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Summit DW18SS2 Custom Panel Installation
This unit ships with a stainless steel panel pre-installed on the door. If you are planning to
install your own custom panel, you must first follow the instructions below to safely remove the
existing panel.
1. Open the door with the stainless steel panel still attached.
2. Place a box or some other form of support under the door, as the panel will be detached and may fall to
the floor upon release.
3. Remove the (10) screws labeled in the top view of the door below as A, B, & C
A = long screws
B = short screws
C = medium screws
NOTE: Do NOT remove the screws that hold the lock in place at the top of the door
4. Detach the panel mounting bracket from the door and allow the door to close.
5. Detach the ground wire from the point labeled “D” in the diagram below:
6. Detach the panel from the bracket by removing the (4) screws labeled “E”
7. In order to attach your custom panel, refer to Page 16 of the Installation Manual included with this unit.
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