal and tighten the screws.

Tug on the cables to make sure that they cannot be pulled out.

When installing outdoors, run the cables through the included terminal cover before inserting them into the connector.

Terminal cover

Euroblock plug


Use a flat head screwdriver with a blade width of 3 mm or less.


VXL1B-24/VXL1W-24/VXL1B-16/VXL1W-16/VXL1B-8/VXL1W-8 Installation Guide

4-3 Attach the safety wire to the wall.


Attach the safety wire at a position higher than the speaker, where it does not sag too much.

4-4 Bring the connected Euroblock plug back to the socket on the main unit.

Installing the speakers


Installing the main speaker unit onto the wall

5-1 Fit the bracket base together with the mounting bracket by inserting from the top, making sure to insert the mounting bracket all the way until the parts lock together.


• Hold the middle of the speaker when installing.

• (For VXL1-24, VXL1-16) Make sure that the mounting base and mounting bracket are locked together in two places, top and bottom.

When removing, pick up the entire speaker while lightly pushing to the left.

When installing outdoors, attach the included terminal cover.




VXL1B-24/VXL1W-24/VXL1B-16/VXL1W-16/VXL1B-8/VXL1W-8 Installation Guide


Installing the port cover

If you require waterproofing equivalent to that of the IP35, install the port cover that is included with this product.


Use gloves or other protective wear when removing the grille, in order to avoid cutting your hands on the grille edges.


Remove the four screws on the top and bottom sides of the speaker, and remove the top and bottom panels.


Remove the four screws from the bass reflex port.

There are two bass reflex ports (top and bottom) on the VXL1-24/VXL1-



Align the port cover and fasten it in place using the screws that you removed.

0.8 N·m

0.8 N·m


Use caution not to scratch the grille, and slowly remove it from the speaker.


VXL1B-24/VXL1W-24/VXL1B-16/VXL1W-16/VXL1B-8/VXL1W-8 Installation Guide

Installing the port cover

(For VXL1-8) Insert the port block into the bass reflex port, and then align the port cover and fasten it in place using the screws that you removed.


Insert the port block so that it fits into the port.

0.8 N·m

0.8 N·m


Put the grille back on the speaker.

When doing this, align the edges of the speaker with the position of the grille to fit the grille in place.


Fasten the top and bottom panels in place using the screws that you removed.


Take appropriate measures to waterproof the openings below the terminal covers.

VXL1B-24/VXL1W-24/VXL1B-16/VXL1W-16/VXL1B-8/VXL1W-8 Installation Guide




外壳、 框架





) (


( Cd )






电缆类 × ○ ○ ○ ○

扩音装置 × ○ ○ ○ ○

本表格依据 SJ/T 11364 的规定编制。

○ : 表示该有害物质在该部件所有均质材料中的含量均在 GB/T 26572 规定的限量要求以下。

× : 表示该有害物质至少在该部件的某一均质材料中的含量超出 GB/T 26572 规定的限量要求。


( PBDE )





如果需要废弃设备时, 请与本地相关机构联系, 获取正确的废弃方法。


Information for users on collection and disposal of old equipment:

This symbol on the products, packaging, and/or accompanying documents means that used electrical and electronic products should not be mixed with general household waste. For proper treatment, recovery and recycling of old products, please take them to applicable collection points, in accordance with your national legislation.

By disposing of these products correctly, you will help to save valuable resources and prevent any potential negative effects on human health and the environment which could otherwise arise from inappropriate waste handling.

For more information about collection and recycling of old products, please contact your local municipality, your waste disposal service or the point of sale where you purchased the items.

For business users in the European Union:

If you wish to discard electrical and electronic equipment, please contact your dealer or supplier for further information.

Information on Disposal in other Countries outside the European Union:

This symbol is only valid in the European Union. If you wish to discard these items, please contact your local authorities or dealer and ask for the correct method of disposal.


Verbraucherinformation zur Sammlung und Entsorgung alter Elektrogeräte

Befindet sich dieses Symbol auf den Produkten, der Verpackung und/oder beiliegenden Unterlagen, so sollten benutzte elektrische Geräte nicht mit dem normalen Haushaltsabfall entsorgt werden.

In Übereinstimmung mit Ihren nationalen Bestimmungen bringen Sie alte Geräte bitte zur fachgerechten

Entsorgung, Wiederaufbereitung und Wiederverwendung zu den entsprechenden Sammelstellen.

Durch die fachgerechte Entsorgung der Elektrogeräte helfen Sie, wertvolle Ressourcen zu schützen, und verhindern mögliche negative Auswirkungen auf die menschliche Gesundheit und die Umwelt, die andernfalls durch unsachgerechte Müllentsorgung auftreten könnten.

Für weitere Informationen zum Sammeln und Wiederaufbereiten alter Elektrogeräte kontaktieren Sie bitte Ihre

örtliche Stadt- oder Gemeindeverwaltung, Ihren Abfallentsorgungsdienst oder die Verkaufsstelle der Artikel.

Information für geschäftliche Anwender in der Europäischen Union:

Wenn Sie Elektrogeräte ausrangieren möchten, kontaktieren Sie bitte Ihren Händler oder Zulieferer für weitere


Entsorgungsinformation für Länder außerhalb der Europäischen Union:

Dieses Symbol gilt nur innerhalb der Europäischen Union. Wenn Sie solche Artikel ausrangieren möchten, kontaktieren Sie bitte Ihre örtlichen Behörden oder Ihren Händler und fragen Sie nach der sachgerechten



VXL1B-24/VXL1W-24/VXL1B-16/VXL1W-16/VXL1B-8/VXL1W-8 Installation Guide


Informations concernant la collecte et le traitement des déchets d’équipements

électriques et électroniques

Le symbole sur les produits, l'emballage et/ou les documents joints signifie que les produits électriques ou

électroniques usagés ne doivent pas être mélangés avec les déchets domestiques habituels.

Pour un traitement, une récupération et un recyclage appropriés des déchets d’équipements électriques et

électroniques, veuillez les déposer aux points de collecte prévus à cet effet, conformément à la réglementation nationale.

En vous débarrassant correctement des déchets d’équipements électriques et électroniques, vous contribuerez à la sauvegarde de précieuses ressources et à la prévention de potentiels effets négatifs sur la santé humaine qui pourraient advenir lors d'un traitement inapproprié des déchets.

Pour plus d'informations à propos de la collecte et du recyclage des déchets d’équipements électriques et

électroniques, veuillez contacter votre municipalité, votre service de traitement des déchets ou le point de vente où vous avez acheté les produits.

Si vous souhaitez vous débarrasser des déchets d’équipements électriques et électroniques, veuillez contacter votre vendeur ou fournisseur pour plus d'informations.

Informations sur la mise au rebut dans d'autres pays en dehors de l'Union européenne:

Ce symbole est seulement valable dans l'Union européenne. Si vous souhaitez vous débarrasser de déchets d’équipements électriques et électroniques, veuillez contacter les autorités locales ou votre fournisseur et demander la méthode de traitement appropriée.


Información para usuarios sobre la recogida y eliminación de los equipos antiguos

Este símbolo en los productos, embalajes y documentos anexos significa que los productos eléctricos y electrónicos no deben mezclarse con los desperdicios domésticos normales.

Para el tratamiento, recuperación y reciclaje apropiados de los productos antiguos, llévelos a puntos de reciclaje correspondientes, de acuerdo con la legislación nacional.

Al deshacerse de estos productos de forma correcta, ayudará a ahorrar recursos valiosos y a impedir los posibles efectos desfavorables en la salud humana y en el entorno que de otro modo se producirían si se trataran los desperdicios de modo inapropiado.

Para obtener más información acerca de la recogida y el reciclaje de los productos antiguos, póngase en contacto con las autoridades locales, con el servicio de eliminación de basuras o con el punto de venta donde adquirió los artículos.

Para los usuarios empresariales de la Unión Europea:

Si desea desechar equipos eléctricos y electrónicos, póngase en contacto con su vendedor o proveedor para obtener más información.

Información sobre la eliminación en otros países fuera de la Unión Europea:

Este símbolo solo es válido en la Unión Europea. Si desea desechar estos artículos, póngase en contacto con las autoridades locales o con el vendedor y pregúnteles el método correcto.


Informazioni per gli utenti sulla raccolta e lo smaltimento di vecchia attrezzatura

Questi simboli sui prodotti, sull'imballaggio e/o sui documenti che li accompagnano, indicano che i prodotti elettrici ed elettronici non devono essere mischiati con i rifiuti generici.

Per il trattamento, il recupero e il riciclaggio appropriato di vecchi prodotti, si prega di portarli ai punti di raccolta designati, in accordo con la legislazione locale.

Smaltendo correttamente questi prodotti si potranno recuperare risorse preziose, oltre a prevenire potenziali effetti negativi sulla salute e l'ambiente che potrebbero sorgere a causa del trattamento improprio dei rifiuti.

Per ulteriori informazioni sulla raccolta e il riciclaggio di vecchi prodotti, si prega di contattare l’amministrazione comunale locale, il servizio di smaltimento dei rifiuti o il punto vendita dove sono stati acquistati gli articoli.

Per utenti imprenditori dell'Unione europea:

Se si desidera scartare attrezzatura elettrica ed elettronica, si prega di contattare il proprio rivenditore o il proprio fornitore per ulteriori informazioni.

Questi simboli sono validi solamente nell'Unione Europea; se si desidera scartare questi articoli, si prega di contattare le autorità locali o il rivenditore e richiedere informazioni sulla corretta modalità di smaltimento.


Informações para os utilizadores relativas à recolha e eliminação de equipamentos usados

Este símbolo, presente em produtos, embalagens e/ou incluído na documentação associada, indica que os produtos elétricos e eletrónicos usados não devem ser eliminados juntamente com os resíduos domésticos em geral.

O procedimento correto consiste no tratamento, recuperação e reciclagem de produtos usados, pelo que deve proceder à respetiva entrega nos pontos de recolha adequados, em conformidade com a legislação nacional em vigor.

A eliminação destes produtos de forma adequada permite poupar recursos valiosos e evitar potenciais efeitos prejudiciais para a saúde pública e para o ambiente, associados ao processamento incorreto dos resíduos.

Para mais informações relativas à recolha e reciclagem de produtos usados, contacte as autoridades locais, o serviço de eliminação de resíduos ou o ponto de venda onde foram adquiridos os itens relevantes.

Informações para utilizadores empresariais na União Europeia:

Para proceder à eliminação de equipamento elétrico e eletrónico, contacte o seu revendedor ou fornecedor para obter informações adicionais.

Informações relativas à eliminação em países não pertencentes à União Europeia:

Este símbolo é válido exclusivamente na União Europeia. Caso pretenda eliminar este tipo de itens, contacte as autoridades locais ou o seu revendedor e informe-se acerca do procedimento correto para proceder à respetiva eliminação.



VXL1B-24/VXL1W-24/VXL1B-16/VXL1W-16/VXL1B-8/VXL1W-8 Installation Guide

Importan t Notice: Guarantee Information for customers in

European Economic Area (EEA) and Sw itzerland

Important Notice: Guarantee Information for customers in EEA* and Switzerland English

For detailed guarantee information about this Yamaha product, and Pan-EEA* and Switzerland warranty service, please either visit the website address below (Printable file is available at our website) or contact the Yamaha representative office for your country. * EEA: European Economic Area

Wichtiger Hinweis: Garantie-Information für Kunden in der EWR* und der Schweiz Deutsch

Für nähere Garantie-Information über dieses Produkt von Yamaha, sowie über den Pan-EWR*- und Schweizer Garantieservice, besuchen Sie bitte entweder die folgend angegebene Internetadresse (eine druckfähige Version befindet sich auch auf unserer Webseite), oder wenden Sie sich an den für Ihr Land zuständigen Yamaha-Vertrieb. *EWR: Europäischer Wirtschaftsraum

Remarque importante: informations de garantie pour les clients de l’EEE et la



Pour des informations plus détaillées sur la garantie de ce produit Yamaha et sur le service de garantie applicable dans l’ensemble de l’EEE ainsi qu’en Suisse, consultez notre site Web à l’adresse ci-dessous (le fichier imprimable est disponible sur notre site Web) ou contactez directement Yamaha dans votre pays de résidence. * EEE : Espace Economique Européen


Voor gedetailleerde garantie-informatie over dit Yamaha-product en de garantieservice in heel de EER* en Zwitserland, gaat u naar de onderstaande website (u vind een afdrukbaar bestand op onze website) of neemt u contact op met de vertegenwoordiging van Yamaha in uw land. * EER: Europese Economische Ruimte


Para una información detallada sobre este producto Yamaha y sobre el soporte de garantía en la zona EEE* y Suiza, visite la dirección web que se incluye más abajo (la version del archivo para imprimir esta disponible en nuestro sitio web) o póngase en contacto con el representante de Yamaha en su país. * EEE: Espacio Económico Europeo


Per informazioni dettagliate sulla garanzia relativa a questo prodotto Yamaha e l’assistenza in garanzia nei paesi EEA* e in

Svizzera, potete consultare il sito Web all’indirizzo riportato di seguito (è disponibile il file in formato stampabile) oppure contat tare l’ufficio di rappresentanza locale della Yamaha. * EEA: Area Economica Europea


Para obter uma informação pormenorizada sobre este produto da Yamaha e sobre o serviço de garantia na AEE* e na Suíça, visite o site a seguir (o arquivo para impressão está disponível no nosso site) ou entre em contato com o escritório de representação da Yamaha no seu país. * AEE: Área Econômica Européia


Για λεπτομερείς πληροφορίες εγγύησης σχετικά με το παρόν προϊόν της Yamaha και την κάλυψη εγγύησης σε όλες τις χώρες

του ΕΟΧ και την Ελβετία, επισκεφτείτε την παρακάτω ιστοσελίδα (Εκτυπώσιμη μορφή είναι διαθέσιμη στην ιστοσελίδα μας) ή

απευθυνθείτε στην αντιπροσωπεία της Yamaha στη χώρα σας. * ΕΟΧ: Ευρωπαϊκός Οικονομικός Χώρος

Viktigt: Garantiinformation för kunder i EES-området* och Schweiz Svenska

För detaljerad information om denna Yamahaprodukt samt garantiservice i hela EES-området* och Schweiz kan du antingen besöka nedanstående webbaddress (en utskriftsvänlig fil finns på webbplatsen) eller kontakta Yamahas officiella representant i ditt land. * EES: Europeiska Ekonomiska Samarbetsområdet

Viktig merknad: Garantiinformasjon for kunder i EØS* og Sveits Norsk

Detaljert garantiinformasjon om dette Yamaha-produktet og garantiservice for hele EØS-området* og Sveits kan fås enten ved

å besøke nettadressen nedenfor (utskriftsversjon finnes på våre nettsider) eller kontakte kontakte Yamaha-kontoret i landet der du bor. *EØS: Det europeiske økonomiske samarbeidsområdet

Vigtig oplysning: Garantioplysninger til kunder i EØO* og Schweiz Dansk

De kan finde detaljerede garantioplysninger om dette Yamaha-produkt og den fælles garantiserviceordning for EØO* (og Sch weiz) ved at besøge det websted, der er angivet nedenfor (der findes en fil, som kan udskrives, på vores websted), eller ved at kontakte Yamahas nationale repræsentationskontor i det land, hvor De bor. * EØO: Det Europæiske Økonomiske Område

Tärkeä ilmoitus: Takuutiedot Euroopan talousalueen (ETA)* ja Sveitsin asiakkaille

Euroopan talousalue


Tämän Yamaha-tuotteen sekä ETA-alueen ja Sveitsin takuuta koskevat yksityiskohtaiset tiedot saatte alla olevasta nettiosoitteesta. (Tulostettava tiedosto saatavissa sivustollamme.) Voitte myös ottaa yhteyttä paikalliseen Yamaha-edustajaan. *ETA:

Ważne: Warunki gwarancyjne obowiązujące w EOG* i Szwajcarii Polski

EOG* i Szwajcarii, należy odwiedzić wskazaną poniżej stronę internetową (Plik gotowy do wydruku znajduje się na naszej stronie internetowej) lub skontaktować się z przedstawicielstwem firmy Yamaha w swoim kraju. * EOG — Europejski Obszar


Důležité oznámení: Záruční informace pro zákazníky v EHS* a ve Švýcarsku firmy Yamaha ve své zemi. * EHS: Evropský hospodářský prostor


Podrobné záruční informace o tomto produktu Yamaha a záručním servisu v celém EHS* a ve Švýcarsku naleznete na níže uvedené webové adrese (soubor k tisku je dostupný na našich webových stránkách) nebo se můžete obrátit na zastoupení


A jelen Yamaha termékre vonatkozó részletes garancia-információk, valamint az EGT*-re és Svájcra kiterjedő garanciális szolgáltatás tekintetében keresse fel webhelyünket az alábbi címen (a webhelyen nyomtatható fájlt is talál), vagy pedig lépjen kapcsolatba az országában működő Yamaha képviseleti irodával. * EGT: Európai Gazdasági Térség

Oluline märkus: Garantiiteave Euroopa Majanduspiirkonna (EMP)* ja Šveitsi kli Eesti keel

Täpsema teabe saamiseks selle Yamaha toote garantii ning kogu Euroopa Majanduspiirkonna ja Šveitsi garantiiteeninduse kohta, külastage palun veebisaiti alljärgneval aadressil (meie saidil on saadaval prinditav fail) või pöörduge Teie regiooni Yamaha esinduse poole. * EMP: Euroopa Majanduspiirkond

Svarīgs paziņojums: garantijas informācija klientiem EEZ* un Šveicē kalpojošo Yamaha pārstāvniecību. * EEZ: Eiropas Ekonomikas zona


Lai saņemtu detalizētu garantijas informāciju par šo Yamaha produktu, kā arī garantijas apkalpošanu EEZ* un Šveicē, lūdzu, apmeklējiet zemāk norādīto tīmekļa vietnes adresi (tīmekļa vietnē ir pieejams drukājams fails) vai sazinieties ar jūsu valsti ap -

Dėmesio: informacija dėl garantijos pirkėjams EEE* ir Šveicarijoje

*EEE – Europos ekonominė erdvė

Lietuvių kalba

Jei reikia išsamios informacijos apie šį „Yamaha“ produktą ir jo techninę priežiūrą visoje EEE* ir Šveicarijoje, apsilankykite mūsų svetainėje toliau nurodytu adresu (svetainėje yra spausdintinas failas) arba kreipkitės į „Yamaha“ atstovybę savo šaliai.

Dôležité upozornenie: Informácie o záruke pre zákazníkov v EHP* a Švajčiarsku cu spoločnosti Yamaha vo svojej krajine. * EHP: Európsky hospodársky priestor


Podrobné informácie o záruke týkajúce sa tohto produktu od spoločnosti Yamaha a garančnom servise v EHP* a Švajčiarsku nájdete na webovej stránke uvedenej nižšie (na našej webovej stránke je k dispozícii súbor na tlač) alebo sa obráťte na zástup -

Pomembno obvestilo: Informacije o garanciji za kupce v EGP* in Švici Slovenščina

Za podrobnejše informacije o tem Yamahinem izdelku ter garancijskem servisu v celotnem EGP in Švici, obiščite spletno mes to, ki je navedeno spodaj (natisljiva datoteka je na voljo na našem spletnem mestu), ali se obrnite na Yamahinega predstavnika v svoji državi. * EGP: Evropski gospodarski prostor

Важно съобщение: Информация за гаранцията за клиенти в ЕИП* и


Български език

За подробна информация за гаранцията за този продукт на Yamaha и гаранционното обслужване в паневропейската зона на ЕИП* и Швейцария или посетете посочения по-долу уеб сайт (на нашия уеб сайт има файл за печат), или се свържете с представителния офис на Yamaha във вашата страна. * ЕИП: Европейско икономическо пространство

Notificare importantă: Informaţii despre garanţie pentru clienţii din SEE* şi Elveţia Limba română

Pentru informaţii detaliate privind acest produs Yamaha şi serviciul de garanţie Pan-SEE* şi Elveţia, vizitaţi site-ul la adresa de mai jos (fişierul imprimabil este disponibil pe site-ul nostru) sau contactaţi biroul reprezentanţei Yamaha din ţara dumneavoas tră. * SEE: Spaţiul Economic European http://europe.yamaha.com/warranty/


VXL1B-24/VXL1W-24/VXL1B-16/VXL1W-16/VXL1B-8/VXL1W-8 Installation Guide





Yamaha Canada Music Ltd.

135 Milner Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M1S 3R1, Canada

Tel: +1-416-298-1311


Yamaha Corporation of America

6600 Orangethorpe Avenue, Buena Park, CA 90620, U.S.A.

Tel: +1-714-522-9011



Yamaha de México, S.A. de C.V.

Av. Insurgentes Sur 1647 Piso 9, Col. San José Insurgentes, Delegación Benito

Juárez, México, D.F., C.P. 03900, México

Tel: +52-55-5804-0600


Yamaha Musical do Brasil Ltda.

Rua Fidêncio Ramos, 302 – Cj 52 e 54 – Torre B – Vila

Olímpia – CEP 04551-010 – São Paulo/SP, Brazil

Tel: +55-11-3704-1377


Yamaha Music Latin America, S.A., Sucursal Argentina

Olga Cossettini 1553, Piso 4 Norte, Madero Este-C1107CEK, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel: +54-11-4119-7000



Yamaha Music Latin America, S.A.

Edif. Torre Banco General, Piso 7, Urbanización Marbella, Calle 47 y Aquilino de la

Guardia, Ciudad de Panamá, República de Panamá

Tel: +507-269-5311



Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK)

Sherbourne Drive, Tilbrook, Milton Keynes, MK7 8BL, U.K.

Tel: +44-1908-366700


Yamaha Music Europe GmbH

Siemensstrasse 22-34, 25462 Rellingen, Germany

Tel: +49-4101-303-0


Yamaha Music Europe GmbH, Branch Switzerland in Thalwil

Seestrasse 18a, 8800 Thalwil, Switzerland

Tel: +41-44-3878080



Yamaha Music Europe GmbH Branch Austria

Schleiergasse 20, 1100 Wien, Austria

Tel: +43-1-60203900


Yamaha Music Europe GmbH Sp.z o.o. Oddział w Polsce ul. Wielicka 52, 02-657 Warszawa, Poland

Tel: +48-22-880-08-88


Olimpus Music Ltd.

Valletta Road, Mosta MST9010, Malta

Tel: +356-2133-2093



Yamaha Music Europe Branch Benelux

Clarissenhof 5b, 4133 AB Vianen, The Netherlands

Tel: +31-347-358040


Yamaha Music Europe

7 rue Ambroise Croizat, Zone d'activités de Pariest, 77183 Croissy-Beaubourg, France

Tel: +33-1-6461-4000


Yamaha Music Europe GmbH, Branch Italy

Via Tinelli N.67/69 20855 Gerno di Lesmo (MB), Italy

Tel: +39-039-9065-1


Yamaha Music Europe GmbH Ibérica, Sucursal en España

Ctra. de la Coruña km. 17,200, 28231 Las Rozas de Madrid, Spain

Tel: +34-91-639-88-88


Philippos Nakas S.A. The Music House

19th klm. Leof. Lavriou 190 02 Peania – Attiki, Greece

Tel: +30-210-6686168


Yamaha Music Europe GmbH Germany filial Scandinavia

JA Wettergrensgata 1, 400 43 Göteborg, Sweden

Tel: +46-31-89-34-00


Yamaha Music Denmark, Fillial of Yamaha Music Europe GmbH, Tyskland

Generatorvej 8C, ST. TH. , 2860 Søborg, Denmark

Tel: +45-44-92-49-00


Yamaha Music Europe GmbH Germany - Norwegian Branch

Grini Næringspark 1, 1332 Østerås, Norway

Tel: +47-6716-7800


Yamaha Music Europe GmbH

Siemensstrasse 22-34, 25462 Rellingen, Germany

Tel: +49-4101-303-0


Yamaha Music (Russia) LLC.

Room 37, entrance 7, bld. 7, Kievskaya street, Moscow, 121059, Russia

Tel: +7-495-626-5005


Yamaha Music Europe GmbH

Siemensstrasse 22-34, 25462 Rellingen, Germany

Tel: +49-4101-3030


Yamaha Music Gulf FZE

JAFZA-16, Office 512, P.O.Box 17328, Jebel Ali FZE, Dubai, UAE

Tel: +971-4-801-1500



Yamaha Music Europe GmbH Merkezi Almanya Türkiye İstanbul Şubesi

Mor Sumbul Sokak Varyap Meridian Business

1.Blok No:1 113-114-115

Bati Atasehir Istanbul, Turkey

Tel: +90-216-275-7960


Yamaha Music Gulf FZE

JAFZA-16, Office 512, P.O.Box 17328, Jebel Ali FZE, Dubai, UAE

Tel: +971-4-801-1500



Yamaha Music & Electronics (China) Co.,Ltd.

2F, Yunhedasha, 1818 Xinzha-lu, Jingan-qu, Shanghai, China

Tel: +86-400-051-7700


Yamaha Music India Private Limited

P-401, JMD Megapolis, Sector-48, Sohna Road, Gurgaon-122018, Haryana, India

Tel: +91-124-485-3300


PT. Yamaha Musik Indonesia (Distributor)

Yamaha Music Center Bldg. Jalan Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 4, Jakarta 12930,


Tel: +62-21-520-2577


Yamaha Music Korea Ltd.

11F, Prudential Tower, 298, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06253, Korea

Tel: +82-2-3467-3300


Yamaha Music (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

No.8, Jalan Perbandaran, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: +60-3-78030900


Yamaha Music (Asia) Private Limited

Block 202 Hougang Street 21, #02-00, Singapore 530202, Singapore

Tel: +65-6740-9200


Yamaha Music & Electronics Taiwan Co.,Ltd.

2F., No.1, Yuandong Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City 22063, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: +886-2-7741-8888


Siam Music Yamaha Co., Ltd.

3, 4, 15, 16th Fl., Siam Motors Building, 891/1 Rama 1 Road, Wangmai, Pathumwan,

Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Tel: +66-2215-2622


Yamaha Music Vietnam Company Limited

15th Floor, Nam A Bank Tower, 201-203 Cach Mang Thang Tam St., Ward 4, Dist.3,

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel: +84-8-3818-1122

OTHER ASIAN COUNTRIES http://asia.yamaha.com/



Yamaha Music Australia Pty. Ltd.

Level 1, 80 Market Street, South Melbourne, VIC 3205, Australia

Tel: +61-3-9693-5111


Head Office/Manufacturer: Yamaha Corporation 10-1, Nakazawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, 430-8650, Japan

(For European Countries) Importer: Yamaha Music Europe GmbH Siemensstrasse 22-34, 25462 Rellingen, Germany


VXL1B-24/VXL1W-24/VXL1B-16/VXL1W-16/VXL1B-8/VXL1W-8 Installation Guide


上海市静安区新闸路 1818 号云和大厦 2 楼

客户服务热线 : 4000517700

公司网址 : https://www.yamaha.com.cn

制造商 : 雅马哈株式会社

制造商地址 : 日本静冈县滨松市中区中泽町 10-1

进口商 : 雅马哈乐器音响(中国)投资有限公司

进口商地址 : 上海市静安区新闸路 1818 号云和大厦 2 楼

原产地 : 印度尼西亚

Yamaha Pro Audio global website https://www.yamaha.com/proaudio/

Yamaha Downloads https://download.yamaha.com/

Manual Development Group

© 2018 Yamaha Corporation

Published 04/2018 发行 CREI-A3



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