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Discover advanced, efficient climate control for a wide range of
residential and light commercial projects, including:
Don’t compromise style for efficiency. The many styles and types of LG units offer effective heating and cooling in the
right capacity for any space while also complementing your decor. Choose a single zone system for a problem zone in
your home or a multi zone system for a whole-home solution.
• Older homes
• Bedrooms
• Home offices
• Basements
• Kitchens
• Attics
• Sunrooms and additions
• New home construction
With standout style and performance, LG Art
Cool Gallery is the industry’s only picture frame air
conditioner. Select models also include powerful
LGRED® heat and SmartThinQ® compatibility, providing
wireless control via a smartphone.
1 One Multi F MAX outdoor condensing unit can
support up to eight indoor units.
2 An Art Cool™ Mirror indoor unit shines in the
dining room.
3 A ceiling cassette indoor unit is a popular living
9,000–12,000 Btu/h
Art Cool Premier
9,000–24,000 Btu/h
Art Cool Mirror
9,000–24,000 Btu/h
9,000–18,000 Btu/h
Available in capacities from 9,000 to 36,000 Btu/h,
LG’s standard wall-mounted units are highly efficient
while offering options like extended piping runs and
SmartThinQ® compatibility as well as 115V systems
that reduce installation costs.
How It Works
High Efficiency
9,000–18,000 Btu/h
7,000–24,000 Btu/h
Extended Piping
24,000–36,000 Btu/h
9,000–24,000 Btu/h
9,000–12,000 Btu/h
This picture frame is actually the customizable Art Cool Gallery unit!
bedrooms offer customizable comfort.
The Advantages of Inverter Technology
LG Ceiling Mounted and Ducted Units
When a ceiling or ducted unit is preferred, LG
ceiling-mounted 4-way cassettes offer superior
multidirectional air circulation. All LG ducted
indoor units deliver exceptional LG performance while
utilizing your existing ductwork.
LG Red Heat Technology
Products featuring LGRED° Heat (Reliable to Extreme Degrees) boast superior heating performance
under challenging conditions: 100% heating capacity down to 5°F and continuous heating down to
-13˚F. This enhanced performance not only delivers heat when traditional models are unable, but does so
with remarkable energy efficiency. Stay comfortably warm during the coldest winter days with industryleading LG RED° Heat Technology. For more information, visit lgredheat.com.
Ceiling Cassette
9,000–42,000 Btu/h
7,000–18,000 Btu/h
Low Static
9,000–12,000 Btu/h
9,000–18,000 Btu/h
High Static
Vertical AHU
24,000–36,000 Btu/h
24,000–36,000 Btu/h
LG multi-zone systems offer a whole-home, allseason solution for up to eight rooms. Providing
powerful heat even when temperatures dip to
-13°F, LG multi-zone systems with LGRED®
technology are a dependable choice.
Smart ThinQ®: Control on the Go
18,000–36,000 Btu/h
Multi F Max
36,000–60,000 Btu/h
Multi F
Multi F Max
18,000–20,000 Btu/h
DISCLAIMER: LG Smart AC and LG Smart ThinQ are only available for select models. See product details for full compatibility.
SEER: Your Guide to Cool Savings
HSPF: For Cost-Saving Coziness
An acronym for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, SEER
is the industry-wide rating for energy consumption. The
higher the number, the more efficiently a product will
produce cool air, while conserving our natural resources.
Your contractor will be happy to explain SEER numbers in
greater detail, and help determine which LG duct-free split
system is right for you.
Heating Seasonal Performance Factor, or HSPF, represents
total heating output relative to electricity used. Like SEER,
the higher the HSPF rating, the more efficiently a product
will warm air. In climates where heating is necessary in
winter months as well as cooling in the summer, ask your
contractor to suggest the ideal LG duct-free split system.
36,000–42,000 Btu/h
With LG Smart AC and LG Smart ThinQ®, control your LG duct-free split air conditioner from most
anywhere, using your smartphone. Here’s how:
• Use Smart ThinQ® to adjust temperature and fan speed
• Control purification, air flow, sleep time, filter renewal date and much more
Inverter variable speed outdoor units are measurably quieter
and use less energy than conventional air conditioners, which
continuously cycle on/off. Instead, an inverter compressor ramps
up or down as needed to efficiently maintain comfort levels.
18,000–48,000 Btu/h
18,000–36,000 Btu/h
LG Multi-Zone Systems
Multi F
A simple hardware module works together with the smartphone app to remotely monitor and control
select LG duct-free split air conditioners.
LG air conditioning systems for residential and light commercial applications consist of three basic components: an energy efficient
inverter-driven outdoor unit, a stylish and quiet indoor unit that delivers conditioned air to the room, and compact conduit for
refrigerant lines and wiring that connects the units. This design allows for energy conservation by targeting only those areas that
need cooling or heating, a cost-effective feature when only certain portions of a building or home are being used.
Mega 115V
4 Standard wall-mounted indoor units in the
Home Comfort Solutions by LG allow
you to cool or heat your entire home or a
single room without the need for invasive
ductwork, which means no tearing down
of walls or altering the appearance of your
home. With LG, you can heat or cool any
room to your favorite temperature!
LG Wall-Mounted Units
room look.
All wall mounted units come with a convenient remote control,
simplifying operation.
Picture Perfect Comfort
Exclusively LG: The Art CoolTM Series
Art Cool Gallery
Air Conditioning Technologies | www.lghomecomfort.com
Make Yourself at Home
ENERGY STAR® is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department
of Energy (DOE) created to promote energy-efficient products and practices. The ENERGY STAR® logo helps
homeowners identify which products meet energy efficiency performance levels set by U.S. EPA and U.S. DOE.
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Homeowners may even qualify for federal and local rebates which can substantially offset the cost of installation. Make sure to check
rebates.lghvac.com to see if you qualify!
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