Zephyr ZRVE30AGC, ZSA-E30CS, ZPAK1236B, ZPYE36AW, ZPAK2500W null

Zephyr ZRVE30AGC, ZSA-E30CS, ZPAK1236B, ZPYE36AW, ZPAK2500W null
power & breeze series Robust power and superior value make the Power and Breeze Series
best-in-class range hoods. With advanced components and backed by our industry leading warranty,
Power and Breeze range hoods always live up to their name.
pro-style & power packs When powerful ventilation is what you need, look no further than
Zephyr’s pro-style and power pack options. Built for professional-grade performance these hoods are also
feature-rich and offer multiple installation options.
europa power breeze
introducing next generation europa +
dcbl suppression system™
size: 30”, 36”, 48” | cfm: 290, 600, 1100
size: 30”, 36” | cfm: 695
cyclone Modern, clean lines provide a perfect
complement to any interior, while centrifugal
blowers liquefy cooking residue without complex
fi lters to make cleaning a snap.
breeze i Breeze I is an exceptional value.
size: 30”, 36”, 42” | cfm: 650
size: 24”, 30”, 36” | cfm: 250
twister Sometimes you just need to cover your
bases, so we designed this inexpensive power pack
as a simple, no-hassle solution.
tornado i Designed with great attention to
detail and added flexibility in a small, attractive package hidden under your custom range hood canopy.
size: 27 ” | cfm: 290
size: 27 ” | cfm: 600
Essentials is more than just the basics.
It’s the building blocks of a great kitchen.
Turn to the Essentials Collection for premier design
and performance options in any range hood category.
From fi lterless under-cabinet hoods to outdoor options
tornado ii An insert with a wireless remote
size: 29” | cfm: 1000
cypress The seamlessly contoured, corrosionresistant 316-grade stainless steel canopy houses
high-performance stainless steel baffle fi lters.
size: 36”, 42”, 48” | cfm: 600, 1000, 1100
to the Next Generation Europa, Essentials is the perfect
tornado iii Muscle and flexibility separates
Tornado III from the typical power pack. A standard remote
control and up to 5 motor speeds add to your enjoyment.
place to start when planning your kitchen project.
Embrace your love of cooking and increase your enjoy-
size: 38” | cfm: 290, 600, 1000
breeze ii Superior performance in a quiet,
size: 30”, 36” | cfm: 400
Our newly revamped Essentials Collection features the very best in kitchen ventilation.
From the new Next Generation Europa to the original filterless Power Series range hoods,
Zephyr covers your needs.
Its 250-CFM blower quietly remove odors, and
the standard dual-level halogen bulbs brightly
illuminate the cooktop below.
control, an easy-to-install, adjustable-depth liner
and baffle fi lters to enhance the look of your kitchen.
low-profi le package, Breeze II comes equipped
with a quiet, three-speed 400-CFM blower and
standard 2-level halogen bulbs.
DCBL Suppression System™ increases your range hood’s torque at speed one, also known
as working speed, to match the most typical cooking styles. By focusing on working speed,
it allows us to deliver the needed ventilation for cooks using one or two burners to prepare
a meal. On working speed, DCBL Suppression System™ generates 250-CFM at 0.8 sones–
enough power to handle a 10,000 BTU and one 15,000 BTU working on maximum capacity.
In short, you get the CFM you need but none of the noise you would expect.
willow Built for the outdoors, the 316-grade
stainless option and marine-grade rocker controls
are made to withstand the toughest environments.
size: 29” | cfm: 1000
ment when preparing meals at home by choosing a range
hood that fits your style and budget.
1 888 880 vent
size: 30”, 36”, 42”, 48” | cfm: 850
charge of the self-cleaning three-speed 695-CFM
blowers and dual-level halogen all work together
to make your life just a little bit easier.
size: 30”, 36”, 42” | cfm: 600, 1100
2277 Harbor Bay Parkway
Alameda, California 94502
black, white, bisque or stainless steel houses a
powerful yet virtually noise-free 850-CFM blower.
hurricane Electronic touch-controls take
tempest ii The 18” tall version our pro-style
range hoods, Tempest II is designed with professional
-grade performance and seamless contours.
zephyr corporation
typhoon A smooth, sophisticated wing in
tempest i Expect a lifetime of power and performance, plus sleek electronic controls that streamline
and enhance the hood’s professional aesthetic.
Since 2001, Zephyr’s Europa Collection has been the standard by which the industry measures itself. Combining European design with American performance, Europa is the best
of all worlds. A part of the Essentials Collection, the Next Generation Europa symbolizes
our unyielding dedication to progress, to innovative design and using technology to deliver
better products.
New models are indicated with this symbol.
dcbl suppression system™
bloom™ hd led
Exceeds Energy Star™ requirements:
• Energy Star™ - 2.8 CFM / watt
• Zephyr - 17 CFM / watt
3-watt LED uses 15% of the energy
a 20-watt halogen uses
Up to 80% more energy efficient
Halogen-like warm light color rated
at 3200 Kelvin
Up to 77% quieter on working speeds
Cool to the touch. Never gets hot
Higher torque to increase
performance efficiency
Patented lens evenly distributes light
Less wear-and-tear on motor
3-year warranty
25,000-hour life expectancy
3-year warranty
Industry’s first dimmable LED
light bulb
To learn more about DCBL Suppression System™ visit www.ZephyrOnline.com
next generation europa Featuring the sophistication of European design and Zephyr’s
verona wall An LED strip surrounds this
unique straight-glass canopy range hood and rotates
between blue, white and amber while on Demo mode.
size: 30”, 36” | cfm: 715
milano (g) wall Curved-glass canopy
design, LCD controls, dimmable LED bulbs
and DCBL technology deliver high style
without compromise.
size: 36” | cfm: 715
modena wall A study in clean modern
simplicity, Modena comes pre-loaded with DCBL
Suppression™ technology so its performance will
be as stunning as its looks.
modena island Equipped with DCBL Suppression™ technology, Modena island performs whisper-quiet air removal while flaunting its advanced
BloomTM LED light bulbs on its one-inch canopy.
size: 30”, 36” | cfm: 715
size: 36”, 42” | cfm: 715
milano (s) wall Upgraded with Zephyr’s
milano (s) island A bold technological
DCBL Suppression System™, Milano takes range
hood performance to higher grounds with Bloom
LED light bulbs and LCD controls.
size: 36” | cfm: 715
breakthrough, DCBL Suppression System™ transforms the Milano island into the quietest, most effective and energy efficient range hood available today.
size: 36”, 42” | cfm: 715
bloom™ hd led
light bulbs
All Next Generation Europa range hoods
are equipped with DCBL Suppression
technology, including Bloom™ HD LED
light bulbs.
venezia wall A timeless design, Venezia’s
formidable design now houses Zephyr’s DCBL Suppression System™ and elevates this ageless range
hood to unparalleled levels of performance.
size: 30”, 36”, 42” | cfm: 715
To learn more, visit us at:
europa classics under-cabinets Never under-featured, our collection of under-cabinet
europa classics Classic never goes out of style. The Europa Classics offer industry leading
performance and features that also provide the best value.
DCBL Suppression System™ – the new benchmark in range hood performance.
Bloom HD LEDs™ have a 68-year lifetime
when used for one hour a day. Every day.
They are the fi rst and only LED bulbs on
the market that are dimmable and the
one-inch heat sink dissipates heat away
from the LED ensuring high fidelity
performance over time.
milano (g) island An airy, Deco-inspired
fl ight of hand-formed glass, with touch-sensitive
controls, adjustable lighting and powerful blowers.
angolo wall An elegant and playful range
size: 36”, 42” | cfm: 715
size: 30”, 36” | cfm: 290, 600
napoli island Upgraded with Zephyr’s DCBL
Suppression System™, Bloom HD LED bulbs and the
unique Quick-Lock installation system, Napoli is a
cut above the rest.
firenze wall A Europa Classic, Firenze’s
hybrid features provide the focused performance
of a 600-CFM motor with the upgraded lighting
of Bloom HD LED light bulbs.
size: 36”, 42” | cfm: 715
size: 36” | cfm: 600, 715
hood, Angolo comes equipped with Electronic LED
controls and a 600-CFM motor.
anzio wall At home in either traditional
or contemporary kitchens, Anzio is a low-profi le
chimney-style range hood that will add style and
value to any kitchen.
size: 30”, 36” | cfm: 290, 600
roma wall A bold, angular presence at a
surprisingly affordable cost. Ideal for the designsavvy chef or builder on a budget.
size: 30”, 36” | cfm: 290, 600
range hoods provide the looks and performance of their chimney-gifted counterparts.
savona wall Our most affordable full-featured hood comes in stainless steel or black with
three speed levels and two halogen lamps.
torino island The sculpted glass canopy
is yours in green, blue, red or yellow. An infrared
remote adjusts power and light from a distance.
size: 30”, 36” | cfm: 290, 685
size: 36” | cfm: 715
anzio island Anzio’s 600-CFM motor,
roma island A surprisingly beautiful and
affordable island design. Roma is ideal for the designsavvy chef, or builder that won’t settle for mediocrity.
electronic LED controls, dual-level halogens and
Quick-Lock installation system put it a step ahead
of the competition.
size: 36”, 42” | cfm: 290, 600
size: 36”, 42” | cfm: 600
(un)common features
QUIET PERFORMANCE: Great ventilation doesn’t have to be noisy. Our range hoods give
Essentials Collection by Zephyr is about getting the very best for your
money. We design all our products to over-deliver in style and performance so when it comes to kitchen ventilation think Zephyr first.
TELESCOPIC DUCTING: Standard duct covers that fit up to a 10’ ceiling out of the box.
stunning design and quality performance. Its retractable visor controls the hood’s motor and lights.
Available with optional remote control.
size: 30”, 36” | cfm: 290, 500
gust Subtle as its homeowner, Gust’s perfectly
curved corners and the top-mounted return-air
louver, are evidence that we spare nothing when
it comes to quality.
size: 30”, 36” | cfm: 290, 400
terazzo Bearing the gift of style, Terazzo’s true
12-inch cabinet depth and the ingenious terraced
display rack make it a perfect addition to any kitchen.
size: 30”, 36” | cfm: 290, 400
pyramid Energize your kitchen in stainless
steel, white or black. An adjustable utensil bar
keeps utensils within easy reach.
size: 30”, 36” | cfm: 290, 400
you the power you need at the noise levels that let you enjoy cooking.
Optional duct covers that can go as high as 12’.
QUICK-LOCK INSTALLATION: The easiest island range hood installation. Allows you
to install an island range hood in as little as 20 minutes.
to deliver a superior product.
QUALITY FIT AND FINISH: A difference you can feel. We select the best designers and factories
OPTIONAL RECIRCULATION KITS: All Europa range hoods can be retrofit with an
optional recirculation kit to fit in a ventless installation.
PERFORMANCE VERSATILITY: Essentials can meet the power you need with CFM options
ZEPHYR WARRANTY: We back up our product with warranties of up to 10 years on select
from 290 to 600 to 715 to 1100 CFM
genova Genova’s crescent-like body delivers
models and three years on all Europa chimney and under-cabinet models.
tamburo An elegant curve encircles twin
halogens and the three-speed motor. An adjustable
utensil bar puts your cooking tools where you
need them.
size: 30”, 36” | cfm: 290, 400
sorrento downdraft Ideal for small
kitchens or for island settings where ceilings are
too high for ducting, Sorrento rises to the occasion
as a downdraft hood option.
size: 30”, 36” | cfm: 500
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