Liebherr | WS1200 | Specifications Sheet | Liebherr WS1200 Specifications Sheet

Wall Mounting
Unit Dimensions
The appliance can be wall-mounted.
There are two mounting holes 1 at the
back of the appliance.
Make sure the wall and fastenings can
withstand the weight of the appliance
when fully loaded. The empty
appliance weighs 68.4 lbs.
To ensure sufficient ventilation through
the ventilation slots, the four wall spacers
2 must always be inserted, regardless of
whether the appliance is wall-mounted or
standing on the floor against a wall.
Simply insert the spacers in the openings
Liebherr WS 1200
Design & Lifestyle
Design & Lifestyle
Liebherr’s WS 1200 gives you premium wine
storage in an attractive package anywhere.
The well-appointed cabinet holds up to 12
Bordeaux (750 ml) on solid beech wood
shelving and has a convenient drawer that
can maintain a warmer temperature than the
wine compartment to keep wine accessories,
chocolates or candies. The ideal temperature
for storing wine for prolonged periods is 46°F
(+8°C) to 54°F (+12°C). White wine to be kept
on hand at serving temperature should ideally
be stored at a temperature below 50°F (10°C)
and red wine at up to 64°F (18°C). With this in
mind the touch electronic control system
allows the temperature to be set to the exact
degree required between 41°F (+5°C) to
68°F (+20°C). Energy efficient LED lighting
can be controlled with a dimming function
and a permanent “on mode” creates
atmosphere without affecting the temperature
of the wine.
Design & Lifestyle
1.7 (47)
79.4 (36)
Electronic LCD display: Intuitive navigation of
touch electronic control system enables tailored
storage options. The digital temperature display
can be viewed via the UV tinted glass door.
SmartSteel: Available on select freestanding/
semi built-in models significantly reduces the
visibility of fingerprints and is very easy to clean
and scratch resistant. All that is required to
maintain this beautiful exterior is the wipe of a
clean dry or damp cloth.
FreshAir Activated Charcoal Filter: Liebherr
wine cabinets are fitted with easy-to-replace
FreshAir activated charcoal filters to ensure
clean air. Odors are filtered out and the quality
of the wine is protected.
UV Protection: In order to minimize the
exposure of light which can damage the maturity
of a wine, Liebherr wine cabinets are fitted with
special UV-resistant insulated glass;
simultaneously protecting and presenting your
Integrated Lock: A sturdy lock protects your fine
wine collection.
Alarm System: Liebherr Wine units are
equipped with a trustworthy alarm system to
alert the homeowner if the door has been left
open or the temperature has been compromised.
Compressors: Specially developed compressors
installed in the wine cabinets from Liebherr ensure
that the wines are stored in a particularly low
vibration environment.
24 1/8"/16 3/4"/18 7/8" (61.2/42.5/47.8)
* Energy Cost will depend on utility rates and use. Estimated energy cost based on a national average electricity cost of 12 cents per KWh.
** Noise output – according to EN 60704-3
Powered by TCPDF (
LED Lighting: The energy efficient LED ceiling light
not only emits virtually no heat, but it is dimmable
to cast a cool glow to give a pleasing ambient light
inside the appliance as well as the room.
WS 1200
Total capacity cu.ft. (l)
Shipping weight lbs. (kg)
Climate rating
Sound rating dB(A)
Door hinges
Cut out dimensions
in inches (cm) H /W/D
Outside dimensions
in inches (cm) H/W/D
Energy supply
Voltage V/Hz
German Engineering: Our superior products offer
premium quality, cutting edge design and innovative
features that fit your busy lifestyle. Exclusive
components and materials, along with the latest
production processes, ensure energy efficiency and
performance for years to come.
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