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Dishwasher XXL
Installation instructions
5 1/8 - 7 3/8
29 5/8
34 1/4 - 36 3/8
29 3/4
48 3/4B)
* If European widths of 23 5/8'' (600 mm) is required, remove the trim kit.
1 1/8 - 3 3/4
A) 22 5/8
B) 49 3/8
Nominal dimensions. Actual measurements may vary.
Important safety instructions
Transport protection for the door
• Connections to electricity, water, and drainage must be performed
by a qualified professional.
• Always follow applicable regulations for water, drainage, and
• Take care during installation! Wear protective gloves! There must
always be two people!
• Place a drip tray on the floor beneath the dishwasher to prevent
damage from any water leaks.
• Before screwing the dishwasher into place, test the dishwasher by
running the Rinse and hold program. Check that the dishwasher
fills with water and drains. Also check that none of the connections
Do not forget to remove the transport protection for the door when
unpacking the dishwasher.
Turn off the water supply when installing the dishwasher!
Trim kit
The plug must be disconnected or power to the outlet turned off while
installing the dishwasher!
The dishwasher is equipped with a trim kit to fit the 24'' (610 mm) cutout
standard. If a European width of 23 5/8'' (600 mm) is required, remove
the trim kit.
Adjust the trim kit
The trim kit can be adjusted backward to level the dishwasher tub.
Placing the dishwasher
Fit the protective film
The dishwasher is intended to be built in under a countertop. The
built-in measurements are shown in the illustration. Make sure that the
cord and hose hole's edges are even and will not damage the drain
and inlet hoses or the power cord.
Fit the protective film (packed in the document bag) to the underside
of the countertop. The protective film is to protect the countertop from
D) 24 3/4
34 3/8* - 36 1/2
The electrical and
water supplies should
enter through the area
indicated by the
shading on the
The surface to which the protective film is fitted must be clean and
5 3/8
*33 7/8'': Remove the trim kit.
Framed cabinets require additional finished filler material behind the
face frame for a proper installation. A minimum 3½” (89 mm) finished
return is required on all sides of the opening.
Adjust the height and slide the
dishwasher into place
Drain connection
1 Start by measuring the height from the floor to the bottom edge of
the countertop.
2 Measure the height from the floor to the top edge of the dishwasher.
3 Lean the dishwasher forward a little and roughly adjust the rear foot
by turning the adjustment screw at the front clockwise to raise and
counterclockwise to lower the dishwasher (see illustration below).
Use a flat head screwdriver or a socket screwdriver.
This dishwasher is suitable for installing in a raised recess (to attain
an ergonomic working height). This means that the dishwasher can be
placed so that the drain hose runs to a lower level than the bottom of
the dishwasher, such as by routing it directly to a floor drain. The
dishwasher is fitted with an integrated anti-siphon device to prevent
the machine from being emptied of water during the wash cycle.
4 Adjust the front feet by turning them clockwise to raise and
counterclockwise to lower the dishwasher.
5 Verify there is an air gap of at least 1/8'' between the underside of
the countertop and the top edge of the dishwasher.
6 Slide the dishwasher into place.
• Pull the drain and supply hoses through the opening as the
dishwasher is slid into place.
• Check that the hoses have no kinks or sharp bends, and check
that there is nothing that can damage the hoses.
Max. 37 3/8''
The drain hose can also be connected to a connection nipple on the
sink unit's water trap. The connection nipple must have an internal
diameter of at least 1/2''.
The drain hose may be extended by a maximum of 87" (2.2 m) (the
total length of the drain hose must not exceed 177" (4.5 m)). Any joins
and connecting pipes must have an internal diameter of at least 1/2''.
However, the drain hose should ideally be replaced with a new hose
without joins.
No part of the drain hose may be more than 37 3/8'' above the bottom
of the dishwasher.
Ensure that the drain hose has no kinks.
7 Make any final adjustments to the feet (the dishwasher may lean
no more than 1/4'') and tighten the lock nuts on the front feet.
Connection to water supply
Use only the inlet hose supplied with the dishwasher. Do not re-use
old or other spare hoses.
The supply pipe must be fitted with a water supply valve. The water
supply valve must be easily accessible, so that the water can be shut
off if the dishwasher has to be moved.
Once the installation is complete, turn on the water supply valve and
allow the pressure to settle for a while. Check that all connections are
Water supply
The machine can be connected to either a cold or a hot (max. 140 °F
(60 °C)) water supply. The water pressure should be 4.2-140 psi.
Connection to cold water supply
Connect the dishwasher to the cold water supply if the building is
heated using oil, electricity, or gas.
Screwing the dishwasher into place
(Applicable only to built-in dishwashers.)
Connection to hot water supply
Connect the dishwasher to the hot water supply (max. 140 °F (60 °C))
if the building is heated using an energy-efficient means such as district
heating, solar power, or geothermal power. Choosing a hot water
connection cuts dishwashing times and reduces the dishwasher's
energy consumption.
Do not exceed the permitted water supply temperature. Certain
materials used in some cookware cannot withstand strong heat.
Electrical connection
Information about the electrical connection can be found on the serial
number plate. This specification must match the electricity supply.
The power supply receptacle for the appliance must be installed in a
cabinet or on a wall adjacent to the undercounter space in which the
appliance is to be installed. Do not use an extension cord for this
The access hole for the the electrical supplie must be round and smooth
and no bigger than 1 1/2'' in diameter. If the partition is metal, it needs
to be covered with an edge protector.
After fastening the machine, check that the front feet still touch the
Screw the dishwasher into place with two extra screws
If there is an air gap of more than 1/8'' between the underside of the
countertop and the top edge of the dishwasher, the dishwasher ought
to be screwed into place with two extra screws.
Use caution when the appliance is installed or removed to reduce the
likelihood of damage to the power supply cord.
Grounding Instructions
This appliance must be grounded. In the event of a malfunction or
breakdown, grounding will reduce the risk of electric shock by providing
a path of least resistance for electric current. This appliance is
equipped with a cord fitted with an equipment grounding conductor
and a grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into an appropriate
outlet that is installed and grounded in accordance with all local codes
and ordinances.
Improper connection of the equipment grounding conductor can
result in a risk of electric shock. Check with a qualified electrician or
service representative if you are in doubt as to whether the appliance
is properly grounded. Do not modify the plug provided with the
appliance. If it does not fit the outlet, have an appropriate outlet
installed by a qualified electrician.
Dishwasher toe kick
The dishwasher is supplied with a toe kick.
Fit the sound insulation
(only certain models)
Fit the sound insulation (1-3 pieces
depending on the toe kick depth).
Fit the toe kick
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