Liebherr HF861 Specifications Sheet

Liebherr HF861 Specifications Sheet
Water Filter
Unit Dimensions
Liebherr HF 861
Fully Integrated/Seamless
➀ Power cord
➁ Level
➂ Fish line for power cord
➃ 3“ of the cabinet needs
to be finished as it can
be seen when the door
is open.
A. 21-7/16“ (544 mm)
B. 69-11/16“ (1770 mm)
C. 22“ (559 mm)
D. 69-3/4“ - 70-3/8“
(1772 - 1788 mm)
E. min. 22“ (560 mm)
max. 22-3/4“ (578 mm)
In the case of
Side-by-Side installation,
two appliances next to
one another, build
the appliances into
separate kitchen units.
F. 21-5/8“ (550 mm)
G. 1-5/8“ (40 mm)
J. 66-1/2“ (1689,9 mm)
K. max. 3/4“ (19 mm)
L. 9-21/32“ (245 mm)
Ventilation Requirements
The water filter module is supplied with the appliance.
It should be installed near the appliance in the cabinet, for
example, in the adapter cabinet above the appliance. To connect
the filter to the appliance, it may be necessary to make an
opening (C) in the floor of the adapter cabinet through which the
hoses will be routed. The maximum length of the water hose
is 98-7/16‘‘ (2.5 m). The filter cover must be installed during
assembly to leave sufficient space around the filter module.
Maintain the dimensions shown in Fig. so that the filter can be
replaced and the cover can be removed.
A. 13/16 in. (20mm)
B. 3-15/16 in. (100mm)
C. 1-3/16 in. x 3/8 in. (30mm x10mm)
D. min. 4 in. (100mm)
Kitchen Cabinet Base Grille
B - Side view
This is a fully integrated refrigerator-freezer which means that it is fully enclosed by a kitchen cabinet.
This type of cabinet must be carefully constructed using the correct dimensions and it must provide
suitable ventilation to ensure proper appliance operation.
Ventilation through the cabinet base at the bottom can be
achieved by installing the provided ventilation grille (3) or
via a ventilation opening of at least 31 in.² (200 cm²).
If the following ventilation dimensions are not observed the compressor will be damaged.
When using the provided ventilation grille (3), please
proceed as follows:
- In the cabinet base, cut out a ventilation opening that
is 17-23/32 in. (450 mm) in width and 2-7/32 in.
(56 mm) in height.
- Insert ventilation (3) grille into the cabinet base cut-out (1).
- From the back side, slide the snap-fits (2) into the grille
until the hooks make contact with the cabinet base.
- Completely mount cabinet base (with ventilation grille and
snap-fits) to kitchen cabinet.
Kitchen Cabinet Airflow
The following ventilation dimensions must be observed: There must be a ventilation space at least 31 in.²
(200 cm²) at the airflow inlet (1) and at the airflow outlet (2).
The top ventilation space can be directed in one of the following ways:
A) Directly over the appliance (2) with either an optional factory air vent or custom made one.
B) Above the cabinet and below the ceiling (3).
C) Through a vent installed in a soffit (4).
A minimum space of 1 1/2“ (38mm) is required when a cabinet is built above and/or underneath.
Fully Integrated/Seamless
Liebherr’s 24" fully integrated HF 861 is the
perfect freezer for any kitchen. The HF 861
includes transparent, extra-deep, and fully
removable FrostSafe drawers on telescopic
rails efficiently organize frozen foods. As the
FrostSafe drawers are fully enclosed, the
continuously circulating cold air does not
escape as quickly when the door is opened,
enhancing the freezer’s energy efficiency.
The HF 861 includes SoftSystem technology
for the gentle closing of doors, eliminating
slamming even when shelves are fully loaded.
Liebherr’s automatic IceMaker with fixed water
connection produces perfect ice cubes and
keeps a constant supply on hand for every
German Engineering: Our superior products offer
premium quality, cutting edge design and innovative
features that fit your busy lifestyle. Exclusive
components and materials, along with the latest
production processes, ensure energy efficiency and
performance for years to come.
Energy Star: Liebherr refrigerators help produce
less energy waste and greenhouse gas emissions
with the goal of having the least damaging effect on
the environment, while offering solutions that help
consumers conserve energy.
SuperQuiet: Noise is kept to a minimum with
virtually silent, speed controlled compressors and
a low-noise cooling circuit; while also ensuring
exact performance, energy efficiency and
SuperQuiet operation.
SoftSystem: Unique to Liebherr is our patented
SoftSystem, often used in high-end cabinetry,
ensures that the door closes gently, even when
fully loaded. Plus the door opening angle can be
reduced to 90 degrees allowing for more design
options within kitchen décor.
Electronic Display: Our intuitive electronic touch
control panel ensures all functions are easy and
convenient to use as well as guarantees that the
settings selected remain accurate and constant.
FrostSafe Drawers: The removable FrostSafe
Drawers create flexible storage space that can
easily expand to accommodate larger items.
Advantageously, this spacious and practical
transparent drawer system helps you fit more
as well as maintain temperature by keeping
cold air from escaping when the door is open.
LED: The LED light strip is integrated in the
electronic panel. This ensures optimum illumination
of the pull-out drawers with a transparent front –
for an even better view of the stored food.
Door-on-door technology: Allows custom panels
to be affixed directly onto the appliance so that the
hinges are concealed, plus the cabinet and the
fridge open as one, ensuring a wide range of
design options and easy installation.
IceMaker: Liebherr’s icemaker produces perfect
ice that does not stick together thanks to our twist
tray technology. The automatic IceMaker provides
you with a constant supply for every occasion. An
activated carbon filter ensures pure water for
production of clear ice cubes.
Possible Side-by-Side configuration
SBS 19H1: HF 861 and HRB 1120
Fully Integrated/Seamless
HF 861
Energy consumption
in 365 days kWh
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost in US $
Total capacity cu.ft. (l)
NoFrost Freezer comp. cu.ft. (l)
Shipping weight lbs. (kg)
Climate rating
Sound rating dB(A)
Ice cube output lbs. (kg) / 24h
Ice cube stock lbs. (kg)
Door hinges
Outside dimensions
in inches (cm) H/W/D
Cut out dimensions
in inches (cm) H /W/D
Energy supply
Voltage V/Hz
7.8 (220)
7.8 (220)
175 (79.4)
1.8 (0.8)
3.3 (1.5)
left, reversible
69 11/16"+11/16"/22"/21 7/16" (177+1.6/55.9/54.4)
69 13/16"–70 7/16"/22 1/16"–22 13/16"/21 11/16" (178.8/56-57.8/55)
* Energy Cost will depend on utility rates and use. Estimated energy cost based on a national average electricity cost of 12 cents per KWh.
** Noise output – according to EN 60704-3
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