Marvel | MO15CRS1XS | Owner's Manual | Marvel MO15CRS1XS Owner's Manual

Operation and
Ice Machine
MO15CRS1XS (Outdoor)
Installation Operation and Maintenance Instructions
Obtaining Service
Safety and Warning
Disposal and Recycling
Environmental Requirements
Cutout Dimensions
Product Dimensions
Side by Side Installation
Water Hookup
Anti-Tip Bracket
General Installation
Grille Installation
Door Swing
Door Adjust
Operating Instructions
First Use
Airflow and Product Loading
Cleaning Condenser
Extended Non-Use
Installation Operation and Maintenance Instructions
Welcome to the Marvel Experience
Congratulations on adding a new Marvel crescent ice maker to your home and thank you for
choosing our quality American-built product. You’ll enjoy years of crescent ice in the comfort and
convenience of your home, backed by our full worry-free warranty. We are thrilled to welcome you
to our growing community of Marvel owners, who trust in our products and our support.
The information in this guide is intended to help you install and maintain your new Marvel crescent
ice maker to protect and prolong the lifetime of your unit. We encourage you to contact our
Technical Support team at (800) 223-3900 with any questions.
Installation Operation and Maintenance Instructions
Disposal and Recycling
Safety and Warning
Please read all instructions before installing, operating,
or servicing the appliance.
RISK OF CHILD ENTRAPMENT. Before you throw away
your old refrigerator or freezer, take off the doors and
leave shelves in place so children may not easily climb
Use this appliance for its intended purpose only and
follow these general precautions with those listed
throughout this guide:
If the unit is being removed from service for disposal, check
and obey all federal, state and local regulations regarding
the disposal and recycling of refrigeration appliances, and
Throughout this guide are safety items labeled with a
follow these steps completely:
Danger, Warning or Caution based on the risk type:
1. Remove all consumable contents from the unit.
2. Unplug the electrical cord from its socket.
Danger means that failure to follow this safety statement
will result in severe personal injury or death.
3. Remove the door(s)/drawer(s).
Environmental Requirements
This unit is designed to operate between 50°F (10°C) and
Warning means that failure to follow this safety
100°F (38°C). Higher ambient temperatures may reduce the
statement could result in serious personal injury or
unit’s ability to reach low temperatures and/or reduce ice
production on applicable models.
For best performance, keep the unit out of direct sunlight
and away from heat generating equipment.
Caution means that failure to follow this safety
In climates where high humidity and dew points are present,
statement may result in minor or moderate personal
condensation may appear on outside surfaces. This is
injury, property or equipment damage.
considered normal. The condensation will evaporate when
the humidity drops.
Damages caused by ambient temperatures of 40°
This product contains chemicals known to the state
of California to cause cancer and birth defects or
other reproductive harm.
F (4°C) or below are not covered by the warranty.
Installation Operation and Maintenance Instructions
Cutout Dimensions
Your AGA Marvel product has been designed for either freestanding or built-in installation. When built-in, your unit does
SHOCK HAZARD — Electrical Grounding Required.
not require additional air space for top, sides, or rear. However,
Never attempt to repair or perform maintenance on the
the front grille must NOT be obstructed, and clearance is
unit until the electricity has been disconnected.
required for an electrical connection in the rear.
Never remove the round grounding prong from the plug
and never use a two-prong grounding adapter.
Altering, cutting or removing power cord, removing
Unit can NOT be installed behind a closed cabinet door.
power plug, or direct wiring can cause serious injury,
fire, loss of property and/or life, and will void the
Never use an extension cord to connect power to the unit.
Always keep your working area dry.
Preferred location
for water line and
eletrical outlet is in
adjacent cabinet.
Electrical installation must observe all state and local
codes. This unit requires connection to a grounded
(870 mm)
to 35"
(three-prong), polarized receptacle that has been placed
by a qualified electrician.
(889 mm)
The unit requires a grounded and polarized 115 VAC, 60
(178 mm)
(102 mm)
(387 mm)
Hz, 15A power supply (normal household current). An
individual, properly grounded branch circuit or circuit breaker
is recommended. A GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) is
usually not required for fixed location appliances and is not
recommended for your unit because it could be prone to
nuisance tripping. However, be sure to consult your local
See CUTOUT DIMENSIONS for recommended receptacle
(610 mm)
(16 mm)
Installation Operation and Maintenance Instructions
Product Dimensions
Not Including Handle
*Add 3/4" To Depth For Water Line Clearance
Installation Operation and Maintenance Instructions
Side-by-Side Installation
3. Place bracket over holes and attach to unit with two
screws removed in step 2 using a T-25 Torx driver.
Two units may be installed side-by-side.
Tighten screws fully.
Cutout width for a side-by-side installation is the
4. Gently push units into position. Be careful not to entangle
cutout dimension of a single unit times two.
the electrical cord or water line, if applicable.
No trim kit is required. However, 1/4" (6 mm) of space
5. Re-check the leveling, from front to back and side to side.
needs to be maintained between the units to ensure
Make any necessary adjustments. The unit’s top surface
unobstructed door swing.
should be approximately 1/8" (3 mm) below the
Units must operate from separate, properly grounded
electrical receptacles placed according to each unit’s
electrical specifications requirements.
Side-by-Side Installation with Bracket
1. Slide both units out so screws on top of units are easily
2. Remove screws as shown below.
Installation Operation and Maintenance Instructions
Water Hookup
The water valve uses a standard 1/4" (6.35 mm)
Do not use any plastic water supply line. The line is under
compression fitting.
pressure at all times. Plastic may crack or rupture with
age and cause damage to your home.
Do not use tape or joint compound when attaching a
braided flexible water supply line that includes a rubber
Plumbing installation must observe all state and local
gasket. The gasket provides an adequate seal – other
codes. All water and drain connections MUST BE made
materials could cause blockage of the valve.
by a licensed/qualified plumbing contractor. Failure to
follow recommendations and instructions may result in
Failure to follow recommendations and instructions may
damage and/or harm.
result in damage and/or harm, flooding or void the
product warranty.
Water Supply Connection
When connecting the water supply, please note the following:
• Before installing the unit and connecting to the cold water
Turn off water supply and disconnect electrical supply
supply, review the local plumbing codes.
to unit prior to installation.
• The water pressure should be between 20 and 120 psi
Use caution when handling back panel. The edges
(138 and 827 kPa).
could be sharp.
• The water line MUST have a shut-off valve in the supply
1. Turn off water supply and disconnect electrical supply to
product prior to attempting installation.
• The water line should be looped into 2 coils. This will allow
2. Remove the back panel.
the unit to be removed for cleaning and servicing. Make
certain that the tubing is not pinched or damaged during
Installation Operation and Maintenance Instructions
Anti-Tip Bracket
3. Locate water valve inlet.
1. Slide unit out so screws on top of unit are easily
2. Remove the two screws from the opposite side of the
hinge assembly using a T-25 Torx driver (see below).
4. Break away filler feature
in bushing with flat
3. Place bracket over holes and attach to unit with two
screws removed in step 2 using a T-25 Torx driver.
Tighten screws fully.
5. Thread water line through
4. Gently push unit into position. Be careful not to entangle
back panel hole (with
the electrical cord or water line, if applicable.
5. Check to be sure the unit is level from front to back and
6. Locate water valve inlet
side to side. Make any necessary adjustments. The unit’s
and connect to valve.
top surface should be approximately
1/8" (3 mm) below the countertop.
7. Turn on water supply and
check for leaks.
6. Secure bracket into adjoining surface.
8. Reinstall back panel.
9. Install retaining clip.
Installation Operation and Maintenance Instructions
General Installation
1. Plug in the power/electrical cord.
1. Use a level to
2. Gently push the unit into position. Be careful not to kink
confirm the unit is
the water supply line or entangle the cord.
level. Level should
be placed along top
edge and side edge
3. Re-check the leveling, from front to back and side to side.
as shown.
Make any necessary adjustments. The unit’s top surface
should be approximately 1/8" (3 mm) below the
4. Install the anti-tip bracket.
5. Remove interior packing material and wipe out the inside
of the unit with a clean, water-dampened cloth.
2. If the unit is not level, adjust the legs on the corners of
the unit as necessary.
Turn to Adjust
3. Confirm the unit is level after each adjustment and repeat
the previous steps until the unit is level.
If the room floor is higher than the floor in the cutout opening,
adjust the rear legs to achieve a total unit rear height of 1/8" (3
mm) less than the opening’s rear height. Shorten the unit
height in the front by adjusting the front legs. This allows the
unit to be gently tipped into the opening. Readjust the front
legs to level the unit after it is correctly positioned in the
Installation Operation and Maintenance Instructions
Door Swing
Grille Installation
1/4" Min.
(6 mm)
2-1/8" Min.
(54 mm)
Disconnect electric power to the unit before removing
the grille.
When using the unit, the grille must be installed.
Removing the grille
Door Swing
1. Disconnect power to the unit.
Door Swing
2. Loosen the two screws (1).
Units have a zero clearance for the door to open 90°, when
3. Remove grille (2).
installed adjacent to cabinets.
Installing the grille
Stainless Steel and black and white models require
2-1/8" (54 mm) door clearance to accommodate the handle if
1. Align cabinet and grille holes and secure, but do not
installed next to a wall.
over tighten grille screws (1).
Integrated models require 1/4" (6 mm) clearance if installed
2. Reconnect power to the unit.
next to a wall. Allow for additional space for any knobs or
pulls installed on the integrated panel/frame.
Installation Operation and Maintenance Instructions
Door Adjust
Tighten bottom hinge screws.
Tighten top hinge screws and replace hinge cover.
Hinge cover included with black and stainless models is
Location of the unit may make it desirable to mount the door
on the opposite side of the cabinet.
To install hinge cover:
The hinge hardware will be removed and reinstalled on the
Press hinge cover squarely over hinge
opposite side of the cabinet.
TO REVERSE THE DOOR (Black and Stainless Models)
Hinge Cover
Align and adjust the door if it is not level or is not sealing
properly. If the door is not sealed, the unit may not cool
properly, or excessive frost may form in the interior.
Properly aligned, the door’s gasket should be firmly in
Remove top hinge and door:
contact with the cabinet all the way around the door
(no gaps). Carefully examine the door’s gasket to
1. Remove hinge and screw covers from top of unit.
ensure that it is firmly in contact with the cabinet. Also
make sure the door gasket is not pinched on the hinge
2. Hold door to keep it from falling.
side of the door.
3. Remove top hinge from cabinet using a Torx T-25
screwdriver to remove three screws.
To align and adjust the door:
4. Remove pivot screw from hinge, flip hinge over, and
install the pivot screw in the same hole from the
1. Gently pry off hinge cover from top of unit.
opposite surface.
2. Loosen (do not remove) top and bottom hinge screws
Top Hinge
Right Side
using a Torx T-25 screwdriver on the top and a 1/4”
socket on the bottom.
3. Align door squarely with cabinet.
Top Hinge
Left Side
4. Make sure gasket is firmly in contact with cabinet all the
way around the door (no gaps).
Installation Operation and Maintenance Instructions
Install top hinge and door:
1. Install the top hinge. Do not tighten.
2. Rotate door 180° to reverse and set the door onto the
bottom hinge.
Remove door by tilting forward and lifting door off
bottom hinge. Retain shoulder washers; they will be
3. Align edge of the hinge with the outer edge of the unit.
4. Tighten three screws and replace hinge cover.
Remove three screws from hinge holes on the opposite
side. Reinstall into holes where the hinge was removed.
Take care not to scratch cabinet.
Align and adjust the door:
Align and adjust the door (see DOOR ADJUST).
Remove bottom hinge:
1. Remove bottom hinge from cabinet using 1/4” socket.
2. Remove corresponding screws on opposite side of
cabinet. On some models there may be a nut behind one
or both screws on either side.
Install bottom hinge:
Install two or three screws, depending on model. Replace
nuts if used.
Installation Operation and Maintenance Instructions
First Use
All controls are preset at the factory. Initial startup
If not intending to use the ice maker, turn the water
supply valve off. It is also important to raise the bin arm
requires no adjustments.
of the ice maker (see above). Failure to raise the bin arm
may result in damage to the water valve.
AGA Marvel recommends discarding the ice produced
Certain sounds are normal during the unit’s operation. You
during the first two to three hours of operation to avoid
may hear the compressor or fan motor, the water valve, or
possible dirt or scale that may dislodge from the water
ice dropping into the ice bucket.
To turn the unit on or off:
NEVER use an ice pick, knife or other sharp instrument
to separate cubes. Shake the ice bucket instead.
During periods of limited use or high ambient temperatures, it
Press the rocker switch located inside the door on the front
is common for cubes to fuse together. Gently shake the
panel, or behind the grille.
bucket to break apart cubes. If not using the ice maker
regularly, empty the ice bucket periodically to ensure fresh
It is normal for cubes to appear cloudy. The cause is air
When the ice bucket is full, the ice making mechanism will
trapped in the water because of fast freezing. It is not caused
shut off. However, the refrigeration system will continue to
by the health, taste or chemical make up of the water. It is the
cool and maintain the ice supply.
same air that is in every glass of water you drink.
Remove the ice bucket for emptying and cleaning. To
Do not place cans or bottles in the ice
remove the ice bucket, raise the bin arm and remove the
compartment because they will freeze.
bucket from the ice compartment. Use the ice bucket for ice
storage only.
To turn off ice production: Raise the bin arm into an
upright and locked position. The unit will preserve
temperature for ice storage.
Installation Operation and Maintenance Instructions
3. Turn the adjusting screw toward the minus (-) sign
(clockwise) for smaller cubes or toward the plus (+) sign
Ice Cube Thickness Adjustment
(counterclockwise) for larger cubes.
Interval - As Required
On ice maker equipped models, adjust the cube size by
4. Install the ice maker assembly cover.
changing water amount injected into the ice maker
assembly as follows:
1. Remove the front grille (see GRILLE INSTALLATION).
2. Using a flat tip screwdriver, turn the adjusting screw
(3) a small increment clockwise for a COLDER setting
(slower ice production) or counterclockwise for a
WARMER setting (faster ice production).
Warmer Colder
3. Reinstall the front grille (two screws).
Airflow and Product Loading
1. Remove the ice maker assembly cover (1).
2. Find the adjusting screw on the ice maker assembly
control box (2). The adjusting screw is just below the
The unit requires proper airflow to perform at its highest
minus (-) and plus (+) signs on the control box.
efficiency. Do not block the front grille at any time, or the
unit will not perform as expected. Do not install the unit
behind a door.
Too large of an adjustment to the screw can cause
the water to overflow the ice maker and can cause
property damage.
Installation Operation and Maintenance Instructions
If any surface discoloring or rusting appears, clean it quickly
nonabrasive cloth. Always clean with the grain. Always finish
with Bon-Ami® or Barkeepers Friend Cleanser® and a
with Claire® Stainless Steel Polish and Cleaner or
Stainless door panels, handles and frames can discolor when
comparable product to prevent further problems.
exposed to chlorine gas, pool chemicals, saltwater or
cleaners with bleach.
Using abrasive pads such as ScotchBrite™ will cause
the graining in the stainless to become blurred.
Keep your stainless unit looking new by cleaning with a good
quality all-in-one stainless steel cleaner and polish monthly.
For best results use Claire® Stainless Steel Polish and
Rust not cleaned up promptly can penetrate the surface
Cleaner. Comparable products are acceptable. Frequent
of the stainless steel and complete removal of the rust
cleaning will remove surface contamination that could lead to
may not be possible.
rust. Some installations may require cleaning weekly.
Do not clean with steel wool pads.
Disconnect power to the unit.
Do not use stainless steel cleaners or polishes on any
Clean the interior and all removed components using a mild
glass surfaces.
nonabrasive detergent and warm water solution applied with
a soft sponge or non-abrasive cloth.
Clean any glass surfaces with a non-chlorine glass cleaner.
Rinse the interior using a soft sponge and clean water.
Do not use cleaners not specifically intended for
stainless steel on stainless surfaces (this includes glass,
tile and counter cleaners).
Do not use any solvent-based or abrasive cleaners.
These types of cleaners may transfer taste to the interior
products and damage or discolor the interior.
Installation Operation and Maintenance Instructions
Manual Defrost Models
DO NOT clean ice bucket using a dishwasher. The bucket
This unit is a manual defrost model and will require
is not dishwasher safe and will be damaged.
occasional defrosting. When there is build-up of
1/4" (6 mm) or more of frost, manually defrost the unit.
10.When the interior is dry, reconnect power and turn unit
NOTE: To safeguard against contaminates in ice, discard
DO NOT use an ice pick or other sharp instrument to
first three batches of ice after defrosting.
help speed up defrosting. These instruments can
puncture the inner lining or damage the cooling unit. DO
NOT use any type of heater to defrost. Using a heater to
speed up defrosting can cause personal injury and
damage to the inner lining.
To defrost:
1. Disconnect power to the unit.
2. Remove ice bucket and discard ice.
3. Place towel or other absorbent material on bottom of ice
4. Fill the ice bucket half full with warm, not hot water. This
will help the unit defrost faster.
5. Place the ice bucket back into the unit on top of the towel
or other absorbent material.
6. Prop the door in an open position (2 in. [50 mm]
7. After about 1 hour remove the ice bin and discard water.
8. Allow the frost to melt naturally.
9. After the frost melts completely clean the interior and all
removed components. (See INTERIOR CLEANING).
Installation Operation and Maintenance Instructions
Cleaning Condenser
To maintain operational efficiency, keep the front grille free of
dust and lint, and clean the condenser when necessary.
Depending on environmental conditions, more or less
frequent cleaning may be necessary.
Disconnect electric power to the unit before
cleaning the condenser.
DO NOT use any type of cleaner on the condenser
1. Remove the grille. (See GRILLE INSTALLATION).
2. Clean the condenser coil using a using a soft brush
with a “combing” action or vacuum cleaner. Do not
touch the condenser coil.
3. Install the grille.
Installation Operation and Maintenance Instructions
Extended Non-Use
For questions regarding extended non-use, please
The following steps are recommended for periods of
call AGA Marvel at 800.223.3900.
extended non-use or if the unit will be exposed to
temperatures of 40°F (5°C) or less:
1. Remove all consumable content from the unit.
Damage caused by freezing temperatures is not covered
by the warranty.
2. Disconnect the power cord from its outlet/socket and
leave it disconnected until the unit is returned to service.
Do not put anti-freeze in your unit.
3. Turn off the water supply.
4. If ice is on the evaporator, allow ice to thaw naturally.
5. Clean and dry the interior of the cabinet. Ensure all water
has been removed from the unit.
6. Disconnect the water and drain line making sure all water
is removed from the lines.
7. The door must remain open to prevent formation of mold
and mildew. Open door a minimum of 2"
(50 mm) to provide the necessary ventilation.
Installation Operation and Maintenance Instructions
• Evaporator: Refrigerant flowing through an evaporator
may sound like boiling liquid.
If you think your product is malfunctioning, read the
• Condenser Fan: Air moving through a condenser may be
CONTROL OPERATION section to clearly understand the
function of the control.
If the problem persists, read the NORMAL OPERATING
to help you quickly identify common problems and possible
causes and remedies. Most often, this will resolve the
ELECTROCUTION HAZARD. Never attempt to repair or
problem without the need to call for service.
perform maintenance on the unit before disconnecting
the main electrical power.
If you do not understand a troubleshooting remedy, or your
Troubleshooting - What to check when problems occur:
product needs service, contact AGA MARVEL at
When you call, you will need your product Model and Serial
Numbers. This information appears on the Model and Serial
Possible Cause and Remedy
Unit Develops
Frost on
If there is excessive build-up of 1/4" or more,
manually defrost the unit.
Ensure the door is closing and sealing properly.
High ambient temperature and excessive
humidity can also produce frost.
Unit Develops
on External
The unit is exposed to excessive humidity.
Moisture will dissipate as humidity levels
number plate located on the upper right or rear wall of the
interior of your product.
All models incorporate rigid foam insulated cabinets to
provide high thermal efficiency and maximum sound
Product Is
Because product in contact with the rear wall
may freeze, ensure no product is touching the
rear wall.
Adjust the temperature to a warmer set point.
Product is Not
Cold Enough.
Adjust the temperature to a cooler set point.
Ensure unit is not located in excessive ambient
temperatures or in direct sunlight.
Ensure the door is closing and sealing properly.
Ensure nothing is blocking the front grille, found
at the bottom of the unit.
Ensure the condenser coil is clean and free of
any dirt or lint build-up.
reduction for its internal working components. Despite this
technology, your model may make sounds that are unfamiliar.
Normal operating sounds may be more noticeable because of
the unit’s environment. Hard surfaces such as cabinets, wood,
vinyl or tiled floors and paneled walls have a tendency to
reflect normal appliance operating noises.
Listed below are common refrigeration components with a
brief description of the normal operating sounds they make.
Causes which affect the internal temperatures of the
cabinet include:
NOTE: Your product may not contain all the components
• Temperature setting.
• Ambient temperature where installed.
• Installation in direct sunlight or near a heat source.
• Compressor: The compressor makes a hum or pulsing
• The number of door openings and the time the door is
sound that may be heard when it operates.
• Obstruction of front grille or condenser.
Installation Operation and Maintenance Instructions
Entire Product
Limited One Year Parts and Labor Warranty
AGA MARVEL warrants that it will supply all necessary parts
and labor to repair or replace in the end user’s home or office,
any component which proves to be defective in material or
workmanship, subject to the condition and exclusions stated
below, for a period of one year from the date of purchase by the
end user.
Parts or Service
Not Supplied or Designated by AGA MARVEL The
above warranties also do not apply if:
Additional Second Through Fifth Year
Limited Parts Only Warranty
During the four years following expiration of the one year limited
warranty, AGA MARVEL will supply replacement parts for the
hermetically sealed refrigeration system which consists of the
compressor, condenser, drier, accumulator, bypass valve,
connecting tubing and the evaporator that are proven to be
defective due to workmanship or materials subject to the
conditions and exclusions below.
• The refrigeration equipment is not in the possession of the
original end use purchaser.
• The original bill of sale, deliver date, or serial number
cannot be verified.
• Defective parts are not returned for inspection if so
requested by AGA MARVEL.
The warranties set forth herein are the only warranties extended
by AGA MARVEL. Any implied warranties, including the implied
warranty of merchantability, are limited to the duration of these
express warranties. In no event shall AGA MARVEL be liable for
any consequential or incidental damages or expenses resulting
from breach of these or any other warranties, whether express or
The above warranties do not cover:
Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of
consequential damages or a limitation on how long an implied
warranty lasts, so the above exclusion or limitation may not apply
to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may
have other rights that may vary from state to state.
• Shipping costs of replacement parts or returned defective
• Customer education or instructions on how to use the
No person, firm, or corporation is authorized to make any other
warranty or assume any other obligation for AGA MARVEL.
These warranties apply only to products used in any of the fifty
states of the United States and the District of Columbia.
• Any content loss due to product failure.
• Removal or installation of product.
Nor do the above warranties cover failure of this product or its
components due to:
To obtain performance of this warranty, report any defects to:
• Transportation or subsequent damages.
1260 E. VanDeinse
St. Greenville MI
• Improper installation, misuse, abuse, accident or
alteration, use of wiring not conforming to electrical codes,
low or high voltages, failure to provide necessary
maintenance, or other unreasonable use.
Phone: 800.223.3900
• Improper installation, misuse, abuse, accident or
alteration, use of wiring not conforming to electrical codes,
low or high voltages, failure to provide necessary
maintenance, or other unreasonable use.
Obtaining Service
If Service is Required:
• If the product is within the first year warranty period please
contact your dealer or call AGA MARVEL Customer Service
at 800.223.3900 for directions on how to obtain warranty
coverage in your area.
• If the product is outside the first year warranty period, AGA
MARVEL Customer Service can provide recommendations of
service centers in your area. A listing of authorized service
centers is also available at under the
service and support section.
• In all correspondence regarding service, be sure to give the
service number, serial number, located on your product’s
serial plate, and proof of purchase.
• Try to have information or description of nature of the
problem, how long the unit has been running, the room
temperature, and any additional information that may be
helpful in quickly solving the problem.
• Table B is provided for recording pertinent information
regarding your product for future reference.
For Your Records
Date of Purchase
Dealer’s name
Dealer’s Address
Dealer’s City
Dealer’s State
Dealer’s Zip Code
Appliance Serial Number
Appliance Service Number
Date Warranty Card Sent
(Must be within 10 days of
30604 Rev_A
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