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Wine is regarded as one of the most popular, and
diverse, alcoholic beverages in the world. Whether it
be a crisp white wine, or a robust red, wine requires
proper conditions to protect it from spoilage. Wine is
perishable, and when exposed to the enemies of wine,
its complex blend of flavors and aromas can be severely
compromised. Read on to learn about the enemies of
wine and how Perlick’s line of Wine Reserves combat
these adverse conditions.
enemy: temperature
Temperature swings can be detrimental to fine wines, as exposure to heat can
cause wine to push the cork out of the bottle, while extreme cold paralyzes wine
and ruins its natural development and taste. A cold, dry environment can dry out
corks, allowing wine to seep out and destroying the flavor of the entire bottle.
the solution? rapidcool
Perlick’s RAPIDcool™ forced-air refrigeration system circulates cool air throughout
the cabinet, providing industry-leading temperature uniformity no matter where
the wine is located in the unit. Perlick Signature Series wine reserves feature stateof-the-art digital temperature control so that you can program the unit to the
appropriate temperatures for your specific wine.
enemy: vibration
Wine is a complex beverage. It continues to develop flavors and aromas long after
you bring it home to enjoy. Wine experts suggest a vibration-free environment for
vintages because it allows the wine to slowly age – vibration speeds up the aging
process and doesn’t allow the wine to fully mature.
the solution? unparalleled
Frequent disturbances and movements will agitate wine, as vibration interferes
with the biochemical procress of maturation. Perlick combats this common
enemy of wine with several features to ensure that you are providing the ideal
environment for your vintages. Two-inch thick foamed-in-place walls protect
cabinet from vibrations, while adjustable, full-extension, pull-out wine shelves are
vinyl-coated to smoothly and gently access bottles.
enemy: light
Exposure to light will prematurely age and damage wine, compromising its
delicate flavor profiles and overall quality. Wine that is exposed to ultraviolet light
can cause the wine become cloudy, give off strong odors and off-flavors – quickly
ruining your favorite bottle of wine.
the solution? premium glass
Every Perlick glass door wine reserve features the highest quality glass specifically
manufactured to protect interior and increase strength. Dual-pane Low-E glass is
specially coated with UV-resistant protection to provide industry leading insulation
and protection. Low-E glass reduces the amount of ultraviolet light that enters the
reserve without sacrificing the clarity of the product.
enemy: odor
Strong odors near wine racks or in a wine room – especially musty or moldy odors
and dry rot – can affect the flavor of wine. Any finish on which wine is stored on or
in must be odorless, and wood chosen should be as non-aromatic as possible.
the solution? stainless steel
Every Perlick cabinet, including wine reserves, features commercial-grade
stainless steel interiors. Stainless steel provides a nonporous, sanitary interior that
resists odor and stains unlike plastic and wood. By storing your wine in the best
environment possible, it will undergo the proper maturation process to create a
perfect wine at its peak.
enemy: oxygen
Oxygen is the most common enemy of wine. When air gets into a bottle of wine,
the wine begins to oxidize. Beautiful white wines will begin to brown, precious reds
will fade, and all will take on sharp Sherry-like nose.
the solution? position and power
By keeping the proper – and consistent – temperature on horizontal racks, wine
bottles with corks avoid deterioration, shrinking or loosening. Maintaining a cork’s
integrity is important because oxygen can quickly ruin a beautiful bottle of wine
(oxygen, a highly reactive gas, is the most damaging enemy of wine when seeping
into a cork.) Drastic temperature swings between hot and cold can interrupt wine’s
natural maturation process because they cause the cork to contract, therefore
drawing in air each time the temperatures drop and rise.
Perlick’s exclusive RAPIDcool™ forced-air refrigeration system is powered
by a robust variable-speed compressor, and works to firmly hold consistent
temperature at your chosen set point. The system ramps up when the temperature
rises (opening the door to stock, for example) to ensure proper temperature is
Varieties of wine
Wine comes in countless variations. Complex flavors and aromas mend together
and are aged for various lengths of time to achieve unique flavors. When stored
properly, the various floral and fruit notes can properly mature for peak enjoyment.
Read on for information on wine and recommended pairings.
Serving Temp
Glass Type
Pairings to Try
Cabernet Sauvignon Known to be dry
in style with complex dark fruit and spice
61°- 64°F
16° -18°C
Gorgonzaola, beef, duck, walnuts,
dark chocolate
Chardonnay Medium to medium dry
in style with citrus and pear notes. When
aged in oak, it becomes buttery with
vanilla and oak
48° - 52°F
9° - 11°C
Mild cheeses, hummus, scallops
and other light seafood
Merlot A complex blend of fresh red
fruits (currants, plums, cherries) with a
hint of cedar when aged in oak
61° - 63°F
15° - 17°C
Antipasto, veal, aged cheeses,
eggplant, dark berry desserts
Pinot Grigio Dry light to medium
bodied with crisp fruit flavors like pear
or lemon
44° - 47°F
7° - 8°C
Ceviche, quiche, crab, lobster,
risotto, apple tart
Pinot Noir Velvet and complex, they
blend red fruit, spice, and chocolate
flavors. When aged in oak it takes on
cedar notes
50° - 55°F
10° - 13°C
Creamy cheeses, roasted vegetables, game dishes, berry tart, creme
Riesling A sweet German wine that
boasts bright floral and fruit notes with a
touch of honey
43° - 46°F
6° - 8°C
Light seafood, roasted chicken,
grilled pork, light cake and creambased pies
Sauvignon Blanc Dry white wine that
features distinct melon, fig, citrus and
herb flavors
45° -50°F
7° -10°C
Shellfish, goat cheese, chicken,
grilled vegetables, sorbet
Syrah/Shiraz A rich, spicy red wine with
distinct dark berry, pepper and coffee
63° -65°F
17° - 18°C
Bruschetta, tampenade, red meat,
barbeque, chocolate mousse
perlick perfected wine preservation
Whether you are a wine novice or a collecting connoisseur, Perlick has the perfect
storage option to fit your needs. Available in a variety of sizes with storage for 20
to 90 bottles, Perlick has the wine reserve to accommodate your collection of reds,
whites, and everything in between.
why trust perlick wine reserves
All models are powered by Perlick’s exclusive RAPIDcool™ forced-air
refrigeration system which ensures consistent temperature by circulating cold
air through the cabinet. It also prevents icy cold temperatures at the back of
the unit, which can happen with competitor units that rely on a cold plate to
achieve lower temperatures
All models feature commercial-grade stainless steel interiors, providing an
odorless, sanitary environment for wine
Our full-extenstion, pull-out shelving is specifically designed for wine bottles,
and glide smoothly in and out of the unit on ball-bearing slides
Glass door model wine reserves have Low-E, UV-resistant glass that provides
industry-leading protection without sacrificing the ability to display your
Perlick products are backed by a Full Three Year Warranty plus an additional
three years on the sealed system – the industry’s best warranty.
meet your perlick wine reserve
Perlick offers the industry’s widest selection of wine storage options in the industry. Available
Wine Reserve
Glass Door
48” Signature Series
48” W x 34-1/4”H x 24”D
Capacity 20 wine bottles
(on five shelves)
Wine Reserve (Single or Two Temp)
Solid Door
Capacity 80 wine bottles
(on 10 shelves) + room on floor
24” W x 34-1/4”H x 24”D
Wine Reserve
Solid Door
24” Signature Series
15” W x 34-1/4”H x 24”D
15” Signature Series
in a variety of sizes, Perlick has the storage solution for your collection – indoors or out.
Wine Reserve
Solid Door
Wine Reserve
Glass Door
Capacity 40 wine bottles
(on five shelves) + room on floor
Wine Reserve (Single or Two Temp)
Glass Door
24” W x 32”H x 18”D
Signature Series sottile
Wine Reserve
Solid Door
Wine Reserve
Glass Door
Capacity 20 wine bottles
(on four shelves)
24” W x 32”H x 24”D
24” C-Series
24” W x 34-1/4”H x 24”D
Capacity 14 wine bottles (in top zone) +
18 wine bottles (in bottom zone)
24” ADA-compliant Series
24” W x 34-1/4”H x 24”D
24” Signature Series
Dual-Zone Wine Reserve Dual-Zone Wine Reserve
Solid Door
Glass Door
Wine Reserve
Solid Door
Wine Reserve
Glass Door
Capacity 40 wine bottles
(on five shelves) + room on floor
Wine Reserve
Solid Door
Wine Reserve
Glass Door
Capacity 32 wine bottles
(on four shelves) + room on floor
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