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Models SPRF26 andSPRF26M
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Thank you for purchasing SUMMIT’s ACCUCOLD® Portable Refrigerator/Freezer. This is an advanced refrigeration unit, combining
the latest in compressor and computerized digital control technology.
The high efficiency of the compressor will freeze to below 0°F
at an ambient temperature of 86°F, and the unit can also be used
as a portable refrigerator or cooler.
Like all of our ACCUCOLD® line, this unit has been manufactured
to very high standards.We fully expect it to bring you many years
of excellent service.
Please read this manual before installing and using the unit, and
keep the manual in a handy spot for future reference.
WARNING! To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or injury
when using your appliance, follow these basic precautions:
cooler upright when it is turned on and while in use.
turn on the cooler with wet hands or when your feet are in con• Never
tact with water.
connected to a DC power source (for example, a cigarette lighter
in a vehicle, do not attempt to power up the cooler when vehicle engine is not turned on.
·Always be sure the correct voltage and current are applied to the cooler. The voltage and current are clearly marked on the manufacturer’s
label which can be found on the side of the cooler.
·Be sure the power source can safely supply the required current when
you use the AC/DC adapter.
·Do not carry corrosives or solvents in the cooler.
·Never obstruct the vents as they supply necessary airflow to motors
and fans.
·Do not fill cooler with liquid or ice.
·Disconnect power before servicing or cleaning.
·Use nonflammable cleaners.
·Keep flammable materials and vapors, such as gasoline, away from
the cooler.
Before calling for assistance or service, please check this Troubleshooting section. It may save you the cost of a service call. If you
still need help, follow the instructions below.
This cooler is the ideal choice if you wish to refrigerate
medical supplies . It allows precise control of temperature ,
and the " M " versions come with a lock and a trolley for
easy transporting . (Before storing temperature-sensitive
material, check that the cooling capacity of the unit meets the
temperature recommendation listed on the medication.)
You"ll notice that the temperature readout on the LED display of
your cooler is in Celsius degrees rather than Fahrenheit. You can
use the graph below to quickly convert one temperature scale into
the other. For example, to change 32°F into °C , find 32 on the
horizontal Fahrenheit scale, trace up to the inclined line, then move
left to the vertical axis. That reading, 0, is the Celsius equivalent
of 32°F. Reverse the procedure to change Celsius to Fahrenheit.
Degrees Fahrenheit
If you don’t find the answer to your question in this manual, try our
website,, under Service and Support,
or contact our Customer Service department toll-free in the U.S.A.
at 1-800-287-8799, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
If you need replacement parts, we recommend that you only use
factory-specified parts. Factory-specified parts will fit right and
work right, because they are made with the same precision used to
build every new SUMMIT® appliance. Parts can be ordered
on-line at
Location of Parts (Model SPRF26/SPRF36)
When storing your cooler, we recommend that you leave the lid
open slightly. This will help keep mold from forming and prevent
stale odors. It’s a good idea to follow the cleaning procedure
(below) before storing your cooler.
1. Plug the DC/DC power cord into the cord socket on the side of
the unit (see upper figure on page 5).
2. If using a DC power source such as the cigarette lighter socket
of a vehicle, plug the other end of the cord into the power source.
3.If using an AC power source, connect the AC/DC adapter to the
end of the DC/DC cord, then plug the adapter into a wall socket
or other AC power source.
4.Press the power switch to turn on the cooler. (You will hear the
sound of the compressor starting.)
1.Place cooler on a dry surface where it is protected from water.
2.The cooler should not be used where it may be exposed to rain.
3.Never locate the cooler where the ambient temperature is
below 0°C (32°F).
5. Press the Up or Down button on the control panel to adjust the
temperature. Pressing either button once will adjust the temperature by 1Celsius degree. The maximum cool setting is
-19°C (-2.2°F).
6. Five seconds after the desired temperature is set, you will hear
5 beeps to confirm the setting and the LED display will begin to
show the actual temperature inside the unit.
Typically, if the ambient temperature is 30°C (86° F) and the temperature on the unit is set to -18°C (-0.4°F), the interior of the unit
will reach the freezing point of water (0°C) in about 30 minutes,
and will reach the set temperature in about 1½ hours.
NOTE: The compressor will shut off if the internal temperature of
the unit is 1 Celsius degree or more below the set temperature.
When the internal temperature rises to 2 degrees above the set
temperature, the compressor will turn on again after an interval
of about 2 minutes.
the cooler in a cool,dry place away from direct sunlight.
••• Place
storing in the cooler,cool the items to be stored.
•• Before
•Do not set the temperature colder than you require.
•• Do not open the cooler more often than necessary.
•• Do not leave the lid open longer than necessary.
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