Asko | 492635 | Quick Spec PH | Asko 492635 Quick Spec PH

Turbo Drying
Upper basket type: Exclusive height adjustable
Middle basket type: Bowls and cutlery
Lower basket type: Exclusive lower basket
Separate removable basket
Number of place settings: 17
Upper basket functions
Tight mesh base
Multi position wine shelf right
Foldable/divisible wine shelf left
Foldable & divisible pin rows
Two foldable glass support
Wide knife stand
China guard - protects fragile dishes
Light Lock™ - fixation of light objects
Guide rails with ball bearings
Middle basket functions
Removable utensil rack
Removable rack for bowls, cups and glasses
Non-return valve middle basket
Guide rails with ball bearings
Lower basket functions
Tight mesh base
Foldable/divisible pin rows rear
Foldable/divisible pin rows lower basket front
Vase/bottle holder lower basket
Separate removable basket
Sanitation wash
Normal wash
Heavy wash
Quick wash
Hygiene wash
Delicate wash
ECO wash
Upper half
Lower half
Rinse & Hold
Time program
Delayed start
Long dry
High temperature
Time saver
Time set
Cleaning systems
Number of spray zones: 9
Number of spray arms: 2
WideClean™ - extra washing power for pots and pans
Dual TwinTubes™ - spray tubes for the middle rack
SCS - Super Cleaning System™
Aqua Level™ Sensor
Stainless steel spray arms
Drying system
Turbo Drying™
Internal LED light
8 stainless steel parts
Time remaining indicator
Voice signal for the end of washing cycle
Hidden heater
KidLock™ - door lock
EAN code: 3838942044625
Product: Dishwasher
Mode of installation: Built-in
Size: XXL
Display type: LED display
Number of programs: 10
Noise level: 44 dB(A)
Number of baskets: 3
EAN code: 3838942044625
Dimensions and installation
Height: 34 1/4 (870 mm)
Width: 23 15/16 (608 mm)
Depth: 21 5/8 (550 mm)
Packaging height: 36 5/8 (930 mm)
Packaging width: 25 3/16 (640 mm)
Packaging depth: 26 3/4 (680 mm)
Length electrical cord: 46 7/16 (1180 mm)
Length inlet hose: 66 1/8 (1680 mm)
Length outlet hose: 41 3/4 (1060 mm)
Weight net: 110 lbs
Weight: 110 lbs
Weight gross: 115 lbs
Technical information
Voltage: 120 V
Current: 15 A
Energy consumption/cycle: 0,87 kWh
Water safety
Few sealing points outside the container
Long lasting seam welded tank
Waterproof external base
Exterior float
Aqua Detect™ Sensor
Aqua Level™ Sensor
Stand-by water protection
Extra durable PEX inlet hose
Max time water intake
Sound alarm
Anti-block drain pump
Adjustable feet
Multi fit outlet hose
Fixed high loop outlet hose
Trim kit
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