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Bosch SHEM78WH5N Bosch Home Connect Brochure
Welcome to the
Connected Home.
Home Connect: Easily Control and Monitor Your
Connected Bosch Appliances.
The future has arrived. Home Connect brings smart technology to your Bosch appliances and gives you more control
using your smartphone or tablet. To access your Bosch connected appliances using your smartphone or tablet, you
must first download the free Home Connect app from the App Store or Google Play Store.*
Turn your smartphone into the ultimate Bosch repair kit.
It can be stressful if your home appliances don't work the way they're supposed to. Remote diagnostics is here
to help. Simply call the Home Connect phone number and make an appointment for a remote diagnosis of your
connected appliance. With your permission, Bosch Customer Service can remotely asses your appliance, locate the
problem area, and provide advice on the best solution. In the event that the problem cannot be solved remotely, a
Bosch Service Technician can schedule an in-home appointment to resolve the issue, equipped with the necessary
parts already in hand. Smart support, smart solutions — all at the touch of a button.
*Requires WiFi connectivity to use the app. Connectivity and speed varies based on network and WiFi levels. iOS and Android versions of the Home Connect app may differ in regards to
functionality. For more information, please read the app details in the App Store or Google Play Store.
Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play and the Google Play logo are
trademarks of Google Inc.
The Compact Kitchen Just Got Smarter.
Bosch Small Space Appliances with Home Connect.
Smart homes and connected appliances are trending in the U.S. Many people are seeking to downsize their homes,
resulting in the need for small space connected appliances that offer all the features you’d expect, and more. The
small space movement is especially popular in dense urban cities like Manhattan and San Francisco, although the
trend is now catching on in more U.S. cities where small spaces are expanding to include guest suites, media rooms,
secondary vacation homes and other ancillary spaces.
Bosch is satisfying these ever-growing lifestyle trends with a modern design approach, and the innovation and
efficiency you'd expect. In 2017 Bosch introduces a complete collection of connected small space appliances,
with Home Connect. Home Connect is the intelligent platform that allows a variety of Bosch home appliances to
be remotely monitored and controlled with a single app. From doing the dishes to brewing a frothy latte, to keeping
an eye on your oven, the Home Connect app allows you to remotely monitor and control your appliances from your
smartphone or tablet for greater convenience.
Bosch brings a premium experience to any kitchen. No matter the size.
Bosch Coffee Machines with Home Connect.
Coffee that’s ready before you are.
The Home Connect app lets you order coffee from
anywhere in your home*, using your smartphone
or tablet. So now it’s easier than ever to start your
mornings off right.
Go beyond standard coffee to create
your perfect cup.
The Bosch connected coffee machine uses an
intuitive interface that helps you easily craft your
perfect cup of coffee, every time. Choose from
a wide variety of customizable coffee and tea
drinks, or take a tour around the world by trying our
exclusive CoffeeWorld beverages, inspired exotic
creations from around the globe.
Your guests know exactly how they like
their coffee. Now your coffee machine
knows, too.
Take the hard work out of entertaining with a Bosch
connected coffee machine. Featuring CoffeePlaylist,
it lets you program customized coffee and tea
beverages for all your guests. So while you’re busy
entertaining, it’s busy preparing the perfect cup. It
even notifies you once they’re ready to enjoy. And for
frequent visitors, you can easily store their favorite
custom beverages for quicker access.
*Connectivity and speed varies based on network and WiFi levels.
Everything you need to be a coffee
With Home Connect, you have a wealth of coffee
knowledge right at your fingertips. Just press a
button, and the app will tell you everything you want
to know about coffee and more, from harvesting, to
roasting methods, to different bean varieties. It also
gives you access to a number of great coffee recipes,
so you can create unique coffee cocktails, desserts —
even meals based on coffee.
Bosch Dishwashers with Home Connect.
A dishwasher that keeps tabs on its
Your Bosch connected dishwasher is as smart as it is
good looking. It notifies you through the Home Connect
app whenever it begins to run low on detergent tabs,
giving you plenty of time to replenish your dishwashing
essentials. And to make it even easier, you can signup for auto replenishment from Amazon, which
automatically orders and ships your favorite detergent
whenever your dishwasher senses it’s getting low.
Get notified right when your dishes
are done.
The Home Connect app can notify you once your
dishwasher’s cycle is complete, so you’ll know when it’s
ready to be unloaded. So whether you’re entertaining a
large group and need to run the dishwasher more than
once during the evening, or if you simply want to know
as soon as you can put the dishes away, you’ll find out
just when a cycle ends—leaving more time to focus on
the things that truly matter.
*Connectivity and speed varies based on network and WiFi levels.
Be the first to know if a leak occurs.
Bosch dishwashers employ an advanced leak detection
and prevention system. In the rare event that a leak
does occur, your Bosch connected dishwasher will
alert you on your smartphone or tablet. So whether
you’re away from home or just in another room, you’ll
know right away—allowing you to act quickly.
Now your smartphone can even do dishes.
Forgot to start the dishwasher? Home Connect has
you covered. Using the smartphone app, you can start
a dishwasher cycle remotely from anywhere*, for the
ultimate in convenience.
Make sure your dishwasher has everything
it needs.
To work efficiently, your Bosch dishwasher needs
cleaning essentials. So to keep it performing at its
very best, Home Connect can alert you whenever your
dishwasher is running low on rinse aid, detergent tabs
and salt.
Bosch Refrigerators with Home Connect.
A refrigerator that notifies you when the
door is left open.
Your Bosch connected refrigerator can notify you
on your smartphone or tablet if the temperature
increases, in the case that the door didn't quite close
all the way.
Save more than memories when you go
on vacation.
When heading out of town on vacation, save energy by
setting your connected Bosch refrigerator to Holiday
Mode. It’s easy to do right from your smartphone or
tablet, and if you use a Nest thermostat, it gets even
easier.** That’s because Nest automatically notifies
Home Connect whenever you’re away from home
for more than three days, so it can ask if you’d like to
remotely activate Holiday Mode. Because while saving
memories is great, saving energy is even better.
Discover a wide range of helpful tips for
keeping food its freshest.
The Home Connect app offers useful storage tips,
along with recommendations on the ideal temperature
and humidity settings for many types of foods, making
it easier to store your meat, produce and more in the
optimal conditions for extended freshness.
Help your groceries keep their cool.
Quickly cool perishables that have recently been
purchased by activating SuperCool on your Bosch
refrigerator. It automatically lowers the temperature
to 32°F for up to 15 hours, helping to keep your newly
purchased food fresher. To make the process even
easier, Home Connect lets you activate SuperCool
from anywhere*, even from the grocery store.
Give your frozen food the extra chill
it needs.
When adding new food to the freezer, help it freeze
faster and prevent your existing food from defrosting
by activating the SuperFreeze function. With Home
Connect, it’s easy to activate SuperFreeze from
anywhere.* Plus, your freezer will automatically return
to normal after a set time, for optimum efficiency.
*Connectivity and speed varies based on network and WiFi levels.
Bosch refrigerators, with Home Connect, will be available in 2017.
Bosch Wall Ovens with Home Connect.
Save time by preheating your oven from
Remote preheat lets you turn on your Home Connectenabled oven remotely using your smartphone.
Activate push notifications in the app, and you’ll
get the information you need to monitor the entire
cooking process. You’ll not only be able to see when
the oven is preheated, you’ll also be notified as soon
as your meal is ready. And if you need to adjust the
oven temperature, you can simply do it from within
the app.
The best recipes, right at your fingertips.
Get the most out of your Bosch oven with the Home
Connect app. With access to a world of healthy,
delicious recipes right on your smartphone or tablet,
we make it easier than ever to create delicious and
healthy meals right at home. You can even favorite
recipes for quicker access.
*Connectivity and speed varies based on network and WiFi levels.
Bosch ovens, with Home Connect, will be available in 2017.
Tips and tricks to become a better chef.
The Bosch Home Connect app can help you raise
your game in the kitchen. It offers a wide range of
tips and tricks compiled from seasoned chefs, along
with pertinent information about the most common
ingredients. Because when it comes to cooking for the
ones you love, there’s always something new to learn.
Shut off your oven remotely, for the
ultimate peace of mind.
With Home Connect, you can remotely stop the
current cooking program on your oven, from
anywhere.* And if you use a Nest thermostat, it gets
even easier.** Once linked, Nest can automatically
detect if you’ve left your home, and Home Connect will
give you the option to remotely power off your oven.
Bosch Washers & Dryers with Home Connect.
Take the guesswork out of doing laundry.
Get status updates for your laundry.
Thanks to Home Connect, you won’t have to wonder
which is the right setting for your clothes. Just
select EasyStart, choose the types of clothes you’re
washing, and the washing machine will recommend
the perfect program. Because making life easier for
you is what we do at Bosch.
Home Connect is all about making your life easier,
which is why it can send you status updates of your
laundry, including when a cycle is complete. Giving
you the freedom to focus on more important things.
Start your laundry, even when you’re
With your Bosch connected washing machine, you
can start or adjust a load of laundry from anywhere*,
using your smartphone or tablet. Which is especially
handy for those last-minute changes in life.
Stay on top of your energy and water
Home Connect provides energy and water
consumption information for each laundry program,
giving you the knowledge and insight to be more
energy and water efficient.
*Connectivity and speed varies based on network and WiFi levels.
Bosch washers and dryers, with Home Connect, will be available in 2017.
Home Connect Partners.
Intelligent, voice-activated control.
Love your home—even when you’re away.
Convenient, intuitive and highly
efficient, Amazon Echo is an
intelligent, voice-activated device
that can be used to control and monitor your Bosch
appliances with Home Connect. For example, Alexa
can make cooking more enjoyable. Ask Alexa to heat
your oven, adjust the cooking time, or turn off the
current cooking program.
Home Connect and Nest work together
to not only save you time and energy,
but also provide peace of mind when
you're not at home. For example, if your Nest switches
to "away" and your Bosch oven is still running, you
are notified and can turn off your appliance remotely.
If you are away for a longer period of time, you are
asked if you want to switch your refrigerator to holiday
mode to save energy. If your Nest Protect detects
an emergency, you can easily switch off your home
appliances remotely to prevent them from being
Conveniently reorder products.
Amazon Dash Replenishment
makes ordering essential
products for your Bosch
appliances easier than ever before. For example,
you can use Dash Replenishment to easily order
dishwasher tablets for your connected Bosch
dishwasher. Once initiated by the consumer, the
Home Connect app will re-order your choice of
dishwasher tablets each time you are getting low.
Do more with the services you love.
IFTTT Applets empower you to do more
with your Bosch appliances. Applets
are new experiences you turn on with a simple switch,
and they allow you to customize and better control
your world. They work with Bosch appliances, and
hundreds of other services. For example, you can turn
on an Applet that blinks your living room light when
your Bosch dishwasher is complete.
Select Bosch appliances with Home Connect are compatible with Amazon Alexa, and Amazon Dash Replenishment with more appliances coming soon.
connected with
Home Connect.
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Bosch appliances, with Home Connect.
Bosch Home Appliances
1901 Main Street, Suite 600
Irvine, CA 92614
1.800.944.2904 (U.S.) (Canada)
©2017 BSH Home Appliances Corporation.
All rights reserved. Bosch is a registered trademark of Robert Bosch GmbH.
Home Connect is a service of the BSH Home Appliance Corporation. Connectivity and speed varies based on network and WiFi levels.
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