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U.S. Government
Federal law prohibits removal of this label before consumer purchase.
• Automatic Defrost
• Bottom-Mounted Freezer
• An Automatic Icemaker
• Without Through-the-Door Ice Service
BSH Home Appliances Corporation
Model: B21CL81SNS
Capacity: 20.7 Cubic Feet
Compare ONLY to other labels with yellow numbers.
Labels with yellow numbers are based on the same test procedures.
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost
Cost range not available
Estimated Yearly Electricity Use
Your cost will depend on your utility rates and use.
Cost range based only on models of similar capacity with automatic defrost, with bottom-mounted
freezer ,with an automatic icemaker and without through-the-door Ice service.
Estimated energy cost based on a national average electricity cost of 12 cents
per kWh.
Type 5
20.5 to 22.4
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