Liebherr | HWS1800 | Specifications Sheet | Liebherr HWS1800 Specifications Sheet

Liebherr HWS1800 Specifications Sheet
Appliance Dimensions
Fully Integrated Wine Unit
Liebherr HWS 1800
Wine Cabinet
Side view
Energy Supply
115V / 60Hz / 1A
Climate Rating
Door hinges
glass door with stainless steel frame
Top view
• Touch electronic control system
• Telescopic wine shelves
• Activated charcoal filter
• LED-light
Cabinet Dimensions - Flush Face Installation
Maximum door
opening angle
Cabinet dimensions for installations
into a cabinet wall. Front of
appliance door is flush with the
cabinet front surface. Front opening
results in a 3/16“ gap between
appliance door and outer recess.
Appliance Venting
IMPORTANT: The appliance must be
centered in the recess to avoid collision
of the right door edge with the cabinet
when the door is opened.
The power cord
exits the rear of
the appliance at
this location.
Free length of the
power cord = 48"
(1220 mm)
IMPORTANT: The electrical outlet must
not be situated behind the appliance
and must be easily accessible.
clear ventilation
cross section must
be at least 31 sq
inches from the
lower to the top
Wine Cabinet
HWS 1800, the fully integrated wine unit that
holds 18 Bordeaux bottles in an ideal storage
environment. The innovative styling allows the
unit to sit flush with cabinetry and its recessed
handle maintains crisp, simple lines that
incorporates beautifully into your custom
kitchen design. Take advantage of the units
design flexibility and place this sleek, modular
wine cabinet anywhere in your home and
proudly display your fine wine collection at eye
level. The temperature is continuously
adjustable from 41° to 68°F (5° to 20°C) and
the LED ceiling light is dimmable to cast a cool
glow across the room. The insulated glass door
with UV protection and the activated charcoal
filter protect the wine from busy kitchen
influences such as light and odor.
For 30¨ wide cabinets Liebherr offers a special
trim kit with stainless steel panels.
Wine Cabinet
German Engineering: Our superior products offer
premium quality, cutting edge design and innovative
features that fit your busy lifestyle. Exclusive
components and materials, along with the latest
production processes, ensure energy efficiency and
performance for years to come.
LED Lighting: The energy efficient LED ceiling light
not only emits virtually no heat, but it is dimmable
to cast a cool glow to give a pleasing ambient light
inside the appliance as well as the room.
Electronic LCD display: Intuitive navigation of
touch electronic control system enables tailored
storage options. The digital temperature display
can be viewed via the UV tinted glass door.
Beech wood Shelving: Solid beech wood
shelves on telescopic rails for easy wine access.
FreshAir Activated Charcoal Filter: Liebherr
wine cabinets are fitted with easy-to-replace
FreshAir activated charcoal filters to ensure
clean air. Odors are filtered out and the quality
of the wine is protected.
UV Protection: In order to minimize the
exposure of light which can damage the maturity
of a wine, Liebherr wine cabinets are fitted with
special UV-resistant insulated glass;
simultaneously protecting and presenting your
Alarm System: Liebherr Wine units are
equipped with a trustworthy alarm system to
alert the homeowner if the door has been left
open or the temperature has been compromised.
Compressors: Specially developed compressors
installed in the wine cabinets from Liebherr ensure
that the wines are stored in a particularly low
vibration environment.
1.7 (47)
72.8 (33)
right, reversible
17 3/8" / 21 15/16" / min. 22" (44 / 55.7 / min. 55.8)
17 3/4" / 22 1/16" / min. 21 5/8" (45 / 56 / 55)
* Energy Cost will depend on utility rates and use. Estimated energy cost based on a national average electricity cost of 12 cents per KWh.
** Noise output – according to EN 60704-3
Powered by TCPDF (
HWS 1800
Total capacity cu.ft. (l)
Max. No. of Bordeaux btls 0.75 l
Shipping weight lbs. (kg)
Climate rating
Sound rating dB(A)
Door hinges
Outside dimensions
in inches (cm) H/W/D
Cut out dimensions
in inches (cm) H /W/D
Energy supply
Voltage V/Hz
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