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Delay Timer:
A standard feature on all Smeg dishwashers is a delay timer. This feature allows you to select the required wash program and delay
the start of the cycle for up to a maximum of 12 hours. This way the dishwasher fits in with your schedule.
All Smeg dishwashers have an aquatest feature. A specially developed infrared sensor measures the clarity of the water in the tub at
regular intervals and decides whether to heat the water for the pre-wash cycle or to move on to heat the water for the wash cycle. The
aquatest feature is incorporated in the AUTO cycle/s - it keeps consumption of water and energy to a minimum, depending on the
degree of food soil on the dishes.
Every dishwasher in the Smeg series has at least one wash program that incorporates a final sanitation rinse. A special final 10
minute rinse at 158°F is added to the end of certain programs to ensure the highest possible standards of cleanliness and
hygiene.Smeg dishwashers are ETL sanitation certified.
Energy Star and ISO14001 Certified:
The Smeg production process is carefully managed in order to keep the impact upon the environment as low as possible. The
process is checked and certified by Independent International bodies IQNET and CISQ (Smeg complies with the standard
ISO14001). All Smeg dishwashers are ENERGY STAR qualified. Energy efficiency is important to Smeg and our technicians are
constantly working to keep the energy, and water, consumption of each dishwasher as low as possible. ENERGY STAR certified
products use less water than conventional dishwashers, and approximately 40% less energy than the federal minimum standard for
energy consumption. By choosing an ENERGY STAR certified product you are helping to preserve the environment without
compromising on product quality or performance.
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