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Multi-Function Cooktop
Important Note
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To ensure the safe and efficient use of Wolf equipment,
please take note of the following types of highlighted
information throughout this guide:
Safety Instructions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Multi-Function Cooktop Features . . . . . . . . . . .
Multi-Function Cooktop Operation . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Multi-Function Cooktop Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
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Troubleshooting Guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
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Features and specifications are subject to change at any time
without notice. Visit our website, wolfappliance.com for the
most up-to-date information.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Throughout this guide, dimensions in
parentheses are millimeters unless otherwise specified.
IMPORTANT NOTE highlights information that is especially
CAUTION signals a situation where minor injury or product
damage may occur if instructions are not followed.
WARNING states a hazard that may cause serious injury or
death if precautions are not followed.
Wolf Multi-Function Cooktop
Thank You
Your purchase of a Wolf gas multi-function cooktop
attests to the importance you place upon the quality and
performance of your cooking equipment. We understand
this importance and have designed and built your multifunction cooktop with quality materials and workmanship
to give you years of dependable service.
We know you are eager to start cooking, but before you
do, please take some time to read this use & care guide.
Whether you are a beginning cook or an expert chef, it will
be to your benefit to familiarize yourself with the safety
practices, features, operation and care recommendations
of the Wolf gas multi-function cooktop.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The Wolf gas multi-function cooktop
is manufactured for use with natural gas or LP gas. Check
the product rating plate for the type of gas for your specific
model. If this appliance does not correspond to your type
of gas, contact your authorized Wolf dealer.
The rating plate is located on the underside of the multifunction cooktop. Refer to the illustration below.
Your Wolf multi-function cooktop is protected by a
warranty that is one of the finest in the industry. Take a
moment to read the warranty statement at the end of this
guide and refer to it should service become necessary.
Location of rating plate.
Safety Instructions
If the information in this guide is not followed
exactly, a fire or explosion may result, causing
property damage, personal injury or death.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Read all safety instructions before
using this appliance.
• Installation and service must be performed by a qual-
ified installer, service agency or the gas supplier.
• Warranty service must be performed by Wolf factory
certified service.
• Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable
vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other
• A ventilation hood or downdraft is recommended for
use with the Wolf multi-function cooktop.
• Do not try to light any appliance.
• Do not touch any electrical switch.
• Do not use any phone in your building.
• Immediately call your gas supplier from a neighbor’s
phone. Follow the gas supplier’s instructions.
• If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the fire
Safety Instructions
• Read this use & care guide carefully before using
your new multi-function cooktop to reduce the risk of
fire, electric shock or injury to persons.
• Ensure proper installation and servicing. This
appliance must be properly installed and grounded
by a qualified technician.
• Have installer show you where the gas supply
shut-off valve is located in your home. Learn how
and where to turn off the gas to the cooktop.
• Before performing any service, turn off the gas
supply by closing the gas shut-off valve and unplug
the cooktop power cord from the electrical outlet.
• Always properly clean and maintain the cooktop as
outlined in care recommendations on pages 12–13.
• Keep the igniter clean and dry for proper lighting and
performance of the burner.
• In the event that the burner goes out and gas
escapes, open a window or a door. Wait at least five
minutes before using the cooktop.
• Keep appliance area clear and free from combustible
• Wear proper apparel. Never let loose clothing or
other flammable materials come in contact with the
burner while in operation. Fabric may ignite and
cause personal injury.
• IMPORTANT: Do not install a ventilation system that
blows air downward toward this gas cooking appliance. This type of ventilation system may cause
ignition and combustion problems with this gas
cooking appliance resulting in personal injury or unintended operation.
• Always use dry pot holders when removing a pan
from the cooktop. Wet or damp pot holders can
cause steam burns. Do not use a towel or bulky cloth
in place of pot holders.
• When deep fat frying, be sure the pan is large
enough to accommodate the food without overflowing when fat begins to bubble. Heat fat slowly. Never
leave a deep fat fryer unattended. Avoid deep fat
frying moist or frost-covered foods. Foods with a
high water content may cause the hot fat to spatter.
Use a thermometer to avoid heating the fat above the
flash point.
• When cooking, set the burner control so the flame
heats only the bottom of the pan and does not
extend beyond the bottom of the pan.
• Choose pans with easily grasped handles that will
stay cool while cooking. Refer to cookware selection
on page 14.
• Always turn panhandles inward so they do not
extend over adjacent work areas or the edge of the
• Always check the position of the control knob to
make certain the cooktop is off when you are finished
• Always light the burner prior to placing a pan on the
burner grate. Also, turn the control knob to the OFF
position before removing a pan from the grate.
• Start the ventilation hood approximately five minutes
before cooking. This establishes an air curtain and
improves the capture of vapor and moisture.
• Do not repair or replace any part of the cooktop
unless specifically recommended in literature accompanying this appliance. All service should be referred
to a qualified technician.
Safety Instructions
• Do not obstruct the flow of air. Your kitchen must
have an adequate supply of fresh air to ensure
proper combustion and ventilation.
• Do not use aluminum foil to line any part of the
• Never use the cooktop to warm or heat the room.
• Do not block or obstruct the hole in the cooktop
surface below the control knob. Blocking the hole
may affect burner operation and may result in a
• When using the cooktop, do not touch the grate,
burner or any other parts in proximity to the flame.
These components may be hot enough to cause
• If the cooktop is near a window, do not use long
curtains as a window treatment, as they could blow
over the cooktop and create a fire hazard.
• Do not leave children alone or unattended in the area
where the cooktop is in use. Never allow children to
sit or stand on the appliance. Do not let children play
with the cooktop.
• Do not store items of interest to children above or at
the back of the cooktop, as they could climb on the
appliance to reach items and be injured.
• Do not use water on grease fires. Smother the flame
or use a dry chemical or foam-type extinguisher.
• Never leave the appliance unattended when in use.
Boilovers and greasy spills may smoke or ignite.
• Do not cover the burner and grate with anything
except properly selected utensils. Decorative covers
should not be used.
• Do not heat unopened food containers, such as baby
food jars and cans. Pressure build-up may cause the
container to burst and cause injury.
• Do not store flammable materials near burners or let
grease or other flammable substances accumulate
on the cooktop.
• Do not use abrasive or caustic cleaners or detergents
on this appliance, as these may cause permanent
damage. Do not use aerosol cleaners, as these may
be flammable or cause corrosion of metal parts.
• Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable
vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other
• Do not clean the cooktop while it is still hot. If using
a damp sponge or cloth, wait until the cooktop has
cooled sufficiently to prevent steam burns. Also,
some cleaners can produce harmful or unpleasant
fumes if applied to hot surfaces. Refer to care recommendations on pages 12–13.
• Do not allow aluminum foil, plastic, paper or cloth to
come in contact with the hot burner or grate. Do not
allow pans to boil dry.
Safety Instructions
Smother flames with a close-fitting lid, baking sheet
or other metal tray; then turn off the gas burner. Be
careful to prevent burns. If the flames do not go out
immediately, evacuate and call the fire department.
Burning gas cooking fuel generates some by-products that are on the list of substances known to
cause cancer or reproductive harm. To minimize
exposure to these substances, always operate this
unit according to the instructions contained in this
guide and provide good ventilation.
Do not use water on grease fires.
Never pick up a flaming pan, you may be burned.
• Installations and repairs must be performed by a
• You know you have a class ABC extinguisher and
you already know how to operate it.
• The fire is small and contained in the area where it
• The fire department is being called.
• You can fight the fire with your back to an exit
(NFPA fire safety tips).
qualified or licensed contractor, plumber or gas fitter,
qualified or licensed by the state, province or region
where this appliance is being installed.
• Use only gas shut-off valves approved for use within
the state, province or region where this appliance is
being installed.
• A flexible gas connector, when used, must not
exceed 3' (.9 m).
Multi-Function Cooktop Features
Multi-Function Cooktop Features
• Integrated design allows for installation of multiple
cooktops or modules.
• Crafted of heavy-duty stainless steel.
• High-output 22,000 Btu (6.5 kW) burner concentrates its
flame in precisely the right spot for stir-frying.
• Dual-stacked sealed burner with flame recognition and
automatic reignition for safety and ease of use.
• Illuminated control panel with cool touch control knob.
• Two interchangeable, porcelain-coated cast iron burner
grates—wok grate and low-profile grate.
• Deep seamless burner pan for easy cleanup.
• Individual spark ignition system.
• CSA certified for US and Canada.
• Two and five year residential warranty—exclusions
apply, see warranty at the end of this guide.
Model IM15/S
22,000 Btu burner
Cast iron burner
grate (wok grate shown)
control panel
Deep seamless
burner pan
Stainless steel
Cool touch
control knob
Optional accessories are avail­able through your authorized
Wolf dealer. For local dealer information, visit the find a
showroom section of our website, wolfappliance.com.
• Filler strip for installation with another cooktop or
• Support bracket for installation with another module
and downdraft.
• High altitude conversion kit.
Multi-Function Cooktop Operation
Control Panel
Surface Burner
The control panel of your multi-function cooktop is illuminated for an instant visual indication that the burner is in
use. It is a safety signal reminding you that the flame is on
and active.
A spark electrode ignites the surface burner. This control
eliminates the need for a continuous open flame pilot. For
added safety and convenience, the burner is designed with
an electronic reignition system. This feature enables the
burner to automatically relight in the event it is accidentally
It is normal for the control knob to be slightly raised above
the surface. This space is an air inlet necessary for good
combustion of gas. The knob rests on a valve stem with a
rubber grommet at the base. This design prevents liquid
spills from dripping into the controls below the burner.
Refer to the illustration below.
Select a flame that is just high enough to maintain the
desired cooking speed and is sized to fit the base diameter
of the pan. Never extend the flame beyond the base of the
A natural gas flame should be blue with a deeper blue
core. There should be minimal trace of a yellow flame.
A yellow flame indicates an improper mixture of air and
gas or impurities in the gas supply to the cooktop. If this
occurs consistently, call Wolf factory certified service to
adjust the mixture. With LP gas, some yellow tipping
to the flame is acceptable and may not require an
Touch control panel.
In case of a power outage, you can relight the surface
burner manually. Turn the control knob to HIGH, then light
the burner using a BBQ lighter.
Multi-Function Cooktop Operation
Multi-Function Cooktop Operation
Before using for the first time, clean your multi-function
cooktop thoroughly with hot water and a mild detergent.
Rinse and dry with a soft cloth. This removes any residual
oil and grease left on the surface from the manufacturing
process. Refer to care recommendations on pages 12–13.
IMPORTANT NOTE: A small amount of smoke and odor
may be noticed during the initial break-in period.
To light the burner, push down and turn the control knob
counterclockwise to the HIGH setting. You will hear a
clicking sound and see the burner ignite. Once the burner
is lit, continue turning the knob counter­clockwise to any
one of the settings—HIGH through LOW.
Multi-Function Cooktop Operation
Using the Multi-Function Cooktop
Stir-frying is a method of cooking that uses very little oil
and involves continuous stirring. Because food is cooked
so rapidly, color, flavor, texture and nutrition are preserved.
Steaming helps vegetables retain nutrients. A wok with a
lid or a bamboo steamer is needed to steam food.
1) Pour 11/2" (38) to 2" (51) of hot water into wok.
1) Prepare all ingredients in advance.
2) Heat the wok over HIGH heat until hot. Drizzle in oil.
Heat until oil is hot.
3) Add meat to wok. Cook and stir until done. Remove
from wok.
4) Add vegetables requiring the longest cooking time to
the wok. Then add remaining vegetables. Cook and stir
until crisp-tender.
5) Return meat to wok.
6) Add sauce. Stir to coat.
• Never leave food unattended while stir-frying.
• Cut ingredients into uniform pieces. Pieces of the same
size will cook at the same rate.
• Use oil that can withstand high heat, like peanut oil.
• Don’t crowd foods. Too much food in the wok can
cause stewing and steaming rather than stir-frying.
• Use hot oil; when hot enough it will ripple as the wok is
tilted from side to side.
• Keep food moving at all times.
2) Place wire rack or bamboo steamer into wok. Water
level should not touch rack or steamer.
3) Cover; bring to a boil.
4) Add food; cover. Do not let wok boil dry. Add more
water as needed.
5) Cook until food tests done.
• Never leave food unattended while steaming.
• If you don’t have a wok steamer rack, use a round
cooling rack instead.
• Don't lift the lid until near the end of the cooking time;
this will result in increased cooking time.
Multi-Function Cooktop Care
Care Recommendations
• Wait until surfaces are cool before cleaning.
• For best results, wipe up spills and spatters as they
occur and immediately after the cooktop has cooled. If
splatters are allowed to cook on, they may permanently
damage or stain the finish.
• Use a spray degreaser to remove fingerprints and
greasy spatters. Spray on a cloth and wipe the surface.
Buff dry immediately to avoid streaking. For hard water
stains, use white vinegar and water.
• If in doubt about using one of your cleaners, check the
label. To check if it is safe to use on your cooktop, try a
small amount on an inconspicuous area.
• Use caution when spraying cleaners. Some contain
caustic ingredients that can damage adjacent parts and
finishes. Protect the adjacent parts by masking them off
to avoid damage by overspray.
• Do not spray cleaners on the control knob or igniter.
• Refer to the care recommendations for specific cooktop
IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure the multi-function cooktop
is off and all surfaces are cool before cleaning any part of
the unit.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use abrasive cleaners; they
will permanently scratch stainless steel surfaces. Salt
and some cooking liquids may pit and stain the surface.
Remove these spatters immediately.
Use a spray degreaser to remove fingerprints and greasy
spatters. Spray on a cloth and wipe the surface. Buff dry
immediately to avoid streaking. For hard water stains, use
white vinegar and water.
For general cleaning, use a soft, nonabrasive stainless
steel cleaner like Signature polish and apply with a soft
lint-free cloth. To bring out the natural luster, lightly wipe
the surface with a water-dampened microfiber cloth
followed by a dry polishing chamois. All work should follow
the grain direction of the finish. Better results are obtained
by keeping the cloth in continuous contact with the stainless steel.
Signature polish is available from Signature Limited
Laboratory, P. O. Box 13436, Dayton, Ohio 45413, or call
Multi-Function Cooktop Care
Care Recommendations
Control knob.
Burner pan.
• To remove, slip the edge of a dish towel under the
knob; pull edges together. Using the towel for leverage,
lift up, pulling the knob off the valve stem.
• Do not use abrasive cleaners; they will permanently
scratch porcelain enamel surfaces. Use a clean cloth
or sponge and wipe the surface with warm water and a
mild detergent. Rinse and dry immediately.
• Use a spray degreaser to remove fingerprints and
greasy spatters. Spray on a cloth and wipe the surface.
Buff dry immediately to avoid streaking. For hard water
stains, use white vinegar and water.
Burner grate.
• Remove the burner grate and clean with a nonabrasive
cleaner such as liquid detergent and hot water, or a
paste of baking soda and water. Do not immerse in
water. Spray degreasers and mild abrasive cleaners
may be used.
Burner head and base.
• Wash in warm water and liquid detergent or mild
abrasive cleaner. Rinse and dry.
Spark igniter.
• Keep dry; never spray water or cleaner directly on the
igniter. When cleaning the burner, avoid contact with
the igniter.
• Wipe the control knob with a damp cloth and mild
detergent and water; rinse and dry. Do not soak the
knob or use abrasive cleaners, they will scratch the
finish and remove markings.
Control panel.
• Use a spray degreaser to remove fingerprints and food
soils. Spray on a cloth and wipe the panel. Do not spray
directly on the panel near the valve stem.
Multi-Function Cooktop Care
Cookware Selection
For best results, we recommend medium- to heavy-weight
cookware. Pans should have a flat base, metal handle
and good-fitting cover. Look for pans that are made of
materials with good heat conductivity, such as aluminum
and copper. Use the following guidelines when selecting
• Select deep pans with high sides rather than ones with
wide bases and low sides to avoid boilovers.
• Cover pans while cooking to improve cooking
efficiency. Water boils faster, using less fuel, and the
kitchen stays cooler.
• Select lower flame settings when using pans made of
cast iron, enameled steel or glass ceramic, or pans
coated with a nonstick finish. High heat may cause hot
spots, scorching and burning.
• Pans with oversize bases that extend beyond the
cooktop frame should not be used. On high settings,
heat may be trapped beneath the pan causing permanent damage to the surface finish.
Wok cooking is versatile and quick. The bowl-like pan
distributes heat evenly and is perfect for stir-frying,
steaming, stewing and braising.
A wok with a diameter of up to 18" (457) can be used with
the wok grate provided with your multi-function cooktop.
Woks are available in carbon steel, stainless steel and
aluminum. If possible, purchase a wok with a lid. Follow
the wok manufacturer’s directions for cooking methods.
To prepare the wok for cooking, wash in soapy water and
dry thoroughly. If the wok is made of carbon steel, the wok
must be seasoned to prevent rusting. To season, wipe the
inside of the wok with oil. Heat over high heat until a dark
film forms. Do not remove the film.
Use the wok grate provided with your multi-function
cooktop for wok cooking. The wok should be centered on
top of the burner when placed on the wok grate.
IMPORTANT NOTE: When cooking with a wok, make sure
that the wok is sitting level on the grate to prevent spills
and uneven cooking.
Multi-Function Cooktop Recipes
Chicken Vegetable Stir-Fry
with Oyster Glaze and Peanuts
Oyster Glaze for Stir-Fry
Makes 4 to 6 servings
11/2 Tbsp (25 ml) chopped garlic
11/2 Tbsp (25 ml) chopped ginger
3/4 cup (180 ml) oyster sauce
1 cup (240 ml) water
2 Tbsp (30 ml) cornstarch
1/4 cup (60 ml) water
1/4 cup (60 ml) sesame oil
2 Tbsp (30 ml) vegetable oil
2 cups (300 g) chicken strips, beef strips or shrimp
1 cup (150 g) sliced shiitake mushrooms
2 cups (300 g) pea pods, cleaned and trimmed
3 cups (450 g) broccoli flowerettes
1 cup (150 g) sliced red pepper, cut in half
1 cup (150 g) sliced yellow pepper, cut in half
2 scallions, thinly sliced on the bias
1 cup (240 ml) oyster glaze (see recipe)
1/4 cup (40 g) chopped dry roasted peanuts
8 cups (1.5 kg) white rice
Oyster glaze
Place a cast iron or 18" (457) steel wok on Wolf multifunction cooktop over high heat. Heat for 9 to 10 minutes
or until very hot. Assemble ingredients in separate bowls.
When the wok is preheated, add the oil to the wok and
quickly add chicken and mushrooms, stirring for 1 minute
and allowing them to brown. Add remaining vegetables
and stir for about 5 minutes. Stir in the oyster glaze and
heat for 30 seconds. Carefully remove meat and vegetables from the wok. Serve immediately with rice and glaze
on the side, if desired.
Makes 2 1/3 cups (560 ml)
Combine garlic, ginger, oyster sauce and 1 cup (240 ml)
water in 2-quart (2 L) bowl. In 1-cup (240 ml) glass measure,
mix cornstarch and 1/4 cup (60 ml) water. Whisk into the
oyster sauce mixture. Stir in sesame oil. Refrigerate. Stir
before each use.
Multi-Function Cooktop Recipes
Wok Seared Salt & Pepper Shrimp
Makes 3 to 4 servings
11/2 lbs (.7 kg) (16-20 per pound count) large raw shrimp,
peeled and de-veined
2 Tbsp (30 ml) vegetable oil
1/2 tsp (2 ml) kosher salt
Large pinch cracked pepper
1/2 tsp (2 ml) sugar
Place a cast iron or 18" (457) steel wok on the Wolf multifunction cooktop over high heat. Heat for 10 minutes.
Toss shrimp with the other ingredients. When the wok
is hot, carefully add shrimp to the wok and stir with a
wooden spoon, allowing the shrimp to brown. Cook and
stir for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove the shrimp from the wok
and serve immediately.
Troubleshooting Guide
If your Wolf multi-function cooktop is not operating
properly, use the following troubleshooting guide before
calling Wolf factory certified service. This guide will save
you time and trouble and may help you avoid the expense
of a service call.
Multi-function cooktop does not operate.
• Check the household fuse or circuit breaker to see if it
has been blown or tripped. A power outage may also
have caused a disruption in service.
• Verify that the electrical connection to the cooktop has
not been disconnected.
Burner fails to ignite.
• Igniter is damp. Allow it to dry completely.
Food boils out of the pan and overflows.
• Heat setting is too high or pan is too small for its
Food boils or burns more in one area of a pan.
• Pan is not centered above the burner or base of pan
does not rest flat on the burner grate.
• Pan does not conduct heat evenly.
Water does not come to a boil fast enough.
• Cover pan for most efficient use of the high setting.
• Diameter of pan is too large or base of pan is warped.
Food cooks too slowly when stir-frying or sautéing.
• Too much food added at one time; stir-fry or sauté in
• Size of food pieces is too large or temperature of food
is colder than usual.
• Pan does not conduct heat evenly.
Service Information
Service Information
When requesting information, literature, replacement parts
or service, always refer to the model and serial numbers of
your multi-function cooktop. Both numbers are listed on
the product rating plate, located on the underside of the
cooktop. Refer to the illustration on page 3. Record the
rating plate information below for future reference.
Model Number:
Serial Number:
Installation Date:
Wolf Factory Certified Service:
Before calling Wolf factory certified service, refer to the
troubleshooting guide on page 17.
Register your new Wolf product today so that we may
ensure your satisfaction. You may register by one of the
following options:
1) Mail in the completed Wolf product registration card.
2) Register online at wolfappliance.com.
3) Register by phone by calling Wolf customer care at
Authorized Wolf Dealer:
The model and serial numbers of your unit are printed on
the enclosed Wolf product registration card. If you provide
us with your e-mail address, we will send you exciting new
product updates and recipes as they become available,
along with information on special events.
The information and images in this guide are the copyright property of Wolf Appliance, Inc. Neither this guide nor any information or images contained herein
may be copied or used in whole or in part without the express written permission of Wolf Appliance, Inc. ©Wolf Appliance, Inc. all rights reserved.
Wolf, Wolf & Design, Wolf Gourmet, W & Design and the color red as applied to knobs are registered trademarks and service marks of Wolf Appliance, Inc.
Sub-Zero, Sub-Zero & Design, Dual Refrigeration, Constant Care and The Living Kitchen are registered trademarks and service marks of Sub-Zero, Inc.
(collectively, the “Company Marks.”) All other trademarks or registered trademarks are property of their respective owners in the United States and other countries.
Wolf Appliance Products Limited Warranty
For two years from the date of original installation, your Wolf Appliance product warranty covers all parts
and labor to repair or replace, under normal residential use, any part of the product that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship. All service provided by Wolf Appliance under the above warranty must be
performed by Wolf factory certified service, unless otherwise specified by Wolf Appliance, Inc. Service will be
provided during normal business hours.
For five years from the date of original installation, Wolf Appliance will repair or replace the following parts
that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship: gas burners (excluding appearance), electric heating
elements, blower motors (ventilation hoods), electronic control boards, magnetron tubes and induction
generators. The part(s) will be repaired or replaced, free of charge, with the owner paying for all other costs
including labor. All service provided by Wolf Appliance under the above warranty must be performed by Wolf
factory certified service, unless otherwise specified by Wolf Appliance, Inc. Service will be provided during
normal business hours.
The warranty applies only to products installed for normal residential use. The warranty applies only to products
installed in any one of the fifty states of the United States, the District of Columbia or the ten provinces of
Canada. This warranty does not cover any parts or labor to correct any defect caused by negligence, accident
or improper use, maintenance, installation, service or repair.
Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above
limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also
have other legal rights that vary from state to state.
To receive parts and/or service and the name of Wolf factory certified service nearest you, contact Wolf
Appliance, Inc., P. O. Box 44848, Madison, WI 53744; check the contact & support section of our website,
wolfappliance.com or call 800-222-7820.
*Stainless steel doors, panels, handles, product frames and interior surfaces are covered by a limited 60-day
parts and labor warranty for cosmetic defects.
*Replacement filters for ventilation hood recirculating kits are not covered by the product warranty.
P. O. BOX 44848 MADISON, WI 53744
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