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U.S. Government
Federal law prohibits removal of this label before consumer purchase.
• Automatic Defrost
• Bottom-Mounted Freezer
• Without Through-the-Door Ice
Sub-Zero, Inc.
Model BI-42UFD, BI-42UFD/S,
Capacity: 24.2 Cubic Feet
Compare ONLY to other labels with yellow numbers.
Labels with yellow numbers are based on the same test procedures.
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost
Cost range not available
Estimated Yearly Electricity Use
• Your cost will depend on your utility rates and use.
Cost range based only on models of similar capacity with automatic
defrost, bottom-mounted freezer, and without through-the-door ice.
energy cost based on a national average electricity cost of
12 cents per kWh.
No. 9005797
Energy consumption / Consommation énergétique
per year / par année
430 kWh
583 kWh
The estimated annual energy consumption of this model was not available at the time the range was published.
Uses least energy /
Consomme le moins
Similar models
Model number
Type 5
22.5 - 24.4
Uses most energy /
Consommé le plus
volume in ft.3 / volume en pi3
Modèles similaires
BI-42UFD, BI-42UFD/S, Numéro du modèle
Removal of this label before first retail purchase is an offence (S.C. 1992, c.36).
Eniever cette étiquette avant le premier achat au detail constitue une infraction (L.C. 1992, ch. 36).
NO. 9005797
The E NERGY STAR® mark on this EnerGuide label signifies that this is an energyefficient appliance. Its energy performance meets or exceeds the Government of
Canada’s high efficiency levels. Use the EnerGuide rating to determine how this
appliance compares to other similar models.
La marque E NERGY STAR® sur cette étiquette ÉnerGuide signifie que l’appareil est
éconergétique et que son rendement énergétique
satisfait ou dépasse les niveaux de haute efficacité
du gouvernement du Canada. Utilisez la cote
ÉnerGuide afin de comparer le rendement de
l’appareil avec celui d’autres modèles similaires.
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